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Grand And Baby Grand Pianos

For Sale: Yamaha White Grand Piano 5’7″ G2

A piano is an acoustic instrument that has internal strings. Hammers inside the piano strike the strings when a player presses the pianos’ keys, creating a resonant sound. Grand pianos and baby grand pianos will both allow you to play beautiful music.

What’s the difference between a grand and baby grand piano?

A fundamental feature that separates a grand piano from a baby grand piano is size. A grand model piano will generally be longer than 5 feet in length. A baby grand piano is built to be shorter than 5 feet in length. Because of the grand piano’s increased size, its strings are also longer. The result is that this type of piano is generally has a slightly deeper tonality to its audio output.

Who makes these type of pianos?

Grand pianos and baby grand pianos are produced by several makers. Some of the companies that make these types of pianos are:

What colors do these pianos come in?

Pianos can be found in just about any color you might be looking for. From a classic ebony to a vibrant pink or from sparkling gold to blond wood, there is something for just about everyone as far as the color of your baby grand or grand piano goes.

How should a grand or baby grand piano be cleaned?

Proper care and maintenance of a piano largely consists of cleaning it properly. There are a few easy steps to follow to ensure you are cleaning your instrument completely and correctly:

Crafted With Uncommon Care And Integrity

Yamaha grand pianos have earned a global reputation as instruments of outstanding quality and value. Renowned for their eloquent expressive range, and for their reliable performance over time, they play an important role in the performing arts and music education. They are consistently among the pianos most highly recommended by piano tuner/technicians and a leading choice of pianists at all levels, all over the world.

The Yamaha reputation rests on a century-long tradition of uncompromising care and craftsmanship, supported by an unmatched range of integrated expertise, top-of-the-line production facilities, and an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce. Our strength in the full range of relevant technologies allows us to produce virtually every part of every piano ourselves an approach that has helped us initiate significant advances and set what has long been recognized as the industry standard in quality control.

An open dialog with professional musicians generates invaluable input that, in conjunction with sophisticated research facilities, has led to continual advances in each new generation of Yamaha pianos. Our global network offers Yamaha customers additional advantages, from cost-efficient regional manufacturing to the ready availability of sales and support throughout most of the world.


Samick Digital Grand Pianos

The Samick piano company is well known for producing a big line of acoustic upright and grand pianos and have been building high quality pianos for many decades.The Samick SG500 and SG120 are imported from overseas and the main components are designed by an Italian digital piano products and software company in Italy called Orla.The Samick SG500 is 48″ deep and is priced at $5299. It comes in either polished ebony, polished white, or polished red and all 3 of them look beautiful.Both models look very elegant, sound great, and everyone who has ordered and received their Samick pianos seems impressed.Samick SG500/SG120 Review

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White Baby Grand Piano

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  • Dont Save On Piano Moving Costs

    White Baby Grand Piano for sale in UK

    Pianos are composed of a myriad of complex internal mechanisms, and while the heavy weight of the instrument might suggest an indestructible piece of furniture, it is anything but. It is an expensive and delicate keepsake that requires special care. A piano, ANY piano, should only be moved by professional piano movers and NOT by standard house movers if you want to avoid damage.

    What do professional piano movers know that the DIY or house movers dont? There is a body of knowledge and specialized equipment required to properly move a piano. It has to be wrapped properly, tilted without damaging the lyre and legs and secured to a piano moving board also knows as a skid board. Many specialized piano moving companies have special equipment, dollies and mechanized trollies to insure safety.

    The cost to repair the inner and/or outer damage to the piano case caused by non-professional movers can be substantial. Always ask for a piano movers insurance certificate that specifically covers and names you and your piano. Every move is different, and a professional mover can anticipate the challenges of your particular location. Dont ever think there isnt an answer to problems of delivery, however. Want to see how complicated piano moves can be? Watch this video of a professional movers challenge.

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    Yamaha Digital Grand Pianos

    Yamaha has 4 digital grand models which include the Clavinova CLP-765GP , CLP-795GP , CVP-809GP , and N3X Hybrid digital grand piano . I have played all 4 Yamaha models and they are really great instruments with the most popular being either the CLP-765GP or CLP-795GP in polished ebony.The CLP-765GP and CLP-795GP do have a number of “bells & whistles” but those models are focused squarely on the piano playing experience and not as much as all the other featuresYamaha CLP-765GP ReviewThe Yamaha N3X Hybrid is called hybrid” because it has an actual full grand piano key action that comes from the Yamaha acoustic grand piano line and that key action feels and plays like an actual acoustic grand piano. With regard to functionality, the N3X is pretty basic and there is little you can actually do on the piano except for playing piano. In other words, when you play the keys there is a feature that can make they keeps have a slight vibration in them which is how a real grand piano key action would feel because of the natural acoustic sound waves that can permeate those keys when the strings are vibrating in the pianoThe amount of that “vibration” is controllable as well to be very subtle of more pronounced. It’s a cool feature and if you have played on acoustic pianos before then this “feeling” you get from the vibration in the keys may be familiar to you.Yamaha N3X Review

