Yamaha P-45 88-key Digital Piano With Speakers


Easy To Use Interface

Yamaha P-45 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers – Review and Sound Demo.

The user interface is also always worth considering. Keyboards can get pretty complicated. If your only objective is to have an affordable way to practice and learn the piano, then you want something simple.

The Yamaha P-45 is really easy to use. The dashboard is really clean. No overly complicated nobs and sliders. You get a few simple buttons that make navigating features as simple as possible.

The simple to use interface gives you the option to access any feature that you could want simply with the pressing of a few buttons.

If all that you want is a simple piano that is as easy to use as possible, we get it. The interface of the Yamaha P-45 is going to be perfect for your needs.

The Feel Of A Real Concert Grand Piano On A Yamaha Digital Piano

From the first time your fingers tickle the ivories on the Yamaha P-45, youll know why Yamaha digital pianos are known far and wide for having some of the best-feeling keys on the market. Thats because the P-45 digital piano sports Yamahas Graded Hammer Standard keybed. This fully weighted keybed provides you with light response in the upper register and progressively heavier action the lower you play just like the keys of an acoustic piano.

P45p: Setting The Touch Sensitivity

P45,P71: Setting the Touch Sensitivity1) button, then press one of the following keys: 2) For Fixed- No touch sensitivity: Press the A2 key. The volume level does not change at allregardless of whether you play the keyboardsoft or hard.3) For Soft- the volume will change muchwhen you play the keyboard soft or hard.Press the A#2 key 4) For Medium: This is the standard piano touch response. Press the B2 Key. This is the B next to C3- Middle C. 5) For Hard:The volume level changes very widelyfrom pianissimo to fortissimo to facilitatedynamic and dramatic expression. Youhave to hit the keys hard to produce aloud sound. Press the C3 key- this is Middle C. advanced user

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Yamaha P45 Vs Korg B1

Another popular competitor of the Yamaha P45 is Korg B1. They are at similar price range and offer more or less the same value.

Playing experience is somewhat equal on the two instrument. Quality of their sound engines are also on bar with each other.

However the Korg B1 does have a better speaker system. Its still somewhat weak but performs much better than the speakers on the Yamaha P45.

Neither of the two has internal recording function. Nor do they have Ivory/Ebony key tops. But the Yamaha P45 does have more sounds and internal songs to choose from. It also feature a USB jack, that Korg B1 doesnt have.

One significant advantage of the Korg B1 is the sustain pedal. Unlike the foot-switch with the P45, the Korg B1 gives you a proper piano pedal with half pedaling support. This alone would encourage me to lean more towards the Korg B1.

Who Is The Yamaha P45b Digital Piano Most Suitable For

Yamaha P

It is reasonably priced, with bundle packages costing less than $500 on , and it has plenty of features to offer players of all levels.

If you are looking for a good digital piano that is portable, sounds like an acoustic piano, and isnt going to cost $1,000 or more, the P45B is definitely an option to consider.

If you are looking for a keyboard as a toy for a child, the P45B may not be the best option. If you are looking for an affordable entry level instrument for an aspiring pianist, however, then it is an excellent choice. Since it is in the $500 range, it is not something that you want to see treated as a toy, or have them lose interest in. If you have a child who is learning how to play the piano, the Yamaha P45 would be an excellent piano keyboard for them to learn on, and when they show that they have an interest to continue learning, you could upgrade to something more sophisticated like the Arius YDP 143 /Arius YDP 144. In fact, it could be used as an incentive to keep on practicing and getting better.

If you are an intermediate or even an advanced player, the P45 is still a fine keyboard to have, especially if you have space limitations. It is certainly more affordable and takes up much less space than a traditional acoustic upright.


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Brand New: Lowest Price The Lowest

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  • 5 out of 5 starsby catbeefNov 11, 2020

    Superb quality and sound!

    Weighted keys feel like a full sized piano and the sound quality is fantastic. Love the real sound and the no-gimmick features. It doesnt have a lot of unnecessary buttons that you see on keyboards. This digital piano is the real deal!I bought it for my wife to learn piano based on a lot of feedback we were getting and Im so happy we went this route I stead of buying a used piano that could have humidity and/or tune issues. Couldnt be happier!

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  • 5 out of 5 starsby vajraezesq69Apr 09, 2020

    Keyboard Basics

Authentic Piano Sound And Feel

The authentic piano sound and key feel make it easy to play this simple model any way you like.

Yamaha’s GHS weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Plus the matte finish of the black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time.

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Yamaha P45 Summary After Extensive Testing

A good choice for the absolute beginner, or someone who wants the Yamaha name in a portable piano and doesnt mind losing out on features.

However, there are better alternatives on the market, and you should explore them before you choose the P45.

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Now, lets get started on a review of the Yamaha P45. Lets first have a look at the specification list.

