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Steinway & Sons Model 40 Upright Piano

Steinway & Sons 1098 Upright Piano | Is It Worth It?

Built in 1947, this vintage Steinway & Sons Model 40 Upright Piano is in fine condition. Built in a Hepplewhite cabinet style, this instrument measures 40 tall and is a very attractive piano. Originally crafted to satisfy a demand for good quality yet conveniently sized vertical pianos, the Model 40 offers the pianist Steinway quality at reasonable cost. This piano includes the original matching bench and free local ground floor delivery.Introduced in 1939, the Model 40 Upright Piano was the first 40 vertical piano offered by Steinway. Henry Z. Steinway wrote that About 1935, it became apparent that if our industry was to survive, it must supply a demand for an attractively styled Vertical piano, and to be attractively styled it would have to be as low in height from the floor as possible. The Model 40 was the result of that development. This vintage upright piano was built in 1947 and features a Hepplewhite cabinet design in natural mahogany. This attractive styling was offered from 1940 to 1953. Steinway offered the Model 40 in well over a dozen different case styles including the Hepplewhite, Louis XV and even a Victory style specifically designed for military use during World War II.

What Affects The Cost Of Steinways

The overall cost is greatly affected by the finish of the piano. For example, a basic finish on a Steinway model D can be $171,000 & one with a Mahogany finish can reach to over $200,000.

Another key factor in the pricing of Steinways is size. The larger the piano, the more parts that are needed to complete the build. As you can see, this can greatly affect the price.

Parts used is another place that can affect how much your piano will cost. We will be touching on this later in this article when addressing buying Steinways.

Bespoke Cabinet & Limited Edition Pianos

We understand that everyone has unique preferences and tastes and therefore Coach House seek to go the extra distance in fulfilling the piano dream of each individual. Glistening textures and fiery hues are but a few of the creative ideas you can build into your custom restored Steinway!

Open your mind and allow your imagination unlimited scope to work along with us in creating you own personalised and unique one of a kind Steinway piano!

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Do You Have A Piano To Sell

Place an ad with PianoMart and reach a discerning audience of potential buyers. Ad listings include a headline and description in addition to manufacturer and model specifications, as well as multiple photos and the option for a video link. It is 100% free to place an ad on We require a 3% referral fee only when your piano sells. You may choose to upgrade your ad to a Verified, Showcase or Featured Listing to reach more viewers and sell your piano more quickly.

Piano Acstico Vertical Yamaha U3 Pe

File:Steinway &  Sons upright piano, model K

Piano Acústico Vertical Yamaha U3 PE possui um tampo harmónico e caixa de ressonância de maiores dimensões proporcionam ao modelo U3 de 131 cm, uma potência e projeção ainda maior, com um inigualável controle expressivo e tonal, da já lendária ação mecânica da Yamaha.

Os pianos da série U estão melhores que nunca, graças ao novo desenho e aos inúmeros avanços em materiais e técnicas de construção. O novo desenho da escala e dos componentes reforçam a performance tonal, enquanto que outras modificações reforçam a resistência e durabilidade.

Os pianos Yamaha da série oferecem toda a segurança facilmente comprovada durante décadas e presentes na maioria dos conservatórios de maior prestígio em todo o mundo.

O Piano Acústico Vertical Yamaha U3 PE é um piano fiável e duradouro, capaz de oferecer o melhor som e expressividade durante uma vida musical.

  • Tampo harmónico flutuante de abeto maciço
  • 3 pedais: Pedal central tonal
  • Móvel estilo clássico
  • Tampa do teclado com mecanismo amortecedor soft-close
  • Cor: Preto Polido

Disponível na versão Silent

Outros acabamentos disponíveis

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Steinway Upright Piano Pricing

Steinway upright pianos are constructed in Queens are available in three different models that, like their grand pianos,vary in price and value:

  • Model 4510: The Model 4510 and 1098 are identical technically, but the 4510 is slightly smaller, measuring 45, and features a period style cabinet for decorative appeal in home use. The 4510 Steinway upright piano has a Sheraton satin ebony finish and costs $34,200.
  • Model 1098: The 1098 is slightly larger at 46 1/2 and is better-suited for school use or where appearance is not the primary concern. The 1098 is available in satin ebony for $32,300 or polyester polished ebony for $34,800.
  • Model K-52: The K-52 is the largest upright model at 52 and is listed at $37,600 for satin ebony or $39,600 for polyester polished ebony. The K-52 offers a resonant voice and is popular among professional players.

