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Yamaha Piano Prices: New and Used Yamaha U1 Acoustic Upright Piano Price

Yamaha is a well-known and well-loved brand in the music industry, producing an outstanding line of pianos for over a century. Combining the outstanding tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and modern materials, Yamaha pianos set the standards when it comes to tone, texture, and dynamic playing. If you are looking for quality used Yamaha piano for sale in Singapore, Music Junction can help you out.

Music Junction offers a broad range of branded and pre-owned pianos from acoustic piano, upright piano, to baby grand piano instruments. We stock our inventory with well-maintained and authentic pianos that produce high-quality sound and music like it is brand new. Experience for yourself the joy of owning a musical masterpiece at a price that you can afford!

Van Cliburn Piano Competition Gold Medalist

Pearl Piano is a family business with five generations of experience. Our team now includes Wayne’s son and daughter, Carey and Pearl.

We continue to serve concert artists from around the world as well as major institutions, including Canada National Ballet School, Heliconian Club, and the CBC.


Our story begins with Wayne Chen, whose great-grandfather founded the first piano-building company in China. After apprenticing with his grandfather for ten years, Wayne won the post of chief technician at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

In 1987, he was invited by Steinway & Sons to continue his training at the factory in Hamburg, Germany. Afterwards he traveled to the United States to work for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. During his time in the U.S., Wayne also worked at the renowned ProPiano Company in New York City, during which time he rebuilt concert grands for both the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Wayne came to Toronto in 1993 and started Pearl Piano in 1994 to realize his dream of rebuilding his own pianos. Until his recent semi-retirement, Wayne was the technician at all the major concert venues in Toronto including Massey Hall, St. Lawrence Centre, and the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Rob has been playing piano and organ for almost fifty years, encompassing all styles of music, including but not limited to, classical, jazz, new-age, rock & roll and latin.

What our Customers Say about Us

Chun, Waterloo

Welcome To Merriam Pianos


Merriam Pianos has been at the heart of the piano industry not just in Toronto, but across the world, for 25 years.

Merriam Pianos has built strong ties to many of Canadas largest and most prestigious universities like McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, Queens University, Humber College, and the University of Ottawa. We also have close and highly respected relationships with our carefully chosen suppliers, like Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Roland, Perzina, and Korg. And perhaps most importantly, were all pianists!

Alan Merriam, founder and president, himself an accomplished pianist with an extensive professional playing background, has carefully surrounded himself with like-minded team members, so when you walk into Merriam Music for your new digital, upright, or baby grand piano, you know youll be talking with a highly experienced piano professional.

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Yamaha U1 Vs Yamaha U3

The question often arises what is the difference between Yamaha U1 vs Yamaha U3 pianos? In fact, the answer is extremely simple and quite obvious – they differ mainly in height. This fact obviously has several consequences.

The Yamaha U1 upright piano is the smallest piano in the U series and at the same time lower than the U3 by exactly 10 cm. This is not a big difference, but the size affects the length of the strings and thus the sound.U1: 121cm U3: 131cm As we can guess, in U3 the strings will be slightly longer, which results in louder sound, deeper tone, more resonance. The soundboard in this piano is comparable to the soundboard of a 7 feet piano. However, the difference in sound between the Yamaha U1 piano and Yamaha U3 piano is so subtle that to hear it you would have to compare the two pianos in the same place .

Is the Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 for beginner pianists? Both pianos are suitable for beginner pianists as well as professional musicians. Itâs up to an individual which parameters will suit their needs.

Yamaha Piano In The Usa

Used Yamaha UX3 Upright Piano

New factories have been set up in Japan and a branch has been opened in the USA to import and distribute Yamaha instruments. And so, after about 50 years of working from scratch, Yamaha became the largest grand piano and upright piano manufacturer in the world.The co-operation with world-renowned pianists who appreciated the quality of Yamaha pianos and made them famous around the world proved to be crucial.In the 1970s Yamaha was able to boast of producing one million pianos, two decades later it was already 5 million! To this day, Yamaha is a leading producer of upright and grand concert pianos, and the latest instruments are also equipped with electronic and digital components.It is worth mentioning the “flagship” popular piano models, which are flooding the American market in particular. We are talking about Yamaha U1 upright pianos and Yamaha U3 upright pianos.The first models were produced in the 1960s, since then their names have not been changed. This does not mean, however, that the construction of these instruments has not changed – the latest models are distinguished by technical improvements and design changes. The sound of Yamaha pianos can be described as bright, sharp and metallic. This is due to the fact that they have not too long, but very tight strings.

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Why Choose A Yamaha Upright Piano

As the worlds largest piano manufacturer, Yamaha has cornered the market in high quality and affordable pianos, making music more accessible to learners around the world. In 1887, Yamahas founder Torakusu Yamaha repaired a broken reed piano and so the company was born. The company has been producing pianos and reed organs since 1900, later moving into digital instruments. The breadth of instruments available today makes the Yamaha brand a versatile option for professional and beginner musicians alike. We offer a selection of new and quality used Yamaha upright pianos for musicians of all abilities. You can also explore our range of Yamaha digital pianos and our selection of used Yamaha pianos in our Belbroughton showroom.

