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Are Used Pianos For Sale As Good New Pianos

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano – Used Yamaha Pianos for Sale

A 50-year-old, well-cared-for Grand Piano can be in much better condition than a 5-year-old badly treated Grand Piano. Although age should be considered if youre buying used instruments online, it isnt as important as the maintenance history of the instrument. To buy a used piano online takes much thought, it may look perfect on the outside, but inside could be a different matter altogether. You should always enquire with the seller and make sure that when you do enquire you ask the right questions, such as if they have a service history for the grand piano and if you can arrange to view it before committing to buying. If a grand piano hasnt been regularly maintained, serviced, tuned, or cleaned it could have rusted beyond repair. You may find a used grand piano on a list page of piano special offers where many pre-loved instruments, including guitars, will have great offers and sale discounts at your time of order.

How Much Does A Yamaha Grand Piano Cost

Yamaha and Bosendorfer are also well-respected makers, producing top-quality instruments.

A Yamaha grand piano can cost between $120,000 and $200,000. The same goes for Bosendorfer pianos.

In the second-hand market, the cost slightly varies depending on the model and the condition of the particular instrument.

Used Grand Pianos & Semi

We have used grand pianos for sale ranging in length from 5 7 to 6 3 and semi-concert grand pianos from 6 4 to 7. Our used grand piano and semi- concert grand piano prices range from $4,600 to $38,500. Choose from brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha, and others.

Grand pianos provide concert-quality sound and are most appropriate for professional pianists and advanced piano players with sufficient space available to house these substantial instruments. Grand pianos offer superior sound quality to all other pianos due to the horizontal action of the hammers on the extra-long piano strings that their longer cases accommodate. When you strike a key on a grand piano, the corresponding hammer works with gravity to strike the appropriate strings and rebound, yielding notes that are repeated more reliably, with more consistent tone and with more nuanced expression than an upright piano with its vertical, mechanized-recall hammer action provides. Since grand pianos of all sizes work this way, your space constraints and budget will likely be the primary factors in your choice between a semi-concert grand piano, a grand piano, a baby grand, and a petite baby grand.

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Do You Want To Buy A Yamaha Grand Piano

Before you buy a Yamaha piano, it’s worth asking yourself whether it should be new or used. The range of Yamaha pianos is currently very wide. We will try to suggest several models of this brand that we think are worth considering. The Yamaha GB1 is a much sought-after Yamaha piano model, it is 151 cm long, and fits perfectly into a larger living room in an apartment or single-family house that will fill with great sound.

Is A Yamaha The Best Grand Piano

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano for sale in UK

Yamaha is a household name because they are manufacturers of some of the greatest pianos in the world. Yamaha grand pianos are also a great financial investment – built to endure generations of skilled and unskilled hands learning the instrument. Every item used to construct these pianos is of the highest quality, from the rich mahogany woods to the silk finishes and everything else in between. Yamaha grand pianos can take a full year to create, with skilled craftsmen finely tuning every detail. This is all reflected by the generations of music entertainment the Yamaha grand pianos can provide.

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Cx Grand Piano Series

The Most Recorded Piano in History

Clear sound, clean attack, sparkling tone and transparent harmonies all wrapped up in an elegant, flowing form. The CX Series delivers.

Some of musics most enduring hits were recorded on a Yamaha C Series piano. Today, this legendary instrument has been refined to share many of our flagship CF pianos innovations. Weve redesigned the back posts, soundboard, ribs, strings and hammers for a more delicate attack, richer harmonics and beautiful resonance sustaining both pianissimo tones and nuanced, expressive fortissimo. Throughout the entire process, Yamaha has redefined what a grand piano could be.

The CX Yamaha Grand Pianos currently come in six models: C1X, C2X, C3X, C5X, C6X and C7X.

Why Are Grand Pianos So Expensive

Grand pianos are the most refined pianos manufactured by the worlds finest craftsmen with the best possible woods, highest quality plastic, and extreme attention to detail.