Serving Music Lovers For 20+ Years

For more than two decades, PianoMart has been the leading online resource for selling and buying pianos online. Our site is trusted by renowned dealers, professional musicians, private instructors, and amateur enthusiasts alike, and our inventory includes grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos.

The PianoMart idea was born in 1996 by Joe Ross, a registered piano technician who envisioned a classified advertising platform for buying and selling pianos online. launched in January 1997 and is the realization of that vision.

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Determining Your Steinway Budget

When determining the right Steinway piano for your budget, consider the size, style and features you desire. Are you seeking a classic Steinway grand piano or a smaller Steinway upright piano for an apartment or classroom? When choosing the best model of Steinway grand piano, consider the space you have available and how you will use your piano. While smaller models are appropriate for home use, a larger model is the preferred choice for studios and concert halls. When choosing a Steinway piano for home or concert use, you may also consider aesthetic features, such as the finish or veneer.

Remember, buying a Steinway piano is an investment, not just a purchase. Steinway pianos appreciate over time, with each new model causing the value of existing models to rise, as well. The legendary history of Steinway piano appreciation means the best time to invest in a Steinway piano is always the present.

Browse Our Fine Selection

Steinway & Sons | Upright Piano

of Vintage Steinway Pianos

Chupps Piano Service, Inc. of New Paris, Indiana is proud to carry the largest selection of vintage, premium restored Steinway & Sons pianos in the Midwest United States. Our Rebuilding Facility and Showroom features an uncommonly fine array of grand and upright pianos of varying vintages and styles. With over forty years of experience in the piano industry, we are ready to help you find the piano of your dreams. Dedicated, knowledgeable, and intentional, our team of craftsmen is proud to continue the historic art of piano work and rebuilding. Contact us today!

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Steinway & Sons Piano Overview

Buying a Steinway piano can be similar to buying a house for some. This is a major investment that pianists earn after years of work. Steinway pianos are used heavily in orchestras & touring performers.

So, what makes Steinway pianos so great? The materials that go into them, and the string tension are two major points. Ive generally always thought Steinway pianos sound very warm.

This is due to the fact that Steinways have low string tension, which results in producing a lower attack with more sustain. In other words, it greatly helps in producing a very warm sound.

Used Steinway Piano Prices

Used Steinways prices are heavily influenced by the condition of them. There are a few things that are incredibly important when buying a used Steinway.

If the piano was restored by using parts that are not authentic Steinway parts, then the value drops pretty dramatically. Its important that you always are aware of how the piano was restored.

Note: Always ask for written confirmation and verification that the parts used were authentic Steinway parts. If authentic parts are used, the pianos dont lose value near as much.

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Where To Find Steinways For Sale

Used Steinway pianos are available from a wide variety of sources, including online listings and physical music stores. Individual sellers may list their used piano on sites like Craigslist or Facebook or sell them through a piano repair company. Steinway pianos may also be found in consignment stores or discovered in antique shops.

Those shopping for a used Steinway piano often turn to piano and music stores, because shops seem like a trustworthy source for genuine Steinway pianos. However, many shops price their used Steinways thousands of dollars higher than the actual appraised value. Buying from individual sellers can also lead to paying too much for a poorly maintained Steinway piano or falsely advertised Stein-Was.

When searching for a used Steinway, choose a reputable piano dealer you can trust. Below are a few factors to consider when selecting a Steinway piano dealer:

  • Repair Information Available: Any used Steinway dealer should be able to provide an accurate record of all repairs that have been done to the instrument. This record should include whether the repairs were done at the Steinway Restoration Center or through another piano restoration company.
  • Clear Pricing: A trustworthy seller of Steinway pianos will have clear pricing with just one price listed for each used instrument. Fair pricing of a used Steinway piano will take into consideration the age, model, repairs and overall condition of the instrument.

No products were found for this query.