    White Baby Grand Piano White


    • Directly from our piano wholesale warehouse
    • Quantity purchase discount available for dealers, schools, churches etc.
    • True wholesale price.
    • Nationwide curbside delivery available for $695
    • Worldwide Delivery to any ocean port is only $995 not including local delivery ,in home set up , taxes, duties, broker and any documentation fees.
    • Excellent sounding 5 6 PIANO WE HAVE SEENTRULY EXCEPTIONAL

    SHIPPING INFORMATIONPlease note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

    Free local pick upIn home set up price

    • We speak English, French and Spanish.
    • A440 Pianos is present on 3 continents with warehouses in Atlanta, Paris, Lima & Prague!

    We have been selling pianos on eBay since 1998 . We are very grateful to our eBay customers who have trusted us with such an expensive purchase on eBay. All of our positive feedback were earned with our honesty,and total dedication to our valued customers.

    A440pianos is not a fly by nite company. WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL PIANO TECHNICIAN GUILD, we do have a showroom and you are invited to visit us by calling for an appointment.


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    Other Digital Grand Piano Brands

    As far as other digital piano brands that offer digital grand cabinet models, there are some out there which sell at Costco, Guitar Center, on-line, and other places. Some of those piano names include Kurzweil, Artesia, Williams, Suzuki, Pearl River, and a few others. Those off-brands do have lots of bells & whistles, they do have attractive cabinets, and you can definitely play them.

    The Difference Between Piano Brands

    White Yamaha G2 grand piano for sale UK

    There are dozens of brands in the piano manufacturing industry today producing everything from baby grand pianos to concert grand pianos, some among these concentrate on producing the most exclusive and highest quality pianos while the purpose of others is to produce a more affordable baby grand piano.

    If youre buying one of the iconic brands like Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Sauter or Steinway you know that you will receive a very high level of quality albeit at a premium price tag.

    The quality of economy pianos has improved dramatically since the introduction of computer numerical control machinery manufacturing. Many European and American companies have implemented a strict level of quality control as well as incorporated their designs to produce a quality entry level instrument. With the strong demand for affordable pianos, these companies have introduced lower priced lines of pianos to successfully compete on the market. Cost cutting is usually achieved by using less expensive materials, less intensive quality control and regulation in the final stages. Keep in mind, if you are buying an Essex you are not buying a Steinway.

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    Yamaha Baby Grand Piano Gb1kpwh White

    OUR PRICE $22,999.00

    The Most Affordable Yamaha Grand Piano Ever!

    The GB1K, Yamahas most compact and affordable grand, is a popular choice for locations where space is somewhat limited, with full resonant tone comparable to that of many substantially larger models.

    Yamahas uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets.

    What Are The Dimensions Of A Baby Grand And How Small Can It Be

    So youve decided to buy a baby grand. A certain amount of planning will help in your decisions and choices. How much room do you need?

    When measuring your available space, remember that 3 feet of it is needed for the stool or bench. Whats left will dictate the appropriate length of the piano itself. Every baby grand piano is approximately 5 in width. A schematic of your room is often helpful.

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    Used Grand Pianos & Semi

    We have used grand pianos for sale ranging in length from 5 7 to 6 3 and semi-concert grand pianos from 6 4 to 7. Our used grand piano and semi- concert grand piano prices range from $4,600 to $38,500. Choose from brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha, and others.

    Grand pianos provide concert-quality sound and are most appropriate for professional pianists and advanced piano players with sufficient space available to house these substantial instruments. Grand pianos offer superior sound quality to all other pianos due to the horizontal action of the hammers on the extra-long piano strings that their longer cases accommodate. When you strike a key on a grand piano, the corresponding hammer works with gravity to strike the appropriate strings and rebound, yielding notes that are repeated more reliably, with more consistent tone and with more nuanced expression than an upright piano with its vertical, mechanized-recall hammer action provides. Since grand pianos of all sizes work this way, your space constraints and budget will likely be the primary factors in your choice between a semi-concert grand piano, a grand piano, a baby grand, and a petite baby grand.

    Roland Digital Grand Pianos

    White Grand Piano for sale in UK

    Roland digital piano company makes 2 model digital grands with the GP607 37″ deep instrument selling for about $5999 and the GP609 60″ instrument selling for $9999 in Roland piano stores.The GP607 has a very nice cabinet but the interior is a bit dark and not natural wood like you would find in the Kawai DG30. The GP609 has the largest digital grand piano cabinet of the 3 brands coming in at 5′ deep, so it definitely looks more authentic like a real baby grand piano.In the near future Roland will upgrade the GP609 to include its newer and better “grand” key action which offers longer and more balanced keys from front to back.

