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Yamaha b3 Piano For Sale | Polished Ebony| B3E PE | Rimmers Music

To support this loan program, these and other fine pianos are annually offered for sale and then replaced with new ones. All pianos will be sold at institutional prices not normally available in retail stores. In addition to the pianos on loan, allocated grands, verticals, digitals, hybrids, Disklavier player pianos, aas well as a selection of used pianos will be sold at significant discounts from their regular prices. New and used pianos will be available for sale from top quality brands such asYamaha, Bösendorfer, Clavinova, Baldwin, Schimmel, and others. The loaned pianos have been expertly maintained and many are less than one year old. All of the new and loaned pianos come with manufacturer warranties and technical services.

Yamaha U3 Professional Upright Piano Action

Featuring a large key shank, a raised Capstan and a larger Whippen the Yamaha U3 is one of the most responsive upright pianos on the market. This allows the piano player greater control over the volume dynamics when playing.

The Yamaha U3 Piano Dimensions is the deepest of the upright line to make space for the expanded internal keyshank. The Yamaha U3 Price is worth it alone for the elongated Capstans and Larger Whippens.

Who Is A Good Candidate For An Upright Piano

One important difference between the grand and the upright is in the action of both. Grands have a quicker, more responsive action due to the horizontal strings, which allows the hammers to fall naturally back into place thanks to gravity after they strike strings.

The uprights action returns to a resting position with the help of springs rather than gravity alone. As a result, the upright has a different touch.

Uprights, therefore, are not made for the concert stage. A practice room, yes. Definitely the home, especially one with a premium of square feet.

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Used Yamaha Piano For Sale Singapore

Yamaha is a well-known and well-loved brand in the music industry, producing an outstanding line of pianos for over a century. Combining the outstanding tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and modern materials, Yamaha pianos set the standards when it comes to tone, texture, and dynamic playing. If you are looking for quality used Yamaha piano for sale in Singapore, Music Junction can help you out.

Music Junction offers a broad range of branded and pre-owned pianos from acoustic piano, upright piano, to baby grand piano instruments. We stock our inventory with well-maintained and authentic pianos that produce high-quality sound and music like it is brand new. Experience for yourself the joy of owning a musical masterpiece at a price that you can afford!

Background To The Upright

Yamaha Black Upright Piano for sale in UK

The immediately noticed difference in an upright piano is that the strings and soundboard run vertically, perpendicular to the keyboard. Early uprights had strings that started upward from the same level as the keys.

As a result, these earlier instruments were considerably taller, providing ample space on the case for a variety of decorative designs.

The strings in todays upright pianos run upward from the bottom of the case, that is, near the floor. This design dates back to 1800, created by Sir John Isaac Hawkins, a leading English piano maker living in Philadelphia.

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Welcome To Merriam Pianos


Merriam Pianos has been at the heart of the piano industry not just in Toronto, but across the world, for 25 years.

Merriam Pianos has built strong ties to many of Canadas largest and most prestigious universities like McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, Queens University, Humber College, and the University of Ottawa. We also have close and highly respected relationships with our carefully chosen suppliers, like Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Roland, Perzina, and Korg. And perhaps most importantly, were all pianists!

Alan Merriam, founder and president, himself an accomplished pianist with an extensive professional playing background, has carefully surrounded himself with like-minded team members, so when you walk into Merriam Music for your new digital, upright, or baby grand piano, you know youll be talking with a highly experienced piano professional.

Yamaha U3 Acoustic Piano

The Yamaha U3 52 Upright Acoustic Piano is part of the Yamaha Professional collection. The Yamaha U3 Piano Dimensions are the largest of the upright pianos that Yamaha manufactures.

This instrument is one of our favorite in Yamahas collection of World Class Upright Pianos, A Professional Level Upright Piano crafted for the discerning musician.

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What Are Some Of The Top Modern Upright Piano Brands And Models

Yamahas U series

Yamaha has put considerable effort into a comprehensive redesign of their U series of upright pianos. These uprights have refined scale designs, as well as wider music desks for the players sheet music or music books.

Steve Hauk, Sales Manager for M. Steinert & Sons, says that Yamahas U Series of upright pianos are well-regarded. He notes that the U-1 and the U-3 are popular first pianos for many piano students.

Beginning piano students are often enamored with the brightness of the Yamaha sound, said Steve. In a way, it compliments a lot of the early repertoire, like Bach and Handel. But as students progress musically, more tonal complexity is desirable.

Kawais K series

Steve Hauk says that Kawai K-series uprights compete with the Yamaha U-series and have a similar tone.

Kawai calls this series its Professional Upright Pianos. Popular with some parents and teachers, these pianos are produced with the Kawai Upright Action with plastic/composite parts rather than wood.

Kawai swears by this composite action, citing its stability. Others maintain that a quality wood action, despite its occasional swelling and shrinking, is still the standard.

