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Features That Makes Williams Legato An Awesome Legato Digital Keyboard Piano

Williams Allegro III 88 Key Digital Piano Unboxing.

The Williams Legato digital piano features a weighty 88-keys and you to set up a unique piano performance for any event or venue while bringing all the expressiveness and touch required to deliver your music with the right feel.

But its not just an expressive, full-size piano that the Williams Legato brings to the table. It is a complete digital piano with a comprehensive array of modern-day features. So, lets dive in and explore the many reasons why the Williams Legato is truly the perfect instrument for solo performance, educational purposes, and casual musical enjoyment.

Williams Allegro 2 88

The Williams Allegro 2 88-key Digital Piano is one of the many models of digital pianos that are designed to directly replicate the beautiful sounds of an acoustical piano. This includes ones that you might find in a concert hall being played by a famous pianist or accompanying an orchestra. It might also be found on a small stage as part of a two or three-piece band.

At the heart of the Allegro 2 is a powerful sound engine that is built around the sound sampling of a grand piano. By simulating the unique sounds of an acoustic piano it makes it easier for beginners and intermediate level players to be able to make a smooth transition over to the realistic feel of any type of acoustic piano. The sound engine also features built-in sounds that allow the player to be able to alter the sound that comes out of the speakers by simply touching a button.

There are several external jacks on the back of the unit that is designed to help enhance your musical enjoyment from the Allegro 2 88-key Digital Piano. You use either the USB or Auxiliary jack for connecting it to external MIDI equipment such as a soundboard or amplifier. The USB port can also be used to connect it directly to a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. By using one of the many musical apps downloaded from the Internet, you use it to connect to most smartphones or tablets. From them, you are able to access many of the built-in features.

Additional information about the Williams Allegro 2 88-key Digital Piano

Videos By American Songwriter

byAndy McDonoughNovember 30, 2015, 11:54 am

Pianos and guitars are the tools and constant companions of popular songwriters. Even confirmed guitarists like to have a piano around to help with their songwriting, as well as for collaborations. The problems are obvious: acoustic pianos are expensive, heavy and require regular maintenance. Digital pianos present the best alternative, but a good sounding and good feeling piano, while less expensive than the real thing, can still be costly. Williams Allegro 2 88-key portable digital piano provides an affordable alternative.

With full-size keys and reasonable action, it provides some resistance to make it feel like real piano. And, while it doesnt have a hammer action feel, the Allegro 2 creates a convincing piano feel and sound that songwriters can appreciate. In addition to classic piano sounds for classical, jazz, pop, and rock styles that includes a 10 2 concert grand with three-way, stereo velocity samples, the Allegro 2 offers ten high-definition stereo sounds from Williams all-new custom sound library: vintage tone-wheel organs and electric pianos, strings, synths, and basses. Split and layer functions are available to help you handle most musical situations. For performance, quality reverb and chorus effects are available along with the new ModFX feature that provides real-time control of the rotary speaker effect and a vibrato effect for electric pianos.

List price: $499.99

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Cost Of The Williams Allegro

The Williams Allegro stands out to most consumers most notably because of its low price. Digital piano prices can get pretty hefty at times, so this piano seems like a great change of pace to many consumers. The Allegro has a list price of $299, which is the price you will get directly from Guitar Center, with about $20 added on for tax and shipping if bought online. Woodwind & Brasswind and Musicians Friend offer roughly the same price, with Musicians Friend listing at $269 but tacking on $17 for tax and shipping. However, as stated before, Williams Piano Company is privately owned by Guitar Center, so buying from any of these outlets is essentially paying into the same pocket.

They say if something is too good to be true, then maybe it is. This price certainly is too good to be true, considering the market for digital pianos, which should raise some real concerns about the quality and manufacturing of the product. Always remember that for just a hundred dollars more you can get a proven quality product such as the Casio CDP-120 or the Korg SP-170s.

Is Williams Allegro 2 88

Used Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano

The Williams Allegro 2 88-key Digital Piano is a fine example of a high-quality musical instrument that is suitable to be played on a concert stage and it is still considered a budget-priced digital piano. It has some of the same features that you will find on digital keyboards for companies like Roland and Yamaha, two of the industry powerhouses.

The nicely weighted keys help to make it perfect for newcomers to the piano, while it has plenty to offer those players who have a little previous playing experience. It has a really quality sound engine that nearly perfectly replicates the sound created by some of the better concert hall grand pianos. Then they throw in some interesting sounds to go along with traditional acoustical grand piano electric organ, strings, and synthesizer.

