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Which Yamaha Upright Model Should I Pick

Yamaha Piano Prices: New and Used Yamaha U1 Acoustic Upright Piano Price

If you are considering buying a Yamaha piano, the number of models offered by the manufacturer may be overwhelming. When buying a piano, it is worth using the professional help of the store offering these instruments, or at least the piano tuning technician, so the child enjoys playing the piano for many years. One of the most popular models of Yamaha pianos are the U1 and U3. The first major difference between the two pianos is their height, the Yamaha U1 is 121 cm high and the Yamaha U3 is 131 cm high. You should discuss the other details that differentiate these pianos on the spot in a shop with a professional seller. Yamaha also offers several other pianos that are worth consideration. These are models from the B series: B1 with the height of 109 cm, B2 a little higher with the height of 113 cm, and B3 with 121 centimeters in height. What defines these instruments is the ability to use the silent module in these acoustic instruments. The silent system is an interesting option because after putting headphones on we can still enjoy playing the piano and stay in harmony with our neighbors, who will not complain about a loud piano playing neighbor. It is worth noting that the above-mentioned Yamaha pianos are most popular on the for many sellers.

Vintage & Used Pianos

As one of the countrys largest piano dealers, Schmitt Music maintains an impressive collection of vintage, rebuilt and used pianos. Pianos of all types, from the most basic starter piano to the highest-quality performance and hand-made art case pianos are regular features of our collection. Every vintage, rebuilt or used piano we sell has been structurally inspected and meets our demanding standards of condition and performance so you can buy with complete confidence. Schmitt Music has been serving both individual and institutional piano customers for 120 years and we continue to be committed to your total satisfaction.

Please contact us with questions or comments about our unique collection of vintage, rebuilt and used pianos. These outstanding instruments are for sale in our retail stores. Shop our current inventory here:

Used Piano Price Guide

Piano Blue Book your best friend! Used upright piano prices can vary considerably.

Some are free if there is a house clearance and the previous owners want to free up some space.

Used upright pianos can cost thousands of pounds for a vintage, well respected make in good condition. Just check out the beauty below

A realistic price $3,500.00- $4,500.00. Things that bump the price up include:

  • The pianos age.
  • The material of wood used.
  • The material of the keys.
  • The paint used.
  • The finish that is applied.

Plus, the condition of the used piano plays a big part in its pricing.

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What Does A Real Estate Tycoon Who Owned Laguardia Airports Land Tell Us About The Price Of A Steinway Piano

Introducing the legacy of Henry Steinway, where Pianos were for passion, NOT profit.

Steinway used to be primarily a real estate company, at least as far as money-making was concerned. You may be surprised to learn that Steinway owned much of Queens, including the land that LaGuardia airport currently sits on. Thats how they made their money.

Buying A Used Yamaha Grand Or Upright

Used Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Weve been selling second hand Yamaha grand and upright pianos for over 20 years. They are always little used, and the case and loops on the uprights are checked and repaired if necessary. Bass strings are also replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely regulate and tune them, and guarantee them for 5 years. To view our pianos for sale please view our stocklist.

Yamaha U1H Hammers

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Yamaha Popular Upright And Grand Pianos For Yamaha Beginners

When looking for a piano for a child who wants to try learning to play the piano, parents often look for Yamaha pianos. This is because very often children attending music schools play such instruments. Parents whose knowledge of the piano is limited only to the fact that it is a keyboard instrument that plays and presents nicely in the apartment, often taking shortcuts when making a choice when buying a piano for a child who is just starting to learn, they are choosing the Yamaha piano. Yamaha pianos are very well available on the market of new and used instruments offered by piano salons around the world, and the quality is often very satisfactory.

Steinway As The Sum Of Its Parts

Youre telling me that if one felt covering is a different brand, the entire piano is not a Steinway? An inch of felt is all it takes to undo the magic of your craftsmanship?

Thats really selling your brand short. Steinway used to be considered greater than the sum of its parts.

Screenshot from Official Steinway Site. :

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Rebuilders Care About Their Craft

In this section of their website, Steinway goes so far as to say that a Stein-Was is actually counterfeit. Something thats counterfeit is illegal. Counterfeiting is a crime. No wonder language like that engenders fear in customers.

But Steinway is using more than language. Its actually taking legal action! In a 2018 policy letter , Steinway threatened legal action against anyone using a Steinway decal on their piano if it doesnt have all 12,116 Steinway parts. This letter was addressed to all, including, private owners of Steinway pianos. In theory, Steinway can sue you for exchanging that one inch of felt on your piano.

