Yamaha P 125 88 Key Digital Piano


Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P125 is a compact, 88-key weighted digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user-friendly, minimalist design. P125 is loaded with features to give you an acoustic piano playing experience in a portable package. It produces the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response youve come to expect from Yamaha digital pianos while maintaining a sleek and slim footprint.

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Yamaha P125 Full Specification List

  • 88 Key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard with matte black keytop finish
  • Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed touch sensitivity
  • Yamaha Pure CF Sound Engine, with Damper Resonance and Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • 192 Note Polyphony
  • 24 Instrument Sounds, including 4 piano sounds
  • 50 preset piano pieces, including a further 21 demo pieces one for each individual voice
  • Four types of reverb
  • Transposition function, from -6 semitones to +6
  • Compact sizing: 52 inch x 6.5 inch x 11 inch
  • Light weight: 11.8kg
  • Functions dual/layers, split and duo
  • 2-track recording
  • 2x stereo headphone input
  • Connections: DC In 12V, Sustain Pedal, Pedal unit AUX OUT and USB TO HOST
  • Metronome, from 5bpm to 280bpm

For a complete specification list, have a look at the P125’s dedicated page on yamaha.com.

For the most part, the specification list is roughly the same as the P115. Yamaha haven’t improved this model by very much, and in all honesty it’s kind of strange that they released this instrument given how little it improves upon its’ predecessor.

There are, however, minor upgrades and feature improvements that are worth talking about. Let’s dive in to what makes this piano worth your money.

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Whats Included In The Package

After receiving the box from Amazon, when opening it you might be surprised to find that the stand is missing. Its actually not missing. The stand is an optional accessory that you have to order separately, if you need it. In the box you will find the piano, obviously, the music rest to put your sheet music or tablet, one sustain pedal and of course, the power adapter. You will also receive an instructional manual where you can find all the information you need.

The Sound And Feel Of A Real Concert Grand Piano Anywhere You Need It

Yamaha P

From the first time your fingers tickle the ivories on the Yamaha P-125, youll know why Yamaha digital pianos are known far and wide for having some of the best-feeling keys on the market. Thats because the P-125 sports Yamahas Graded Hammer Standard keybed. This fully weighted keybed provides you with light response in the upper register and progressively heavier action the lower you play just like the keys of an acoustic piano.

But great feel isnt enough. Thats why Yamaha equipped the P-125 with their Pure CF Sound Engine, which perfectly re-creates the sound of their renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano. And since you can comfortably load the Yamaha P-125 into the back of a typical sedan, you can take this amazing combination of sound and feel anywhere.

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The Yamaha P125 Is Very User Friendly

If you ask me about one lasting impression that the Yamaha P125 makes on someone getting in contact with it, it would have to be the ease of use. See, when we talk about a highly developed musical instrument packed with the latest technology, making it easy to use is not easy at all. You would have to start backwards, from the piano beginner, who doesnt know a great deal about digital pianos. Its really hard to simplify some actually complicated things. More so to a degree that their easy and fast to pick up by someone just starting out. Some models are not thought out to be used by beginners. But if you can produce an instrument appreciated by professionals but also easy to use by beginners, then you have something pretty great in front of you. And the Yamaha P125 falls under this category.

The Yamaha P125 lacks an LCD screen. This is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Its design is cleaner but if you are used to navigating a digital piano only by using a screen, then you might consider this aspect as a disadvantage.

The lack of a screen is not such a big disadvantage. Even without having a screen, navigating the menu is very easy.

Great Bang For The Buck

Excellent piano sounds. Great speakers. Auxiliary outs for an amp or mixer. Nice keys. This is a great instrument for someone learning to play that wants an instrument that will carry their playing as they grow. Great for the experienced player who wants great sound at a reasonable price. The optional stand and pedals make it a nice showpiece addition to your studio or living room . The pedals allow you to play just like an acoustic piano. You really can’t go wrong. Though the sounds are limited you can layer 2 at a time. Better to buy this than waste money on a “beginner” model. It will bring enjoyment for years.

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Yamaha Smart Pianist App

One of the greatest advantages of digital pianos, besides the lack of the need to be tuned regularly, is the fact that they usually can be connected to your smart devices through dedicated app.

The new generations of Yamaha digital pianos, like the Yamaha P125 reviewed today, connect to your phone or tablet through the Yamaha Smart Pianist App. This app from Yamaha is pretty great. And were not saying that without good reason. It offers a series of extraordinary functions that will make your piano playing experience so much more interesting.

The connection between the P125 and your iOs device is brilliant. Any change in the settings you make on your iOs device is registered by the piano as well as the other way around. For instance, if you change the voice on your piano its automatically changed in the app as well. And this is only one aspect.

A more interesting thing to mention about the app is that it lets you play your piano along your favorite music found in your mobile devices music library. Very similar to Shazam, the music recognition app, the Yamaha app will recognize any song you start playing on your piano and present the chord symbols for that song on the screen. If you come to think about it, the app renders a built in LCD screen needless. Taking is easy to use interface into account, its a lot better than many built-in screens. It just offers a superior experience.

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Black Or White

Yamaha P-115 88-Key Digital Piano [Product Demonstration]

The Yamaha P125 is a compact, 88-key weighted digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with an user-friendly, minimalist design. P125 is loaded with features to give you an acoustic piano playing experience in a portable package. It produces the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response youve come to expect from Yamaha digital pianos while maintaining a sleek and slim footprint.

