Silent Night Piano Notes With Letters


The Notes Of The Left Hand

Silent Night easy letter notes for piano

Did you find the first C note? Great! Now lets move on to all the other notes in the left hand.

To play them, you must press the following notes in succession:

C C B A G G C F F C F F C B A G G C C G D C.

If you play all these notes in a row on the keyboard, you will have the whole left hand of Silent Night on the piano, accompanying the right hand and giving depth to the melody of the song.

Silent Night on piano: the notes of the left hand.

Silent Night Easy Piano Sheet Music

This easy piano version of Silent Night is in the key of B flat major. This is a challenging key for a beginner piano player and so I have kept the left hand very simple. The melody has some challenging leaps in it and so it is worth paying particular attention to the fingering I have suggested. The time signature is 3/4 and so there are 3 crotchet beats in every bar. The tempo marking is Adagio meaning Slowly it is very important not to rush the tempo of Silent Night the lyrics clearly suggest that the carol should be played calmly and serenely.

Intermediate Arrangement

The intermediate arrangement focuses on using consecutive 3rds in the right hand part. This is a great skill to develop in your piano playing as you will find that lots of pieces use consecutive 3rds and they sound great! It may take a bit of practice at first, but once your fingers get used to the movement you will find that it is a really rewarding piano technique to learn.

Silent Night Advanced Piano

Here is an arrangement taken from my album 10 Christmas Carols. It is more challenging than the other 2 piano versions I hope you enjoy learning it!

Silent Night Clarinet and Trumpet Version

Here is an arrangement that can be used for either clarinet or trumpet in B flat:

Silent Night Flute and Violin Sheet Music

This version of Silent Night is for flute or violin:

The Notes Of The Right Hand

Once you have found the first note, you must now play all the following notes with your right hand in order to reproduce the melody of the song. Press each of the following notes one after the other:

G A G E G A G E D D B C C G A A C B A G A G E A A C B A G A G E D D F D B C E C G E G F.

We advise you to play this series of notes in a loop in order to learn it as quickly as possible.

Now lets move on to the left hand.

Silent Night on piano: the notes of the right hand.

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Below is a simple bass line for a carol using only one note. Its written so that you only have to play one note per bar, and only three different notes are actually used: C, F, and G.

In the third version of Silent Night, Ive added two-tone chord keys to the right hand, always with the melody note as the highest note. The bass line remains the same.

The last two versions of Silent Night use alternate left-hand chord structures to give the piece a different feel. If youre going with singers they can prove unsettling, but if youre playing carols alone for enjoyment or performance, you may find one or both interesting options. See how you like them!

Finally, here is a very simple lead sheet for Silent Night. Note that you only need three chords to play it: C Major, F Major and G Major: This song was included on the yellow tape for Karate Recorder and is called Soft Sleep, still only using 3 chords.

Silent Night Piano Notes

Silent night flute notes,

“Silent Night” is unquestionably one of them. Franz Xaver Gruber wrote the music to Joseph Mohr’s lyrics in this over 200-year-old carol.

The carol is still relevant today, despite its age!

To assist you with learning this lovely Christmas hymn, we include a page of Silent Night piano notes.

Simply follow the letter notes on your piano or keyboard and play the relevant keys.]

Silent Night Piano Notes

The notes below B are CAPITAL LETETER

The notes above B are small case


Silent night, holy night!

d d B c c G

All is calm, all is bright

A A c BA G A G E

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child

A A c B A G A G E

Holy infant so tender and mild

d d f d B c e

Sleep in heavenly peace

c G E G F D C

Sleep in heavenly peace

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Safe In The Arms Of Jesus

Finally, here is a very simple lead for Silent Night. Notice that you only need three chords to play it: C major, F major and G major: Silent Night is a popular Austrian Christmas carol, translated into many languages and covered by many artists. The text of this famous musical was written by Father Joseph Mohr, while the beautiful melody was composed by the organist and school teacher Franz Xaver Gruber in 1818.

On this page you can find sheet music, chords, printable PDF sheet music free downloads, as well as easy piano lesson videos.

To save this free sheet music of Silent Night to your computer, right-click and select Save Image As.

To download a printable PDF of this music activity song with sheet music, lyrics and a drawing for kids to paint, click the button above or the link below.