Piano Acstico Cauda Yamaha S7x Pe

Steinway &  Sons Model V Upright Piano

O Piano Cauda Yamaha S7X tem um equilíbrio perfeito entre potência, amplitude, brilho e riqueza harmónica, proporcionando expressividade infinita aos músicos. Ideal para auditórios e música de câmara.


O design dos pianos, tal como a música clássica, evolui constantemente. Cada geração descobre novas interpretações, novos caminhos de expressão artística. Na Yamaha, a inspiração nasce da combinação entre tradição e inovação. Nos pianos de cauda série SX, a inovação assume a forma de aros processados pelo tratamento A.R.E. e dos martelos recém-desenvolvidos. Estas inovações aumentam a paleta sonora do piano, acrescentando-lhe calor e amplitude. Os pianistas vão encontrar a inspiração e o público vai ficar deslumbrado com toda a expressividade dos pianos da série SX, quer seja tocado num conservatório ou num auditório


Pense num violino Stradivarius, pense na sonoridade rica e aveludada que melhora a cada ano que passa. E se fosse possível traduzir essa sensação intemporal para um piano de cauda? A Yamaha descobriu como. A tecnologia A.R.E. confere à madeira utilizada nos aros as propriedades acústicas tão apreciadas de um instrumento vintage. E nos pianos da série SX, o efeito é particularmente notável.

Principais características:

Para mais informações e aconselhamentocontacte-nos.

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Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments Inccompany Location: Usaheight: 52

History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by 1859. In 1880, the Hamburg Steinway factory was opened. After nearly a century, the piano company has undergone family and ownership changes. Today, it operates under the three lines of Steinway , Boston and Essex .

Dimensions: 52x61x26.5 or 132cm x 154cm x 67cm

Available Finishes: Ebony, Birch, Mahogany or Walnut

Features: Solid Sitka spruce soundboard ~ Birch rim & lining ~ 5 Back posts of spruce capped with birch ~ 7 Lamination Hexagrip pinblock ~ Pine ribs ~ Vertically laminated hard rock maple bridges ~ Agraffe double duplex scale ~ Swedish steel strings ~ Premium double felted hammers ~ European spruce keys ~ Quarter sawn spruce keybed ~ Solid brass hardware ~ 5 Year warranty

Coach House Steinway School Program

Steinway & Sons is justifiably one of the favoured premium piano manufacturers for educational institutions, particularly when it comes to grand pianos for performance spaces.

The Coach House Steinway School Program focuses on accessing and supplying institutions with nearly-new Steinway & Sons pianos that meet the financial and artistic demands of the school. By purchasing or leasing a nearly-new Steinway, the substantial savings schools can make compared to acquiring a brand-new instrument, can facilitate the acquisition of industry-leading practice and teaching pianos, significantly enhancing the quality and provision of pianos across the school. Schools can still benefit from the investment value of a Steinway, whilst having access to the best practice and teaching instruments on the market but do not have to commit to a costly long-term manufacturer scheme where there is lack of choice, questions over end of contract arrangements, and issues of quality and durability.

The video shows an example of a school that saved a significant amount by purchasing a 2-year-old Steinway & Sons Model D from Coach House Pianos, allowing them to acquire 3 new Yamaha YUS1 uprights and new piano stools for their music department.

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The Grand Vs Upright Piano Action Deep Dive

A pianos action is an orchestra of parts working in concert to give the pianist control of the music. Many things must take place between playing a key and hearing a sound from the piano.

M. Steinert & Sons Patrick Elisha explains the key differences in the following video.

Lets explore what happens inside the piano when you play. The journey begins as you depress a key. This motion transfers the energy of your finger through a series of levers and rotating parts which culminate in the hammer striking the string, producing a symphony of color and sound.

The action of a grand and upright piano differ in several ways, resulting in a profound impact on a pianists perception of control. The so-called double escapement grand piano action offers more versatility and control over dynamics while playing. The upright piano offers a compact layout that takes up minimal space in the home but with less control over the music due to its simpler action design.

Steinway Piano Costs By Model

It has ARRIVED! The spectacular K132 Upright Piano from Steinway & Sons Hamburg!

