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Your Song – Elton John | EASY Piano Tutorial

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How To Play Piano Songs With Easy Chords

The best part of learning to play the piano is when you can finally find songs to play with simple chords. Theres great joy in playing a fun song with a simple piano arrangement, or looking through simple chord charts and making music. Finding things to play on the piano can be difficult however, because a lot of times you wont be able to tell if there are just four chords in an entire song. Sometimes a musician can make a guess about how simple a pop song will be by judging on when the song was written, or by using a tutorial video. Instead however, weve made a list of five easy pop songs to play, with easy chords to learn: simple left hand chords, and mostly single notes in the right hand.

  • Fall in love with the music – Learn your favorite songs whether they’re classical, pop, jazz or film music, all at a level that suits you.
  • Enjoy interactive piano lessons – Learn with courses that help you master everything from music theory, chords, technique and more.
  • Get real-time feedback – Improve your practice with rich feedback as Skoove listens to your playing and highlights what went well and areas for improvement.

John Legend All Of Me

Now this song seems like it would be pretty straightforward, but you should make sure to know that the chorus, although a lot of fun to play, is a lot to keep track of. You can search for something to play and sing no longer, because our version will have people mistake the piano for the real thing.

Tips on playing the song

The most important thing for you to learn with this song is to not search for which note is in the melody. Like the other songs in this article, its written to be simple and easy for piano but it will still include black keys, because this song is actually heavily featured in the minor key.

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Where Can I Find Piano Chords For Songs

If youre trying to find easy piano chords for your song, check the following resources first:

  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs

You can also find plenty of piano chords for writing songs along with other helpful resources at TakeLessons. In addition to offering some of the best piano lessons around, we also have tutorials, blog posts, and other guides to help you learn how to play piano quickly.

Here are some easy piano songs chords for beginners to help you master the basics:

The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody

your song chords 2015Confession

This song was certainly the biggest hit of The Righteous Brothers, it is a frequently found result when people search for piano chords with popular songs, but was certainly not as famous as it ended up being until after being featured in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayzee. While his character did not use his left hand or right hand to play the piano, but instead to interact with the real world, this song has stood the test of time. What a great chorus!

Tips on playing the song

The piano version includes a note that is not easy to hear in the live version, so be careful that you play each note exactly as it is written on the Skoove tutorial video. The chords of these songs are also unusual compared to piano songs of that era, but you can play it with practice. Watch out for the right hand fingering charts, and pay attention to the numbers written in the piano learning app.

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Practicing Chord Progressions In D Major

Just like you did with the C major key, you can begin practicing chord progressions after you grasp each chord individually. The more challenging chords in this key will be the chords that contain the new black keys. Pay particular attention to D, A, B minor, and F# minor when you practice.

To begin learning chord progressions, start again by switching between two chords in the key. You can start with the D major chord and practice alternating to A major and back again.

C Major Chord Progressions

  • C major, G major, A minor, F major
  • C major, F major, A minor, G major
  • A minor, C major, F major, G major
  • C major, D minor, F major, G major

Many songs will use these chord progressions or small variations of them. When you have these down, you will recognize these common chord patterns in the music you learn.

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What Is The Easiest Song To Play On Piano

Theres no single easiest song to play on the piano this will depend on your skills, preferences, and style. That said, if youre looking for some piano songs to play with easy chords to master, you might want to learn how to play:

  • Hello Adele
  • When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars
  • Your Song Elton John
  • Believer Imagine Dragons

Remember that with all of these options, make sure you listen to the song while reading through the chords or you could waste your time learning the wrong song and always be , because someday youll only have your ears to rely on.

And if youre still not sure where to look to find piano chords for songs, dont be afraid of asking your piano teacher! Im sure theyll be happy to help you find exactly what youre looking for.

I hope that you can use these steps to help you learn more songs and find chords easier!

Tosin A. teaches piano, music theory, music composition, public speaking, and various academic subjects in Austin, TX, as well as through online lessons. He has been playing piano for 14 years, and currently plays for his church and 3 bands , and for Improv Comedy Shows around town.

