Yamaha Player Piano For Sale


Dgc2e3s5′ 8 Classic Collection Grand Piano

Yamaha Grand Piano w/Disklavier Player System for Sale!

This Disklavier E3 model is a superb Yamaha GC2 Grand Piano, which ALSO incorporates a highly accurate record-capable reproducing player system for entertainment and educational uses.

  • Play a superb Yamaha GC2 Grand Piano.
  • Relax to the sounds of the world’s greatest music.
  • Let Disklavier E3 help you create your own music.
  • Preserve your musical memories.

Colors / Finishes

The Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano

Yamaha has designed, engineered and mass produced the modern eras best selling player piano. Through out the three decades of production Yamaha has upgraded the solenoids for the keys, added self diagnosis features, pioneered internet player piano radio and have produced whole generations of player pianos. A piano is a very complicated piece of machinery, a player piano is taking the mechanical complexity and taking it to the second power. That is why Yamaha only installs the disklaver player piano in the factory on new pianos. Do not make the mistake of installing an after market system or spending 6 figures on a first generation player piano system. Choose the tried and true Yamaha Disklavier!

When you are looking for a faithful player piano for your home, restaurant, house of worship, recording studio or institution you are going to want the best, that is why we only carry New Yamaha disklavier Player Pianos.

Yamaha Enspire Links

Purchasing A Piano: A First

17 items in this article3 items on sale!

17 items in this article3 items on sale!

Buying your first piano is a particularly complicated process. Do you have the budget and space for a new baby grand? Or are you more concerned about finding a deal on a used upright? Maybe your kids are taking lessons and youd rather buy a keyboard in case they dont stick with it. With the help of pianists, teachers, tuners, and other piano experts, weve broken down all of the options below from how to navigate high-end showrooms to the things to consider when perusing preowned Baby Baldwins on Craigslist. Weve also included expert-recommended options across all different price ranges.

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Finish Options For The Dgb1k En Cl

This Model is only Available in the Polished Ebony Finish

Piano Silencing Mechanism Yes

Pianos Tone CFX Binaural Sampling / CFX Stereo Sampling

Polyphony 256

Number of Voices 16 (Piano, Electric Piano 1-3, Harpsichord 1 & 2, Vibraphone, Celesta, Pipe Organ 1-4, Jazz Organ, Strings, Choir, Synth Pad

Number of Voices 480 XG Voices & 12 Drum Kits

Midi XG & GM Compataible


Number of Built-in Songs 500 , 72 songs with instr umental accompaniments , and 48 songs with a udio backing )

Compatible Data Format SMF , MP3, WAV

Compatible Song Format PianoSoft, PianoSoft Plus, PianoSoft Audio, SmartKey


Silent Recording Midi or Wav Format Piano sound only

Tuning 414.8 HZ- 466.8 Hz

Storage and Connectivity

Headphones Mini Stereo Jack x 2

Midi In/Out

USB TO Device x 3

USB TO Host Yes


Compatible Storage Media USB Flash Memory Optional Scan Disk 8 GB or Under

Included Accessories

Included from Yamaha Monitor Speaker x2*, Speaker Hanger x2*, Stereo Headphone, Operation Manual, Built-in Song List, Music Book 50 Greats for the Piano, USB Wireless LAN Adaptor *

Sensor Drive

-Sensor Unit-

Key Sensors Non-contact Optical Fiber Grayscale Shutter Sensing System for 88 keys

Pedal Sensors Damper & Shift pedal:Non-contact Optical Position-sensing System, Sostenuto pedal:ON/OFF Detection Sensing System

Hammer Sensors N/A

Key Drive DSP Servo Drive System

Pedal Drive DSP Servo Drive System

Used Yamaha Disklavier Baby Grand Piano


Compare to a new Yamaha piano and SAVE HALF!

Compare this used Yamaha Disklavier Baby Grand piano to the new version and you will be amazed. Looking at them side by side, it is impossible to tell the new from the used piano.

