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Roland Go: Keys Best Beginner Keyboard For Creating Music

Your 1st Beginner Keyboard Piano Lesson – Getting Started

The best Roland keyboard for beginners

Its an excellent keyboard for beginners who are not only interested in learning to play but also interested in songwriting and production. The price is higher than others on our list, but its reflected in a step up in sound quality and more professional features. It comes in a bright red color that somehow makes it more fun. Finished off with the ivory feel keys, this is a top keyboard for beginners if you dont mind the price.

  • Interactive lessons available.
  • The price is higher than others on our list.

The Roland Go:Keys is near the top of our price range as a beginner keyboard. But, it does justify the extra money with some great features. The 61 velocity-sensitive keys have an ivory feel finish that just adds a more professional touch than most beginner keyboards.

Roland has included a whopping 500 voices in the Go:Keys model, but more importantly, they are very high-quality sounds. The Go:Keys has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can use smartphones to stream music straight to the keyboards built-in speakers. This feature isnt just useful for listening to music you can jam to your favorite tracks and use Rolands interactive online content like tutorials and play-along lessons.

Rockjam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With Lcd Display Kit

This is an excellent choice for a serious tech enthusiast. This digital keyboard, which is reasonably priced, provides a lot of digital bang for your buck: 100 instrumental voices, 100 rhythms and beats, and 50 sample tunes as well as recording and playback capabilities, making this 61-key partial keyboard a small portable band production studio.

RockJam is exactly what it says on the tin: a fantastic introductory piano for the creative and technologically minded. Obviously, no acoustic instruments are sampled here, but the sound quality is good for the money and allows beginners to not only sit and learn the piano, but also compose, produce, and experiment with sound layering. Everything you need is included in the kit: a foldable seat, a stand, a music stand, a pedal, and even headphones! Its a one-stop store for aspiring professional music producers.

This enjoyable digital piano for beginners, in our opinion, is a fantastic complement to a more professional 88-keys piano. If you have a digital piano in the spinet style or an acoustic upright piano, This keyboard is a feature-rich creative studio that is incredibly portable. However, as an only keyboard, a 61-key keyboard is not recommended for a professional piano student because it distorts the impression of dimensions.

What To Look For In A Digital Piano

A high end digital piano can cost as much as $20k. Yet you can get a lower end model for as little as $200.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

But for a more pragmatic purchase, you need to know which features are basic and which arent.

Some features that come with the pricier models are more whistles and bells, which you can skimp on.

1. Weighted Keys With Touch Sensitivity

Weighted keys are an absolute must for anyone who wants to practice with the feel of a real acoustic piano.

While a digital cant realistically reproduce the acoustic sound of a grand piano, a good one must have keys that feel like a grands.

The hammer action needs to mimic that of an acoustic piano to the point where you cant easily tell the difference.

You will need to train the weight you put behind your strokes as it is a fundamental skill that determines the volume you play at when you use a real acoustic piano.

Touch sensitivity is thus an important consideration when shopping for a digital piano.

2. All 88 Keys for a Complete Grand Piano Playing Experience

As stated earlier, a proper piano must have all 88 keys.

If you are getting a digital piano because you cant afford a grand or have no space for it in your apartment, then 88 keys should be the absolute bare minimum.

The exception would be for those who travel with their instrument and need a very portable keyboard, or if you are on a very tight budget.

3. Headphone Jack, So You Can Play Without Annoying the Neighbours

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How To Choose A Keyboard For Kids

If you are wondering what size keyboard to get, you may well be buying for a child! Kids are sponges for information, and there are so many reasons to get your child to learn how to play piano or keyboard. Its even been shown to help with their cognitive development.

So, what size keyboard is suitable for children?

Just like an adult trying to learn how to play the keyboard, getting a model with more than 49 keys will allow you the option to play with two hands, and therefore play far more songs.

There are some specific keyboards for children out there. These often have smaller keys, which means that your child can play more comfortably. Very few children have a large hand span that can allow them to play on a full-size piano.

A lot of childrens keyboards also include some really cool added features and functions, including some novelty sounds and inbuilt songs. This is a good way to keep kids engaged when they would possibly otherwise lose interest in the hobby.

If you choose the right model for your kid, you never know, they might be playing like a virtuoso in no time

Top 10 Keyboards And Digital Pianos For Beginners

Electronic Piano Keyboard 37 Key Kids Learning Keyboard Portable ...

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The best keyboards and digital pianos for beginners in 2022 arent always the most obvious choices. You have to understand what you want to get out of an instrument and its features/functions.

Some options will deliver short-term gains, some long-term, and the instruments value depends on the student, too. We are all different, so our top 10 picks include better choices for kids, some that are better for adults, and some fantastic all-rounders. We have everything you need to go from complete novice to a confident musician.

