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Who Is Yamaha P45 For

Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Review

Generally, the Yamaha P45 can be used as it consists of the most versatile features.

However, the digital piano is designed mainly for beginners, students, and partly for home-based pianists who play the piano just as a hobby.

Why Is It Suitable for Beginners?

The following are the reasons why it is most ideal for beginners and students.


Yamaha P45 features a small footprint design measuring 132.6 x 29.5 x 15.4 cm, hence small and compact design for easy portability and ideal for limited spaces. The piano weighs 34.4 pounds which is quite portable.

Adjustable GHS action.

The piano features a switch to turn the GHS weighted action On/Off. This is to cater to the beginners who find it hard to start learning how to play the piano while using the weighted action. Later on, the student will be able to learn the weighted action using the same instrument.

The simple interface.

Yamaha P45 features an extremely simple interface consisting of two buttons only: the power button and the one-button function. This makes it easy for a beginner to use.

General Review Of Yamaha P45 Digital Piano With Weighted Keys

The Yamaha P45 is a digital and budget-friendly piano from the Yamaha brand, and also the cheapest and affordable digital piano in Yamahas line. Yamaha P45 is designed with a beginner-friendly mind, hence ideal for beginners or anyone wishing to get back to the piano industry.

The Yamaha P45 is an outstanding digital piano consisting of several versatile features missing in other models of its class.

The product package of this digital piano consists of all that you need to get started, including 10 sounds, 64-note polyphony, headphones, and the piano itself.

The Yamaha P45 features 88-fully weighted keys and for a customizable playing experience, it also features an action On/Off switch which helps in turning weighted action on and off, in case you experience a problem playing with the weighted action.

The Yamaha P45 uses the Yamahas Stereo AMW to provide rich and quality music.

It is the latest model in Yamahas P-series and is designed to replace the P-35 model. It features a contemporary design with a small and compact footprint making it easy to store and easily portable, hence ideal for both indoor and outdoor playing.

Plus, it allows you to enjoy quality sounds, great key action, and exclusive digital features at an affordable price, hence the best playing experience.

Who Is This Product For

If you are looking for a moderately priced keyboard or digital piano that feels like an acoustic piano, then this is a great option for you to consider. Now, it is a fairly large digital piano, although it does of course have 88 keys.

This makes it extremely versatile, especially in terms of the range of notes that it can play at once. It is therefore ideal for professionals who need a keyboard with many notes, as well as for beginners who are just learning how to play. Its just an all-around good model.

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Yamaha P45 88 Key Digital Piano with Bajaao Standard Instrument Cable

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Enjoy Realistic Piano Sound And Feel With The Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

If youre after excellent grand piano sound and feel on a budget, then you really cant do better than Yamaha P45 digital piano. This remarkably portable instrument combines Yamahas acclaimed Graded Hammer Standard keybed with their time-tested AWM stereo sound engine, delivering the natural feel and sound that Sweetwater piano players have trusted for years.

Between its compact frame, its USB/MIDI connectivity, and its onboard performance features, your Yamaha P-45 digital piano will serve you well at home, in the studio, and onstage.

Transpose And Fine Tuning

Like any other digital piano, the P45 doesnt need to be tuned and comes tuned at a standard A440 pitch.

Fine tuning function allows you to raise or lower the pitch of entire keyboard in 0.2 Hz increments to match the pitch of another instrument or singer, for example.

The P45 also has transpose function that will allow you to change the pitch of the keyboard in semitone steps.

For example, you can shift the pitch and be able to play a song in a different key without changing your hand placements.

Transposing also comes in very useful if you want to play a song written in a difficult key with many black keys involved you can simply shift the pitch of the keyboard and play the song in a different easier key.

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The Feel Of A Real Concert Grand Piano On A Yamaha Digital Piano

From the first time your fingers tickle the ivories on the Yamaha P-45, youll know why Yamaha digital pianos are known far and wide for having some of the best-feeling keys on the market. Thats because the P-45 digital piano sports Yamahas Graded Hammer Standard keybed. This fully weighted keybed provides you with light response in the upper register and progressively heavier action the lower you play just like the keys of an acoustic piano.

Whats Included With The Yamaha P45b

Yamaha P-45 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers – Review and Sound Demo.

Depending on the seller, you can buy the P45B by itself, or you can get it in a bundle package. What is inside the bundle package again depends on the seller. Look for a bundle package that includes the Yamaha P45B keyboard, an X keyboard stand, a padded piano bench, headphones, dust cover, and a sustain pedal.

