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How I Repurposed an Old Piano

If youve determined your piano is in good working condition and is acceptable for donation, thats awesome! Now youre faced with the question about where to donate it.

For pianos that pass the above checklist with flying colors, congratulations! Your piano is fit to donate to a large variety of organizations, including:

  • Recreation Centers

However, if your pianos condition is a bit sub-par, your donation options are going to be more limited. Its more than likely that youll be able to donate your piano to a program that will sell it as-is or for parts, and then use that money to help support their cause. Thats still great!

There are some third-party organizations and projects that match pianos with nonprofits. This is a simple way to unload your unwanted piano. Going through a third-party might make donating your piano a little bit easier. Third-party piano donation projects have a lot of connections and resources that everyday people probably dont have access to.

Some good third-party piano donation organizations include:

  • The Salvation Army Piano Donation

Many of these programs will pick up your piano for free if it meets their requirements. Make sure that you are honest in your evaluation, though, because many companies will charge you for their trip if they arrive and find they are unable to accept your donation after all.

What Can You Salvage From An Old Piano

There are a few things you can do with an old piano. One is to salvage the wood, which can be used for a variety of things like flooring, paneling, or even creating new furniture. The metal components can also be recycled, and the ivory keys can be sold to a collector. Finally, the piano can be dismantled and used as a source of parts for other musical instruments.

The art of building and maintaining a piano necessitates extensive training and care. A large piano can be difficult to move because few people want to deal with it. Pianos can also be listed for sale through Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, and any other classified site where your local listings are available. The vast majority of old pianos are generic, out of tune, and in need of repair. It is unlikely that you will be able to sell an old upright piano for more than a few hundred dollars. If you have a fairly old piano that no longer fits, its as simple as donating it. If you have a piano, you can sell it on free community swap sites such as Freecycle or Bunz.

Ten Amazing Ways To Reuse Repurpose And Recycle Pianos

One thing you will not know about me is that I love playing the piano. One day in a bar I just started tinkering with one and suddenly it was like I understood how to play it! Sadly I could never in a million years afford to get my own one, I did think about getting an old one once and renovating it. But it seems people have other uses for their old pianos

Piano Turned into PC case

10 A note left for a pianist from his wife: Gone Chopin, have Liszt, Bach in a Minuet.

This is got to be one of the Worlds craziest PC case mods EVER! But also kind of amazing as well! With 3 screens and all the wires being internal, this is not as crazy as it first seems.

Piano Turned into a drinks cabinet

9 Why was the piano invented? So the pianist would have a place to put his beer.

It seems that an increasing idea that old pianist uses to hide their growing drink problem is to hide it inside an old piano! And it has to be said that it is not a bad idea at all.

Piano Turned into book-case

8 Why did the pianist keep banging his head against the keys? He was playing by ear.

While it is not the best idea, and certainly not the hardest to replicate, the idea of turning an old piano into a bookcase is one that quite a few people seem to do.

Piano Turned into a bookshelf

7 Why are pianists fingers like lightning? They rarely strike the same place twice.

Piano Turned into an aquarium

6 What do you call a fish that is a pianist? A piano tuna.

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Call Your Local Piano Technician

Piano tuners are experts when it comes to repairing and regulating instruments. Believe it or not, most piano tuners are accomplished players themselves.

It may be worth letting them know that you are making your instrument available for sale to gauge their interest. When dealing with a tuner, youre more likely to get a fair price for the piano because theyll have a good idea of what its true value is.

Piano technicians will be able to inspect the instrument thoroughly as well, so its much easier to sell it to them than you would someone else. Even if your piano has a lot of issues, a technicians mindset is all about fixing it up anyway.

Where Can I Donate An Old Piano Uk

Piano/liquor stand. Shabby chic style white upright piano

The majority of music groups are run by local non-profit organizations such as school music departments, youth clubs, nursing homes, charities, and churches. If none of these organizations can provide you with a piano, you can instead donate it to those in your area who may need it.

It has been discovered that moving house customers are unable to transport large items without the assistance of Kitsons Transport Ltds removal team. There are many pianos in this category because they take up a lot of space. Music instruments, such as pianos, are accepted by a number of organizations and individuals.

If youre looking to sell your piano, you should contact the experts at Bonners. Were the UKs largest and best piano store, and well make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. We not only offer a large selection of pianos for you to select from, but we also provide a hassle-free return policy in case you are not completely satisfied. To put it another way, if youre looking to buy or sell a piano, you should contact Bonners.