Models Of Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha now operate a two tier system with their basic grands and uprights, usually not made in Japan, and the top range series. These are the Yamaha S4A Grand Piano, Yamaha S6A Grand Piano, Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano, Yamaha SU118C upright Piano and Yamaha SU7 upright Piano. Considering that a Yamaha G3/C3 grand piano cost about £4,500 new in 1971 , the equivalent new price according to inflation since then would be £31,000! A Yamaha U1D upright piano cost about £1500 new in 1965 . The equivalent new price today would be over £25,000! The early Yamahas are all of guaranteed high quality. Since about 1985 they developed a two tier system, with the top quality Yamahas still being made in Japan but others increasingly being made in different countries, mainly Indonesia and China. There is now so much variely of model and number that its difficult to keep track. We recommend, if buying a new Yamaha or one from 1985 onwards, that you seek the advice of a piano tuner who is familiar with them.

Yamaha SU7

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Yamaha Silent System Pianos On Upright Pianos

Yamaha U1h with a practice pedal

We recommend buying an upright piano with a practice pedal rather than one with a Yamaha Silent system. This is because the touch on the Yamaha silent piano is compromised by the bar which comes between the hammers and the strings. As a result, the Let off, which is the distance from the strings which the hammer reaches before the player looses control of it, increases from 2-3mm on most good ordinary pianos to 6-9mm on silent pianos. We find this makes soft playing more difficult both in normal and silent mode, thereby reducing the range of expression, and also gives the action a choppy feel. The traditional practice pedal found on most Yamaha uprights before about 1990 is ideal if for instance you live in a flat and need to practice very quietly.

What About Purchasing A Used Yamaha Piano

Yamaha U1 Piano For Sale | Used | Reasons To Buy One | Rimmers Music

Customers frequently call Yamaha Piano Service to ask about purchasing a used Yamaha piano. Typically, they want to know how old the piano is, whether it is a good piano or not, how much the piano is worth and if they should purchase it or not. We do our best to answer their questions, from a technical standpoint.

We first remind the customer that they are asking us about a used piano. We explain that there is always some degree of risk involved in purchasing any used product. Without a thorough inspection by a qualified technician, it is impossible to know whether the piano has been properly maintained, whether or not it is damaged, how worn out the piano is, or whether the piano is in need of major rebuilding.

We recommend that they contact a competent piano technician and have the technician make a thorough inspection of the piano, before purchasing it.

Vienna Piano Co. is owned by a piano technician. We rebuild and recondition pianos for a wide variety of clients. We thoroughly inspect every instrument we handle this is why we warranty all parts and labor for ten years on every piano we offer. Some people also choose to have an independent technician inspect the piano for them. We encourage this if it makes the person more comfortable with their decision.

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A Brief History Of Yamaha Pianos

Its from around 1966 that we first see Yamaha pianos in Europe. These early models are the ones that sound the most like German pianos, with a good deep mellow tone throughout the range. They are more expensively constructed with top quality soundboards, excellent hammers, wooden pedal mechanisms on uprights and mostly wooden action parts. As the Korean and later the Chinese factories began to produce large numbers of pianos in competition with Yamaha, so the Yamaha piano started to be made more economically. Wooden parts were replaced by plastic or aluminium, though lately there has been a return to wooden action flanges. The tone also started to lack the rich depth that it previously had. The gradual brightening of tone is evident until about 1990, When Yamaha brought out what they called a hand-built piano, grands starting at £28,000 and uprights at £7,699.

The Manufacturers On Display At Rogers Piano Understand That Our Customers Have The Right To Choose Their Favorite Piano

Rogers Piano works very hard so that our customers will find the piano that best suits their needs and preferences. Our customers are given the opportunity to experience different brands until they are able to find and confirm their absolute best match.

Between 2014 and 2016, Rogers Piano was an Unfortunately, we found out that Yamaha was not able to meet our decades-long reputation for quality. Even more disturbing, Yamaha was not capable of providing the customer service philosophy Rogers Piano upholds. Additionally, during the tenure of Rogers Pianos Yamaha dealership, Yamaha representatives persistently applied heavy pressure attempting to force Rogers Piano to discontinue competing brands. Furthermore, Yamaha forbade Rogers Piano from selling refurbished Yamaha pianos.

For all of the above reasons, Rogers Piano voluntarily terminated our relationship with Yamaha.

It has been our experience that Yamaha pianos from the 1970s to the 1980s are in every way superior to brand new Yamaha Pianos made today! Pianos from these decades clearly have a better tone andtouch as compared to the new Yamaha pianos. Come try them yourself, we have a very large quantity of these pre-owned or refurbished pianos in stock. These are backed by our extensive warranty and our trade-up policy.