Yamaha P125 88-Key Digital Stage Piano Features

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I Love This Digital Piano

I purchased this piano on 13 October 2019 and received it on 18 October 2019. I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy this piano. I’m a beginner piano player and this piano is perfect for me. The different voicings on the piano allow me to choose the sound I want. The keys feel good under my fingers as does the weighted action. I love sitting down at the piano, selecting a chord progression to suit my mood, and playing until I’m through purging the days badness from my soul. I have this recommendation for first time piano buyers take the time to determine if you need an 88 key keyboard, or if a shorter keyboard will suffice for your use. I would happily recommend this piano to a friend.IF YOU WANT WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE, BUY FROM SWEETWATER !!!

Awesome Piano Great Sales Service From Sweetwater

I placed an order and my Yamaha P125 arrived in three days. I also purchased a Yamaha Arius ydp 164 a few years ago from Sweetwater. They are both awesome pianos and the sales service I received for both pianos was top notch. These Yamahas have replaced my much loved Baldwin acoustic very well, without the constant retuning and adjustments needed over the years on the Baldwin.

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With this in mind, it seems as if Yamaha has designed the P125 specially to fit the needs of gigging artists who are constantly on the move. Although a full 88 key digital piano, the Yamaha P125 only weighs 26 lbs. Its compact dimensions of 52 in. wide, 11.6 in. deep and a height of 6.5 in. make it a breeze to lift it up and hit the road. The Yamaha Raptor 125 is available as a Slip-On or Full System in the Performance and Competition exhausts. Depending on the exhaust series, the slip-on system picks up 10-15% more horse power, while the Full System adds 15-25% more. With T6061 Aluminum shells, each HMF exhaust system weighs substantially less than the stock exhaust.

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    Outstanding Yamaha Digital Piano Value

    Yamaha P

    Built around the sound of the world-famous Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, the clear and melodic sound of the Yamaha P-125 digital piano is instantly recognizable to any seasoned pianist. Your fingers will feel right at home on the P-125s Graded Hammer Standard action, which is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, emulating the dynamic feel of hammers on real acoustic piano strings.

    For the ultimate in realism, String and Damper Resonance DSP re-create the sympathetic and reverberant sounds inside a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings. A full set of performance options and USB connectivity provide tons of flexibility onstage, at home, or in the studio. All things considered, youll be hard-pressed to find an affordable digital piano that outperforms the Yamaha P-125.

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    Comparison Between The Yamaha P125 And The P115

    Last but not least, how does the Yamaha P125 compare to the former model, the very popular P115. And more important, is there any evolution that justifies choosing the P125?

    At a first glance, the two models are very similar. They both have 88 keys and the same Graded Hammer Standard weighted key technology by Yamaha. So, judging by this aspect, there is no difference.

    The difference though can be rather heard than felt. The speaker system is much improved on the new P125. This is something you can notice right from the start if you compare the two models. With the former model, you have needed the stand as well. With the latter, you can use a table and it will sound even better than the P115. The sound is a lot richer on the latest model. Its a lot richer when compared to other Yamaha models as well, like the P45 for instance.

    Bass And Drum Beats Jam Along With You

    Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano – Full Demo with Gabriel Aldort

    P-125 has on-board Bass and Drum tracks that keep your playing in time and follow your harmony. Theres a variety of rhythm patterns to choose from depending on the vibe youre going for. From rock to ballads, use these rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or use them as a backing band for your performances.

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    Yamaha P125 Review: Should You Buy One

    We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

    This article is a review of the Yamaha P125 Digital Piano. This is a keyboard aimed at intermediate players.

    The Yamaha P125 is designed to meet the needs of those who need to take their piano with them regularly. As a result, it’s great for teachers who might need to travel to students’ homes, and for stage musicians who want to take the piano to gigs and concerts.

    However, the portability comes at the expense of some features, As a result, the P125 isn’t really suitable for the demanding classical or jazz pianist, who might be better off with another Yamaha digital piano such as the YDP-164, or the Kawai ES-110 or Roland F-140R.

    However, let’s dive in with an overview of the piano’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Perfect For Serious Piano Study

    Back in the 1990’s when I had a project studio I attempted to get a digital piano that would play, sound and feel like an acoustic piano. I ended up getting a Fatar 88-note controller. Heavy, bulky, lots of metal in the construction, solid but the feel of the keys wasn’t close enough to an acoustic piano. Fast-forward to 2021, I got a P-125 with the stand, pedals and a quality acoustic piano bench with adjustable height. I can finally say I have exactly what I needed: a digital piano that I can study and practice with, one that is just about as close to the real thing as my apartment will allow. Completely satisfied! The price, handling and quality of my order was superb.

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    Bass And Drum Beats Are Right On Time

    P-125 has on-board Bass and Drum tracks that keep your playing in time. There’s a variety of rhythm patterns to choose from depending on the the vibe you’re going for. From rock to ballads, use these rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.

    Yamaha P125 Review Of Features

    Yamaha P

    Without being a digital piano packed with bells and whistles, the Yamaha P125 offers beginners everything they need to start on their piano journey.

    One of the features that we found to be very interesting is the recording function as well as the play/stop function. This allows you to record yourself while playing so that you can listen to it later and hear any mistakes that you made. But the truly interesting thing is the following. You can put on a duet with yourself by playing back a song that you recorded previously while playing a different song at the same time.

    There are also further buttons that correspond to helpful features like the one that is responsible for turning the metronome on and off. This is helpful especially for beginners that are not sure their tempo is right or wrong. Further buttons that you can find on the dashboard are the Demo button and the Rhythm button. When pushed, the Rhythm button will activate, as the word says, a rhythm, like drums, to accompany you.

    One of the features that some of you might think of as a weakness is the low number of voices that this piano has, namely 24. At the price range the Yamaha P125 can be found in this shouldnt come as a surprise. An advantage in the midst of this aspect is that there are around 3 variations of each voice. This is a nice thing to have if you want to variate your training sessions a bit.

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