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How Much Can You Sell A Piano For

Piano Buying Tips: 10 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying A Piano

If you are thinking about selling youracoustic piano, you can of course try advertising to sell your piano privately online.

You may have already considered uploading adverts onto online classifieds like Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Preloved, or you may know of some dealers orpiano storesthat you wish to contact first for some advice.

But first, consider whether your piano is suitable for resale. You can do this by looking at its brand, condition and appearance before advertising to sell online.


Well-known brands with good reputations will generally generate more interest and be valued higher than brands that lack name and/or quality recognition.

Some of the most saleable current market brands includeKawai, Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, BösendorferandYamaha. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about which piano brands are popular, and more importantly, saleable.


A pianos age alone tells us very little about its actual condition how much it has been played or how well it has been maintained. A potential buyer will be interested in the pianos use and maintenance history, so make this available.

Older pianos that are likely to attract most interest include:

  • Used pianos that have been completely renovated using only genuine and authentic materials and parts.

  • Instruments that, due to low use and favourable environmental conditions are still in exceptional condition.


What Is The Best Brand Of Used Piano

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best brand of used piano. However, some brands tend to be more popular among used piano buyers than others. These include Yamaha, Steinway, and Bosendorfer. Each of these brands has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, which makes them a good choice for anyone looking for a used piano.

What is the best piano brand? A true connoisseur desires the pianos musical magic under the lid, as well as the pianos exterior appearance. Professional grand piano builders from Europe collaborate with designers to create exceptionally unusual piano cases. Today, well look at the top ten best piano brands in alphabetical order. Because of the full sound, Blthner pianos have a lovely, romantic, and lyrical sound. These pianos are constructed of high-quality materials, and they are reasonably priced, in comparison to some of their competitors. The notes in the highest treble section contain four strings rather than three in aliquot stringing.

The smallest model, A-170, has a wide tail that allows for a larger soundboard area and longer strings. CF-series pianos are larger and thicker than their predecessors, and their rim is thicker. A number of famous musicians have endorsed and used Yamaha concert grands. Euro Pianos owns and operates several well-known brands, including Sauter and the Aire, and it recently became a manufacturer of its own instrument.

Will Your Piano End Up In The Dump

John Gregory of J Reid pianos in London explains how he disposes of instruments which have reached the end of their natural lives

Many old pianos are now being dumped, abandoned, neglected, smashed – even burnt. Why is this happening, and should we care?

The advert is up, her husband has spread the word at work, but 12 weeks on and Karen Harper from Baltimore, Maryland just can’t find a taker for her piano – not even free of charge.

“I’ve had no calls – nothing whatsoever,” she says matter-of-factly.

But her husband is starting to lose patience, and has threatened to take the thing apart “bit by bit” if they don’t find a new home for it soon.

The piano in question – an upright Wessel, Nickel & Gross built in 1927 – is in good condition, she says, and still plays well.

Karen bought the piano when her children were young, but now she just needs the space.

“My daughter loves it – if she knew it was going to a good home it would be easier.”

The thought of it being destroyed would devastate her, says Karen. “It’s a hard decision to make over a piano.”

Unceremoniously upturned in a rubbish tip, and picked away at for pieces, was the sorry end for the Windsor Baby Grand piano at Sandy Spring Friends School, also in Maryland.

A local piano restorer had hoped to take it, says teacher Cathryn Carnevale, but the cost of repair would have been much greater than its value. It would have been for love not money – and when a big tax bill came in, he just couldn’t afford it.

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Do Not Purchase Old Pianos With Critical Flaws

You might get offers or discounts for very old pianos that might have hidden flaws in them. The most common issues are broken strings, tuning instability, and action issues. You should be aware of these possible conditions before you buy it. Playing faulty music would develop a bad ear, and you may not be able to play some pieces as well. So make sure not to compromise the quality of a piano for low price tags.

Forgetting To Consider Used

Roland Juno 60 for sale in UK

It can also be a mistake to forget to consider used when buying a piano. Acoustic pianos, especially high-quality piano brands, hold their value very well with age. If the used piano is a quality name and has been well cared-for, you can end up with an even better instrument than if you purchased a smaller, brand-new piano.

Again, the length of the soundboard, quality of the materials , and manufacturing quality make or break the quality of the piano. If you are choosing between a brand new baby grand from a no-name/low quality company or a used Yamaha grand piano, go with the larger name brand piano. You wont be sorry!

