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What Should I Look For In A Piano Learning Keyboard

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Weighted keys

Weighted keys are recommended for piano learning It imitates the sound of a traditional piano. As a simpler. Weighted essential piano practice helps to improve finger strength, technique, and agility.

Weighted keyboards are also portable and do not require tuning. As a result, they are more versatile, can focus on your practice. With fewer distractions, the learner can be more productive.

Weightless keys

They are also educational. Synth-action keyboards The keys on these keys are less resistant, but the majority of them respond to touch. Touch response keys are speed-sensitive, allowing players to play at different volumes depending on how quickly they press the keys.

Unweighted keyboards can be moved around. They are also well-known for their excellent learning abilities. When using headphones, the muted response of unweighted keys allows for the practice of quitting.

Number of Keys

The keys on a learning keyboard piano should be the same size as those on a piano. These traits are essential to learning because they aid in finger spacing and piano scale. Students will be able to adapt to other keyboards and pianos in the future.

A stand

Learners require this because it can be comfortably adapted to fit their hands. The adjustable stands assist the professor in ensuring that the students hands are aligned with the keyboard. As a result, you wont have to buy a new keyboard for each student.

Touch Sensitive Keys

Various Sounds

Other Aids Research

Our Verdict On The Nord Piano 5 45

We always have to consider the cost when it comes to any Nord keyboard. There are very few negatives to talk of, and any slight complaints are based on personal preference rather than serious issues.

So, we have to conclude that the Nord Piano 5 is a stunning stage piano. It sounds amazing, its great to use, and it looks better than most keyboards ever made.

The price, although not without merit, is the only true downside.

Alesis Prestige Editors Choice Under $500

The Roland FP 10 is currently the best option for digital pianos under $500. Ive always really enjoyed Rolands key-beds and I was surprised when I sat down to play this keyboard.

It feels like it should be a lot more than it is. The sounds are also top-notch, although there arent a ton. To me, the sound and feel of the keyboard is the most important thing. I would rather have fewer sounds that are quality, rather than a bunch of bad sounds.

Roland excels with their key-action and their sleek design with the FP 10.

While this doesnt have the highest polyphony of the digital pianos on this list, it still has 96, which is far more than enough for pretty much anything you would want to do on a digital piano.

The FP 10 works great as an option for touring as it only weighs 27.1 pounds. You could also use it as a MIDI controller if need be.


The Yamaha P45 was up until recently, the king of digital pianos under $500. With this being said, its still a very good option and you can now find them used for pretty cheap as well.

A few years ago, there werent a ton of digital pianos that you could find under $500 that had weighted keys. This is what made the P45 such a powerhouse when it first came out.

We have recently finished a guide that covers every single price point of digital pianos. You can read about the best digital pianos for all prices here.



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More Information About The Work

The work is foundational, but it is also highly effective. As soon as you select and play a melody in the lighted music keys, the appropriate keys are illuminated and serve as a manual, allowing you to play the right notes.

The keys are only illuminated if you press them, and when you press the keys you need to play, the correct keys that follow are also illustrated. This pattern takes you through the entire tunic in this manner. The second time you select a melody that you want to learn, the keyboard begins to illuminate the keys that you will be using to play it.

In reality, you will have to stop and tightly hang the keyboard to find and play the correct key.

As soon as you select a musical part from the list below, the legitimate keys will illuminate and remain illuminated until you have played the correct key before moving on to the following note in the music melody. This is the path it takes you on throughout the songs progression.

In addition, you have the traditional inherent instructional devices to learn how to play keyboards, including how to play harmonies, which are included with the instrument.

More information can be found here.

The standard highlights on every keyboard arranger are present on a light-up piano on the keyboard, which can be found on a light-up piano on the keyboard. Youll hear a variety of voices and styles, as well as some inherent tunes and impacts that children and young people enjoy, if not adore.

Things To Know Before Buying A Yamaha Keyboard

Photos: Fairly Used Keyboard(piano) For Sale

Yamaha Keyboards allow you to get the luxury feel of an acoustic piano in a digital piano. Featuring weighted keys, excellent sound quality, and a transportation-friendly set-up, you can play Yamaha Keyboards at home, church, or a formal performance.

Features of Yamaha digital piano

  • Weighted keys: For the most authentic feel of a piano, some Yamaha keyboards come with weighted key options, which make the keys feel heavier and easier to press. This allows the pianist to make their dynamic range on the instruments more dramatic, which would otherwise be impossible without the weighted keys.
  • Recording capability: Record an original composition, or play along with your recording. Most keyboards include up to six track options, so you can save many compositions at one time. You can also use the arranger feature that helps put together many compositions into one full song.
  • Built-in effects: Built-in effects make it so that you can not only sound like a piano but also harps, strings, percussion and wind instruments. Choose from more than 300 instruments and sounds on your workstation screen that will really add life to your original compositions.
  • Pitch wheel: The pitch wheel allows you to bring a certain sound up or down in pitch, so as to distort the sounds and make them interesting.
  • USB compatible: You can upload or download your compositions through the USB port during or after you are done recording. You can upload the songs to your computer and mix and edit them later on.