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The Yamaha U1 Upright Piano:

The Yamaha Music Corporation started building reed organs in 1884 and later on moved into the business of building pianos. The first models were primitive but over the years the quality of manufacturing improved. By the 1970s Yamaha and Kawai were considered by most to be the best value pianos on the market. Most people would agree that by 1980 these pianos were twice as good as the least expensive pianos from the US or Canada, and still half the price.

The Yamaha U1 model has been built since the 1960s and is the most popular upright piano model ever made. Over the years the price of the Yamaha U1 has risen to above $7000 with has had a dramatic decrease in the sales of new Yamaha U1 models. Still the Yamaha U1 is the #1 selling used pianos in the world and is often reccomended by teachers and technicians as the best cheap choice.

MERRIAM pianos is the largest retailer of used and rebuilt Yamaha and Kawai pianos and is rated as the #1 pianos store Toronto. We often will have 25 50 used Yamaha U1 pianos in stock to choose from that range in price from $3000 6000.

For more information on how pianos are made or visit Yamaha U1 piano website.

Additional information

How Much Does An Upright Piano Cost

Used Yamaha E108 Upright Piano

Depending on construction, brand, and age, upright piano prices can vary in price from a few thousand dollars to six-figures. Occasionally, you can find extremely affordable upright pianos that sellers simply want to move out of their homes for one reason or another. Sometimes these are high-quality and simply need to be tuned, but some have a litany of issues, especially if they havent been played or maintained.

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Types Of Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha’s existing product line includes the following types of pianos:

  • Acoustic: Yamaha grand, baby grand and upright pianos fall within this group. The piano action remains as it has always been, with no digital technology. Yamaha grand pianos are close to nine feet in length, while a Yamaha baby grand is near the five-foot mark. A Yamaha upright, including the B Series, P Series, and U Series, situates the strings top to bottom, so that they run perpendicular to the keys.
  • Digital: Digital pianos are ideal for beginners and as practice models. Yamaha seeks to replicate the acoustic’s sound and response while offering a smaller design built for apartments and practice rooms with limited space.
  • Hybrid: Yamaha has been ahead in terms of hybrid technology, introducing its Disklavier model nearly 30 years ago. In the ’90s, the company unveiled its Silent pianos, which transition from an acoustic to a digital instrument for convenient, hassle-free practicing.

What Else Might An Upright Piano Be Called

Generally speaking, an upright piano might also be called a vertical piano. But thats not all you might hear an upright piano called. There are four types of upright pianos:

  • Spinet upright piano: The smallest of the upright pianos, these are typically less than 40 tall. It also has shorter keys.
  • Console upright piano: A console piano is typically between 40 to 44 tall. Due to the construction of its hammer mechanisms, its considered to have better sound quality when compared to a spinet piano.
  • Studio upright piano: A studio piano is between 44 to 48 and features a full-sized action. It also has longer strings and a larger soundboard, giving it a richer tonal quality.
  • Professional upright piano: A professional upright piano is taller than 48. It has the largest soundboard and can rival a baby grand piano in resonance and tonal quality.

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Buying A Used Yamaha Grand Or Upright

Weve been selling second hand Yamaha grand and upright pianos for over 20 years. They are always little used, and the case and loops on the uprights are checked and repaired if necessary. Bass strings are also replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely regulate and tune them, and guarantee them for 5 years. To view our pianos for sale please view our stocklist.

Yamaha U1H Hammers

The Authorized Yamaha Pianos Dealer Of Massachusetts Has A Wide Choice Of New And Preowned Yamaha Pianos

Different Yamaha Upright Piano Sizes and Prices

At Rogers Piano, we carry a substantial variety of pre-owned or refurbished YAMAHA pianos for sale. We are often asked by customers about used pianos. In most cases, we recommend new pianos over used pianos. New pianos come with an extensive manufacturers warranty. Simply put, they are BRAND NEW PIANOS.

For any manufacturer to be represented in our showroom, they must demonstrate that they consistently produce quality pianos and that they are committed to excellent customer service. We also seek manufacturers that are involved in research and product development to consistently improve the quality of their products.

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Does The Yamaha Piano Live Up To It’s Promotional Hype

Pianos Can Be Made Anywhere In The World At Any Quality

Pianos made in countries like China and Indonesia were once considered a poor step child. Today the quality can be exceptional if controlled properly and quality materials are used. This is where a bit of nationalism comes in for Japanese piano companies. They could choose to make pianos in Indonesia or China as good as the care to. But if they made them too good who would buy their more expensive pianos made in Japan? This is their dilemma. Yamaha makes their non-Japanese manufactured pianos just “good enough”. Characterized as pianos made for a price point and not for their musicality.

Find Refurbished And Pre

Whatever your home’s or school’s space considerations, Alamo Music Center offers used Yamaha pianos to suit your needs. Browse grand, baby grand, upright, hybrid and more models known for their history of craftsmanship and quality sound. We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.

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