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4 Easy Songs For Beginners (Piano Tutorial)

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Play 50 of your favorite songs in the easiest of arrangements! Enjoy pop hits, Broadway showstoppers, movie themes, jazz standards, folk tunes, and classical melodies presented simply, with lyrics. You’ll find something for everyone! Songs include: Beyond the Sea Castle on a Cloud Do-Re-Mi Happy Birthday to You Hey Jude Let It Go Linus and Lucy Moon River Ode to Joy Over the Rainbow Puff the Magic Dragon Smile Star Wars Tomorrow When I Fall in Love Yesterday and more.

  • Au Clair De La Lune
  • Beauty And The Beast
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  • Castle On A Cloud
  • Catch A Falling Star
  • My Favorite Things
  • My Funny Valentine
  • Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  • Somewhere Out There
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Tears In Heaven
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • What A Wonderful World
  • When I Fall In Love
  • Whistle While You Work
  • A Whole New World

What Is The Coolest Song To Play On Piano

When it comes to playing the piano, there are so many songs to choose from. But what is the coolest song to play on piano?

There are a few factors to consider when answering this question. The first is what type of music you are into. If you are a fan of rock music, then you may want to choose a song by your favorite rock band. If you prefer classical music, then you may want to play a classical piece on the piano.

Another factor to consider is your skill level. If you are a beginner pianist, then you may want to choose a song that is easy to play. If you are an experienced pianist, then you may want to choose a more challenging song.

Finally, you may want to consider the audience you will be playing for. If you are performing for a crowd, then you may want to choose a song that is sure to get them excited. If you are playing for yourself or your friends, then you may want to choose a more mellow song.

With all of these factors in mind, here are five of the coolest songs to play on the piano:

1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen This epic rock song is a challenge to play, but it is well worth the effort.

2. “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin This ragtime classic is a fun song to play for beginners.

3. “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven This beautiful classical piece is a must-play for any pianist.

4. “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin This iconic rock song is a favorite of many pianists.

Prelude In C Major By Bach

Bachs Prelude in C Major is one of the best easy piano songs to learn when you want to start playing some classical music on the piano. Its a step up in difficulty from the other easy piano songs for beginners mentioned here because it moves around the keyboard more and needs two hands to sound right. This is because the tune is divided between the hands, but no two notes are played at the same time. In other words, you only ever play one note at a time, even though you are using two hands.

When you hear the piece, you dont particularly notice that no two notes are played at once, and thats because the notes in the left hand are held down while you play the notes in the right hand.

The other great thing about this song is that every pattern of notes happens twice. So once youve got the pattern in each measure and play through it, the next thing youre going to do is repeat the same pattern.

If youre reading the music for this easy piano song for beginners, you might be put off because it looks far more complex than it really is. Just take one note at a time and youll get there. Take advantage of the repeated patterns to look ahead to the next measure to figure out what comes next.

This video is the first part of a set of short videos that takes you through each hand and does the repetition with you. This is a very good way to learn it.

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Basic Piano Chords To Know

There are many simple chords in the world of music, which are simple combinations of notes that go together. The first chord that almost every budding pianist learns on the piano is called the C major chord. All of the basic notes from A to G have simple major and minor variations, and theyre all pretty simple. By learning these 14 chords, you open up a world of easy piano songs with chords that arent too challenging.

From songs by Bruno Mars to Billie Eilish, and from Beethoven to Michael Jackson, piano chords and piano keys are the building blocks of music.

Hes A Pirate Hans Zimmer

Easy Songs to learn on piano

Composed in 2003 by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt for the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean, Hes a Pirate immediately seduced the films viewers with its power and the emotion it emanates.

The piano version of the original music is not easy to play. Fortunately, on La Touche Musicale, you can play a very easy version of the song.

If you want to access the piano sheet music and midi file of the song Hes a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean by Hans Zimmer, .

> > Learn easily the song Hes a Pirate by Hans Zimmer on piano on La Touche Musicale app.

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When I Was Your Man By Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars took huge inspiration from pianists such as Billy Joel and Elton John. You can see this inspiration come through in When I Was Your Man as Bruno Mars sits at the piano and truly emotes through the chords. Its a great song that is one of the easiest piano songs to play if you find the beginner sheet music. As you listen to it you feel the intimate moments throughout the song, as the music is completely stripped down to show the artists true emotions.