Steinway pianos are highly valuable because of their excellent construction materials and the advanced construction techniques used. The Steinway Diaphragmatic soundboard is a signature component of Steinway grand and upright pianos that produce their distinctive Steinway sound. The patented Steinway Hexagrip pinblock features seven laminations laid with successive 45- and 90-degree grain orientations to provide superior tuning.

Grand and upright Steinway pianos feature many solid wood components and overall exceptional craftsmanship. When comparing styles of Steinway pianos, upright pianos are the most affordable, followed by grand pianos. Specialty pianos and other limited edition Steinway pianos are typically the most expensive due to their rarity.

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Steinway & Sons Upright/vertical Pianos

Steinway Model 45 Upright Piano

For over 168 years, Steinway & Sons has been the leading name when it comes to the crafting of world-class Grand Pianos. Offering models ranging in size from the diminutive Model S to the imposing Model D, Steinway Grand Pianos have become the standard by which other pianos are often judged. Not as well-known however is the companys selection of upright/vertical pianos they have offered throughout their history.

The First Steinway Upright Scale Design Early History

Designed by Henry E. Steinway and his son Henry Steinway, Jr., the very first Steinway upright scale design featured a 24-note bass section a ¾ flat plate, and agraffes throughout. This was an 85 note/7 octave design and measured 4 9 3/8 tall. This was the first of many early upright scale designs that pre-dated the modern Steinway upright.

During the late 19th and early 20th century, large, imposing instruments of close to 55 in height were built under the designations Model I in North America, and the virtually identical Model R in Europe. Two Art Case Model R uprights, alongside a matching Model B grand were placed into service in the First Class areas onboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic

Strive always to improve the instrument. Henry E. Steinway, Founder of Steinway & Sons

The Steinway Upright Piano A Historic Legacy

Steinway Model 40 Upright Piano

Steinway Grand Piano Pricing

The cost of a Steinway grand piano depends on the model and the finish. New Steinway grand pianos produced in the Queens, New York, factory are available in six different models with four standard finishes available. With each increasing in price, the available finishes are satin ebony, polyester-polished ebony, polyester-polished ebony with sterling hardware and lacquer-polished ebony.

Model types include:

The Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany produces seven models of Steinway grand pianos that are comparable in size to those produced in Queens. The additional C-227 model falls between the Model B and Model D in size, measuring 7 5 1/2. Steinway grand pianos produced in Hamburg have a polished ebony finish.

Below are the prices and sizes of Steinway grand pianos constructed in Hamburg:

  • S-155: The S-155 measures 5 1 and is priced at $80,200.
  • M-170: The M-170 measures 5 7 and is priced at $88,000.
  • O-180: The O-180 measures 5 10 1/2 and is priced at $93,100.
  • A-188: The A-188 measures 6 2 and is priced at $99,400.
  • B-211: The B-211 measures 6 11 and is priced at $115,800.
  • C-227: The C-227 measures 7 5 1/2 and is priced at $136,000.
  • D-274: The D-271 measures 8 11 3/4 and is priced at $175,700.

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Steinway Pianos Are The Benchmark For Quality

The Gold StandardWe have been crafting the finest pianos since 1853. Steinway & Sons are heralded as the best piano makers in the world, making the Steinway the piano against which all others are judged.

Uncompromised CraftsmanshipEach Steinway piano is crafted to perfection by artisans who are committed to delivering the world standard for sound, touch, beauty, and value.

The Choice for EducationSteinway pianos are more accessible than ever before and provide an unparalleled educational experience for students at our All-Steinway Schools.

At the Centre of InnovationSteinway & Sons have been granted more than 130 patents since our very first in 1857. Our latest innovation is the Spirio the worlds finest high-resolution player piano.

Global OwnershipSteinway have showrooms in some of the most exciting cultural centres worldwide, with the UKs most prestigious piano store nestled in the heart of London.

Superior MaterialsEach component of a Steinway is crafted with precise attention to detail from the highest quality materials. The best materials create superior sound, tone and responsiveness.

Favoured by ProfessionalsSteinway pianos are the preferred choice by professionals, hand-selected from the best piano makers in the UK. Our pianos are perfect for any skill level, providing inspiration for pianists new and old.


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