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Returning To The Pedals

I tuned my entire piano to E then took lessons

As I said, some pianos have two pedals, others have three. The difference is the pedal that is placed in the middle. This is known as the sostenuto pedal, and its purpose is to dampen a note or chord slightly.

The left pedal softens the tone using the full dampening opening effect and the right pedal, the most commonly used, adds sustain to the note or chords as you play. It is important you can hear the difference as you play and use the pedals.

How To Donate Your Piano

There are many reasons why you might want to get rid of an old piano. Maybe itufffds been in your family for generations and is now taking up too much space. Maybe youufffdre moving and canufffdt take it with you. Or maybe youufffdre simply ready for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason, if you have an old piano that you need to get rid of, you might be wondering what your options are. Here are a few suggestions for how to dispose of a piano:

1. Donate it to a local school or community theater.

2. Give it away for free on Craigslist or a similar website.

3. Sell it to a used musical instrument store.

4. Take it to a scrapyard or dump it in a landfill .

If you have an old piano that you no longer need, consider donating it to a local school or community theater. These organizations are often in need of instruments, and your donation could make a big difference.

If youufffdd rather not go through the hassle of delivering the piano yourself, another option is to give it away for free on Craigslist or a similar website. This is a great way to avoid having to pay for removal or disposal yourself, and someone in your community will likely be very appreciative of your donation.

Another option is to sell the piano to a used musical instrument store. These stores will typically pay cash for pianos, and they may even be able to pick up the instrument from your home.

Can I Write Off A Donated Piano

In many cases, a donated piano is a write-off for tax purposes. Youll need to check with your tax preparer and make sure you get a receipt. The main things to watch out for are the value of your piano and where you donate it to.

Obviously, if you donate a piano to some random person on the street, you wont get much for it.

But if you donate it to a school or an organization such as Pianos for Education, then you might be eligible for a write-off.

The amount wont be much, so dont expect a large write-off.

You want to donate a piano for the purpose of getting it used and feeling good about helping others enjoy music, not save money.

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Are Ivory Piano Keys Worth Anything

Ivory is rare in piano keys and hasnt been a part of the construction of pianos for a long time. They arent worth much, but you may be able to sell them to piano technicians who will use them as replacement parts for other pianos with ivory keys.

Dont expect to get a lot for them, and dont assume your piano keys are ivory.

Unless you have a piano as an heirloom from many years ago, chances are the keys are NOT ivory.

Donate Your Piano To A Local Charity Or Church

Free Piano in Tumwater, Washington: Lester Upright

If youre not interested in selling your piano you could always just give it away. There are plenty of local charities, churches, and schools in the community that would be willing to accept your instrument.

The good news is that if you donate the piano youll be doing a great service to a group of people who really need it. In most cases, you can expect that theyll take great care of the instrument and make good use of it.

Donating a piano is also a tax write off, so this can help in that regard too.

In addition to donating locally, there are many national organizations that will accept your instrument. Consider working with hospitals, senior living communities, colleges, and even local piano studios to see if you can fill a need.

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Where To Donate A Piano Conclusion

If you do have to donate your piano, then there are plenty of options. And, at least someone will get the benefit from it. It is a good way of allowing your piano to find a new lease of life and be of value. Donating your piano is a great way of making sure someone will benefit.

Until next time, let the music play.

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How To Donate A Piano & Change A Life

Do you have a piano that is sitting in your garage or a spare room that you no longer want but you are not sure how to get rid of it?

There could be multiple reasons as to why you dont want to keep the piano maybe you dont want to put the effort into restoring it and bringing it back to life or you flat out just dont want it. It is also common to have an older piano in the home and upgrade to a new one, but what to do with the old one?

Regardless, there are options in how to get rid of a piano that no longer fits your needs.

The answer is to donate your piano.

Donating your old piano is an amazing way to give back to a community, making music available to schools, kids, and families that otherwise wouldnt be able to afford an instrument.

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Assessing A Piano For Donation

Every nonprofit, charity, church or school is going to have different criteria for piano donations. Although we cant go into all of them in this article, we can give you a pretty good idea of whether contacting potential recipients would be a good idea or a waste of time.