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Digital Pianos For Sale On Reverb

Digital pianos translate the sound and feel of one of the oldest and most respected instruments in the Western Canon in a modern, convenient package. Designed to emulate the organic tone of an acoustic piano without the dimensions and weight, digital pianos consist of widely varying circuitry and a set of weighted or semi-weighted keys at their core.

Ranging from the more traditional Yamaha Arius series to the effects-packed sleeker Nord Stage line, an entire world of authentic acoustic emulation is available in the digital format. Find the best here on Reverb.

Vintage & Used Pianos

As one of the countrys largest piano dealers, Schmitt Music maintains an impressive collection of vintage, rebuilt and used pianos. Pianos of all types, from the most basic starter piano to the highest-quality performance and hand-made art case pianos are regular features of our collection. Every vintage, rebuilt or used piano we sell has been structurally inspected and meets our demanding standards of condition and performance so you can buy with complete confidence. Schmitt Music has been serving both individual and institutional piano customers for 120 years and we continue to be committed to your total satisfaction.

Please contact us with questions or comments about our unique collection of vintage, rebuilt and used pianos. These outstanding instruments are for sale in our retail stores. Shop our current inventory here:

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How I Compiled This List

Here are the grading factors I used to determine my favorite digital pianos under $500.

Weighted Keys: All of these options have weighted keys. While you dont absolutely need weighted keys, I believe that there are currently some great inexpensive options with weighted keys.

Action: The key-action is going to be very different from brand to brand on digital pianos. With this being said, most pianists will have different preferences. Key-action is how the keys play and feel when you press them.

Quality Of Sound: All of the major brands have some really great sounding pianos for around this price range. I focused more on the quality of the piano samples as opposed to the number of presets.

Polyphony: Depending on what youre doing, the more notes of polyphony, the better. With this being said, 64 is usually plenty. This means that through stereo speakers, you could be playing 32 notes at once.

Brands: While I scouted out some brands that arent as well known, I found that my list consists of major brands such as Roland, Casio, Yamaha, etc.

Experience: I have over 20 years experience of playing piano and I have spent the last 7 years playing and touring in a major label band. I believe that my experience of playing on so many different keyboards over the years really helps give me an edge when giving guidance to others.

With all of this in mind, lets get into my top picks.

Van Cliburn Piano Competition Gold Medalist

Used Yamaha NP32 Keyboard White For Sale | Rimmers Music

Pearl Piano is a family business with five generations of experience. Our team now includes Wayne’s son and daughter, Carey and Pearl.

We continue to serve concert artists from around the world as well as major institutions, including Canada National Ballet School, Heliconian Club, and the CBC.


Our story begins with Wayne Chen, whose great-grandfather founded the first piano-building company in China. After apprenticing with his grandfather for ten years, Wayne won the post of chief technician at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

In 1987, he was invited by Steinway & Sons to continue his training at the factory in Hamburg, Germany. Afterwards he traveled to the United States to work for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. During his time in the U.S., Wayne also worked at the renowned ProPiano Company in New York City, during which time he rebuilt concert grands for both the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Wayne came to Toronto in 1993 and started Pearl Piano in 1994 to realize his dream of rebuilding his own pianos. Until his recent semi-retirement, Wayne was the technician at all the major concert venues in Toronto including Massey Hall, St. Lawrence Centre, and the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Rob has been playing piano and organ for almost fifty years, encompassing all styles of music, including but not limited to, classical, jazz, new-age, rock & roll and latin.

What our Customers Say about Us

Chun, Waterloo

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Roland Go: Piano 61 Review

This is my review on the Roland GO:Piano 61 portable keyboard. Roland also makes an 88 key version of this piano, although they do have quite a few differences, so be aware that this review is specific to the 61 key version. Ive been looking into portable options for piano players to have something to easily take to a friends house, or the park or to a low key band practice or even for small casual performances like busking Ive been wanting to review this one for a while, and my local music store finally got one in their rental pool so I rented it for a week to do this review.