How To Use The Yamaha P45b

Yamaha P-45 Review

One great thing is that you can start using the P45B right out of the box. It is even easier if you order a bundle package so you have a stand and a bench. If you want to play undisturbed, the headphones will come in quite handy.

Using this digital piano is relatively simple for the most part, thanks to that one-button function we were talking about earlier. Also, if this is for a beginner, make sure that you get the bundle package that offers instructional books that can be used alongside regular piano lessons.

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Authentic To The Touch

Yamaha’s GHS weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Plus the matte finish of the black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time.

Features Of The Yamaha P45b

This is a keyboard piano that is made for professionals, but it is also a good model for beginner and intermediate players.

First there was the P35. Then, there was the P45 / P45B with upgraded features. It has a full sized, 88 key keyboard. Plus, it has GHS weighted action, so you get the heaviness in the low keys and the lightness in the high keys.

The sensitivity of the keyboard can be adjusted, depending on your own personal playing style. As we mentioned, this can be a good keyboard for beginners, and the GHS weighted action is one of the reasons why, because they will be learning on something that feels like a grand piano. Some of our favorite features of the P45B include:

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Yamaha P45 88 Key Weighted Action / Graded Hammer Standard

If you were to play an acoustic piano , you would notice that it takes more force to play the lower notes than it does to play the higher notes. On an acoustic piano, when you press a key, a series of levers cause a hammer to strike the strings. The feel of an acoustic piano is is known as its action. The lower notes are created by thicker piano strings, and it takes more force to make them vibrate. The keys themselves weigh more in the lower registers than in the upper registers which aids in supplying the necessary force to the hammer. In fact, every key on a grand piano has a different weight. Additionally, an upright piano has vertical strings and a grand piano has horizontal strings, so these also have different actions due to how gravity affects the striking mechanism.

You might imagine that with an electric piano, all keys would feel the same. And that would be true, except that Yamaha gave the P45 88-key weighted-action. It uses Graded Hammer Action so that when you play the Yamaha P45, you feel the same action as when you play a traditional piano.

The advantage to this is that you will be able to easily transition from your Yamaha 45 to a piano teachers upright, for example, or to the grand piano in a concert hall.

Yamaha P45 Vs Casio Px

Yamaha P

Even though its an entry level digital piano, the P45 still taxes you a lot for the Yamaha brand. One of its competitors, the Casio PX-160 offers much more value for the price.

Yes, the Casio PX-160 is a little bit more expensive then the Yamaha P45. But you get a much more advanced key action. The one on the PX-160 is a triple sensored action compare to P45s dual sensored. The keys on the PX-160 also feature Ivory/Ebony key tops, which is quite useful to help with grip and moisture absorption during long playing sessions.

The Casio PX-160 has double the amount of polyphony number when compared with the Yamaha P45 . It also has internal recording function that I for one can not live without.

Overall, if you can stretch your budget a little, I strongly recommend the Casio PX-160 over the Yamaha P45. For an entry level instrument, the brand premium is simply not worth it.

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Yamaha P45 Vs Yamaha P115

Yamaha p45 vs Yamaha p115? a comparison? is this not a review article? Oh Yes, it is but is important to address this before going any further with the article, as this is the most asked question by potential buyers.

The two are aesthetically the same, they present almost the same identical layout but offer different performance. This all You need to know about this comparison: The Yamaha p-115 is an upgrade compared to the p-45, in every aspect, nevertheless, they are both great.

The p-115 offer a richer piano experience, thanks to the recording integrations, players will be able to play and record themselves. We also have an in-depth/interactive review of this Yamaha P-115 digital piano.

  • Dual Sounds

This Yamaha P model allows users to experiment and spice up their playing by layering two different sounds at the same time. Having a total of 10 default sounds, users can mix this two by two in order to get new personalized voices.The lack of voices is certainly an issue when it comes to the Yamaha p series, but thanks to this feature the p45 is able to create a little more variety.

*A typical example will be that of the strings and piano layering, a classic combination.

  • Sound Sample

The sound is produced by the AWM stereo sample, which features different recording depending on how the keys are triggered .

  • Speakers Quality

  • USB

Oh yes, it has a USB port, all you need is a midi cable, a software and a computer, all that is required is:

Awm Advanced Wave Memory Sampling

When you hear electronic music, or synthesizer music, it can sound well, electronic. The notes are true, but the sound is flat. Music from an acoustic piano or any acoustic stringed instrument, really sounds rich and complex. This is because the sound is not generated just once. Once stuck, the strings continue to vibrate, and the sound continues over a short period of time, while decreasing in intensity. Additionally, the sound is slightly different depending on where you are in relation to the strings.