So, they sound better, have better action, are virtually more appealing, and sonically more versatile.

Of course, all these excellent characteristics come for a price. All the materials are carefully selected, such as the top-grade wood-like tough rock maple or top-quality spruce, durable wool, and high-quality plastic.

On top of the materials, there is the top workmanship. As grand pianos are the best piano types of pianos that are used in big concert halls and top-notch events, all the manufacturers do their best when creating their grand pianos.

The extreme attention to detail and seamless production process makes unique instruments but also high prices.

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How Loud Are Grand Pianos

Grand pianos can get significantly loud depending on the grand piano type, the room size, floor material, and the lids position.

Concert grands can go up to 110 decibels, as loud as a rock concert. That is why most grand pianos are not recommended for small rooms.

Grand pianos, especially concert grands, can go extremely loud. This is because they are built to resonate with the sound as much as possible. Even the smallest baby grand pianos are pretty loud for tiny rooms.

The loudness of a grand piano depends on the type of the piano, as the baby grand is the smallest and the quietest, and the concert grand is the largest and the loudest of all.

The room size is also important as sound bounces between the walls.

The floor material is also crucial for the sound to bounce and strengthen.

If the material is something hard like tiles, the sound can reflect from the floor, while soft materials like carpet absorb the sound making the sound go off.

Finally, the position of the piano lid creates a big difference. When the lid is open, sound freely travels around the room, getting louder.

However, when the lid is closed, the sound is absorbed inside the tail of the piano, and the instrument gets slightly quieter.

Cf Grand Piano Series

Yamaha Model G2 Grand Piano for Sale – Online Piano Store

Our Flagship Concert Grand

From soft, subtle and silky colors to monumentally powerful tones, the worlds finest concert grand piano is a Yamaha piano.

Our flagship CF Series is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and development into creating the worlds finest concert grand piano. The CF is the rare union of clarity and power that pianists crave. Each piano is entirely handcrafted for precise response, depth, nuance and an endless range of tonal colors. It is simply a superb instrument.

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You Want To Buy A Used Piano

When looking for a piano for sale, there are several aspects to consider before making a purchase. As with upright pianos, grand pianos on the market are available in a new or used condition. New instruments are most often covered with a few years’ warranty, which confirms their impeccable technical condition. It happens that sellers also offer a guarantee for used instruments… Read more

Yamaha Concert Grand Pianos For Sale

YAMAHA Concert Grand Pianos for sale. Statuses include: Like new, concert designated, rebuilt, and excellent condition, for sale. Prices include shipping to 48-continental United States, and free professional tuning after delivery.

Extended service such as tuning, regulation, voicing may be added after purchase, based on local piano technician availability.

Current 2022 Retail Prices of YAMAHA Pianos:

See PianoBuyer.com for additional retail price information.

YAMAHA CFX Concert Grand – Polished Ebony: $185,799

See your local, authorized YAMAHA dealer for more information.

UPDATE: Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

We have dozens of pianos available, at all different price points, for discerning piano lovers who MUST HAVE the RIGHT PIANO.

We welcome every pianist, teacher, student, or prospective piano owner to Contact Us about the availability of ANY PIANO BRAND or MODEL YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR, or MAY HAVE A REAL INTEREST IN OWNING.

We can search for it on your behalf, within our affiliated network of inventory.

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Grands New Yamaha Gb Gc And Cx Grand Pianos

Building on the legacy of Yamahas CFX concert grand, the CX Series produces wonderful sustain and harmony. By utilizing music wire, the CX series achieves complex overtones in the middle and upper registers, and its solid foundation guarantees a rich, beautiful sound

Following directly in the footsteps of the CF Series concert grand, the CX Series design is simple yet elegant. Its white keys are made of Ivorite, a compound which has most all of the qualities associated with natural ivory, and the black keys are made from natural ebony wood. The CX Series also utilizes the same hammer felt as the CFX to ensure that all models in the CX Series produce a nuanced, expressive sound and clear range of tone.

