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Yamaha P2 Upright Piano for Sale – Connecticut and Westchester

There are two routes here: Buy a restored model from a dealer or try your luck getting a secondhand piano through Craigslist. For the former, the process is similar to shopping for a new piano , but Faust says she would be skeptical of anything cheaper than $3,000. For restored lyrical Steinways, Arefy turns to Klavierhaus in Hells Kitchen, where Sujatri Reisinger has been rebuilding pianos since 1993. When it comes to Craigslist, there are gems to be found but more duds. Ask the owner if the piano has been tuned at least once a year and if it has been kept in a humid environment. Because hammers, strings, and keys wear down over time, any piano more than 20 years old should have had these replaced. Tuner Mike Buishas recommends downloading a tuning app and playing the A4 key. If its 30 cents or more off from the concert pitch , walk away, he says, as the piano likely wont hold a tuning.

Models Of Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha now operate a two tier system with their basic grands and uprights, usually not made in Japan, and the top range series. These are the Yamaha S4A Grand Piano, Yamaha S6A Grand Piano, Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano, Yamaha SU118C upright Piano and Yamaha SU7 upright Piano. Considering that a Yamaha G3/C3 grand piano cost about £4,500 new in 1971 , the equivalent new price according to inflation since then would be £31,000! A Yamaha U1D upright piano cost about £1500 new in 1965 . The equivalent new price today would be over £25,000! The early Yamahas are all of guaranteed high quality. Since about 1985 they developed a two tier system, with the top quality Yamahas still being made in Japan but others increasingly being made in different countries, mainly Indonesia and China. There is now so much variely of model and number that its difficult to keep track. We recommend, if buying a new Yamaha or one from 1985 onwards, that you seek the advice of a piano tuner who is familiar with them.

Yamaha SU7

Yamaha U1 48” Studio Upright Piano Polished White

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Flexible financing options are available for all of our pianos. You can select the term and monthly payment that works best for you. Here’s the most common set of terms and rates chosen by our customers:

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How large is this piano?

All upright pianos have virtually identical Width and Depth. Height is the only dimension that varies dramatically from one upright piano to the next.

Please note: These dimensions are estimates only. Due to cosmetic differences in cabinet trim, exact dimensions of any specific example of this model may vary.

Why is Height important? Taller pianos allow for longer strings and greater soundboard surface area, so they usually produce more sound than shorter pianos.

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Yamaha Popular Upright And Grand Pianos For Yamaha Beginners

When looking for a piano for a child who wants to try learning to play the piano, parents often look for Yamaha pianos. This is because very often children attending music schools play such instruments. Parents whose knowledge of the piano is limited only to the fact that it is a keyboard instrument that plays and presents nicely in the apartment, often taking shortcuts when making a choice when buying a piano for a child who is just starting to learn, they are choosing the Yamaha piano. Yamaha pianos are very well available on the market of new and used instruments offered by piano salons around the world, and the quality is often very satisfactory.

Purchasing A Piano: A First

Second Hand Yamaha C110 Upright Piano For Sale  NOW SOLD

17 items in this article3 items on sale!

17 items in this article3 items on sale!

Buying your first piano is a particularly complicated process. Do you have the budget and space for a new baby grand? Or are you more concerned about finding a deal on a used upright? Maybe your kids are taking lessons and youd rather buy a keyboard in case they dont stick with it. With the help of pianists, teachers, tuners, and other piano experts, weve broken down all of the options below from how to navigate high-end showrooms to the things to consider when perusing preowned Baby Baldwins on Craigslist. Weve also included expert-recommended options across all different price ranges.

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Buying A Used Yamaha Grand Or Upright

Weve been selling second hand Yamaha grand and upright pianos for over 20 years. They are always little used, and the case and loops on the uprights are checked and repaired if necessary. Bass strings are also replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely regulate and tune them, and guarantee them for 5 years. To view our pianos for sale please view our stocklist.

Yamaha U1H Hammers

Professional Upright Pianos For Sale

Each of our used professional upright pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process before being placed in our showrooms for sale to ensure the highest sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic available among used upright pianos. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our professional upright piano inventory below, or visit our piano store in College Park, MD, to see our used professional upright pianos for sale firsthand. Call us today at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment!

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Our Passion For The Piano

In our minds, the piano is not a finished instrument we relentlessly endeavor to improve the piano for those who enjoy playing it. As we pursue ideals for the pianoideal sound, ideal resonance, even ideal styleswe continue to positively evolve the piano in a variety of ways, including employing innovative manufacturing methods and the meticulous selection of new materials. The Yamaha piano brand is renowned and loved all over the world, and we strive to keep that reputation.