Steve Hauk says that, like the Yamaha U series, Kawais K series uprights remain a popular choice for first-time piano students. They come in three sizes: the K-400 , the K-500 , and the K-800 .

The Essex upright pianos: The beginning of the Steinway sound

Boston upright pianos: High-grade production pianos

Buyer’s Guide For Yamaha Upright Pianos On Ebay

Yamaha U3 Upright Piano Demonstration & Review | Refurbished Model For Sale | Rimmers Music

Yamaha began producing upright pianos in the year 1900 and has been making and selling pianos ever since. When you shop for a Yamaha upright piano on eBay, here is some information that you should keep in mind.

What should you know about buying a Yamaha upright piano?

If you are shopping for a used Yamaha upright piano, one primary factor to consider is its condition. Check the item description to find out if the Yamaha piano has had any repairs. If it is a vintage Yamaha upright piano, the item description will include any possible restorations, modifications, or alterations made to the piano. Examine the product images thoroughly for internal and external details.

Buying vintage Yamaha upright pianos on eBay

If you are shopping for a vintage Yamaha upright piano, you can find the year or time period you are looking for on eBay. There are many collector-quality antique and vintage Yamaha upright pianos available. You may want to filter by price, condition, or type of upright piano. If you want one that has been appraised by a certified Yamaha professional, check the item description for that information.

Choosing between the different types of Yamaha upright pianos

There are several different types of upright pianos by the Yamaha brand. Here are the main differences between each type to help you choose which is right for you:

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Yamaha.

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Do You Want To Buy A Used Piano

While looking for a piano for yourself, your child or students you will come across many used pianos for sale, various offers more or less attractive to you as a buyer. New instruments are flawless, so we’ve decided to advise you on what to look out for to have a very cool piano at home used in good condition. A piano is… Read more

Find Refurbished And Pre

Whatever your home’s or school’s space considerations, Alamo Music Center offers used Yamaha pianos to suit your needs. Browse grand, baby grand, upright, hybrid and more models known for their history of craftsmanship and quality sound. We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.

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Professional Upright Pianos For Sale

Each of our used professional upright pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process before being placed in our showrooms for sale to ensure the highest sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic available among used upright pianos. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our professional upright piano inventory below, or visit our piano store in College Park, MD, to see our used professional upright pianos for sale firsthand. Call us today at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment!

Whats The Best Upright Piano

Yamaha Upright Piano for sale in UK

For the aforementioned reasonsa well-engineered scale design, the highest grade of materials, a larger soundboard, and a deep, rich Steinway soundHauk believes that the K-52 is simply the best upright piano built today.

The others weve mentioned are all respected piano brands and models, says Steve. Yamaha and Kawai each have something to offer. For example, some pianists may prefer the quicker composite-based action in the Kawai piano. Similarly, some jazz pianists may prefer the brighter sound in Yamahas.

But Steve maintains that Steinways K-52 is unique, particularly its bell-like Steinway sound.

Its handcrafted, and that adds so much to every dimension of a piano, especially an upright, with its super responsive action, says Steve. Theres a reason Steinway has been making the K-52 since the turn of the 20th century. Professionals and regular players just like them. They like the power, the resonance, and that warm Steinway sound.

Any payments made on a new K-52 can be applied to a later Steinway grand, per M. Steinert & Sons lifetime Trade-Up policy.

Learn more about the cost of modern upright pianos by reading the following article:

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A Brief History Of Yamaha Pianos

Its from around 1966 that we first see Yamaha pianos in Europe. These early models are the ones that sound the most like German pianos, with a good deep mellow tone throughout the range. They are more expensively constructed with top quality soundboards, excellent hammers, wooden pedal mechanisms on uprights and mostly wooden action parts. As the Korean and later the Chinese factories began to produce large numbers of pianos in competition with Yamaha, so the Yamaha piano started to be made more economically. Wooden parts were replaced by plastic or aluminium, though lately there has been a return to wooden action flanges. The tone also started to lack the rich depth that it previously had. The gradual brightening of tone is evident until about 1990, When Yamaha brought out what they called a hand-built piano, grands starting at £28,000 and uprights at £7,699.

Types Of Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha’s existing product line includes the following types of pianos:

  • Acoustic: Yamaha grand, baby grand and upright pianos fall within this group. The piano action remains as it has always been, with no digital technology. Yamaha grand pianos are close to nine feet in length, while a Yamaha baby grand is near the five-foot mark. A Yamaha upright, including the B Series, P Series, and U Series, situates the strings top to bottom, so that they run perpendicular to the keys.
  • Digital: Digital pianos are ideal for beginners and as practice models. Yamaha seeks to replicate the acoustic’s sound and response while offering a smaller design built for apartments and practice rooms with limited space.
  • Hybrid: Yamaha has been ahead in terms of hybrid technology, introducing its Disklavier model nearly 30 years ago. In the ’90s, the company unveiled its Silent pianos, which transition from an acoustic to a digital instrument for convenient, hassle-free practicing.

