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You Start To Feel You Can Depend On Him

Jake 25.17 – What Falling In Love Feels Like (Piano Tutorial)

Wondering what falling in love feels like? Youll start to feel like you can depend on this man to follow through with his promises, show up when he says he will, and do what he says hes going to do. This can be a great thing that helps build trust between you.

However, make sure you dont become too dependent on any man because this quickly turns into codependence, leading to a toxic, unhealthy relationship. Maintain your independence, nurture your friendships, build your career, pursue your hobbies and interests, and dont stop doing these things once you find a man.

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What Falling In Love Feels Like

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Maybe youve been in love before, and perhaps you havent. But have you ever wondered what falling in love feels like? What if all the times you think youve been in love, werent love at all, and were no more than infatuation? What if youve fallen in love with a guy, perhaps a best friend, but you didnt realize it was love at the time *facepalm*?

Scientists have found that the brain of a person falling in love looks totally different from the brain of a person who is only experiencing lust or someone in a long-term committed relationship. There are a ton of happy hormones flooding your body, and everything feels exciting, all-consuming, and magical. This means that the infectious in love phase we all know and cant get enough of is wildly unique.

Theres a good chance youve experienced some of the signs of falling in love before. Perhaps not being able to get your crush out of your head, daydreaming about eloping to Hawaii with him and what he looks like sans shirt. But these are just a few of the many signs youre falling in love with someone.

Although falling in love will look slightly different for everyone, some common signs can help you figure out if its the real deal or just lust on steroids.

He Is Always On Your Mind

Did you know that according to a 2012 study of men and women in love, they think about the person they love for around 65% of the time theyre awake?! Thats more than two-thirds of your time. Does that feel borderline stalkerish/obsessive? Not gonna lie to you it kinda is.

Is he always on your mind? This is what falling in love feels like for a woman. And if youre at this stage, youve probably reached what I call Little Love Step #5, where one guy is standing out from the crowd, and youre starting to think hes worth exclusivity.

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Incredible This Is What Falling In Love Feels Like Piano Sheet Music Jvke 2022

Incredible This Is What Falling In Love Feels Like Piano Sheet Music Jvke 2022. A quick marimba or vibraphone arrangement of what falling in love feels like. What falling in love feels like:

The catchy track makes for a wonderful piano cover! b d#7 f#7 em6 em6/9 bmaj7 cdim7 feel like sun, on my skin c#m7 so this is love em6/f# i know it is bmaj7 i know it sounds super cliché b7 but you make me feel some type of way c#m7 em6 this is falling, falling in love bmaj7 cdim7 c#m c#dim bmaj7 i got a lot on my mind cdim7 got some more on. This is what falling in love feels like piano.


Please use privacy settings carefully so that any photos or video you take or share with others does not fall into breach of the law. Of course, certain portions may need to be raised or lowered by an octave according to the instrument.

Source: musescore.com

His 2021 single this is what falling in love feels like might. This is what falling in love feels like piano.

Source: www.sheetmusicnow.com

If you still want to place an upload, you may make the file an mp3 file. Playing what falling in love feels like sheet music on piano

Source: www.sheetmusicnow.com

b d#7 f#7 em6 em6/9 bmaj7 cdim7 feel like sun, on my skin c#m7 so this is love em6/f# i know it is bmaj7 i know it sounds super cliché b7 but you make me feel some type of way c#m7 em6 this is falling, falling in love bmaj7 cdim7 c#m c#dim bmaj7 i got a lot on my mind cdim7 got some more on. This is what falling in love feels like.

You Want To See Him 24/7

Stream [Piano cover] What falling in love feels like

As human beings, when we enjoy spending time with someone, the reward system in our brain will make us want to see them more. It wont be long before you find yourself craving them like the best Philly cheesesteak in town.

Youll start thinking of ways to be nearer and feel closer to him. For example, lets say he is really into rock climbing. Youre indifferent to it, or maybe you actually can think of nothing worse than scaling a fake wall with fake rocks for fun in what seems to be a slightly larger version of your old high school gym. Yet, you find yourself there on a Wednesday evening, turning down drinks with the girls so you can climb this fake wall with him. Or maybe hes not even there, and you spontaneously book yourself onto a crash rock climbing course because it helps you feel closer to him by proxy. Although that sounds insane, it happens more than you think it does. Love can make us do crazy things.