Screenshot from Official Steinway Site. :

Screenshot from Official Steinway Site. :

So Why Buy A Used Yamaha

Yamaha CLP785 Digital Piano – The Complete Buyers Guide

All things considered, in my opinion, its just a smart move.Used Yamaha pianos, even when a couple of decades old, are still great pianos. If you purchase one that has been very well taken care of and or refurbished, a used Yamaha piano can be just as enjoyable to play as a new one. With the dramatically lower price tag of a used Yamaha as opposed to new, you can also get a lot more piano for your money. With a budget of $4,000-$5,000 and the intention of buying new, you would be entering Yamahas beginner B1 or B2 model indonesian made uprights , but when considering used, that same budget will often get you a professional series U1 or U3 upright. The same goes with their grand pianos. With a budget of $10,000 for a new Yamaha, you will be able to purchase their beginner model 5 Indonesian made GB1K model which, arguably is the best entry level grand for its price out there, but if you apply that same budget to used, youll often be able to find a Conservatory series C1 or a G3 model. Both of which are larger, and made in Japan.

At Seattle Piano Company we refurbish our Yamaha pianos very extensively with a high level of attention to detail in everything involved in the process. We back all of our pianos with a 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty, and provide the first in-home tuning for free. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and it shows in our pianos. If you have any questions , please feel free to give us a call. Wed love to hear from you.

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Buyer’s Guide For Yamaha Upright Pianos On Ebay

Yamaha began producing upright pianos in the year 1900 and has been making and selling pianos ever since. When you shop for a Yamaha upright piano on eBay, here is some information that you should keep in mind.

What should you know about buying a Yamaha upright piano?

If you are shopping for a used Yamaha upright piano, one primary factor to consider is its condition. Check the item description to find out if the Yamaha piano has had any repairs. If it is a vintage Yamaha upright piano, the item description will include any possible restorations, modifications, or alterations made to the piano. Examine the product images thoroughly for internal and external details.

Buying vintage Yamaha upright pianos on eBay

If you are shopping for a vintage Yamaha upright piano, you can find the year or time period you are looking for on eBay. There are many collector-quality antique and vintage Yamaha upright pianos available. You may want to filter by price, condition, or type of upright piano. If you want one that has been appraised by a certified Yamaha professional, check the item description for that information.

Choosing between the different types of Yamaha upright pianos

There are several different types of upright pianos by the Yamaha brand. Here are the main differences between each type to help you choose which is right for you:

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Yamaha.

Yamaha Silent System Pianos On Upright Pianos

Yamaha U1h with a practice pedal

We recommend buying an upright piano with a practice pedal rather than one with a Yamaha Silent system. This is because the touch on the Yamaha silent piano is compromised by the bar which comes between the hammers and the strings. As a result, the Let off, which is the distance from the strings which the hammer reaches before the player looses control of it, increases from 2-3mm on most good ordinary pianos to 6-9mm on silent pianos. We find this makes soft playing more difficult both in normal and silent mode, thereby reducing the range of expression, and also gives the action a choppy feel. The traditional practice pedal found on most Yamaha uprights before about 1990 is ideal if for instance you live in a flat and need to practice very quietly.

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What Can We Learn By Googling Used Steinway Piano

To understand the answer, and see what the fair price means, we need to dig a little deeper.

Lets start by examining our own natural biases, and evaluate the authenticity and source of the information that is most widely disseminated.

Lets analyze the first page of google search results together for a simple phrase, Used Steinway Piano. First line results of a Google search. This looks like a comprehensive, impartial source of information, right?

Take another look.

As you can see, 4 of the top 5 sites are owned by The Steinway & Sons, including a very impartial-looking web domain,, with the following title: A Grand Guide to Buying a Used Steinway Piano.

Lets analyze the first page of google search results together for a simple phrase, Used Steinway Piano. First line results of a Google search. This looks like a comprehensive, impartial source of information, right?

Take another look.

The Used Steinway Piano website is owned by the same parent company that dominates the other top results its owned by The Steinway and Sons, and its purpose appears to some to be not only to inform you, but to ensure that you buy a Steinway from them.

“Steinway Village in Queens was a community William Steinway built near his Steinway piano factory in the late 19th Century.”

Do You Want To Buy A Yamaha Grand Piano

Used Yamaha GA1 Baby Grand Piano

Before you buy a Yamaha piano, it’s worth asking yourself whether it should be new or used. The range of Yamaha pianos is currently very wide. We will try to suggest several models of this brand that we think are worth considering. The Yamaha GB1 is a much sought-after Yamaha piano model, it is 151 cm long, and fits perfectly into a larger living room in an apartment or single-family house that will fill with great sound.

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We Sell Young Original Condition Steinway Pianos

We realized that we cant put customers in such a position, so our primary business is no longer rebuilt Steinways. We only sell recently new off the lot Steinway pianos with all original Steinway parts. We provide the authentication certificate, so that our customers know that if need be, they will be able to resell their piano in the future, thereby protecting their investment.

Screenshot from Official Steinway Site. :

What Happened To The Golden Age

In this section of their website, Steinway goes on to claim that the Golden Age Steinway is a myth. The Golden Age Steinways were built in the 1920s-1930s, when the family was still heavily involved in the building process and before Steinway started out-sourcing its cast-iron.