About The Key Of E Major

How to play YOUR SONG – Elton John Piano Tutorial Chords Accompaniment

Your Song is written in the key of E Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 7th most popular key among Major keys and the 11st most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs. The three most important chords, built off the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees are all major chords .See the E Major Cheat Sheet for popular chords, chord progressions, downloadable midi files and more!

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When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars

When I Was Your Man is a song written by the American pop artist Bruno Mars.

It was released in 2013 in the album Unorthodox Jukebox.

Upon its release, the song was a hit and reached 4,000,000 sales in the United States alone.

It is a nostalgic yet dynamic track, which is very appealing to todays piano players.

You can also read our selection of the best piano pop songs if you are interested in this genre.

When I Was Your Man is a piano song with chords that are fairly easy to play.

We will now learn how to play them.

Basic Piano Chords To Know

Even the most absolute beginner popular songs are most likely to include different combinations of notes simultaneously. In music we call these chords. The first chord that almost every musician learns on the piano is called the C major chord, and you can play it with either a left hand or a right hand, or a combination of both. From Bruno Mars to Billie Eilish, to John Lennon and Michael Jackson, right hand or left hand, all musicians use piano chords, and piano keys in their music.

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The 10 Best Piano Songs To Play With Easy Chords

Want to play the best piano songs with chords? Youve come to the right place!

There are many famous songs that we want to play on the piano. There are many versions with arpeggios and chords and we never know which ones to choose.

Piano songs with chords have two advantages. First, they are easier to play than the versions with arpeggios, because they usually contain fewer notes and the chords are repeated often. Second, the chords are easy to sing over and are a perfect accompaniment to the voice.

In short, if you want to sing over your piano accompaniment, chords are the way to go.

To help you do this, we have listed in this article the top 10 piano tunes to play with chords. You will learn the history of the songs, but also all the notes to play for each chord in each track. For each chord you will find a textual explanation, a diagram showing the notes to play, and a tutorial video allowing you to play all the chords of the song.

Ready to play? Lets go!

Tips: you can find all these songs in the catalog of our application dedicated to simplified piano learning. You can learn them at your own pace by connecting your piano to your device. You can also find more tutorials like this in our articles about the easiest songs to play with letters and the best piano songs to learn with numbers.

Joris, the author of this article, recommends the following resource: Piano tutorials: learn the 10 easiest songs

Learn to play the best piano songs with chords

What Are The Most Important Piano Chords For Songs

Pin on Taylor Swift

Not all songs use chords. All songs share a set of rules and have a key and time signature but chords dont have to be used some songs just have a simple bassline and melody.

That said, some of the most popular piano music chords for songs include the following:

  • A major . A C# E
  • A minor . A C E
  • C major . C E G
  • C minor . C Eb G
  • D major . D F# A
  • D minor . D F A
  • E major . E G# B
  • E minor . E G B
  • F major . F A C
  • F minor . F Ab C
  • G major . G B D
  • G minor . G Bb D

As youre learning how to master piano chords for songs, its a good idea to find a printable piano chords for songschart like this print it out and use it to practice your piano chords as often as possible.

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Elton John Rocket Man

Elton Johns Rocket Man was a seminal step in his career and this tutorial video will teach you everything. Elton John has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine a lot in his career, but of course he is most famous for his piano playing and singing, not just for his relentless fashion. Rocket Man is a song that as soon as you start playing, everyone will perk up!

Tips on playing the song

Of all the easy songs with piano chords, the right hand melody of this one is actually pretty tricky. Remember that the right hand is emulating his voice, not an instrument. Keep track of playing the note one at a time, because the human voice cannot sing multiple notes at a time. Also be mindful of the black keys, as this song uses a lot of different types of chords. Play the chords separately and this will be a huge success!

All Of Me John Legend

All of Me is a song by artist John Legend, released in 2014 on the album Love in the Future.

The track has been very popular since its release. The emotion it gives off and its romanticism was able to seduce a very large part of the population fan of this type of song.

The piano version of All of Me is very easy to play. It is mainly for this reason that it is very famous among beginner pianists.