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Learn To Play Silent Night On Piano And The History Of Silent Night

Silent Night endures as a popular and beautiful song to play on piano. It is a holiday carol commonly performed on Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas and a holy day in the Christian religious tradition. With practice, you can play this beautiful song with an arrangement that is right for you! In this article, youll learn the history of Silent Night, find links to piano tutorials, and downloads of Silent Night sheet music for your level.

The power of Silent Nights music lies in its history and musics ability to connect people around the world. The carol is even on the UNESCO list of treasured items of Intangible Cultural Heritage! The words to Silent Night have been translated into over 300 languages, showing the ways that music can overcome difficulties in communication. Silent Night is also deeply connected to peace. During World War I, in the Christmas Truce in Flanders, young German and English soldiers laid down their weapons and sang Silent Night together from their separate trenches.

Are you ready to start learning to play Silent Night? Try this video tutorial for the easiest version of Silent Night!

Ready for a challenge? Download your sheet music below and scroll down to the Easy or Intermediate piano tutorials!

Christmas Favorites For Recorder: Harnsberger L C: 00380: Music: Amazon Canada

Silent Night – Easy Piano Sheet Music With Letters

You have a count of 4 beats to start playing with the audio. As you can see, the three notes are very easy to play on your recorder, so we havent played the audio very slowly.

You may find it difficult at first to follow the score with the audio, but you should try.

If you can play along with the music you will be ready to play more difficult songs.

A recorder is not just a musical instrument, but a collection of musical instruments of various sizes. In principle, if you can play one, you can play one.

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Oh Holy Night Kalimba Tabs Letter & Number Notes Tutorial

Show Name: O Holy Night! The stars are shining First line: O holy night! The stars are shining Melody name: CANTIQUE DE NOEL Date: 2006

Display Title: O holy night First line: O holy night, the stars are shining Tune Title: Author: John S. Dwight, 1812-1893 Placide Cappeau

Show Name: O Holy Night! First line: O holy night! the stars shine bright Window Title: CANTIQUE DE NOEL Author: John S. Dwight Meter: Date: 1986 Subject: Jesus Our Savior: His Birth |

Show Title: O Holy Night First Line: O Holy Night, the stars shine bright Melody Title: CANTIQUE DE NOEL By: John S. Dwight, 19th C. Meter: Irregular Script: Luke 2:8-16 Romans 8:22 Date: 1990

Happy Birthday: Piano Tutorial

To download a ready-made PDF of Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht for musical score with sheet music, lyrics and coloring sheet for kids, click on the button above or on the following link.

To download a printable PDF of this song with simple piano sheet music for beginners, click on the button above or on the link below.

The result, if we sing in A, sounds like this: E E B A / F# E F# E / B A A-E- A

In the second verse, continue to sing this line, while playing the original melody on an instrument .

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Easy Silent Night Piano Sheet Music

Silent Night is one of the most iconic Christmas songs in history. This article teaches you its origins and how to play it on piano.

You know youve written a hit when your song was translated into 300 languages and performed in almost every genre imaginable. Silent Night is a Christmas song that has swept the earth with its haunting melody and spiritual sentiments. The song carries the perfect balance of depth and simplicity, making it easy for musicians and non-musicians to connect to and enjoy.

In this article, we let you in on the incredible story of its journey from a small town in the Austrian countryside to becoming a worldwide wonder. We also give you some easy-to-read sheet music with our tips on playing the song on the piano.

Silent Nights And Musical Days

Silent Night (C Major): Mastering Christmas Carols on the Piano and ...

There is no better way to have a quiet, restful night of sleep than to have a joyful day of music and song. Find time every day to spend at the piano, whether it be learning worldwide classics like Silent Night, practicing your music theory, or even writing your own music. You never know what kind of musical magic could make its way out of your fingers. And even if youre only playing other peoples creations, music is medicine for the soul it will send you soundly to sleep when the stars come out. Sweet dreams.

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S Tips And Techniques

To learn how to dissociate your hands when you play the piano, there are techniques and tricks.

For example, you can, as we have chosen to do in this tutorial on Silent Night, start by playing the notes of the right hand and then those of the left hand. Your brain will then already have a theoretical basis to build on when you play both hands simultaneously.

Once youve done this exercise and are starting to play both hands, we recommend that you work in short sequences. Cut the song or exercise you are learning into several parts of a few seconds each. Practice the first part on a loop. Once youve mastered it, move on to the second. Once you have mastered it, play both parts in a row.