Even though this is a keyboard designed for professionals, some of the bundle packages even come with instructional books for beginner and intermediate players.

If you were to purchase the keyboard separately from all of these accessories, you would pay around $450. For an additional $50, you get at least $200 worth of accessories.

Also, when you get a bundle package, you have everything you need to sit down and start playing as soon as you take it all out of the box.

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Awm Advanced Wave Memory Sampling

When you hear electronic music, or synthesizer music, it can sound well, electronic. The notes are true, but the sound is flat. Music from an acoustic piano or any acoustic stringed instrument, really sounds rich and complex. This is because the sound is not generated just once. Once stuck, the strings continue to vibrate, and the sound continues over a short period of time, while decreasing in intensity. Additionally, the sound is slightly different depending on where you are in relation to the strings.

Microphone inside grand piano. Yamaha records the sound from multiple locations. This is the sound you hear when you play a Yamaha Keyboard.

keep that rich sound in their electronic pianos. The process is called Advanced Wave Memory Sampling, or AWM for short. They put multiple microphones inside of a grand piano and record the sound of a note from different locations. These recordings captures the complex sound of the strings. They also made recordings at different volumes when the piano is played softly , medium and loud . The recordings are combined and integrated into the electronic piano. When you play a note on the Yamaha P45, you dont just hear a tone what you hear is the complex sound of a note as if it originated on a grand piano.

Soundwaves are recorded electronically. When you play a note with the Yamaha P45, you get the full range of sound.

Compact Lightweight And Easy

Just like Yamahas other P series digital pianos, the P-45 digital piano sports a compact, lightweight, and contemporary design, giving you easy storage and effortless portability. And the Yamaha P-45 is easy to use too. With its simple, streamlined interface, all you do to call up a glorious-sounding concert grand piano is hit the, um, Grand Piano button. And calling up any other patch is just as easy. The P-45 digital piano features ten stunningly realistic instruments, including electric piano, organs, harpsichord, vibraphone, and more. The Yamaha P-45 is half-pedal capable with the optional FC3 pedal. A sustain footswitch and a music rest are included.

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Yamaha P45 88 Key Digital Piano

The P-45 digital piano features Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard action which provides authentic piano touch that’s suitable for the beginner pianist. Yamaha’s AWM sampling technology reproduces piano tone one can only expect from a company that’s been making acoustic pianos for over a century. With simple one-button operation, the P-45 has you a single press away from its best piano Voice setting. MIDI Out ports get you connected to older keyboards that might have the sound you’re looking for, but lack that weighted piano touch. Use an optional MIDI interface to connect to a computer or iPad for a variety of music Apps.

  • Advanced Wave Memory Piano Voice
  • Graded Hammer Standard Weighted Piano Action
  • 1/4″ Headphone Output Jack
  • Dual mode: Layer 2 Voices by holding the “Grand Piano” button and playing the keys under the Voice names.
  • Simple One Button Operation: Holding the button and “play” the key beneath the Voice name selects that Voice.
  • Compact and lightweight: Weighing just under 27 pounds, the P-45 is easy to carry.
  • Duo Mode: Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with it’s own “middle C.”
  • ECO Operation: Saves energy by automatically powering off after a period of inactivity.
  • USB Connectivity
  • Mon.-Thurs.: 10am – 9pm | Fri.-Sat.: 10am – 8pm | Sun.: 12pm – 4pm

Authentic To The Touch

Yamaha P45 88

Yamahas GHS weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the Yamaha P45 digital piano GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Plus the matte finish of the black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time.

Yamahas Classic Sound Engine

AWM sampling uses digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano. AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms captured with two microphones. The Yamaha P45 digital piano uses AWM to play one sample per key at varying levels of volume and timbre.

Simple, Single-Button Operation

Various Yamaha P-45 digital piano settings can be changed with a single button. Hold down the GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION button and press the keyboard to change Voices, play demo sources, configure the metronome and more.

A compact and lightweight design makes it easy to get around

Slim and stylish form with a depth of less than 12 inches, the Yamaha P-45 digital piano requires little space. At only 25 lbs. with a built-in sound system, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or even used for performance outside.

Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Features:

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Yamaha P45 Review Overview

The Yamaha P45 is part of the P series an outstanding member of Yamahas line of contemporary keyboard pianos, and most cost less than $1,000. The most affordable of the P line was the P-35, an 88-key, weighted keyboard that was very popular, but is no longer manufactured by Yamaha.