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Piano As Display Table

Rainbow Guys DIY set the stage with this piano, which was converted into a table.

Shortly after buying their home, Marchini and his husband, Lance, succumbed to the nostalgia of playing the instrument as kids and bought a $12 piano at a discount reuse store. Two years passed, and the piano sat unused in their home. Thats unfortunately the fate of a lot of pianos, Marchini says. People get them maybe when their kids are younger and learning, or life takes over and youre too busy to play as often as you want.

The couple decided to sustainably refurbish the piano into something more practical: A large plant and display table, complete with grow lights and a glass top over the keys to highlight its musical past. Marchini, who has since posted a how-we-did-it video on their Rainbow Guys DIY channel, recommends having a thorough game plan from the start, flushing out details, like desired colors, before you make your first cut. If you want to keep the original finish, for example, youll need to be more careful when youre deconstructing the piano to not scratch it up too much or break something, Marchini says.

He cautions that certain pieces are more difficult or potentially dangerous to remove, like the soundboard and strings . Taking safety precautions and wearing goggles is vital.

An Upright Piano Desk Conversion

Instead of buying a computer desk that looks out-of-date as soon as you buy it, you can make a unique desk out of a piano. An upright piano is a perfect shape and size to become a desk. The height is perfect, and it already has a place for your legs.

Home Talk posted an example on Pinterest of a piano-turned-computer-desk. They left the strings in place to add interest and replaced the key block with a smooth workspace. You can also add shelves, cubbies, and other extras to make the design your own. This desk looks amazing, and the conversion requires very few steps.

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Where Can I Donate An Old Piano

If you are one of those people asking yourself the question where can I give away a piano, you have quite a few options. In the first instance, its worth asking closer and extended family, friends and neighbours if anyone among them or their friends happens to be looking for an instrument. If a volunteer doesnt come forward, you can still donate the equipment to charity. Various organisations, schools or centres may be able to provide a new home for an old upright or grand piano.

Standing Piano Head Board

What to do with your old upright piano.

Is your piano in rather rough shape, with no many pieces that are actually salvageable? Theres still hope! Morgan Cafe suggests using just the wooden frame from the standing back to create a beautifully decorative headboard that will give your room a unique, musical quality, even though the piano doesnt play anymore.

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Pianos For Education Donation

Pianos for Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical instruments and instruction to underprivileged children. We believe that music education is a fundamental right, and that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and play music. We accept donations of new and gently used pianos, as well as financial contributions to help with our mission. If you have a piano that you would like to donate, or if you would like to make a financial contribution, please visit our website or contact us at

Piano Removal And Disposal

Pianos are wonderful to have in your home. But what happens when they no longer work or you no longer have the space? Getting rid of a piano on your own can be quite difficult, especially if you dont have a truck. Even smaller pianos and keyboards can be tricky to move on your own. If you can manage to get it loaded up, theres the matter of figuring out where to take it for disposal, as a piano cant simply be thrown in the garbage.

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Contact Universal Piano Services Today

Contact Universal Piano Services today to learn more about our piano disposal services. With our years of experience removing and disposing pianos of all styles in all types of home situations, you can be confident that we can get the job done quickly and affordably without damaging your home or property.

For reliable, affordable piano disposal in Toronto, there is no better choice than Universal.

Donate A Piano To Goodwill


Donating a piano to Goodwill is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need. Goodwill is a non-profit organization that provides job training and placement services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. By donating a piano, you are helping Goodwill provide these services to more people in need.

Keys 4/4 Kids accepts all pianos worth less than $1,000. The 88 Keys Foundation assists people in the Sacramento area in arranging for donations. Although there is an online Clearinghouse for pianos, the pianos listed on Pianoadoption.com have not been thoroughly tested. There is a chance that artists will accept instruments for their sculptures and designs. Keys connects schools with donors for used pianos, making it easier to find new homes for the instrument. Her network of piano acquaintances provides funds for the move, as well as technicians who donate basic repairs. The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in western Michigan is open for donations, according to the camp.

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Piano Diy: 13 Ways To Upcycle An Old Piano

Everyone loves a piano. They’re beautiful works of art true conversation pieces.

We love them so much, that we’ve got three of them right now at Bunch Auctions coming up in our June regular auction and Catalog. If you decide to place a bid on this gorgeous Steinway or one of our others, remember not to leave your old piano in the dust.