Here are things to consider about a piano when deciding between donating or recycling:

  • All keys work and dont get stuck. You might be able to still donate your piano if only a few keys stick, but it depends on whether or not a nonprofit is willing or has the funds to repair it.
  • Its mostly in tune. Tuning a piano is part of regular maintenance. An out-of-tune piano is probably not going to make people shy away from your donation. But make sure you let them know if your piano is more out of tune than it is in tune.
  • It has no major damage. A few small scratches and some wear-and-tear is to be expected. But if your piano has a broken leg, a cracked key cover, chipped keys or anything similar to this, it might not be accepted for donation.

Old piano no longer music to your ears? BOOK ONLINE

How To Get Rid Of A Piano With 1

I Give You My Heart -Reuben Morgan (Key of G)//EASY Piano Tutorial

Thankfully, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers a quick and convenient way to handle your piano removal and disposal. We will take great care in ensuring your piano is disposed of properly.

No matter what, our friendly, uniformed Truck Team Members will happily take a look at your piano onsite and let you know what your best disposal options are.

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Model Style And Serial Number Of The Piano

The last thing they will want to know is the name of the manufacturer. If the piano has a stylized name as a descriptor, that will help. And if you can still read the serial number. However, if the piano is a very old model, then the serial number may have worn off.

Furthermore, some of that information may not be available if its very old. But, what the recipient wants to know is what sort of piano it is. Use a brief description of the model style and size. Anyone considering accepting the piano will want to know this information before they agree to take it.

Usually, if the piano has vertical strings, then the piano is what we call upright. If the strings are horizontal, then it is a Grand Piano. But, be aware of the sizes it could be a baby grand or another smaller grand piano. These are physically much smaller than a full grand piano size.

Not Being Ungrateful

This is not these people being ungrateful in any way. They are going to be very pleased that you have offered them your piano.

But, repairs can be expensive if it needs extensive work. Transportation is also costly. And, of course, it will have to be tuned, which is time-consuming and also not cheap to have done properly. They just want to know that their expense is going to be justified, which is not unreasonable.

How Do I Donate Or Recycle A Piano

One way to dispose of an old piano is to donate it. However, the size of your piano and the condition that it is in plays a large role in whether or not an organizations will accept your donation.

There are many places that accept piano donations, including:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Afterschool programs.

Donating to many of these organizations may be tax-deductible. Of course, there may be organizations in your area that also accept pianos in need of repair.

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Piano Donation & Recycling : Tips & Tricks For Eco

Blog Home Eco-Friendly Living Piano Donation & Recycling 101: Tips & Tricks for Eco-Friendly Piano Disposal

When you first purchased your piano, the idea sounded like music to your ears. Whether you bought it for yourself with the hope to one day tickle the ivories like the next Mozart or your adult child left it behind when they flew the nest, the truth is that youre currently stuck with a very large, expensive dust collector and that is not a pretty sight for guests.

No one wants to see a piano go to the landfill. It just seems like a waste of a beautifully crafted instrument. Instead, when its time to get rid of your old piano for good, there are plenty of options for a completely safe donation and even piano recycling near you.

Read on for some helpful tips and tricks for donating or recycling your piano, and how to spread joy through the wonderful gift of music with our different piano recycling ideas.

  • Where Do I Find Piano Disposal Near Me?
  • Recreation Centers And Youth Clubs

    I Have A Schomacker Piano Possibly A Parlor Grand.(5

    Placing your piano in a community recreation center is likely to be more of a luxury than anything else. There may be some younger people who fancy having a little tinkle on it occasionally. But it may not be particularly serious.

    But you never know there may be a little Mozart there waiting to pop up and surprise everyone.

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    How Do You Dispose Of A Broken Piano

    Getting rid of your old piano is not as simple as throwing it into the trash. Pianos are large and made of materials that do not break down naturally in landfills.

    Heres how you can properly get rid of your old piano:

  • Determine is your broken piano is beyond repair – if it can be fixed, it may have more value being donated.
  • Check to see if your local trash or junk removal service, charities, and recycling facility accepts pianos or offers piano disposal service.
  • Schedule a pickup time with piano movers.
  • Clear a path for the piano movers to carry the instrument through.
  • Moving a piano is more than a one-person job. Your best option is to hire professionals who have the tools to handle it for you.

    Welcome To The Best Piano Donation Program In The Usa

    Society of Unique Artists is the originator of the nationwide piano donation program, which was established in 2004. As the innovator of this service, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality service to our donors!