Here are some tips for choosing the best used piano for your budget:

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What Features Should I Search For In A Digital Piano

It relies upon your musical career objectives. If you want to be a pianist, youll need a range of piano tones, an 88-note weighted console, a harpsichord, and other basic features.

On the contrary, if you aim to use the digital piano to organize, you will require a sequencer with an entire arrangement of instruments.

Best Digital Piano Brands

After doing some basic research on digital pianos and their features, youll quickly realize that there are dozens of different brands available on the market, and some of them youve probably never even heard of.

Do all digital piano brands offer the same level of quality and reliability?

Of course, not. In fact, there are some brands you should avoid at all costs.

To make it easier for you well try to cover all the popular keyboard brands and talk about their strengths and weaknesses.

Well start with 7 most reliable and trustworthy brands that we recommend based on our and other peoples experience, and then well move on to brands that are better be avoided .

  • So here are the BEST digital piano brands:
Musical Instruments, Audio Equipment, Electronics

There is no discussion of the best digital piano manufacturers in the world without Yamaha.

They are the most popular, the oldest and have the largest, most versatile range out there. In fact, you have to go back to 1887 to find their first organ, built by Torakusu Yamaha himself.

A Japanese company, their acoustic and digital pianos are made in enormous factories across Japan, China, and Indonesia before being exported worldwide. In 2017, the companys total revenue across all its products was over $3 billion.

The secret to Yamahas success stems from their foundations in acoustic pianos.

With such a great range of options and prices, its no surprise that they commanded a 32.6% market share in 2016.

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Upright Piano Brands To Avoid 2022

For more than a hundred years, upright piano brands have made their respected place in the world of pianos. They were first introduced in 1885, and after that, due to their low-cost charges and small space covering, they expanded and were accepted by many piano enthusiasts and lovers.

But there are still some upright piano brands that are needed to be avoided. If you have a plan to buy an upright piano, then you should have knowledge about which piano will not be good for you. Here, we are going to discuss the upright piano brands to avoid in 2022.

Digital Piano Evolution: Then And Now

Can You Hear The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Pianos? (N. 3)

The idea of pianos being electric has been around since the 1920s, but it wasnt until the late 50s when they truly became popular.

Artists like Ray Charles started digitally altering sounds and the concept of a lighter, more diverse alternative to a standard upright or grand was really born.

From then up until the 90s, the digital piano was a different instrument a recognizably simulated sound, ready-made for synth and funk.

But as things changed, companies started being able to very closely replicate the sound of an acoustic instrument and the demand for straight-up piano imitations grew.

Fast forward to the present day and the amount of realism you get from a digital piano is exceptional from the sound right down to the actual feel of the keys.

And with that option sitting alongside specialist synth models, 161,000 digital pianos were sold in the US alone in 2017.

But technological advances have got us to such a point now where you can actually have both an instrument that looks, sounds and feels like a piano, while being digitally programmed to offer a wide range of sounds, connectivity and recording options, all in one.

And of course, as more companies pick up on this, competition increases and drives the price of entry-level models down.

There are also true hybrids now available real acoustic pianos with strings and mechanisms like traditional pianos, but with embedded digital functionality.

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Piano Makes In Alphabetical Order


An American parent company, the Aeolian company were a huge player in the world piano market. They had an American factory, a German one and one in the UK. The majority of Aeolians that you see here are obviously the UK built ones, most of them are overstrung pianos from the 1920s in mahogany cases. They are reasonable quality instruments they dont really excel in any department but do well as a whole. Generally, they have stood the test of time but most are getting on a bit now. I see quite a lot of these on my tuning round and they are generally a welcome sight.


Builders of both grands and uprights, they produced straight strung as well as overstrung pianos. Medium quality English pianos.


Most of these Ive come across are Japanese pianos, not up to Yamaha quality, but not Yamaha prices either! We used to sell imported large uprights from the 1970s and 80s, nearly always in black cases. Good workhorse pianos.


Similar to the Atlas pianos, most of these Ive seen are large imported second-hand pianos from Japan, I always favoured the Atlas over the Apollo, but maybe thats just to do with the casework on the Apollo generally being more fancy. Good pianos though.


One of the most well-known American piano companies, I however, rarely see them here. Most of the ones I do see are the 1970s type console piano in a very deep bureau type casework. Generally, well made but small pianos with a very bright and limited tone.


Is A 40 Year Old Piano Still Good

The general rule is to leave a piano that is more than 40 years old alone. In the case of owner care, there is no exception. A 40 year old piano is far superior to a 25 year old piano that hasnt been serviced in the last five years. You must consider several factors when selecting a piano.