No one ever wants to throw out their old piano, even when it has become non-functional. Instead of kicking it to the curb, teach that old piano some new tunes. Let these 13 innovative designs spark an idea of how to convert your retired music-maker into a one of a kind decor showpiece.

1. Piano Desk

Repurposed Piano Mini Bar

Have you been looking for a mini bar idea for your patio or poolside thats a little more unique than what youll find in stores? Little Things suggests using a standing piano! Because youll be hollowing it out and removing the strings and keys, its best to use one thats damaged internally and can no longer play music.

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An Antique Upright Becomes A Wine Bar

Setting a drink on a working piano can be a recipe for disaster. No one plans to spill a drink over the keys, but it happens. Its especially possible when you play Easy Music Sonata Piano Sheet Music from Beethoven with a drink nearby. For arpeggios, youve got to use your elbows!

However, after a piano has seen better days, it may be time for it to hold your drinks.

There are many different styles for making a piano bar. Some put a criss-cross wine section where the strings used to be, while others use that space for glasses.

Carhartt DIY takes apart an upright piano and cuts the upper panel in half to make doors. Open the doors, and inside you have a mini-bar with drink stands and a workspace. Instead of keys, this piano bar has a chopping block that slides out. The lower panel stores your favorite drinks.

On the outside, this bar still looks like your average piano. However, this transformed piece of furniture is full of surprises.

There Are So Many Ways To Upcycle An Old Piano

I save this old out of tune upright piano from being thrown away

Ive done so many different pieces of furniture with old pianos. Upcycled pianos are a great way to make use of something that is past its useful life with its original purpose. Im sharing some of my work in this blog series, so that perhaps youll get some inspiration. If youre in my area , feel free to commission me to do the work for you. I wont lie, its very labor intensive to completely gut a piano, so study up and be ready, or hire out the work to an expert.

In this post, Im sharing a kitchen island/bar that I did a couple of years ago. This works well for console and spinet height pianos. This option does not work for really tall uprights because you need breakfast bar height in order to make a counter top.

When taking a piano apart, make sure you consult a professional first, or even better, have a professional do it. Pianos are very complicated, heavy, and carry tons of string tension.

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Make A Crafty Workbench From A Piano

If you love crafts and DIY projects, this piano workbench is right up your alley. You can bring your crafts indoors without having to look at a corner full of drills, nails, saws, and other tools. Instead, hide all those tools away in an antique piano.

You can gut the old music parts and fill the piano with tools and equipment. Add a pegboard to hang your screwdrivers and hammers at the back of the upper cabinet. Then, replace the keys with a worktop. Instructables.com walks you through the process step by step.

This workbench is perfect if you dont have a workshop or garage to house your tools. On the inside of the piano, you have a proper workbench. However, when you close it back up, it looks like you have a classy piano in your living room. Now thats crafty!

Make A Bookshelf Out Of A Grand Piano

A grand piano has an iconic shape. If you have an old piano that no longer plays, its a shame to let that beautiful wood go to waste!

Keep in mind that grand pianos can measure over seven feet long. So, you might want to measure your wall space before you get to work. Baby grands are slightly over four feet long and may be easier to fit onto a wall.

To make a bookshelf from a piano, take the legs off the grand piano and gut the interior. Add shelves to the interior, and voila!

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Hanging Grand Piano Shelving And Wine Rack

Are the frame and keys of your old baby gran piano still in good shape, but the inner workings are whats damaged? You can still used the outer pieces! Take a look at home Home Jelly turned the piano on its side and built a shelving unit with circular cubbies for wine bottles inside.

Piano Donation & Recycling : Tips & Tricks For Eco

Repurposed old pianos are worthy home décor items for minimalists

Blog Home Eco-Friendly Living Piano Donation & Recycling 101: Tips & Tricks for Eco-Friendly Piano Disposal

When you first purchased your piano, the idea sounded like music to your ears. Whether you bought it for yourself with the hope to one day tickle the ivories like the next Mozart or your adult child left it behind when they flew the nest, the truth is that youre currently stuck with a very large, expensive dust collector and that is not a pretty sight for guests.

No one wants to see a piano go to the landfill. It just seems like a waste of a beautifully crafted instrument. Instead, when its time to get rid of your old piano for good, there are plenty of options for a completely safe donation and even piano recycling near you.

Read on for some helpful tips and tricks for donating or recycling your piano, and how to spread joy through the wonderful gift of music with our different piano recycling ideas.

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