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We Don’t Talk About Bruno (from Encanto) – Piano Tutorial

You can always use chopsticks. If I wouldnt advocate learning Chopsticks when it is the sole musical genre for which people lack advanced knowledge, which is what any music teacher would do?? ? Simply learn how to play by keeping two fingers between each thumb, and youll be proficient in just a few minutes.

Lang Lang Instantly Fell In Love With We Dont Talk About Bruno

Lang Lang instantly fell in love with Lin-Manuel Mirandas popular song We Dont Talk About Bruno on first hearing it last year and his wife, Gina Alice, discovered there was another Encanto fan in the family. He recalled, Our one-and-a-half-year-old son loves Disney. Gina played We Dont Talk About Bruno and danced a tango with him he was so happy!

The new virtuosic arrangement of We Dont Talk About Bruno was written by the American composer, pianist, saxophonist, arranger and four-time Grammy-winner Gordon Goodwin who began his career as a musician at Disneyland in California.

We Dont Talk About Bruno Piano Tutorial Notes Sheet Music

This song from Disney s 2021 film Encanto was a great success, as it became the best-selling Disney song since Frozens Let it go and the first Disney song to hit the Number 1 spot in the UK Charts. The composer is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The song features members of the Madrigal family . The family explains to little Mirabel why she should not mention Brunos name. The music draws on elements from both latin and pop / hip hop music. Its not performed by a single singer, but the song is rather a dialogue between the leading characters. In the end, they all sing-along together in a polyphonic climax thus confirming the name of the family: Madrigal, which as a musical term that refers to a polyphonic song that flourished during the Renaissance.

On this page you can find two Piano Tutorial Videos, one which is easy and another one, simplified and easier, in lower tempo.


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We Don’t Talk About Bruno

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The smash hit from Disney’s Encanto presented in piano/vocal format.

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Playing How To Play We Dont Talk About Bruno On Piano

We Don

Try it for yourself! Youll need a friend to play with, or you can record yourself and play along with the recording. Itll help if you have a copy of the We Dont Talk About Bruno sheet music to look at, which can be purchased here. The first player starts playing the song alone. Then, when the first player reaches measure 11, which is the second time the lyrics say, We dont talk about Bruno, the second player joins in, playing from the beginning. At first the refrain, We dont talk about Bruno will be the same, but then the solos start and youll have two different parts that sound good together. Itll be tricky to put the parts together, so make sure youre really comfortable playing the whole song by yourself first.

Have fun not talking about Bruno. We know you wont be able to keep yourself from singing about him.

Happy playing!

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Are You Interested In How To Play We Dont Talk About Bruno On Piano Try This Easy We Dont Talk About Bruno Piano Tutorial Video & Sheet Music Available

We are so excited to share this easy piano tutorial for We Dont Talk About Bruno from Disneys Encanto. We loved all the music from this movie so much it was hard to pick which song to make a tutorial for at first, but since We Dont Talk About Bruno is just about the most popular song in the world right now it became the obvious choice!

So who wrote this amazing song? The composers name is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He grew up in New York City and started acting, singing, and writing musicals when he was in high school. The first time he wrote songs for a Disney film was when he worked on Moana at the same time he was writing his hit musical Hamilton. Encanto is his latest animated musical with Disney, and he says he never expected We Dont Talk About Bruno to be such a huge success.

Lin-Manuel Mirandas kids were the first ones to notice how catchy the tune for Bruno was. They overheard him working on it and were always singing it around the house. Miranda had to tell them they werent allowed to sing it at school until after the movie was released. Now, everyone is singing it!

The Disney Book Traces The History Of Music In Disney Films

Lang Langs new album The Disney Book, released on 16 September 2022, traces the history of music in Disney films from the 1920s to the present day. This enchanting musical journey features new versions of songs from Pinocchio and The Jungle Book to Frozen and Aladdin, reimagined for solo piano or piano and full orchestra especially for him by some of the worlds top arrangers. Lang Lang explained, These new versions were virtually composed into my fingers I wanted something really artistic and pianistic.

The Disney Book features star guests including Andrea Bocelli, Jon Batiste, Sebasti√°n Yatra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Robert Ziegler.

Similar to his hugely successful 2019 album Piano Book, a collection of Lang Langs favourite pieces as a child which he hoped would motivate young musicians, The Disney Book aims to inspire people of all ages to explore classical music.

Lang Lang noted, There is such a variety of styles in Disney songs there is truly something to inspire everyone. I hope that people of all ages will enjoy this recording and experience the joy that we all felt the first time we saw a Disney film.

Superstar pianist Lang Lang has sold millions of albums around the world, topping classical charts and achieving simultaneous mainstream success. As a pianist, educator and philanthropist he has become one of the worlds most influential and committed ambassadors for the arts in the 21st century.

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