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I Guess ‘this Is What Falling In Love Feels Like’ By Jvke

TikTok’s Viral Sensation, JVKE continuing to explode with his song “this is what falling in love feels like” being used over 106k times on the platform. Under AWAL’s licensing and being released on September 3, 2021, “this is what falling in love feels like” proves to demonstrate how viral TikTok’s platform contributes to the success of songs.


The intro starts with beautiful strings of violins. With birds being heard in the background while violins are being played, it gives a euphoric dream state. Large crashes from the MIDI keyboard begin to start this euphoric dream and the sudden rush of falling in love. Mixed in with the sudden change in tempo and piano keys in staccato, this emphasizes the complete joy one feels when meeting someone almost to a skip down a sidewalk type of feeling. The vocal layering adds to the grandeur feeling of infatuation and the possibility that someone could change your entire life. Again, the continued use of violin mixed with a sampling of birds and the whistle sounds in the outro provides dexterity and depth into the song. Given this, on the Intersect Magazine Scale of 1-10 for sound, “this is what falling in love feels like” receives a 8.4/10.


As with most romantics, JVKE highlights really how someone does feel during the beginning stages of falling in love. From an overjoyed view on life to the cheesy, goofiness a significant other gives, we can relate to how he feels.


Youre Dreaming Of A Future With Him

What does it feel like when you fall in love?

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You are dreaming of a future with him. An article by Harvard University suggests that when serotonin levels in the body begin to return to normal levels , oxytocin increases, which is the hormone associated with forming more serious relationships. So it makes sense why a woman falling in love will look for ways to be closer to the man shes seeing. Maybe you indulge in the odd fantasy of you cracking up at his hilarious joke on the back of his Vespa as you both explore the cobbled streets of Rome and devour generous bowls of Mamas homemade pasta pesto.

But remember, before you get too carried away imagining what your future kids will look like, make sure you sit down and define the relationship .

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You Have Fun With Him

The car got a flat tire on the way to your friends 30th birthday party, so you start playing Ive never while you wait for AAA . It starts pouring with rain in the city, and then a bus rams round the corner and splashes you with a great big dirty puddle of water, and you burst out laughing and spontaneously go shopping for new outfits. Youre drunk outside a club at the end of the night, and you cant find an Uber , so you decide to go grab breakfast at a diner and watch the sun come up.

It doesnt matter what happens or how mundane of a task youre doing you always manage to have fun together. This is what falling in love feels like.

But Its Not Long Before You Feel Secure

Jake 25.17 – What Falling In Love Feels Like | Piano Tutorial

The longer youve been dating a guy, and the more consistent he has been, the easier it is to start trusting and feeling secure with him.

Falling in love feels like this:

  • Youre not watching the clock waiting for him to text you back
  • Youre not worried that he might sleep with someone else while hes away with the guys on a stag weekend
  • Double texting is no longer something you care about

In the early stages of a relationship, everything is new and uncertain, and youre worrying and overthinking small details like text messages. But as you fall deeper in love, all those things become so low-key and irrelevant. Youre confident that he will text you back and not ghost. You feel secure enough to act naturally without scaring him away. And even though you may not have gone exclusive with your relationships yet, you know him well enough to know that hes not cheating on you in Vegas with a stripper. Hell, he could do that without leaving his house and save himself the plane ticket and hangover .

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You Feel More Love For Everyone

When youre falling in love, you wont just have a ton of love for each other that love will overflow into the rest of your life. Oxytocin, aka the love drug, will force your heart open and make you feel more connected to everyone and everything.

Youll buy that homeless guy a coffee on your way to work, youll smile at strangers youd usually be too busy to notice, and things that would usually put you in a funk aint no big thing at all.

Youre like a brand new woman. Your friends might even ask you, who are you, and what have you done with Betty?