Both have a two position prop for the lid and all of the power, tonality and expressive range of a classic Yamaha grand. For half of the price of the new Yamaha piano, this used baby grand player piano has all of the most popular features.

This Yamaha piano features a solid spruce soundboard with permanent crown and, according to the manufacturer, has been specifically seasoned for the US market. Other features this used Yamaha Disklavier baby grand shares with the new Yamaha piano include Full Length Ribs to reinforce the soundboard crown, more accurately molded V-Pro Plate, Extruded Aluminum Action Rails for long-lasting action regulation, Spruce keys for quicker repetition, and more!

It can even be upgraded to the newest Cloud Player system so you can operate your piano from any smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computers in your home!

Upgrading to the new Cloud Player piano means never having to buy Disklavier player piano music again! All songs play from the simple cloud built into the piano, making a used Yamaha Disklavier a much easier piano to operate.

What about Gray Market Yamaha Pianos?

First of all, this is not a gray market piano which can be verified at Yamahas website.

We are the no-risk, worry-free, fun place to find a great piano!

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Buyers Guide For Yamaha Grand And Baby Grand Pianos On Ebay

Yamaha has been making grand pianos and baby grand pianos for more than 100 years. This guide includes several key factors to consider before buying your next Yamaha piano on eBay.

What should you consider about the condition of a Yamaha baby grand piano for sale before buying one?

Check the Yamaha baby grand piano’s item description to see if any modifications or repairs have been made. Product images should show the inside of the piano as well as each aspect of the outside. If it is a vintage Yamaha baby grand piano, there may be natural signs of aging around the piano keys, or it may be fully restored by a certified Yamaha professional. Be sure to ask about any visible signs of wear or possible repairs that have been made.

Vintage Yamaha grand pianos on eBay

You can find many collector Yamaha grand pianos on eBay if you are in the market for a vintage or antique Yamaha. You can find the year of a particular Yamaha vintage grand or baby grand piano in the item description. You can also filter by category of the Yamaha baby grand piano price, condition, or piano type. If you are buying an antique Yamaha piano and want to know the price, it may have a certificate of appraisal given by a certified Yamaha piano professional or Yamaha repair shop.

What types of wood are Yamaha grand pianos made of?

You can find Yamaha grand pianos and baby grand pianos on eBay in several types of wood. Yamaha makes pianos using fir, oak, birch, mahogany, maple, ebony, and other types of wood.

Reconditioned Used Baby Grand Pianos

View our selection of reconditioned, used baby grand pianos ranging in length from 5 to 5 6 and in price from $3,500 to $16,500 by brands like Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, and Weber. Baby grand pianos are ideal for professional and advanced piano players who have space available, because the action supports a more skillful, practiced touch than a petite baby grand piano.

Baby grand pianos provide sonorous, concert-quality sound without taking up as much space as grand pianos or concert grand pianos. As with all grand pianos, the horizontal action of the hammers on the piano strings make baby grand pianos a superior option to uprights, because notes are repeated more reliably and with more consistent tone.

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Buying A Used Yamaha Grand Or Upright

Weve been selling second hand Yamaha grand and upright pianos for over 20 years. They are always little used, and the case and loops on the uprights are checked and repaired if necessary. Bass strings are also replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely regulate and tune them, and guarantee them for 5 years. To view our pianos for sale please view our stocklist.

Yamaha U1H Hammers

If You Are Thinking About A Pre

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano for Sale with Pianodisc

When looking for a quality upright piano, one should have in mind a couple of tangible qualities. The piano keys has to have a tactile feel that is pleasing to your hand. Not to soft and not to heavy. Play the same passage on a couple of pianos so you can A-B them. Next listen to the tone. Do you like how the instrument sounds? The only perfect piano tone is the one that pleases your ear and feels good underneath your fingers.