Now, there is the P45B, which is the next incarnation of the P-35, with new features that may just make it even better than the popular P-35. The P 45B is smaller and even more portable than the P-35, and it has an upgraded, 64-note polyphony for awesome musical quality. It is the most affordable of the Yamaha P-series piano keyboards.

The P45B has the latest in Advanced Wave Memory technology , which means that the instrument sounds as close as possible to the real thing. The acoustic piano sound is very authentic, because the AWM stereo sampling helps to create a sound that is richer and deeper.

The sounds can be played at many volumes and timbres. Every key has been sampled with AWM single key sampling technology. For a relatively inexpensive keyboard, you will be very impressed with the sound quality. You may very well believe you are playing a grand piano.

One of the best things about the P45B is the key action. Each key is weighted, so it is heavier in the low notes and lighter in the high notes.

The keys have a matte finish, so you dont have to worry about your fingers slipping off, even if you are playing hard and sweating.

Awm Sampling And Built

Yamahas AWM sampling employs digital technology to record an instruments sound and then applies a high-quality digital filter to the recorded samples. Using pairs of waveforms captured by two microphones for left and right, AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious soundstage. Youll also appreciate the Yamaha P-45s built-in 12W speaker system. Just turn it on and you can start performing theres no need to connect any other gear. That makes the Yamaha P-45 the perfect transition from an acoustic instrument to the benefits of a digital one. Plus, its lightweight enough to take onstage with you, when youre ready to perform!

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Who Is The Yamaha P45b Digital Piano Most Suitable For

It is reasonably priced, with bundle packages costing less than $500 on , and it has plenty of features to offer players of all levels.

If you are looking for a good digital piano that is portable, sounds like an acoustic piano, and isnt going to cost $1,000 or more, the P45B is definitely an option to consider.

If you are looking for a keyboard as a toy for a child, the P45B may not be the best option. If you are looking for an affordable entry level instrument for an aspiring pianist, however, then it is an excellent choice. Since it is in the $500 range, it is not something that you want to see treated as a toy, or have them lose interest in. If you have a child who is learning how to play the piano, the Yamaha P45 would be an excellent piano keyboard for them to learn on, and when they show that they have an interest to continue learning, you could upgrade to something more sophisticated like the Arius YDP 143 /Arius YDP 144. In fact, it could be used as an incentive to keep on practicing and getting better.

If you are an intermediate or even an advanced player, the P45 is still a fine keyboard to have, especially if you have space limitations. It is certainly more affordable and takes up much less space than a traditional acoustic upright.


Features Of The Yamaha P45b

Why is P-45 (P-71) the Best Beginner 88-Key Keyboard from Yamaha?

This is a keyboard piano that is made for professionals, but it is also a good model for beginner and intermediate players.

First there was the P35. Then, there was the P45 / P45B with upgraded features. It has a full sized, 88 key keyboard. Plus, it has GHS weighted action, so you get the heaviness in the low keys and the lightness in the high keys.

The sensitivity of the keyboard can be adjusted, depending on your own personal playing style. As we mentioned, this can be a good keyboard for beginners, and the GHS weighted action is one of the reasons why, because they will be learning on something that feels like a grand piano. Some of our favorite features of the P45B include:

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Key Feel Provides An Authentic Piano

The P-45 features a graded hammer standard keyboard. The feel of the keyboard gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts. The piano also features a keyboard with a natural feel, with black keys that feature a matte finish for authentic piano playing close to that of an acoustic piano.

Enjoy Realistic Piano Sound And Feel With The Yamaha P

If youre after excellent grand piano sound and feel on a budget, then you really cant do better than Yamahas P-45 digital piano. This remarkably portable instrument combines Yamahas acclaimed Graded Hammer Standard keybed with their time-tested AWM stereo sound engine, delivering the natural feel and sound that piano players have trusted for years. Between its compact frame, its USB/MIDI connectivity, and its onboard performance features, your Yamaha P-45 will serve you well at home, in the studio, and onstage.

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How To Use The Yamaha P45b

One great thing is that you can start using the P45B right out of the box. It is even easier if you order a bundle package so you have a stand and a bench. If you want to play undisturbed, the headphones will come in quite handy.

Using this digital piano is relatively simple for the most part, thanks to that one-button function we were talking about earlier. Also, if this is for a beginner, make sure that you get the bundle package that offers instructional books that can be used alongside regular piano lessons.

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