The Easiest Songs To Learn On The Piano

In the U.S., it is estimated that around 21 million Americans can play the piano. But the piano is more than just a pretty-sounding musical instrument. It can be a teaching tool, too.

For children who play an instrument, it can provide cognitive benefits that will help nurture their overall learning process. Playing the piano also offers a multitude of benefits for adults, such as memory improvement. The piano serves as a creative outlet for managing stress and anxiety.

Whether you are looking to start your child with lessons to learn the piano or you want to play piano yourself, it can be intimidating at first. Luckily, there are some easy songs to learn on the piano that can help you get started.

If you are interested in discovering more about the easiest songs to learn on the piano, keep reading.

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How Far Ill Go

How far can you go on the piano? Youll never know unless you try! Learning this inspiring song from Disneys Moana is a great first step on your piano adventures. This simple video tutorial is only seven minutes long and will teach you the chorus of How Far Ill Go. Then, when youre ready for more of a challenge, there are two other video tutorials in the series that will review the melody for the right hand and add an accompaniment part for the left hand.

Easy Songs On Piano: This Is Me


Let the world know youre proud of who you are, and that youre proud of your piano skills, when you play this powerful song from The Greatest Showman. Our video tutorial takes you step-by-step through the exciting pop rhythms so that youll be able to play them confidently. Youll also learn how to add a bass line to make this song sound even greater.

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The Importance Of Scales

One thing that every great piano player has in common is regularly practicing scales. We can think of scales as finger exercises that are of the utmost importance to all piano players for multiple reasons

  • They help your fingers get used to repetition
  • You learn how to coordinate your hands
  • Your fingers will actually get a good workout and thereby can move faster
  • They will help you to recognize the tone of each note
  • They help to stretch your fingers to be able to go from one note to another rapidly
  • Scales encourage you to use the right fingering when playing

Here is a simple scale to start you off. Place your left pinky on the C note and your right thumb on the C note that is one step higher. After hitting the C notes together, use your next fingers on both hands to hit the notes to the right, and keep going until you end up with your left thumb hitting the G note, and your right pinky hitting the higher G note, then go backward.

Once you have learned all of the above songs, picking up other songs will be a piece of cake. Dont forget to keep practicing your scales for at least an hour a day. And you dont have to stop there. Start building your own style by adding your own notes and chords to songs you learn. Dont be afraid to try different things, it cant hurt, besides you will never know how it will sound until you try it, and if it sounds good, play it!

Comptine Dun Autre T Of Amlie

Genre: Soundtrack

The story of the music of the French movie Amélie is quite interesting. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet chanced upon Yann Tiersens accordion- and piano-driven music while traveling with his production assistant, who put on a CD he hadnt heard before. Greatly fascinated, he quickly purchased the entire catalog from Tiersen and ultimately contracted him to write pieces for the film. The soundtrack won the World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Score of the Year in 2001 and César Award for Best Music Written for a Film in 2002.

Weve chosen a slow version but you can increase the speed of the video after practicing it enough. You can start by learning the left hand first. Since it will repeat itself throughout the song its better to get used to it before it gets more complicated. Then you can practice the right hand by dividing it into different sections.

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Natural Woman By Aretha Franklin

Although you may not think of Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin being adaptable as an easy piano song, the chords and melody actually work really well for pianists. The song was specifically written for Franklin to sing and was released in 1967 as well as appearing on her 1968 album. Interestingly the backing vocals on the track were sung by The Sweet Inspirations which included Cissy, Whitney Houstons mother.

Smarter Practice Faster Results

Fight Song

Part of the reason technique is seen as such a difficult thing to practice is that its hard to know HOW to practice. Maybe you play a couple of scales at the start of your practice and think: Thats my technique practice done. And then you wonder why youre not seeing better results from your practice. Piano Technique Made Easy will show you EXACTLY what to practice after every lesson. See for yourself. Try this exercise from Level 2. Adjust the tempo, work on your fingering, and follow along so you practice the RIGHT way. Because when you do that, the results will speak for themselves.