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Relax To The Sounds Of The World’s Greatest Music

1) Start listening the same day it arrives in your home.There is no special software to install, and you don’t need to purchase any music. Special music CDs come included with every E3. You can literally start listening as soon as the E3 is delivered to your home. With over 200 songs prepared for you by Yamaha, all you have to do is sit back and let the E3 turn your living room into a concert hall.2) Hear subtle sounds with crystal clarity.The volume on the E3 can be adjusted to meet your particular needs and ensure that your entertainment never disturbs. With the volume set at its lowest levels, the E3 can play whisper-soft sounds while retaining all of the clarity you expect from a Yamaha acoustic piano.3) The convenience of DisklavierRadio.With the E3’s Internet Direct Connection , you can listen to DisklavierRadio by “streaming,” receiving radio-type broadcasts from the Internet. DisklavierRadio offers uninterrupted streams of music on over 25 different channels full of tunes to match your mood.

Dgc1e3s5′ 3 Classic Collection Grand Piano

This Disklavier E3 model is a superb Yamaha GC1M Grand Piano, which ALSO incorporates a highly accurate record-capable reproducing player system for entertainment and educational uses.

  • Play a superb Yamaha GC1M Grand Piano.
  • Relax to the sounds of the world’s greatest music.
  • Let Disklavier E3 help you create your own music.
  • Preserve your musical memories.

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Preserve Your Musical Memories

1) Easy recording and ample storage space.The E3 also comes with enough built-in digital storage to hold literally hundreds of hours of music and still have room to spare. So feel free to record whatever and whenever you want, all with just the touch of a button.2) Listen to music directly from USB memory.Listening to your favorite music is as easy as plugging a USB memory stick into one of the E3’s USB ports. Transfer music from anywhere and listen to it on your E3, or replay your own performances for friends and family.3) CD synchronized recording.The E3 allows you to effortlessly record yourself playing along with commercial CDs of your favorite artists, bands, and symphony orchestras. Your entire performance, including all key presses, pedal movements, and dynamics, will be recorded as MIDI data and stored in the E3’s internal memory. Then, your recorded piano performance will play back in perfect time with the music from your audio CD.

Used Baby Grand Pianos For Sale

Stunning Baby Grand Disklavier Digital Player Piano by Yamaha For Sale ...

Before being placed in our showrooms for sale, each of our used baby grand pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process to deliver the highest-quality acoustic piano possible in regard to sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our baby grand pianos for sale below, or visit our College Park, MD, showroom for an in-person look at our used baby grand pianos. Call us at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment today!

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Disklavier Enspire Upright Piano

Building upon Yamaha’s most requested piano – the Yamaha U1 – the DU1 packs all the features of the Disklavier ENSPIRE system into an upright piano cabinet. It can teach you to play hit songs simply by wiggling the key you’re supposed to play and waiting for you to play it. It can also record your music and send it to The Cloud – allowing you to share it with friends, family members, followers or music schools around the world. It can connect to almost 40 XM-style internet radio stations – creating a custom “Disklavier Radio” experience for your home or business. It can also connect to Disklavier TV and play LIVE concerts by A-list musicians in your living room! You can even connect your iPhone wirelessly with Bluetooth® and record your own music videos! With all these powerful features, it’s easy to see why we call Yamaha Disklavier “The Ultimate Piano.”

Yamaha makes only two Disklavier player pianos in an upright piano cabinet – the DU1 and the DYUS1. These upright pianos offer all the same features of a Yamaha Disklavier piano – but in a cabinet that will fit in even the smallest spaces.

Riverton Piano Company is your Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE headquarters. Come in today and let us help you unlock your piano’s unlimited potential!