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Do You Want To Buy A Yamaha Grand Piano

Before you buy a Yamaha piano, it’s worth asking yourself whether it should be new or used. The range of Yamaha pianos is currently very wide. We will try to suggest several models of this brand that we think are worth considering. The Yamaha GB1 is a much sought-after Yamaha piano model, it is 151 cm long, and fits perfectly into a larger living room in an apartment or single-family house that will fill with great sound.

Buying A Used Yamaha Grand Or Upright

Yamaha E110N Upright Piano For Sale | Demonstration & Review | Rimmers Music

Weve been selling second hand Yamaha grand and upright pianos for over 20 years. They are always little used, and the case and loops on the uprights are checked and repaired if necessary. Bass strings are also replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely regulate and tune them, and guarantee them for 5 years. To view our pianos for sale please view our stocklist.

Yamaha U1H Hammers

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Which Upright Piano Is Best Yamaha Kawai Or A Steinway

Upright pianos have long had a welcome place in many American homes. For those who dont have the space or the budget for a grand piano, uprights can be a perfect fit. But which among the modern top quality uprights is the best model and why?

Lets explore the main contenders for best quality upright among the models produced today. After all, who would want to select a new upright, only to find out later that a better upright would have only cost a bit more?

Here at M. Steinert & Sons, weve sold thousands of upright pianos over the past 160 years, including the period at the turn of the 20th century when they were intensely popular in America. As an , we naturally believe Steinway pianos have a lot to offer. However, so do other high-quality piano brands, some of which well examine in this article.

Then and now, we have helped our customers find the best pianos for them, many of which were upright pianos, whether serving as a beginners first piano or a starter piano that could lead eventually to a further investment in a grand piano.

Soundboard And Frame Yamaha U3

Special rib configurations add strength to the soundboard, while back post and other advances further enhance rigidity, resonance and structural stability. The large sound board is why some people refer to the U3 as Yamahas Upright Grand.The Yamaha U3 52 Upright Acoustic Piano features a Spruce Sound Board, Ribs and Back Post. The Full Size Ribs are notched into the liner of the piano to give proper resonance.

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Delivery And Special Financing Offered At The Sale

Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, March 10, 11, 12 or 13

This event will be held on-campus at: Battelle Fine Arts Center, 170 West Park Street, Westerville, OH 43081.

Largest selection of pianos under one roof in Ohio. Teachers and tuners from Ohio tell their students to wait months for this event

Over 150 pianos at every price point.Trade-ins Welcome.

Yamaha Upright Piano For Sale

Yamaha Black Upright Piano for sale in UK

Compact but very durable. Popular among students and professional musicians

Yamaha Upright Piano, the professional series , have been here in the market for decades.

Its good reputation is still the leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians and home pianists. Thanks to the comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction.

High-performance pianos like the U series are built to very high standards, having very strong frames with consistently high-quality sound produced.

With the additional Y series in the product line, Yamaha takes the quality and performance of these professional upright pianos to a new level. It comes with a newly designed cabinet with soft closing fallboard, giving a superb acoustic performance and personality right down to the subtlest note, finest strings and specially designed hammers that provide rich tones and response.

The UX and Y models have a different soundboard design than the rest of the U series and a slightly different case design just above the keyboard. Yamaha literature claims that the X-shaped soundboard frame can improve frame rigidity, tuning stability and better sound quality as well.

Below is a list of Yamaha pre-owned uprights we carry and distribute on this PianoMalaysia website. Most models will be restocked on a regular basis, while some were limited in quantity and a preorder may required.

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If You Are Thinking About A Pre

When looking for a quality upright piano, one should have in mind a couple of tangible qualities. The piano keys has to have a tactile feel that is pleasing to your hand. Not to soft and not to heavy. Play the same passage on a couple of pianos so you can A-B them. Next listen to the tone. Do you like how the instrument sounds? The only perfect piano tone is the one that pleases your ear and feels good underneath your fingers.

Which Yamaha Upright Model Should I Pick

If you are considering buying a Yamaha piano, the number of models offered by the manufacturer may be overwhelming. When buying a piano, it is worth using the professional help of the store offering these instruments, or at least the piano tuning technician, so the child enjoys playing the piano for many years. One of the most popular models of Yamaha pianos are the U1 and U3. The first major difference between the two pianos is their height, the Yamaha U1 is 121 cm high and the Yamaha U3 is 131 cm high. You should discuss the other details that differentiate these pianos on the spot in a shop with a professional seller. Yamaha also offers several other pianos that are worth consideration. These are models from the B series: B1 with the height of 109 cm, B2 a little higher with the height of 113 cm, and B3 with 121 centimeters in height. What defines these instruments is the ability to use the silent module in these acoustic instruments. The silent system is an interesting option because after putting headphones on we can still enjoy playing the piano and stay in harmony with our neighbors, who will not complain about a loud piano playing neighbor. It is worth noting that the above-mentioned Yamaha pianos are most popular on the for many sellers.

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