Here we will learn how to play the piano chords of the song All of Me easily.

Note: if you like this type of song, you will certainly like our ranking of the most beautiful sad piano music.

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My Future Billie Eilish

My Future is a song by American pop artist Billie Eilish, released in 2021 in her album Happier Than Ever.

The track carries very current values such as self-love and personal evolution.

My Future has been a huge success worldwide and has received critical acclaim. It has been included in the most prestigious charts since 2020, such as USA Today, Billboard and Slate.

The song is very soft and remains quite easy to play on the piano.

Thats why it is particularly appreciated by beginner pianists who are amateurs of the pop scene.

We will now see how to play the piano chords of My Future by Billie Eilish.

The Beatles Let It Be

How to Play “Your Song” by Elton John – Piano Tutorial by Piano Couture

The Beatles Let It Be starts with a simple melody and a very easy C major chord in the left hand. The chords of this song are actually very interesting, and are very popular piano chords for songs. With our tutorial video, you can recognize that actually the chord progression in this song is extremely popular, and you may even recognize the sound of these chords. Theyre used by everyone from John Legend to Bruno Mars and Beethoven.

Tips on playing the song

Try and pay attention to the shape of the bass line, and recognize that during the second half of the verse the bass line actually changes. Even though there are only four chords, the bass line will change. This means that the chord progression will change over time, and learning to recognize this will help you read piano sheet music faster.

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General Tips On Learning Easy Piano Chords

No matter which songs youre learning how to play, the typical combination of chords in the left hand and one note in the right hand will account for most types of piano songs to play. There will be some other songs that may start differently, but understanding how to play the chords is the most important thing for your left hand. Memorizing this will make easy piano chords songs even simpler, regardless of when the when was written. Make sure you know your piano notes before you go any further, right hand and left hand.

Chords are broken into two different parts.

No matter how complicated a chord is, they will only ever include two different parts. The root and the quality. Sometimes the root of the chord might be a flat or sharpened pitch, and sometimes the major chord might have augmented additional keys, but it is these two core principles that allow all musicians to communicate with each other using sheet music, chord charts, and music theory. This is as true for chords as it is for scales such as the blues scale.

The root

For example lets look at a C major chord. The name actually includes all of the information that you need to play the piano version of this chord. The root is the letter attached with the title of the chord. If it is C, the root of the chord is C. This tells us which note alphabetically we need to measure the rest of the notes in the chord from.

The quality

Practicing Chord Progressions In C Major

After you learn how to play each of these chords individually, you can begin to practice moving from one chord to another so you can start playing basic piano chord progressions.

For C majors key, you can begin alternating between the positions for C major and then F major to begin. Play C major, then play F major and then go back to C major. Soon your hand will learn how to get your fingers in place quickly with each chord.

You then can move on to practicing three-chord and four-chord progressions that are typical in songs. Mastering these will help you grasp and apply beginner piano chords.

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Practicing Chord Progressions In E Major

Many of the E major chords contain several black keys, which can take some getting used to. Both the D and E keys will help you become comfortable using the black notes with the pianos white notes.

E Major Chord Progressions

  • E major, B major, C# minor, A major
  • E major, C# minor, B major, A major
  • C# minor, A major, B major, E major
  • A major, E major, C# minor, B major

Both D and E major keys will help you get comfortable using the white and black keys on the piano together. After mastering the chords in E, you can now play 13 beginner piano chords.

Between the C major and D major keys is the key of G major. Between D major and E major keys is the A major key. Both of the keys G and A use chords that you already know but have unique chord progressions.

Key of G Major

G major has one sharp, F#. To play in this key, most of the notes are the same as C major except for F. G major utilizes chords from both C major and D major in it so you can practice different chord progressions.

In G major, the four chords to master playing together are G major, C major, D major, and E minor.

G major Chord Progressions

  • G major, D major, E minor, C major
  • E minor, C major, A minor, G major
  • G major, C major, D major, C major
  • G major, E minor, B minor, D major

Since you already know these chords, you can easily practice using these chords in common progressions.

Key of A Major

A Major Chord Progressions

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