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Alesis Melody 61 Mkii 61 Key Music Keyboard / Digital Piano With Built

The Alesis Melody ticks all the boxes!

As well as being portable and lightweight, it comes with a stand, built-in speakers and even a small bench. This means that you can either play it on the go, or set yourself up with a smaller station at home, allowing you to practice whenever you want.

This is an affordable product, too, though you wouldnt know it from the features. As well as having 300 voices it also includes 40 demo songs. A ΒΌ stereo headphone output also means that you can hook this up to headphones and practice in private. If youre a parent buying a keyboard for beginners for your children then this can be very beneficial!

This is also right in the sweet spot in terms of size. 61 full-size keys means that the product is not so big that it is difficult to take out and about with you. Its also not so small that youll have to significantly restrict how many songs you can play.

For any budding singer-songwriters, this model also comes with a microphone. You can plug it in and sing along with your playing. Your singing will be amplified through the speakers.

While youre not likely to see this keyboard used in a professional studio anytime soon, its great for both children and adults who want to learn how to play piano.

Electronic Keyboard For Beginners

So, you have chosen electronic keyboard as the instrument of choice to learn for you or your child. Excellent decision! Now lets move to the next and most important question what is the best electronic keyboard to learn playing on?

Before I start, I should talk a little about terminology. Most people say keyboard meaning any instrument with black and white keys, most of the time a synthesizer. But there are so many electronic keyboards, what is the difference between them and which one is the ideal for beginners?

The world of keyboard instruments could be devided into two big parts:

  • Electronic keyboards

Digital pianos are more like acoustic pianos, and their piano sounds are more realistic. The other differences between electronic keyboard and digital piano are:

  • size of the keys
  • keyboard action
  • number of sounds

So, first thing you should understand for yourself is what you need keyboard for. If you are planning to study playing piano seriously, then it is much better for you to choose digital piano, not synthesizer. There are nice beginner digital pianos, that are not very expensive, I will talk about them below. If you just want to try a keyboard instrument then electronic keyboard is your choice. You can experiment with sounds, and play many instruments with one device. Beginner keyboards are usually cheap and allow you to try your skills without robbing a bank.

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Casio Sa76 Review: Awesome Mini Digital Piano

The first thing you notice about the Casio SA-76 is its extremely small size. This piano only comes with 44 keys, which is perfect for any young piano player looking to learn, not become befuddled by the number and range of keys. The small set of keys allows the young player to focus exactly on where he needs to place his hands, and it doesnt hinder him be forcing him to stretch to areas he cant reach or engulf him with its size. Considering every digital piano review Ive ever done, I am pretty sure I have never come across a machine that weighed less than four pounds, and thats exactly what you have in this machine. The piano is only twenty five inches long and nine and a half inches wide, making it so small and compact that it may even fit into a desk drawer.

The Casio SA-76 comes in a nice black color, with a brown under side that gives it a nice look. The two 1.2 watt speakers sit on opposite ends of the board, with the control interface sandwiched in between. The makers of this mini keyboard at Casio have managed to fit a good number of buttons and control onto the interface considering the pianos small size, but with 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 built in songs they are all necessary. They have even managed to fit in a competent LC display which isnt the snazziest of options, but will certainly help the user navigate the keyboard.

Below, please take a look at a few keyboards that are currently best sellers online, and compare their features to the SA-76:

What Is A Controller Keyboard

Top 5 Travel-Sized Keyboards – The Best Portable Pianos & Synths!

Controllers have lower price tags than other keyboards for beginning piano students because they lack any built-in sound-generating capabilities. Instead, the keyboard transmits MIDI data to other hardware or software. While a good choice for someone interested in creating computer-based music, controllers are not recommended for students who want to play, rather than program, their music.

Advantages of a Controller Keyboard

  • Can be used for computer composition
  • Outputs MIDI information to synthesizers and computer software

Disadvantages of a Controller Keyboard

  • Must be plugged in to a computer or laptop
  • No onboard sounds
  • A poor choice for beginner keyboardists

These types of keyboards are hardly the only options available. Many modern keyboards offer features that blur the line between different keyboard types. For instance, you may find a digital piano with synthesizer capabilities or a synthesizer with aspects of a controller keyboard. This complexity makes it difficult to compare individual keyboards. The sounds produced by the best keyboard brands will vary from model to model, even on keyboards whose specifications look almost identical. Before making a final decision, consider your childs musical interests and goals, read reviews, and talk to local musicians and instrument store staff.

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Best Intermediate Piano Under $700 Roland Fp

More serious piano players demand more features and higher quality.

While the entries in the sub-$500 bracket are competent digital pianos in their own right, they do feel tailored for the entry-level market.