The Allegro 2 Digital Piano was also designed to be a good teaching platform for a piano instructor or school music class. Using the USB jack on the back of the unit you can easily connect it to almost any tablet or smartphone. By doing this you will have full access to the many online training courses. It also includes access to 5 free lessons using the McCarthy Educational app.

Williams Allegro 2 88-key Digital Piano

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The Eps Organs Pads And Basses

The Variation button doubles the options in each of the five instrument categories. Consequently, there are two electric pianosa Rhodes and a Wurly emulationand they are both highly musical and a kick to play. Id confidently take them on a gig that required just an electric piano and tell everybody that this axe cost less than their dress-up shoes. While Nord wont lose any sleep over this baby, the Allegro 2s electric pianos dont take a backseat to the upper-scale competition. You can dial in a selection of eight choruses and reverbs and A/B them on every sound. The chorus that pops up on the EPs is reminiscent of the vintage, blue Boss pedal that we all love.

In the organ department, both the clone-wheel and the church organ are a little wheezy and lose their authenticity at the edge of their ranges. But both can be sent through a Leslie simulator that speeds up when you depress the sustain pedal . That and the smooth, hall reverb do the trick in pushing both patches over the line into the workable-for-a-gig category.

Which brings us to the Basses. The electric finger bass and the standup acoustic are both functional on the splits, and they sound bass-like through the 3″x5″ speakers on the top of the instrument. However, theyll sound great firing out of your big amps on a gig.

Features Of The Williams Allegro

One of the better things about the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano and many other Williams Piano products is that it looks very nice. This is a quality that simply cant be denied, as the nice black finish running around the entire of the body gives it clean look and feel. The distinguishable logo gives it professional look and its design overall is substantial.

As for the size, Williams continues to make its portable pianos, well, highly transportable. Other pianos in the Allegros class of price and function, such as the Williams Legato and Yamaha P 105, weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. Any consumer would expect about the same result from the Allegro, and thats exactly what you get here, as the Allegro weighs in at 29.8 pounds.

Granted, youll feel the weight of 30 pounds if youre lugging it around all throughout the day, from one building to the next. But if you just need to throw it on your back quickly or place it inside a vehicle to move it from point A to point B, the size here is not only a non-issue, its absolutely perfect given ones specific need or lifestyle.

The polyphony of the Williams Allegro is pretty good, standing at 64 notes. 64 notes of polyphony should be more than enough for most entry level and beginner piano players, and there should be no dropped notes. Most beginner pianos dont bother to add more than 36 or 48 notes of polyphony, so 64 notes is a refreshing feature.

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Williams Legato Iii 88

  • This digital piano includes sounds from Williams Custom Sound Library
  • It has dual-driver built-in speakers for clear tones, crisp sound and loud volume
  • Legato III is battery-powered and can also run on AC power supply
  • FREE Downloadable Williams iOS app
  • Includes FREE 90-day Skoove Premium subscription with over 400 interactive piano lessons to help build playing and music reading skills

William Allegro Review: About The Company

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

The Williams Piano Company, makers of the Allegro along with other products such as the Williams Overture and Williams Rhapsody, are actually part of Guitar Centers private label brand. While its a bit unclear just what exactly this means, it is safe to say Guitar Center and its subsidiaries and affiliates have an invested interest in the success of all products related to the Williams Piano Company. This is why most adverts that you see concerning Williams Piano products lead or link directly to Guitar Center, Musicians Friend , and Woodwind & Brass . Each piano is made by an unknown manufacturer in China.

Because of this many of the Williams Piano Company products are lower priced compared to their counterparts, due to the fact they cost considerably less to produce. This speaks volumes to the quality of their machines, and why there seem to be considerable complaints against many of them. Nevertheless, most of their products are still fully functional, it should only be stated that each consumer should be aware and is taking their own risk.

Below, take a look at some of the best selling digital pianos online, and see how they stack up against the Williams Allegro:

5) Korg D1

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Williams Allegro Iii Digital Piano Black 88 Key

  • 88-key weighted piano-action keyboard with hammer action
  • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity
  • The Williams Allegro has a free downloadable iOS app
  • This instrument can run on batteries as well
  • Includes free 90-day Skoove Premium subscription with over 400 interactive piano lessons to help build playing and music reading skills

Williams Legato Piano Review

The key to becoming a professional musician is to dedicate yourself to your craft. Whether youre a prodigy on the path to success or just starting out, there are many aspects that youll need to learn about, explore, and put into practice. And one of the most important factors is legato playing. Its a beautiful and sophisticated technique that empowers your performance and amplifies your emotion. Unfortunately, it is often hard to master, demanding practice, repetition, and patience. But above all, it requires a professional instrument. Enter the Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano. Bringing you the ultimate in expressive capability and authentic tone, the Williams Legato is a true professional-grade instrument at a truly affordable price. To give you a better insight, in this unbiased Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano review, were going to discuss the features that make this piano a professionals go-to.