An innovative safety feature of the CX Series is its lid prop stopper, which is a soft landing mechanism designed to prevent fingers from being bruised or damaged should the piano lid unexpectedly close.

Yamaha Baby & Grand Pianos

Used piano sale in Toronto area: Yamaha G2 grand piano.

Freehold Music is a Yamaha Certified Grand Piano Dealer. We are proud to offer the Best Selling GB1k, the G Series, Cx series, and the Premium Yamaha Sx Series of Baby and Grand Pianos for sale in our Central New Jersey Showroom. We are Certified Yamaha and Yamaha Premium Piano Dealers.

Yamaha Manufactures a large selection of Baby, Grand and Concert Grand Pianos. Choose between a number of different finish options. You can always add Factory Installed Technology to your Acoustic Piano with Yamahas Exclusive Disklavier, Smart Piano and TransAcoutic Piano Offerings!

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How Much A Grand Piano Costs Today

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  • Discover the world of grand pianos
  • There are different types of grand pianos with different prices
  • Learn everything you need to know about grand pianos and the grand piano market
  • Also, check out our guide to the best grand pianos on the market!

Grand pianos are the best-sounding and by far the fanciest piano type.

They are great for big concerts with warm low and silky high notes. But, as they are top of their class, they are pretty high-end musical instruments.

While the prices of grand pianos vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, retailer, type, and model, they are some of the most expensive musical instruments.

Choosing the ideal one is overwhelming as they have high prices and lots of details to consider when buying.

You have to get familiar with the terminology and some vital characteristics to choose the perfect grand piano that you require.

That is why we have created this guide for you. After reading, you will be ready to go and find the most suitable grand piano on your budget.

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Gb1k & Gc Grand Piano Series

Authentic, concert grand tone crafted for families to love right at home.

You can call them baby grands all you want, but their expressive tone, subtle colors and conservatory-grand-dynamics will challenge everything you know about the category. Now, the unmistakable sound of a Yamaha grand piano can find itself in more places around more people than ever before thanks to GB1K and GC Series pianos.

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What Are The Benefits Of Music From A Grand Piano

There are many health benefits that come with playing Yamaha grand pianos, both emotional and physical. Music has a significant effect on a persons mental wellbeing. Often music is associated with a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. Music can also keep many of the symptoms of Alzheimers and other age-related neurological conditions at bay, by stimulating brain activity and releasing endorphins that help to keep a mind in a state of peace and tranquility. Studies suggest that music helps those already living with Alxziemeners to stay connected to who they are, as well as to the world around them and their loved ones and cherished memories. Music taps into a persons experiences and identity, it resonates deeply with people.

How Much Does A Steinway Grand Piano Cost

Yamaha C7 Semi Concert Grand Piano for Sale – Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

Often, Steinway & Sons is considered the most expensive and top-quality piano maker in the world.

The answer to the question of how much a Steinway grand piano costs is simply between $70,000 and $300,000. The prices go higher for limited-edition special models.

When bought second-hand, its another question and can heavily depend on the condition of the instrument.

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Yamaha Acoustic Disklavier Silent & Transacoustic Pianos

It’s now more than a century since our founder, Torakusu Yamaha, designed and built his first piano in Japan. Today, Yamaha pianos are among the world’s most played and have earned a reputation for their excellent design, build quality and long-lasting performance – a Yamaha piano can last a lifetime.

We’ve acoustic pianos to suit all players, whether you’re shopping for a premium acoustic grand piano, such as the Yamaha CX Series models or the Bösendorfer Special Edition models or quality upright pianos for a beginner Yamaha b Series.