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    Grand Pianos On Pianomartcom

    PianoMarts grand piano inventory includes hundreds of pianos for sale from numerous manufacturers, from Baldwin and Kawai to Steinway and Yamaha. With our comprehensive piano search feature, you can filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your dream grand or baby grand piano online with PianoMart.

    Van Cliburn Piano Competition Gold Medalist

    Pearl Piano is a family business with five generations of experience. Our team now includes Wayne’s son and daughter, Carey and Pearl.

    We continue to serve concert artists from around the world as well as major institutions, including Canada National Ballet School, Heliconian Club, and the CBC.


    Our story begins with Wayne Chen, whose great-grandfather founded the first piano-building company in China. After apprenticing with his grandfather for ten years, Wayne won the post of chief technician at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

    In 1987, he was invited by Steinway & Sons to continue his training at the factory in Hamburg, Germany. Afterwards he traveled to the United States to work for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. During his time in the U.S., Wayne also worked at the renowned ProPiano Company in New York City, during which time he rebuilt concert grands for both the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

    Wayne came to Toronto in 1993 and started Pearl Piano in 1994 to realize his dream of rebuilding his own pianos. Until his recent semi-retirement, Wayne was the technician at all the major concert venues in Toronto including Massey Hall, St. Lawrence Centre, and the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

    Rob has been playing piano and organ for almost fifty years, encompassing all styles of music, including but not limited to, classical, jazz, new-age, rock & roll and latin.

    What our Customers Say about Us

    Chun, Waterloo

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    What Is The Weight Of A Baby Grand Piano

    Just as piano dimensions can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so do the weights of baby grands vary. Petite baby grands are closer to 600 pounds while larger baby grands will weigh approximately 700 pounds. You dont have to worry about that much weight damaging or leaving marks on your floors. Thats easily avoided by using caster cups. Caster cups distribute the weight of the piano and act as a cushion to protect your floors. We, at Euro Pianos Naples, make it a point to include these caster cups with the purchase of every piano.

    Kawai Digital Grand Pianos

    Baldwin White Baby Grand Piano for Sale | Pre-Owned | Graves Piano Store

    The Kawai piano company used to have one very large digital grand piano with lots of bells and whistles, and it was a lot of money too.When comparing Kawai to Yamaha digital grand pianos, you definitely cannot go wrong with Yamaha. This new DG30 modelAt $6099 price I believe this model can handle most everything someone would want in a new digital grand piano and it is small enough to fit in nearly any space and that smaller size is what helps it do so well. Kawai DG30 Review

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    The Worlds Most Advanced Pianos

    Every Kawai grand piano is a symbol of our commitment to the art and science of bringing music to life. For more than 90 years, we have remained at the forefront of piano design and manufacture introducing materials, technologies and design elements that have set the benchmark across the industry and around the world.

    White Yamaha Pianos For Sale

    Welcome to our White Piano Web Page that shows our great selection of in stock New White Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos, White Yamaha Digital Pianos and White Yamaha Upright Pianos.

    We have a nice selection of White pianos to see in person in our stores and have a healthy inventory of New white Pianos in Boxes. All of our New Pianos come with a Matching Bench and a New Yamaha Warranty.

    This web page will also showcase our used white piano selection.

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    Over A Century Of Grand Piano Making

    Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano makers art. Embodying over 100 years of accumulated expertise, these instruments epitomize the quality, performance and value for which Yamaha has long been renowned, as we enter the second century of Yamaha grand pianos.

    Baby Grand Piano Length

    Antique Baroque White Matte Baby Grand Piano For Sale Chloris Sg

    A baby grand piano is usually between 411 to 59 long, depending on the manufacturer and the model. The length is measured from the front of the piano keys to the very end of the backside or tail. See image below.

    The shorter the piano, the shorter the strings and the smaller the soundboard. Every petite baby grand piano simply must be associated with a loss of tonal quality. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the piano, the better the piano will sound.

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    Reconditioned Used Baby Grand Pianos

    View our selection of reconditioned, used baby grand pianos ranging in length from 5 to 5 6 and in price from $3,500 to $16,500 by brands like Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, and Weber. Baby grand pianos are ideal for professional and advanced piano players who have space available, because the action supports a more skillful, practiced touch than a petite baby grand piano.

    Baby grand pianos provide sonorous, concert-quality sound without taking up as much space as grand pianos or concert grand pianos. As with all grand pianos, the horizontal action of the hammers on the piano strings make baby grand pianos a superior option to uprights, because notes are repeated more reliably and with more consistent tone.

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