The biggest upgrade with the $700 digital pianos is the sounds. Companies feature higher quality samples in these models over their entry-level counterparts.

Again, were not featuring workstation keyboards or keyboards with lackluster key-beds, only digital pianos with full, 88-key weighted keys were considered for this list.

Best Portable Keyboard Piano Faq

A: There are some roll-up keyboards that are super compact and take the concept of portability to the next level! They’re low cost, require a very small amount of space, and are great for adults and kids who want to learn to play the keyboard.


A: They won’t go anywhere unless you don’t accidentally drop them on the floor or hit them on the wall. Basically, as long as it’s not physically damaged, it’ll work. And in most cases, you can always get your instrument repaired. They can last for anywhere between 10-50 years, depending on how you choose to use them.

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Do You Need Usb Compatibility

Not every beginner keyboard comes with USB connectivity, but its a fairly straightforward and affordable interface that can be found on certain designs. If you need a pure MIDI controller, the is a fantastic beginner MIDI keyboard thats loaded with features. If you want a hybrid design that can act as a standalone keyboard, the Alesis Recital and Donner DEP-20 both fit the bill.

What Accessories Do I Need For My Beginner Keyboard

32 Keys Mini Piano Keyboard Portable Musical Instrument for Kids ...

So, once you’ve decided on the best keyboard for beginners that suits your needs, the next step is to kit yourself out with all the essential piano accessories that will make your learning experience a lot easier.

Keyboard stand: One of the first and most crucial accessories to grab is a sturdy keyboard stand. Make sure the stand you go for is appropriate for the size and weight of the keyboard you have. For non-weighted keyboards, you will most likely get away with a single braced stand, but for instruments with weighted keys, you are better with a double-braced stand for added security.

Bench: A solid and high-quality piano bench will not only ensure you are comfortable while sitting for hours and hours practising, but it will also ensure you play in the correct position, with the optimal posture.

Now, benches come in various styles, and which you choose is dependant on your specific needs. The most popular types are adjustable benches, which allow you to set a particular height to ensure the player is comfortable and storage benches with a hidden compartment for housing your books and learning materials.

Headphones: A good set of studio headphones will go a long way to helping with your practice. Not only will you be able to practice in relative silence, but you’ll also get to hear your new keyboard piano in all its glory.

Music Stand: Got lots of books and sheet music? Well, it’s worth picking up a good quality music stand to keep all your pages in order.

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Korg B2sp Beginner Keyboard With Most Options

The best digital piano all-rounder

If you want something a little more serious to learn on, the Korg B2SP could be the one. It has piano tones to rival any in its price range and the convenience of being a lightweight keyboard piano when needed. The electric piano and organ sounds are so good they might be the reason you choose this piano over another. No harm in adding some organ chops to your CV!

  • The natural hammer action is fantastic.
  • Grand piano voices sound very natural.
  • USB MIDI controller if needed.
  • portable if required.
  • Doesnt look as stylish as some others if thats important to you.

The B2SP is an entry-level digital piano from Korg that comes with a lovely wooden stand and three-pedal unit. It can also be used as a portable keyboard piano without the stand. Technically that makes it one of the best keyboard pianos for beginners, too.

It has 88-keys , using Korgs natural hammer-action technology to deliver real piano-like resistance. The B2SP is the successor to the B1SP, and it comes with added sounds and features. You now get a total of 12 sounds, including some of the best grand piano tones in the entire price range. The B2SP features stunning grand pianos from Germany and Italy, covering a range of suitable tones from classical to jazz. Korg has gone the extra mile with the additional sounds, too the electric pianos and jazz organs are beautiful.

The Best Keyboard For A Beginner

Before we decide what we need to buy as a beginner looking for a keyboard, we must make sure we are clear that there is a difference between a digital piano and a keyboard.

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but that could not be farther from the truth.

It is understandable that a few beginners may not recognize this distinction because they may come from a background that does not involve pianos or musical instruments. They may know nothing about the action of a real piano or the authentic sound that a real piano possesses.

Ultimately, this is the main difference. A full size digital piano most likely has been manufactured to be a practice substitute or replacement to a real acoustic or grand piano. Because of this, many times piano players are looking for something that is going to replicate the keyboard action, breadth, and sometimes size of the real thing.

Most keyboards, however, have a different focus. Many times these are not focused on a specific grand piano sound, but rather a large number of electronic and synthesized sounds. Also, they usually do not focus at all on keyboard action and are fit with spring-loaded keys.

Now that you have learned more about the differences, you can hopefully make an informed decision on what you really want. In truth, it would not be bad to make the switch from a keyboard to a digital piano. In fact, for many people who are serious about piano, this would be ideal and expected.

In the end, it is of course up to you.

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