Which Yamaha Upright Model Should I Pick

Yamaha U3 Upright Piano Demonstration & Review | Refurbished Model For Sale | Rimmers Music

If you are considering buying a Yamaha piano, the number of models offered by the manufacturer may be overwhelming. When buying a piano, it is worth using the professional help of the store offering these instruments, or at least the piano tuning technician, so the child enjoys playing the piano for many years. One of the most popular models of Yamaha pianos are the U1 and U3. The first major difference between the two pianos is their height, the Yamaha U1 is 121 cm high and the Yamaha U3 is 131 cm high. You should discuss the other details that differentiate these pianos on the spot in a shop with a professional seller. Yamaha also offers several other pianos that are worth consideration. These are models from the B series: B1 with the height of 109 cm, B2 a little higher with the height of 113 cm, and B3 with 121 centimeters in height. What defines these instruments is the ability to use the silent module in these acoustic instruments. The silent system is an interesting option because after putting headphones on we can still enjoy playing the piano and stay in harmony with our neighbors, who will not complain about a loud piano playing neighbor. It is worth noting that the above-mentioned Yamaha pianos are most popular on the for many sellers.

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Big Wrench Piano Care

Once you buy a piano, youll want to have it tuned twice a year . Big Wrench comes recommended by Jason Sagebiel , Porter, Cohen, and Buishas, all of whom mention its tuners and technicians skills. Our piano teachers often tell us that Big Wrench sets up the action and playability of our pianos much better than how they arrive new from top-of-the-line piano-makers, says Sagebiel.

Your Feelings Merge Into The Tones Of Your Piano

The sound of your piano starts in the heart, growing smoother day by day,

as fingertips connect with keys making melodies that express deep emotions.

This is the piano to mellow together with.

The acoustic piano is a magnificent instrument that lets you express yourself. If youre joyful, it sounds joyful if youre sorrowful, it sounds sorrowful, too. It obediently responds to and reflects your inner emotions. And as you experience the enjoyment and occasional difficulties of playing the piano, you can grow together over the years, as it truly becomes your own instrument. Yamaha upright pianos possess incredibly rich sound and reliable quality, responding faithfully to your innermost thoughts and deepest passions.

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Order Online Or Visit One Our Showrooms

You can buy quickly and easily online with free UK delivery and assembly. Use the filter options below to browse by price, brand or model and find your perfect Yamaha, or contact our expert team for advice.

We also have three Piano showrooms, and encourage you to visit to try before you buy! If youd like to test one of our Yamaha Pianos for yourself, dont hesitate to drop by. Our staff are always on hand to help and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Which One Is Right For Me

Yamaha U3 Upright Piano for Sale

We’re here to help! We’ll pick the perfect one for your needs.

…or see and play in person. Main Showroom New London, CT Visit Us

About this BrandYamaha

Founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha has established a strong reputation as the world’s preeminent maker of production pianos, known for their consistency, longevity, and durability.

Financing Available Easy, convenient monthly payments.

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Nationwide Delivery: How Does It Work?

Long-Distance Buyer FAQs

Did you know… Over 75% of our pianos are sold sight-unseen to long-distance buyers across the United States? Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by long-distance piano buyers.

Every day, items of every shape, size and price are bought and sold online, from clothing and electronics to boats and automobiles. With the proper trust in the product and the seller, a piano should be no different.

That’s why we make a tremendous effort to provide detailed listings of every piano we sell to bring your online piano shopping experience as close as possible to seeing and hearing it in real life.

Experienced pianists are available to answer any specific questions you may have about the playing experience of any piano in our inventory. Just ask!

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Setting The Standard By Which Uprights Are Measured

In 1900, Yamaha changed the way the world thought about uprights. More than a century later, Yamaha continues to redefine what an upright can be, thrilling players of all levels with its rich, resonant tone, reliable action and incredible value. Yamaha innovations make these pianos better than ever, year after year.

If You Want To Buy A New Piano

The first thing you want to consider is whether you want an upright or a grand. Grands produce a deeper sound and a wider range of tones but are more expensive and have larger soundboards . Its always best to try out a piano in person. Even two pianos that came off the assembly line the same day from the same factory will feel and sound different, says Sarah Binder Mehta, president of rental shop PianoPiano. Even if theyre out of your budget, its worth visiting Steinway Hall in midtown to test out the companys made-in-Astoria pianos. For a wider variety of high-end brands , most everyone we spoke with recommended Faust Harrison in midtown for more affordable options, theres Bondy Piano in Hells Kitchen. Some questions to ask: Is the bench included? Does the store have a trade-in policy? And if youre looking to play a specific type of music, you should ask if the piano lends itself to that genre.