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Perfect By Ed Sheeran

Genre: Pop

Perfect was released in 2017 as the 4th single from Ed Sheerans third album ÷. With the aid of Will Hicks, Sheeran produced the song himself. He also collaborated with his brother to provide strings orchestration for the song. The song is a romantic ballad written about his wife-to-be Cherry Seaborn, whom he knew from school and then reconnected with when she was working in New York. It became his second Billboard Hot 100 Number One song right after Shape Of You. Sheeran later made a duet version of the song with Beyoncé.

If the left-hand melody on the tutorial feels easy for you, you can try adding a lower octave to it. It will sound more powerful that way. But be careful with the long jump on right hand in the chorus. It jumps an octave higher, try not to lose focus on the bass at the same time. Chords of the chorus are the same as the verse but in a different order. It is a good example of how simple chord progressions can end up in good pop songs.

My Heart Will Go On Of Titanic

Genre: Soundtrack

My Heart Will Go On is considered to be Celine Dions signature song with worldwide sales estimated at 18 million copies. It is the main theme song to James Camerons blockbuster film Titanic and was composed by James Horner. It won four Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Award, and the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song belongs to the Songs of the Century. It is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Dont play so fast. Start with a tempo you feel comfortable and try to keep the same tempo until the end without changing it. If you cant keep up with that rhythm because of mistakes just go back and start with a slower tempo. Repeat this until you play without mistakes and then raise the tempo then repeat the same procedure.

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Top 18 Easy Beginner Piano Songs

Easy beginner piano songs will keep you motivated to learn the most beautifully sounding musical instrument. It can be intimidating to take those first steps into performing songs if youre just starting with the piano.

Youre just starting in music and might need some help getting started. To assist you, I went through all of the top piano songs for beginners and limited the list down to the eighteen easiest to learn.

Piano songs for beginners are not only nearly straightforward to learn, but will also assist you in developing a routine and teaching you necessary keystrokes two critical components of learning the piano.

They will also gradually introduce you to more advanced pianist skills that you may require to advance in your practice.

The following are brief assessments of easy beginner piano songs that differ in style and tune. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of each and to begin learning how to play the piano.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Traditional

10 Easy Piano Songs for the Complete Beginners

Twinke Twinkle Little Star is one of the most famous piano tracks in the world.

The lyrics of the song come from a 19th century English poem composed by Jane Taylor, intitled The Star.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was covered by Cartoon Studio English, Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes, released in 2019.

The easy piano song is perfect to children or beginners who want to start to learn piano.

If you want to access the piano sheet music and midi file of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, .

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What Is The Easiest Disney Song To Play On Piano

There are a number of Disney songs that are easy to play on the piano. This is because the melodies are simple and repetitive, and the chords are basic.

One of the easiest Disney songs to play is âBeauty and the Beast.â The melody is very simple and easy to follow, and the chords are basic chords such as A minor, D minor, and G major.

Another easy Disney song to play is âA Whole New Worldâ from Aladdin. The melody is very simple and easy to follow, and the chords are basic chords such as C major, F major, and G major.

These are just a few examples of easy Disney songs to play on the piano. There are many other songs that are also easy to play, so be sure to explore and find the ones that are right for you.

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World has stood for decades now as one of the greatest songs ever written. Its also one of those simple piano songs that can grow with your ability.

The chords are interesting but standard. You can find many tutorials online that show different ways to play them.

Even if you play the basic chords, it will still sound good. Then, as you get better, you can add more intricate parts to sound even better.

Difficulty: 2/10

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The Addams Family Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The Addams Family was a 30-minute television series between 1964 and 1966 but one of the main reasons we still remember it is the famous opening theme. It was composed and sung by longtime Hollywood film and television composer Vic Mizzy. Many covers and alternative versions were made since the release and as a result, it took its place in popular culture. For many years, the intro to the song has been a staple at sporting events across Canada and the United States.

You can snap your fingers as in the video to stay in the rhythm during the silent notes. Divide the song into pieces and practice them separately until you feel comfortable. After the intro, you can memorize the right hand before learning the left hand or vice versa. When you come to 0:57 try to play the left hand staccato. Staccato is an articulation signifying a note of shortened duration.

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