Roland Go: Piano 61 Review The Summary

The Keys

61 ACTUAL full sized box-shaped synth action keys with 4 levels of touch sensitivity , simulated ivory/matte keytops

The Voices

40 voices , 128 notes of polyphony

The Effects

Adjustable reverb, non-adjustable chorus, and non-adjustable damper resonance


Headphone , Audio in , MIDI USB out, 1/4 pedal input , BlueTooth audio in, BlueTooth MIDI out

The Rest
  • simple 1 track song recording, multiple songs can be saved
  • Transpose up or down steps + an octave shift
  • 5 watts speaker power
  • Can enable speakers while headphone/audio out is in use
  • Battery option , only 8.5 pounds
  • Compatible with Roland Piano Partner 2 app

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Roland Go: Piano 88 Review: What Is It

All beginner piano players face the same dilemma – do you buy a piano straight away or start with one of the best keyboards for beginners and progress from there? While keyboards can be an inexpensive option, the small nature of the keys, as well as the limited octave range can lead to bad habits being developed. That said, full-sized digital pianos also have their downsides. They are typically more expensive, can take up a lot of space, and aren’t exactly the most portable. This is where the Roland GO:PIANO 88 comes in. This beginner-friendly piano is designed to bridge the gap between a piano and a keyboard, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Roland GO:PIANO 88 features everything you need to kick start your piano-playing journey. The 88 keys, while not fully weighted, are styled after a traditional piano, allowing you to develop the correct technique straight from the off, and become a more expressive and dynamic player, as a result. Utilising a lightweight and rugged design as well as the option to be fully battery-powered, the GO:PIANO will follow you anywhere the music takes you – whether that’s simply at home practising, rehearsals with your band, or busking on a street corner.

Roland Go: Piano : The Verdict & The Competition

Yamaha Piano Keyboard for sale in UK

The Roland GO:Piano 61 has some really good things going for it:

  • good quality piano & electric piano sounds
  • true full sized touch sensitive keys
  • menu screen, easily accessible octave shift
  • ability to enable speakers while using the line out for an external amp
  • super light and portable

What about busking / performing? As Ive said in prior reviews, you can busk with a kazoo if youre entertaining and put on a good show, so in that regard, sure why not? That being said, you will DEFINITELY need some external amplification because the speakers on the GO:Piano are only 5 watts and dont have the greatest sound out there . The user interface with a menu screen is easy to use, and includes the convenient octave switch buttons And having an audio in will make it easy for you to stream backing tracks to play along with.

BUT. . . there is one problem with the Roland GO:Piano 61 I think it is priced too high for what you are getting. Dont get me wrong, I do like this keyboard as a portable option for a piano player, but it has been around for a few years, and just like Yamahas piano focused keyboard line called Piagerro it sells for about $350USD new, which puts it at a bit of an awkward price point. I just feel there are better options out there for less money, and also better options out there for just a bit MORE money. I have links to reviews on these below, as well as affiliate links to Amazon if you want to check current prices.

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Best Keyboard For Church Worship

In many churches, the keyboardist is called upon to fill all kinds of roles, from organist to choir accompanist, to worship band leader, to substitute instrumentalist. Since the keyboardist has to wear so many proverbial hats, youll want to find a keyboard that can fill all of those potential needs without being so complicated that no one can figure it out. Therefore, you really need a keyboard that has excellent sound, is easy to use and fits your budget, too.

In this article, well talk about the six best keyboards for church and worship. Well look at each one individually, talk about the criteria for choosing these keyboards, and then give you our pick for the best one. Lets get started.

  • Optionally powered by battery


The Roland Go 88 is a compact, user-friendly keyboard. You wont find a lot of bells and whistles on this keyboard, but what you will find is a streamlined package with some quality, basic sounds, full-size keys, and input for a sustain pedal. If you need simplicity, this will get the job done and done well. It does have the option for Bluetooth connectivity, which is nice if you are using digital sheet music on your tablet or smartphone.


  • Includes eight knobs and nine faders for effects
  • Crafted from durable hybrid wood and molded construction
  • Eight assignable zones


Chordana Play For Ios And Android

While the PX-S3000 comes with a screen, it is a basic 3-line, text-only screen that doesnt come with too much real estate.

For people looking for a more graphical method of interacting with the various functions, Casios own Chordana Play app lets you utilize your smart devices as a separate touchscreen interface.

While the Chordana Play app was mainly designed for tutorials and lessons, Casio keyboards can be connected for direct function control.

This allows you to change sounds and rhythm/accompaniment settings, and even control recording functions, straight from the app.

This improves the experience, but I found the Chordana Play app to be somewhat slow when used with the PX-S3000, despite the smooth experience with the PX-S1000.

I expect this is a result of the huge array of sounds and features, which adds to the load time of each menu and list.

This is unfortunate, as the app improved the experience with the PX-S1000 significantly. I hope future updates will optimize the app further, since having a large touch interface really helps make the PX-S3000 feel more fluid.

Thankfully, the PX-S3000 is a complete experience without the app.

The small screen might not be the best method to navigate the many features and sub-menus, but its still perfectly usable. Being able to save entire registrations also makes navigation on stage that much easier.

For now, Id say the app works fine for home use, but if youre on stage, the delay makes it generally unusable.

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