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A Brief History Of Yamaha Pianos

Its from around 1966 that we first see Yamaha pianos in Europe. These early models are the ones that sound the most like German pianos, with a good deep mellow tone throughout the range. They are more expensively constructed with top quality soundboards, excellent hammers, wooden pedal mechanisms on uprights and mostly wooden action parts. As the Korean and later the Chinese factories began to produce large numbers of pianos in competition with Yamaha, so the Yamaha piano started to be made more economically. Wooden parts were replaced by plastic or aluminium, though lately there has been a return to wooden action flanges. The tone also started to lack the rich depth that it previously had. The gradual brightening of tone is evident until about 1990, When Yamaha brought out what they called a hand-built piano, grands starting at £28,000 and uprights at £7,699.

Buying A Used Piano And The Price You Should Expect To Pay

Yamaha B2 Acoustic Piano For Sale | Polished Ebony | B2E PE | Rimmers Music

The first step in buying a used piano is determining your budget. Here is a detailed explanation what you can expect at the different price points.

1. Under $500.00: You will have to do your own research. You will need some luck to find anything usable. Do yourself a huge favor and have the piano checked by a qualified piano technician before you pay for it, or have it moved to your house. If you do not you may find yourself in the unenviable situation of having to pay to have the piano junked.

2. Under $1,000.00: Same as above, but taking twice the financial risk.

3. Under $1,500.00: For this price you can, with luck, find a reconditioned spinet or console from a dealer. The dealer is likely to have taken the piano in on trade. A piano like this will be reconditioned. This means the piano has been cleaned inside and out, and the action has been given a once over to make sure the piano will play reliably. The case will be polished. Some kind of warranty will be given. At this price point you should expect that the piano plays properly and holds a tuning. However, it would be unrealistic to expect a great sounding, musically inspiring piano. The piano will almost certainly be at least forty years old.

Rule #1: If your budget is lower than $7,500.00 do not even look at grand pianos.

4. Under $2,000.00: Same as above, but with a more attractive cabinet. At this price point you would expect the piano to be at least thirty years old.

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Does The Yamaha Piano Live Up To It’s Promotional Hype

Pianos Can Be Made Anywhere In The World At Any Quality

Pianos made in countries like China and Indonesia were once considered a poor step child. Today the quality can be exceptional if controlled properly and quality materials are used. This is where a bit of nationalism comes in for Japanese piano companies. They could choose to make pianos in Indonesia or China as good as the care to. But if they made them too good who would buy their more expensive pianos made in Japan? This is their dilemma. Yamaha makes their non-Japanese manufactured pianos just “good enough”. Characterized as pianos made for a price point and not for their musicality.

If You Are Thinking About A Pre

When looking for a quality upright piano, one should have in mind a couple of tangible qualities. The piano keys has to have a tactile feel that is pleasing to your hand. Not to soft and not to heavy. Play the same passage on a couple of pianos so you can A-B them. Next listen to the tone. Do you like how the instrument sounds? The only perfect piano tone is the one that pleases your ear and feels good underneath your fingers.

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Disklavier Enspire Upright Piano

Used Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Building upon Yamaha’s most requested piano – the Yamaha U1 – the DU1 packs all the features of the Disklavier ENSPIRE system into an upright piano cabinet. It can teach you to play hit songs simply by wiggling the key you’re supposed to play and waiting for you to play it. It can also record your music and send it to The Cloud – allowing you to share it with friends, family members, followers or music schools around the world. It can connect to almost 40 XM-style internet radio stations – creating a custom “Disklavier Radio” experience for your home or business. It can also connect to Disklavier TV and play LIVE concerts by A-list musicians in your living room! You can even connect your iPhone wirelessly with Bluetooth® and record your own music videos! With all these powerful features, it’s easy to see why we call Yamaha Disklavier “The Ultimate Piano.”

Yamaha makes only two Disklavier player pianos in an upright piano cabinet – the DU1 and the DYUS1. These upright pianos offer all the same features of a Yamaha Disklavier piano – but in a cabinet that will fit in even the smallest spaces.

Riverton Piano Company is your Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE headquarters. Come in today and let us help you unlock your piano’s unlimited potential!

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