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Yamaha Piano In The Usa

New factories have been set up in Japan and a branch has been opened in the USA to import and distribute Yamaha instruments. And so, after about 50 years of working from scratch, Yamaha became the largest grand piano and upright piano manufacturer in the world.The co-operation with world-renowned pianists who appreciated the quality of Yamaha pianos and made them famous around the world proved to be crucial.In the 1970s Yamaha was able to boast of producing one million pianos, two decades later it was already 5 million! To this day, Yamaha is a leading producer of upright and grand concert pianos, and the latest instruments are also equipped with electronic and digital components.It is worth mentioning the “flagship” popular piano models, which are flooding the American market in particular. We are talking about Yamaha U1 upright pianos and Yamaha U3 upright pianos.The first models were produced in the 1960s, since then their names have not been changed. This does not mean, however, that the construction of these instruments has not changed – the latest models are distinguished by technical improvements and design changes. The sound of Yamaha pianos can be described as bright, sharp and metallic. This is due to the fact that they have not too long, but very tight strings.

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos For Sale

Yamaha Grand Piano C2 2006, FOR SALE! Polished Ebony Gloss, 5’8″ with Player System $17,950

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos For Sale. Includes like-new and gently used Yamaha baby grand, grand, and upright Disklavier player piano models.

UPDATE : At present, new Disklavier pianos are still on back order, slowly arriving from the Yamaha factory through authorized piano dealers, due to the factory being closed during the pandemic, whereas we are seeing the used Disklavier piano market ‘dry up’ to an all time low, as we move through 2022.

Currently, we have less than < 7 different YAMAHA Disklavier pianosavailable for sale.

DISKLAVIER player piano models that are available includethe Mark III, , DKC-850 and E3 system versions, whereas few used Disklavier Enspire pianos are available at present. The DKC-900 Enspire upgrade is the most recent upgrade for Disklavier Mark IV and E3 models, and comes with 500 preloaded songs from Yamaha.

You can increase your player piano system’s song library via the MIDI IN port of your Disklavier. The QRS or PianoDisc wireless player system upgrade can be added for such a purpose. Piano owners can enjoy dual or triple access to multiple song libraries when upgrading the player system’s song files to a wireless upgrade from the companies above, combined with the Yamaha PianoSoft / MusicSoft song library. A total of three music libraries can be heard through the Yamaha Disklavier, with the use of 3rd party wireless upgrades. Contact Us for more information.

Nationwide Delivery to the 48-States &

International Shipping Is Available.

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Play Your Favorite Tunes With Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Corporation, a multinational company based in Japan, is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world. Since making its first piano in 1900, the company has developed a reputation for its innovative products and high-quality craftsmanship. Models range from the classical model to the digital piano.

How many kinds of pianos does Yamaha make?

Yamaha makes pianos for musicians of every level of experience and skill. One of its recent models is a silent piano that allows the player to listen by using earphones. Yamaha also makes these five kinds of pianos:

What three categories do all pianos fall into?

Pianos fall into one of three categories: grand, upright, or electronic, and you can find all three on eBay. The size of each style varies and may include a combination of more than one category. Examples include the electric upright and the electric baby grand. Pianos may also be vertical or horizontal in addition to having various numbers of keys and pedals. Yamaha baby grands usually run from five to six feet wide. Styles of grand pianos include these:

What practice piano does Yamaha sell the most of?

  • Type – grand piano with three legs
  • Width – 59 inches
  • Length – 6 feet to 6 feet and 1 inches

What are Yamaha Disklavier and Clavinova Digital Pianos?

If You Want To Buy A Used Piano

There are two routes here: Buy a restored model from a dealer or try your luck getting a secondhand piano through Craigslist. For the former, the process is similar to shopping for a new piano , but Faust says she would be skeptical of anything cheaper than $3,000. For restored lyrical Steinways, Arefy turns to Klavierhaus in Hells Kitchen, where Sujatri Reisinger has been rebuilding pianos since 1993. When it comes to Craigslist, there are gems to be found but more duds. Ask the owner if the piano has been tuned at least once a year and if it has been kept in a humid environment. Because hammers, strings, and keys wear down over time, any piano more than 20 years old should have had these replaced. Tuner Mike Buishas recommends downloading a tuning app and playing the A4 key. If its 30 cents or more off from the concert pitch , walk away, he says, as the piano likely wont hold a tuning.

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