Somewhere Over The Rainbow Piano Notes


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Full Lesson Part 1 – Lead Sheet & Block Chords


1° 1°° 7° 5° 6° 7° 1°° 1° 6° 5°

C° C°° B° G° A° B° C°° C° A° G°

1° 4° 3° 1° 2° 3° 4° 2° 7 1° 2° 3° 1°

C° F° E° C° D° E° F° D° B C° D° E° C°

5° 3° 5° 3° 5° 3° 5° 3°

G° E° G° E° G° E° G° E°

5° 4° 5° 4° 5° 4° 5° 4°

G° F° G° F° G° F° G° F°

5° 6° 6°

1° 4° 3° 1° 2° 3° 4° 2° 7 1° 2° 3° 1°

C° F° E° C° D° E° F° D° B C° D° E° C°

5° 3° 5° 3° 5° 3° 5° 3°

G° E° G° E° G° E° G° E°

5° 4° 5° 4° 5° 4° 5° 4°

G° F° G° F° G° F° G° F°

5° 6° 6° 1°° 5°

G° A° A° C°° G°

Somewhere Over The Rainbow The Wizard Of Oz Easy Letter Notes


We have added the letter notes of Somewhere Over the Rainbow The Wizard of Oz song in two versions for you. You can reach the notes of this song for piano with Do re mi and A B C version. Written notes were created to provide convenience to those who do not know how to read notes. You can examine the notes of Somewhere Over the Rainbow The Wizard of Oz piano letters below. You can share your thoughts by commenting. The Piano Notes wishes good work

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In the UK his version was released as a single under the title “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It entered the UK Official Singles Chart in April 2007 at number 68. In Germany, the single also returned to the German Singles Chart in September 2010. After two weeks on that chart, it received gold status for selling 150,000 copies. In October 2010, it reached number one on the German charts. In 2011 was certified 5Ã gold for selling over 750,000 copies. It stayed 12 non-consecutive weeks at the top spot and was the most successful single in Germany in 2010. In March 2010 it was the second best-selling download in Germany with digital sales between 500,000 and 600,000. In France, it debuted at number four in December 2010 and reached number one. In Switzerland, it received Platinum status for 30,000 copies sold.

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow SATB

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Over The Rainbow Sheet Music For Piano

I love getting back to the classical number and this song is definately the best of all.It’s wonderful to play that one on piano and therefore I decided thistime it’s best to play the melody with the right handWhile keeping a simple accompaniment with the left hand.

Though I love the Judy Garland version I bet everyonehere has his own opinion on which is the best version of the song.I hope you’re going to like mine 🙂

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Recordings By Judy Garland

The Wizard of OzProblems playing this file? See media help.

On October 7, 1938, Judy Garland recorded the song on the MGM soundstage with an arrangement by Murray Cutter. In September 1939, a studio recording of the song, not from the film soundtrack, was recorded and released as a single for . In March 1940, that same recording was included on a Decca 78 four-record studio cast album entitled The Wizard of Oz. Although this isn’t the version that appeared in the film, Decca continued to release the “cast album” into the 1960s after it was reissued on disc, a 331â3-rpm album.

The film version of “Over the Rainbow” was unavailable to the public until the soundtrack was released by MGM in 1956 to coincide with the television premiere of The Wizard of Oz. The soundtrack version has been re-released several times over the years, including a deluxe edition by Rhino in 1995.

After The Wizard of Oz appeared in 1939, “Over the Rainbow” became Garland’s signature song. She performed it for thirty years and sang it as she had for the film. She said she wanted to remain true to the character of Dorothy and to the message of being somewhere over the rainbow.

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Getting Over The Rainbow

Garland – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Easy Piano Tutorial & Sheet Music

Today were playing in the key of D, so thats two sharps: F#, and C# but there are plenty of accidentals to watch out for, so be mindful!

The left hand intervals in this song are beautiful, but if you want to simplify things, you can just play the notes that match the chords above the treble clef. That being said the prettiest, and jazziest moments in the song are when you make the most of the bass clef.

If youre having trouble, make sure to practice both hands separately before putting them together.

Take note: Once you reach the end of the first eight bars, loop back to the beginning and play through a second time, but be ready to skip to the second ending, making a jump from measure 7 to measure 9

Work through this song in small sections and youll find it eventually all comes together. You can also watch for patterns in the sheet music to simplify your sight reading:

If youre having trouble switching between some chords, try jumping back and forth between them a few times to better recall them using muscle memory.

For this tutorial, I go through things rather quickly, but remember that with the power of technology you can pause, go back, skip forward, and play in slow-mo. Pianote members can even take advantage of our Practice Along feature, where you can loop sections, bring up the virtual keyboard, and slow things down as you see fit.

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