This technique allows your brain to assimilate the information more quickly. If you go too fast and play the first 30 seconds of a song in one go, you may take much longer and get discouraged.

Note: At La Touche Musicale, we call this technique the learning loop. Noticing the effectiveness of this technique on piano learning, we decided to integrate a feature into our online piano learning app that allows you to loop any part of the song and learn it very quickly.

You can also work on your scales. Scales are exercises that work on both hand dissociation and your dexterity. In addition to the songs that you learn at the piano, we advise you to practice scales which will be very useful in your piano practice.

Silent Night on the piano: the notes of both hands.

Silent Night Traditional Piano Letter Notes


We have added the letter notes of Silent Night Traditional song in two versions for you. You can reach the notes of this song for piano with Do re mi and A B C version. Written notes were created to provide convenience to those who do not know how to read notes. You can examine the notes of Silent Night Traditional piano letters below. You can share your thoughts by commenting. The Piano Notes wishes good work

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Silent Night On Piano: Finding Your Way Around The Keyboard

Before we get to the heart of the matter and learn Silent Night, we must first give a brief summary of the position of each note on a piano keyboard. You can find the same explanation on our tutorial dedicated to learning the notes of We Wish You a Merry Christmas on the piano and the one about Zeldas Lullaby Piano Tutorial.

The diagram below shows the location of each note on the keyboard:

The name of the notes on a piano keyboard.

When you look at the picture above, you can see that the series of notes on the piano keys are repeated. There are 7 white keys one after the other that display all the notes . Once you reach the 8th note, the series repeats itself identically. This series of 7 notes in a row is what we call an octave.

To identify the position of a particular note on the piano keyboard, you can use the black keys as a visual cue. You will notice that the black keys work in groups: one group of two black keys and one group of three. These groups allow you to find your way around the piano more easily and thus identify the notes more easily.

For example, if we are looking for the note E, we will first try to identify a group of two black keys. Once we have found this group, we know that the note E is just to the right of these two black keys. There you go, youve found your E!

If you are interested in learning easy music with piano notes, you might like our article about piano songs with letters.

Fur Elise Piano Notes Letters Left Hand

SILENT NIGHT – easy letter notes for piano – Christmas carol song

Note that there are several places with a similar rhythm, formed by a dotted crochet followed by a knot and a crochet . This takes up one bar of time. Imagine that the bar is divided into 6 half beats. The first note takes 3 of these the second note only takes 1 of these final crochet takes the remaining 2 half beats.

Below is a simple bassline for the song that uses only one note. Its written so that you only have to play one note per measure, and in fact only three different notes are used: C, F, and G.

In the third version of Silent Night, Ive added two-note chords to the right hand, always with the melody note as the highest note. The bass line is unchanged.

The last two versions of Silent Night use some other left-handed chord structures to give the piece a different feel. They may prove to be poor if youre accompanying singers , but if youre playing the musical solo for fun or performance, you may find one or both interesting options. See how you like them!

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O Holy Night Piano Notes With Letters

Translator: John S. Dwight John Sullivan Dwight, born in Boston on May 13, 1813, was a virtuoso in music and an enthusiastic student of the art and science of tonal harmony. While a student at the university, he joined a Harvard musical club known as The Pierian Sodality, and after graduation became a prolific writer on musical subjects. Six years of his life were spent in the Brook Farm Community. He is best known for his journal series, Dwights Journal of Music, which ran from 1852 to 1881. His death occurred in 1893. The Story of the Hymns and Tunes, Brown & Butterworth, 1906.Go to Person Page >

Silent Night Sheet Music For Piano

Silent Night is one of the most popular Christmas songs ever written. It is a German carol with music composed by Franz Gruber and lyrics written by Joseph Mohr. Some stories say that it was written because they needed a song with guitar accompaniment because a mouse chewed through the organ bellows. We donĂ¢t know if that is a fact, but Silent Night is certainly a beautiful song that expresses the wonders of Christmas. There are five sheet music versions of the song for piano here in the key of C, for beginners to more advanced players.

The beginner version of Silent Night for piano features the melody in the treble clef staff. The easy version of Silent Night for piano splits the melody between the right and left hands. The simple version of Silent Night for piano has a basic left hand accompaniment line that complements the melody. The intermediate version of Silent Night for piano includes harmony in the left hand. The advanced version of Silent Night for piano features a more complex arrangement with harmony and moving notes in the left hand. Select one of the images below for a free printable PDF of the carol.

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