A piano or book that is at least a century old is an antique, and, like a book, it is not worth much money. Old pianos are capable of remaining sound for many years with regular maintenance and care. If a piano has deteriorated to the point where it is no longer in good condition, it can often be restored to its former glory and sound even better than it did when it was brand new. It is best to keep a brand-new piano in good condition. A good piano can go for up to 50 years without needing to be serviced, tuned, or stored properly. Antique pianos and organs can sell for tens of thousands of dollars or less. It is necessary to tune the piano at least once a year to ensure that it pitches and plays the correct notes.

If the piano is old or has become neglected, it may necessitate more extensive repairs and tuning. If the tuning of a piano is out of tune, the price may rise. When a piano has recently been installed, it is best to have it in its best condition. A well-maintained piano can last for up to 100 years. It is possible that an old piano will not be able to be transformed unless it has been properly repaired or restored over the years.

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Worst Piano Brands To Avoid

The piano is a beautiful instrument. It can make the most mundane day feel like Christmas Eve, and it has been used in some of the worlds greatest music compositions.

Piano makes masterpieces such as Beethovens Moonlight Sonata, Debussys Clair de Lune, and Chopins Funeral March come to life. Even untrained ears appreciate the range of emotions expressed by this instrument.

It offers a wide range of sounds, from the bold and powerful to the quiet, soulful pianissimo. Therefore, its such a shame that there are some brands of piano that wont let you experience this beauty for yourself.

However, even the most beautiful items can have problems. The piano is no exception to this rule. There are some brands of pianos that will make your musical dreams come crashing down around you like a house made of playing cards during an earthquake.

Editors note: We are focusing on traditional pianos on this list. Well briefly talk about keyboards at the end, but the list is all about traditional pianos.

What Are The Piano Brands That People Say To Avoid

Kawai CN27R

Well, the piano market in the United States has given room to various brands and some of the brands quite favorite throughout the world. However not every brand is not great, and there are many brands that you need to avoid while decide to buy a piano. According to many customer testimonials from different forums we have come to know about some cheap brands especially from China, South Korea, and Russia that you should definitely avoid.

Again: All the information we have put forward in this article is entirely based on testimonials of different users in various piano forums, and these are NOT our personal opinion. Here we wont provide information about different brands separately rather we will discuss them collectively.

You should be aware of the fact that unknown cheap models hailing from different production houses in China are some of the worst pianos to have in the music room. Primarily brands like Samick, Young Chang, Mason Risch, Gulbransen are some poor brands that you should definitely avoid whenever you go out to buy a new piano.

The built quality and sound quality are the most disappointing factor of these brands, and when you play them, you will hear a sound similar to any toy piano. They mostly utilize poor-quality plastic to build their pianos, so pianos from them are always prone to damage from a little blow.

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Piano: Is It A Good Investment

When it comes to the resale value of pianos, the majority of dealers prefer to sell the instrument as soon as possible after it is purchased. Within two to three years of the initial purchase, the value of a home is likely to fall significantly, ranging from 670 to 75%. A new piano has an average life expectancy of 10 12 years. Is it a good investment to get a piano? There is no absolute answer to that question. A piano can cost a lot of money, but the time, craftsmanship, and dedication required to make one an excellent instrument can also be quite expensive. If you can maintain your instrument in good condition, it can last for years.

Buying A Second Hand Piano

How do you know what makes a used piano valuable, or not? How does one differentiate between a good investment and a poor one? Coach House Pianos are experts in Piano Valuation and have a thorough understanding of what to look out for in a piano to determine its quality and value.

We understand that you may be apprehensive or concerned about buying a second hand piano, maybe worrying about lack of care or hidden issues and damage. This is completely understandable, and we highly recommend you get in touch with an established specialist like ourselves to advise you on what to look for when buying a second hand piano and help ensure that your investment is a safe one.

In this article, we explore some of the key features and things to be aware of when browsing second hand pianos. Bearing in mind that there are approximately 10,000 moving parts in an acoustic piano, there is a fair amount that could potentially go wrong if you make an uneducated purchase!

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Not Reading The Piano Dealers Reviews

As much as the type of piano you buy, it can also be a mistake not to research the dealer you are buying from. Look for online reviews of the piano dealermake sure there are a good number of reviews, then take time to read the reviews to ensure customers before you have had positive experiences. The right piano dealer will offer a good selection of new, used, and digital pianos. They will take the time to work with youhonestly and patientlyto help you determine the best option for your needs.

Are you considering working with The Piano Gallery of Utah? Read our online reviews here!

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