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What To Expect When The Piano Guys Team Up With Tabernacle Choir For Music And The Spoken Word

This is Your Fight Song (Rachel Platten Scottish Cover) – The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys will perform with The Tabernacle Choir at& nbsp Temple Square for its weekly broadcast, Music & amp the Spoken Word,on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022. This is the first time the piano and cello combo of Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson will perform with the choir.

Scott Jarvie

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson grew up listening to Tabernacle Choir music in their homes.

Now for the first time, the duo of accomplished musicians will have the opportunity to create music on the same stage with the world-famous choir and orchestra.

Schmidt and Nelson, the popular piano and cello duo known as The Piano Guys, will perform as special guest artists with the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square for its weekly broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word in the Conference Center on Sunday, Aug. 28.

This opportunity is something Schmidt and Nelson have dreamed about since they were mini musicians.

To say this opportunity is a bucket list thing for us would be would be a colloquial understatement because this is a realization of certainly a dream, Nelson said.

No tickets are required for the event but those who attend must be age 8 or older. Patrons can attend the live performance of Music and the Spoken Word in the Conference Center or watch a live stream. It will also be available for on-demand viewing after the broadcast ends.

The Piano Guys have also appeared on major TV programs and sold out shows in several notable venues around the world.

Scott Jarvie

Remains Of Missing Daughter Of Piano Guys’ Jon Schmidt Found He Says

Annie Schmidt was the daughter of Piano Guys member Jon Schmidt.

& #151 — The remains of Annie Schmidt, a 21-year-old woman reported missing in Oregon in October, have been found, according to an announcement on Facebook by her father, Jon Schmidt.

She had been hiking, apparently along Munra Point, an area in the John B. Yeon State Scenic Corridor, one of Oregon’s national parks, when she disappeared.

Jon Schmidt, a member of the Piano Guys, a group that gained popularity on , on Friday announced in a Facebook group dedicated to finding his daughter that remains believed to be hers were found.

“Today the dog teams found human remains at the bottom of a cliff in the area below Munra Point. The area is so far off trail and dense with vegetation that it required SAR to pretty much crawl uphill to get there,” Schmidt said in his post, referring to search and rescue teams. “Conclusive identification of the remains is impossible. The medical examiner will have conclusive identity verification by Monday or Tuesday. There is comfort in knowing from the circumstances that there would have been no suffering.”

The next day he posted a message that read, “We just received word from the medical examiner that the remains found yesterday have been positively identified as Annie. The cause was determined accidental. You have lived this trial with us, and we pray that this may bring a greater level of resolution and peace for all of us. Much love, the Schmidts.”

Pop Performers In Classical And Mixed Genres

Pop singers have consistently sought to attain a symphonic or operatic dimension in their writing and performance. Early examples include ‘s , “Genuine Imitation Life” from Genuine Imitation Life Gazette by , ‘s and as well as ‘s , , and , a miniature from by . A more recent example is ‘s . won a Grammy for his soundtrack for the movie , in which he, aided by composer/conductor , wrote and recorded songs containing classical, pop, and religious elements.

Italian pop , who is the biggest-selling singer in the history of classical music, has been described as the king of classical crossover. British soprano is also considered a crossover classical artist, having released albums of classical, folk, pop and musical-theatre music. Brightman dislikes the classical crossover label, though she has said she understands the need to categorize music. In the 2008 Polish release of her album she sings “” with Polish tenor , another artist who has performed in both classical and non-classical styles, as well as having actually obtained full musical training and academic degrees in both . In addition, Welsh mezzo-soprano has achieved international fame via her crossover albums.


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Jazz Crossover And Rock Crossover

Besides describing music of a distinct genre that becomes broadly popular, the musical term “crossover” suggested mixed genres. “” is a more common term for this phenomenon. Examples include and . Example albums of crossover jazz plus classical music were albums of Deodato, Jean Luc Ponty and Bob James. Bob James , contained the song “”, which already had as a hit. Radio stations played this song and contributed to the success of album One. The album was notable for adapting classical music to a modern-day scene, e.g. “In the Garden” was based on Pachelbel’s and “” was a cover of ‘s composition of the same name.

The Piano Guys Biography

A Family Christmas of Classics by The Piano Guys

Technically, the Piano Guys are the duo of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, but they’re also a 21st century multimedia collective that includes Paul Anderson and studio engineer and writer Al van der Beek. Together they produce musical and video gems that mash up classical themes with pop songs — making the group’s YouTube channel one of the most visited on the planet.

The Piano Guys began in St. George, Utah, where Anderson owned a piano shop. Schmidt walked in one day and asked if he could practice on one of the pianos for an upcoming concert. Soon Anderson and Schmidt were recording and making videos together, and with the addition of Nelson, posting them to YouTube. Things continued to grow and expand creatively with van der Beek aboard, and the collective’s productions became joyous, thoughtful, and beautiful interactive musical videos that received millions of YouTube hits and brought the Piano Guys worldwide attention.

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Late 2000s And 2010s Crossover Country


Concurrent with Underwood’s crossover success was the debut of teen singer-songwriter . Swift initially specialized in country-flavored songs such as “” and “,” but as her success grew, she increasingly began moving her musical career toward pop. Beginning with “” in 2010, Swift started releasing some of her songs either primarily, or solely, as pop tunes. Many of the songs Swift recorded for the country and pop markets also achieved wide success , turning her into a leading example of a country crossover phenomenon, with various critics lauding her as the “next “. A change to the Billboard methodology for compiling charts such as country charts directly benefited crossover artists such as Swift by taking into account airplay on non-country stations.

Other artists who have found success on both pop and country in the early 2010s, in addition to the continued success of Swift and Underwood, have been and .

also crossed over to the pop charts with a remixed version of their song “Cruise”. This version features rapper Nelly. The popularity of by artists such as has increased the crossover success of country artists, a tradition which has further continued through the infusion of R& B music by artists including , and .

The Piano Guys The Piano Guys

Masterworks 88725 47676 2
Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
Cello , Percussion , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Fauré*Cello , Percussion , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Fauré*
Cello , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Vivaldi*Cello , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Vivaldi*
Cello , Percussion, Vocals, Text By Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Beethoven*Cello , Percussion, Vocals, Text By Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Beethoven*
Cello , Percussion , Vocals Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Brackett*Music By Harold ArlenCello , Percussion , Vocals Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Brackett*Music By Harold Arlen
Cello , Percussion , Piano, Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Beethoven*Cello , Percussion , Piano, Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Beethoven*
Piano, Vocal Percussion Jon Schmidt 5:18
Cello, Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Bach*Cello, Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Bach*
Cello , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Gustav HolstComposed By Holst*Cello , Percussion Steven Sharp NelsonComposed By Gustav HolstComposed By Holst*

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S And 2000s Crossover Country

In the 1990s many country artists experienced huge crossover success. These artists include , , , , , , , , , , and .

The early 2000s also saw continued success of these artists. scored a big hit with “”. The had continued success with a less mainstream country-pop sound when they released their album in 2002. However, by the mid-2000s there were fewer country acts having crossover success.

, who emerged as both a pop star and a country musician as a result of the TV series , became a crossover success with hits on both the country and pop charts. Underwood would become the first of several country musicians, including another American Idol winner , who would find success on the pop charts beginning in the late 2000s.

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