For pianos which offer even more, try our self-playing Yamaha Disklavier piano or a hybrid piano from our Silent and TransAcoustic ranges – especially if you live in an apartment or need to be able to practice any time of day or night, the Yamaha Silent pianos and groundbreaking Yamaha TransAcoustic pianos might be just what you’re after.

And, if you’re in the London area, be sure to visit the Piano Hall in the Yamaha Music store on Wardour Street, at the heart of London…

How Much Does A Grand Piano Cost

A brand new grand piano would cost you around $10,000 to $200,000. The producer, the retailer, the type, and the model are highly important for the price.

While entry-level grand pianos cost around $10,000, mid-range ones cost about $30,000, and high-end ones cost over $30,000.

The producer is one of the most important aspects when it comes to grand pianos.

Instruments from Steinway and Sons are known for their top-quality grand pianos and have some of the highest prices, starting from $80,000 and going up to $300,000.

Yamaha is another high-end and popular producer when it comes to grand pianos, and their prices can go up to $200,000.

The type of grand piano is another important factor in the price.

  • Petite Grand 411 $7.000 to $20.000
  • Baby Grand 411 to 51 $8.000 to $50.000
  • Parlor Grand 59 to 62 $10.000 to $50.000
  • Medium Grand 52 to 58 $25.000 to $70.000
  • Ballroom Grand 610 to 9 $60.000 to $250.000
  • Concert Grand 7 to 10 $130.000 to $300.000

The second-hand grand piano market has more reasonable prices as you can find decent grand piano models around the $15,000 to $25,000 price range.

Another option for tighter budgets is to go for a brand new baby grand piano, which would cost around $10,000 to $50,000.

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What Is The Best Grand Piano Brand For A Beginner

There isnt a scientific formula to measure the true value and quality of pianos. Its a combination of action, sound, tone, history, and skill in construction. The greatest piano manufacturers create a series of timeless instruments that produce unrivaled audio, be that range, tone, or power. As such, selecting the best piano is very much a matter of opinion. For those wanting to learn to play the piano, or for parents looking to buy their child their first piano, one of the most daunting tasks is to find the most suitable piano for a beginner. With such a large range of models, brands, shapes, and sizes it can be difficult to choose the best personal fit. The first step is to determine if you want a digital piano, keyboard, or grand piano – all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you buy a piano from a reputable brand such as Yamaha youre guaranteed a high-quality instrument. You can enquire about any wishlist item with our team who can tell you of any current offers on our instruments and provide you with all the information about our products before you add to basket. If you do change your mind after buying a Yamaha grand our team will consider the information you give and see if we can come up with an alternative Yamaha grand that you may find more suitable.

Buyers Guide For Yamaha Grand And Baby Grand Pianos On Ebay

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano for sale in UK

Yamaha has been making grand pianos and baby grand pianos for more than 100 years. This guide includes several key factors to consider before buying your next Yamaha piano on eBay.

What should you consider about the condition of a Yamaha baby grand piano for sale before buying one?

Check the Yamaha baby grand piano’s item description to see if any modifications or repairs have been made. Product images should show the inside of the piano as well as each aspect of the outside. If it is a vintage Yamaha baby grand piano, there may be natural signs of aging around the piano keys, or it may be fully restored by a certified Yamaha professional. Be sure to ask about any visible signs of wear or possible repairs that have been made.

Vintage Yamaha grand pianos on eBay

You can find many collector Yamaha grand pianos on eBay if you are in the market for a vintage or antique Yamaha. You can find the year of a particular Yamaha vintage grand or baby grand piano in the item description. You can also filter by category of the Yamaha baby grand piano price, condition, or piano type. If you are buying an antique Yamaha piano and want to know the price, it may have a certificate of appraisal given by a certified Yamaha piano professional or Yamaha repair shop.

What types of wood are Yamaha grand pianos made of?

You can find Yamaha grand pianos and baby grand pianos on eBay in several types of wood. Yamaha makes pianos using fir, oak, birch, mahogany, maple, ebony, and other types of wood.

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