Youre More Focused On The Positives Than The Negatives

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, if youre falling deeply in love with someone, your reality can become a little warped, leaving you with a slightly skewed view of them. In addition, relationships where partners idealize one another are usually more successful.

Before you know it, youve turned into Positive Polly. If it feels like he can do no wrong, he is a heaven-sent angel who is perfect in every sense of the word even when he wears socks with sandals, you still think hes sexyyoure probably falling in love.

This can be dangerous because sometimes you may see what you want to see rather than whats actually in front of you. So make sure you keep your eyes open and watch out for blatant red flags. And remember, we all have flaws. There will be traits and quirks he has that will eventually drive you bananas its just a case of deciding whether its forgivable or unforgivable .

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But Then Cuddles Become More Important

After the desire to jump each others bones wears off , the emotional union will take over, and by that, I mean cuddles.

A 2002 study by Fisher found that 64% of people in love disagree that sex is the most important part of their relationship with their partner. You see, even though the world seems fascinated by sex and orgasms and acts as though its the ultimate prize when all is said and done, you cant beat a Sunday night snuggled up on the sofa with someone you adore. You just cant. And once the honeymoon sex wears off and you move to the next level of your relationship, youll understand what Im talking about. Its not that youre not excited to get down anymore its just that there are now other things that mean more to you.

Everything Feels Unsteady At First

Love Couple Kiss Kissing Hug Piano

A 2017 article in the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology found that when people in love are shown pictures of their loved ones, the brain activates in the same regions that trigger when a drug addict takes a hit. In other words, being in love can be compared to a form of addiction, which means the thought of it being snatched away from you can lead to someone experiencing withdrawal or relapse. Researchers in the 2010 Journal of Neurophysiology also found that brain activation areas involved in cocaine addiction can explain how people in love become obsessive when theyre rejected.

This rings true when you think about how falling in love feels. Its a rollercoaster of different emotions from euphoria, to energy, infatuation, anxiety, panic, racing hearts, and nervousness. One kiss can soar you straight to the moon, while a late response to your text can thud you straight back down to earth.

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You Feel A Lot Of Empathy Toward Him

Falling in love with a man can increase your empathy towards him. This was proven in a study where scientists found mirror neurons were more active in people in a loving, long-term relationship.

When he is going through something painful, you feel his pain like its your own. Yes, even when you laugh out loud when he stubs his toe for the fourteenth time, deep down, you still feel bad for the guy. Youre willing to make sacrifices for him . You want him to be happy the same way you want to be happy yourself. Life is no longer just about you and your needs youre focused on his too.

Your Ex Is So Far Out Of The Picture

Maybe after your last breakup, you were shocked, hurt, and feeling oh-so-crappy about yourself. You couldnt get him out of your mind. Youd drunk text him constantly, and you even made a fake Insta account so that you could stalk him guilt-free.

If you went through a bad breakup, you know youre falling in love when your ex is so far out of the picture that you cant even remember the last time you thought about him. And if for some reason, he does resurface in your life, youre unphased by it. You dont get mad or sad, or confused. You just think, whatevs, Im off to yogalates, and Brodys taking me to that vegan restaurant for dinner afterward that you never wanted to eat at, peace out, motherf*cker.

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You Feel Safe With Him

Dont get me wrong youre a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself. You dont need a man to take care of you. But you feel an attachment to this guy where your whole body feels safe and secure. The ground beneath you feels steady you feel like this bubble is a safe space to be your authentic self and be vulnerable with how you feel without getting hurt. And this is one of the best feelings in the world.

You Feel Like He Is A Rare One

JVKE – this is what falling in love feels like (Piano tutorial)

A 2017 article in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that when youre falling in love, there are elevated dopamine levels in your brain, and this chemical affects your attention and focus. This is why you start to think this man is a purple unicorn with a rainbow horn. You feel like youve never met anyone so handsome, so sexy, so smart, so wonderful, so sophisticated, so cool because your brain is preventing you from even noticing anyone else. Geroge Clooney could stroll right by you as youre shopping for organic peanut butter in Whole Foods, and you wouldnt even know. Gutted, right?

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