    Our piano donation program has been featured in The Washington Post, and although it is now very often imitated, no one can duplicate our integrity, our ethical standards, and how highly we truly value each and everyone of our donors!

    We accept piano donations from the public in all 50 states. In general , pianos should not be older than 30 years. Please feel free to submit any piano for consideration.

    We are a reliable and expedient source to rid yourself of your unwanted piano. We provide a seamless experience by arranging to have your piano picked-up and removed free, and at no charge to you.

    Since we are a duly registered 501 non-profit organization, you will receive documentation of your piano donation for your tax records.

    We are grateful for your support! Your piano donation assists us in continuing to further our non-profit mission of promoting unique artists and art forms.

    Piano Donation FAQs


    SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY Please only submit if you intend to follow through with your piano donation to SUA.

    Because the donation process involves various people and their time, we require that donors hold their pianos for 7 days after submitting the piano donation form.

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    How Much Is A Music Organ Worth

    A used pipe organ can be moved to a new home for as little as $30,000.00, while a brand new instrument for a major church or concert hall can cost millions of dollars. A pipe organ for a church with 50 to 250 members can cost up to 850,000.00 dollars.

    A Wurlitzer organ works by using air pressure to apply pressure to the pipes, which causes the air to flow in a controlled manner. A barrel organ is a type of mechanical organ that employs a series of barrels with pins that are used to play music. Organ, an electronic music duo from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, performs under the stage name Organ. It was a type of pipe organ popular from the 1800s to the 1900s and was known as a Wurlitzer band organ. On average, the value of a pump organ ranges between $50 and $200, depending on the age and condition of the organ. An organ from the 18th century fetched more than $1 million at auction.

    Given how much more expensive it is to keep and operate a large upright piano , its no surprise that it can be quite pricey. A 40-year-old full-size Steinway piano could sell for between $1,000 and $15,000, while a brand-new Steinway grand piano could sell for up to $60,000. Similarly, Steinway & Sons pianos that are five to ten years old typically sell for around 80% of their shell value, while pianos that are ten to twenty years old may sell for 60-70% of their original value. A piano that is no longer than 20 years old is typically worth 50% of its original value.

    Where To Donate Flute

    I Give You My Heart – Hillsong Worship Piano Instrumental Cover (Female Key) by GershonRebong

    There are a few places to donate a flute. One option is to donate to a local music school or program. Another option is to donate to a national organization such as the National Flute Association. Finally, you could also sell your flute and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

    Music for our music library is not accepted as donation. If you have an instrument that has fallen into a heap and is collecting dust, donating it to a worthy cause is one of the best ways to use it again . Other organizations that could benefit from a donation include theaters, nursing homes, youth groups, and religious groups. Instruments in the Cloud is a platform that connects supporters directly with music classrooms via online donations. The Pianos for Education organization accepts piano donations from all 50 states as part of its monetary donation policy. Ferrees Tools is always looking for used instruments to aid in the research and development of new musical instrument tools.

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    Habitat For Humanity Piano Donation

    Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families in need of housing. One way they do this is by accepting piano donations. If you have a piano that you no longer need or want, you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity. They will then either sell the piano or use it in one of their homes. This is a great way to get rid of an unused piano and help a family in need at the same time.

    The Tuning Of The Keys

    Lets return to the pitches when you play a key. As I have said, you can use a portable tuner or a smartphone. As you play the key, the pitch, or note, should be close to where it should be. If the pitch is slightly adrift of where it needs to be, that is a simple tuning issue. That is not a concern.

    When it is moved, it will detune anyway, so there is no point tuning a piano before any moving takes place.

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    Free Pianos On Piano Adoption

    Piano Adoption is the first and largest free piano classified website! We are a free site where you can find a home for your unused free piano, free digital pianos, and free electric keyboards. Give the gift of music to a family in search of a free piano or an institution such as a church, school or retirement home in need of a free piano, digital piano, or keyboard. For every piano that is unwanted or no longer used, there may be dozens of potential recipients in your area looking for a free piano. Piano Adoption is dedicated to finding a new home for all serviceable, free pianos before they end up disposed of in the local landfill.

    We are now WORLDWIDE and accept Wanted ads!

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