Microphone inside grand piano. Yamaha records the sound from multiple locations. This is the sound you hear when you play a Yamaha Keyboard.

keep that rich sound in their electronic pianos. The process is called Advanced Wave Memory Sampling, or AWM for short. They put multiple microphones inside of a grand piano and record the sound of a note from different locations. These recordings captures the complex sound of the strings. They also made recordings at different volumes when the piano is played softly , medium and loud . The recordings are combined and integrated into the electronic piano. When you play a note on the Yamaha P45, you dont just hear a tone what you hear is the complex sound of a note as if it originated on a grand piano.

Soundwaves are recorded electronically. When you play a note with the Yamaha P45, you get the full range of sound.

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What Are The Down Sides Of This Product

  • Speakers

The first thing to notice is that the speakers are oriented downwards at the bottom of the piano, this means that in a group playing, there is a possibility of getting your piano sound easily covered by drums and instrument with external speakers.

  • Voices

The piano comes with only 10 voices, which makes it more of a piano than a keyboard, overall this will provide a better experience than most keyboards in the market, thanks to the hammer action, polyphony, and 88 keys.

  • Contol Panel

The buttons layout of this piano is so simple and the interface is so minimal, Yamaha opted for a strange approach, Users will have to get used to using the manual to understand how to select or use certain features, which gives it a bit of a learning curve.

  • Functions

presents very few functions, depending on who you are this might be disturbing or negligible. Yamaha has kept all the Yamaha P pianos has simplistic as possible, the p-45 is really minimal when compared to the DGX 650 or DGX 660.

Shades Of A Grand Piano

Yamaha P-45 Portable Digital Piano: Unboxing & Demonstration

Under the fingers, the new P-45 sounds just as good as you might expect: the feeling returned by the classic AWM engine from Yamaha is always pleasing and the piano tone is really beautiful thanks to the new 64-note polyphony, which guarantees a much expressive and deeper piano experience by holding double the amount of notes while pressing the sustain pedal, or when using the Dual layer mode.

The GHS keyboard provides a heavier touch on the lower keys and more responsiveness on the higher zone, and its perfect for students who cant afford to buy a real piano but still want to have a convincing and realistic weighted keyboard to practice with.

While you can choose from four different sensitivity levels for matching your playing style, the keyboard itself is still a bit too noisy if played at a lower volume or using headphones, especially in the medium/lower-end. This is something that appears to affect some of Yamahas entry-level products, so choosing between one of companys cheaper models wont help resolve the problem.

Though the other integrated voices are not shining for their extreme tone quality, they are still a good bonus that make the P-45 an optimal choice for musicians who want a lightweight and affordable solution for gigs or rehearsals, especially the Rhodes-like electric piano sound and the strings tone, which blends well when used in layer mode with the acoustic piano.

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Compact Lightweight And Easy To Use Digital Piano

Just like Yamaha’s other P-series digital pianos, the P-45 digital piano sports a compact, lightweight, and contemporary design, giving you easy storage and effortless portability. And the Yamaha P-45 is easy to use too. With its simple, streamlined interface, all you do to call up a glorious-sounding concert grand piano is hit the “Grand Piano” button. And calling up any other patch is just as easy. The P-45 digital piano features ten stunningly realistic instruments, including electric piano, organs, harpsichord, vibraphone, and more. The Yamaha P-45 is half-pedal capable with the optional FC3 pedal. A sustain footswitch and a music rest are included.

Yamaha L85 Piano Stand

Sells separately for $169.99

Your Yamaha digital piano deserves a platform that puts you in a perfect playing position and complements your piano’s looks. Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill stand! Now, you can play your piano in style, with Yamaha’s L85 stand. Made to work perfectly with the P115, P105, P95, P85, and P45 digital pianos, the L85 stand gives you what you need: a sturdy, stable base, great playing placement, and attractive looks that match your keyboard. This furniture-style stand is easy to set up and makes your piano look great in any room. Sweetwater’s advice: get the stand that’s made for your piano: the Yamaha L85.

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Key Features Of The Yamaha P45b

1. Advanced Wave Memory Technology The P45B uses the latest AWM with a digital technology to record the most authentic sound of an acoustic piano and the AWM stereo sampling then creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by combining pairs of waveforms as captured by the microphone. The P-45B uses this AWM recorded sound to then play at varying volume and timbre levels.

2. Graded Hammer Standard weighted action The GHS weighted action provides heavy touch in the low end keys and a much lighter touch in the high end keys, like a real acoustic piano. You can also adjust the keyboards sensitivity according to your playing style. It serves as a perfect learning instrument for beginners, as they get to perfect their finger technique with the GHS action and be ready for when the time comes to play an acoustic piano. No other digital piano offers a GHS action at this price range, making it a great value for money instrument for beginners, students, small bands or for casual home usage.

3. 64-note Polyphony This is an upgraded feature from the P-35, which had a 32-note polyphony. A 64-not polyphony allows the player to perform moderately dense musical passages even while using heavy sustain pedal, without cutting off any dropped notes.

8. Additional Features Metronome, ECO Operation

9. Additional Accessories Music Rest, Sustain Pedal, Power Adapter

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