And, if its a myth, its one thats believed by many generations of the greatest pianists of the world.

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Steinway As An Investment

Steinway & Sons promotes the idea that if you buy a new Steinway piano from them, it will go up in value over time. This sales tactic is relatively new.

Finally, we arrive at the website section that illustrates the change in Steinways sales pitch that we believe is the most misleading.

Screenshot from Official Steinway Site. :

Steinway used to say that their piano is a sound investment because it depreciates less over time than other brands.

When the hedge fund marketing team came onboard, they struck all mention of depreciation from their sales pitches. Instead, Steinway & Sons pianos increase in value over time, reads their sales brochure.

Its accompanied by this chart.

The chart does disclose that its showing the price of a new Model B Steinway.

Wait a minute. Of course new Steinways go up in price over time! They set their own prices without competition, plus theres inflation.

Each price reflects a steinway & sons in the standard ebony satin finish.


Do New Pianos Hold Their Value

Yamaha U1 Piano For Sale | Used | Reasons To Buy One | Rimmers Music

If you buy a brand new Yamaha, Steinway, Bosendorfer or any other respected brand the value will plummet by 20% as soon as you take it home as it instantly goes from new to used and it will continue to decrease steadily for a few years more but if you buy a used or reconditioned Steinway or Yamaha piano it doesnt suffer the same initial hit because the intense depreciation has already happened, somebody else took that hit for you.

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Why Choose A Yamaha Used Piano

The Yamaha company was founded in 1887 and has since grown into the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The Yamaha commitment to quality materials and expert craftsmanship has earned it a dedicated following around the world. For those looking for true value for money, a second hand Yamaha piano offers a chance to own a piano at a higher price point for a fraction of the cost. All of our used Yamaha pianos are rigorously tested and checked to ensure they are pristine and guaranteed to last. We also have a range of brand new Yamaha upright pianos and Yamaha digital pianos available to sample at our Drayton showroom.

Why Do Pianos Depreciate

Purchasing a piano is a lot like purchasing a vehicle, it will immediately be worthless the minute ownership is transferred to you.

Because piano dealers need to protect the sale, most pianos immediately lose their value after being purchased.

The drop in value is substantial, often ranging between 670 75% within just 2 3 years of the initial purchase. Used pianos are already offered at a discount, and in most cases are worth next to nothing after being purchased from a dealer.

If the piano is a popular brand and the market is trending upward, then inflation will actually cause the value of the instrument to rise after depreciating initially. Pianos that are mass produced generally are not subject to those kinds of favorable results.

Below is an example of what a piano depreciation schedule would look like.

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The Authorized Yamaha Pianos Dealer Of Massachusetts Has A Wide Choice Of New And Preowned Yamaha Pianos

At Rogers Piano, we carry a substantial variety of pre-owned or refurbished YAMAHA pianos for sale. We are often asked by customers about used pianos. In most cases, we recommend new pianos over used pianos. New pianos come with an extensive manufacturers warranty. Simply put, they are BRAND NEW PIANOS.

For any manufacturer to be represented in our showroom, they must demonstrate that they consistently produce quality pianos and that they are committed to excellent customer service. We also seek manufacturers that are involved in research and product development to consistently improve the quality of their products.

Professional Upright Pianos For Sale

Used Yamaha C1 Baby Grand Piano 5357831

Each of our used professional upright pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process before being placed in our showrooms for sale to ensure the highest sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic available among used upright pianos. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our professional upright piano inventory below, or visit our piano store in College Park, MD, to see our used professional upright pianos for sale firsthand. Call us today at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment!

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Why Do Some Pianos Appreciate In Value

Its important to remember that the piano market is always rising and falling. Lower quality piano brands tend to be influenced much more by this.

As a result, used pianos will depreciate much faster. When it comes to higher quality pianos however, the changes in the market has much less of an effect.

While most pianos depreciate in value, there are some exceptions to that rule. You mainly see this happen with some of the bigger brands like Steinway, Fazioli, Bosendorfer, and Yamaha.

Because the quality of their pianos is so good, they tend to hold their original value. This means they are not affected by whats currently happening in the market as much as other pianos.

Used pianos that have little to no use will also hold more of their value. Depreciation charts generally account for normal wear and tear.

Limited edition instruments also tend to hold their value or appreciate over time. This is because there is a smaller number of those pianos in production.

Pianos that also have unique components in them or special finishes and engraving will also hold more value.

In general, pianos that are mass produced tend to depreciate quickly. This is because obtaining another piano like it with similar quality is not difficult. Also, more pianos equal more competition between sellers.

For example, if each piano store in your city had Kawai GL-10 baby grand pianos, then its easier for them to keep dropping prices in order to compete with the other and drive more sales.

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