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Williams Allegro 2 Review

A great entry-level 88-key digital piano

It used to be that when your eight-year-old started piano lessons, you went out and plunked down a thousand bucks for a used upright and then spent two hundred more a year on tuning.

It was a sizeable commitment, especially when you didnt know if your child was going to be the next Joey Alexander or flame out in three weeks. This need is exactly what the new Williams Allegro 2 is designed to fill.

For under three bills it offers an 88-key weighted-piano action, a serviceable acoustic-piano sample, surprisingly authentic electric pianos, and a few other surprises, all in a 25-pound instrument that will never see a tuning hammer.

Ever since Roland introduced the game-changing EP-7 , entry-level digital pianos have stayed consistent in form and function: They all feature five or more key instruments with options such as sound layering and splitting, effects such as reverb and chorus, and a number of basics, a metronome, a simple MIDI notepad, tuning capabilities, and an adjustable velocity curve. The Allegro 2 hits all these notes while providing an easily readable layout and built-in speakers. Its buttons are raised and have a concave center that, on some controls, sport a blue LED to indicate multiple functions.

Williams Allegro 2 Pros

Used Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano
  • Limited sound determination


If we compare the Williams Allegro 2 to other popular piano models we can conclude that this piano is a great choice for its price range. If you are looking for a digital piano that will blow you away than we recommend checking out the Yamaha YPD-163. The Williams Allegro 2 is a fantastic piano but comes with a price tag.

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Is The Williams Allegro 88

Digital pianos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and classifications, and there is no doubt that any consumer with the right amount of searching can find the piano that is right for them. Some digital pianos appeal to consumers looking for a more advanced experience, with a wider range of selection and a higher level of engineering. Others may be looking for a simple machine with just the basics to accommodate them. Yet others may be searching for something that falls in between.

The Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano falls somewhere in the category for consumers searching for something basic that contains the primary necessities. It is unapologetically a low budget, economy type digital piano that honestly shouldnt be considered for piano players on the intermediate and advanced level. That being said, it shouldnt altogether be discarded as a viable option for all consumers, as its low price and decent function still allow it to serve as a entry level practice option for beginner piano players.

Williams Allegro 2 Overview

For the last 10 years, electronics brand Williams made a significant move to compete with popular digital piano brands such as Yamaha, Korg, and Casio. With the original release of the William Allegro a couple of years ago, the company failed to meet the expectations. Numerous clients complained about its poor sound quality and dynamic responsiveness, so the piano maker chose to overhaul the venture without any preparation, including some energizing highlights, and a superior sound motor to the blend. Enter the Williams Allegro 2.

Taking the feedback from hundreds of piano players, Williams went back to production and launched the brand new William Allegro 2 in 2015, which finally lived up to the expectations. In this review, we go over the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this electric piano. With a price range under $300, we rate this piano just outside our top 3 list in best digital piano for beginners.

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The Williams Piano App

A collection of internal effects can be added to the built-in sounds of the Allegro III, like Tremolo, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, and Chorus.

Practice with a metronome, drum machine, or a collection of Jam Session songs. And the Play Along function plays songs from your iTunes library at a slower speed without changing the pitch, to help you learn new music.

Available from the iOS App Store, the Williams Piano app is the perfect companion to your Allegro III Digital Piano.

Easy To Use Interface

william allegro 88-key digial piano demo

Last but certainly not least, the Williams Allegro 2 features an easy to use interface that should be suitable for people of every skill level.

Electric keyboards are sometimes known for getting a little bit overly complicated so this good to see. The controls are limited to a few buttons and nobs so most people should have no trouble at all sticking to the settings that they are comfortable with.

Granted, the ease of this interface stems partially from the fact that this is a fairly basic piano. However, even with that said, it is still nice to have a control panel that can be easily understood.

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Key Action And Realism

The key action of the Williams Allegro digital piano is one the most praised aspects of this piano. Obviously, no digital piano is going to be able to perfectly mimic the feel of a hammer striking strings, but they can get close, and thats what the Allegro does.

Its fully weighted keyboard and velocity sensitive keys both provide a nicely realistic experience, especially for a keyboard style piano. If you are transitioning back and forth from a traditional piano to the Allegro, you should have no problem adjusting to the way the keyboard feels. In fact, you will probably feel very minimal difference at all.

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