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What Are Minor 7 Piano Chords

Where to get Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Minor 7 chords are minor triads, with a 7th note on the top. You can build a minor 7 chord using this spelling: 1, b3, 5, b7 . They are commonly used in Jazz, they sound smooth, sad and relaxing.

Minor 7 piano chords quick list:

  • C minor 7 C, Eb, G, Bb
  • C# minor 7 C#, E, G#, B
  • D minor 7 D, F, A, C
  • Eb minor 7 Eb, Gb, Bb, Db
  • E minor 7 E, G, B, D
  • F minor 7 F, Ab, C, Eb,
  • F# minor 7 F#, A, C#, E
  • G minor 7 G, Bb, D, F
  • Ab minor 7 Ab, Cb, Eb, Gb
  • A minor 7 A, C, E, G
  • Bb minor 7 Bb, Db, F, Ab
  • B minor 7 B, D, F#, A

Every Kid & Every Situation Is Unique

Every kid, every situation is unique… some kids will happily play week after week from their piano method books, enjoying each turn of the page with its new challenge, while others find the books boring and dig in their heels as you attempt to drag them through their lesson book.

Some beginners move along quickly, while others need months and months to digest the small handful of notes around Middle C.

Some kids have heard classical piano music from the time they were born with others, all they know is video game music.

Additional Beginner Sheets & Music

Waltzing Matilda with helper notes

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

What Child is This, lettered notes & helper notes

What Do You Do with a Drunken – or GRUMPY – Sailor

What Wondrous Love

White, Orange & Green

Wiegenlied, “Mozart’s Cradle Song”

Go here to see the piano music with letters page, “Note-Naming Worksheets”!

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Free Piano Sheet Music For Beginners

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Are you looking to find piano sheet music free online? Here are a 5 hand-picked resources with piano sheet music for beginners. I have selected good quality websites where you’ll find printable piano sheet music in many different genres and styles.

But Sheet Music Is So Expensive

free sheet music beginners

If only there were sources of free kids’ sheet music, beginner piano music! Music, in addition, with suggestions for teachers, and stories and tips.

Well, now there is. My site, and other sites too.

I have a large and ever-expanding collection of beginner piano music, and what I offer here has been tried and found worthy of keeping!

Much of it is just supplemental to the beginner piano music method books I use, but a lot of it is music I consider essential for my students, to lay down a hands-on foundation of understanding music theory.

Add some spice to your students’ music diet without breaking the bankalmost all the beginner piano music you will find here is free and easily printable, with no strings attached.

Furthermore, you don’t have to guess what’s there before you hit the “Download” link – you can look my free sheet music over before downloading it onto your computer!

Kay, US:…wanted to let you know that I love using your early beginner sheet music with the alphanotes.

I have 10 beginners who began piano this fall, and your materials are great, especially the Christmas pieces, to bridge that time of just starting to read a few notes and being able to play more complicated rhythms.

Your site has helped my studio a great deal. Thank you for sharing!!!! Merry Christmas!

The tips are great too. I also live in the middle of nowhere so buying from a shop is not really an option unless I fancy a 120 mile round trip for a piece of sheet music!

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One New Key At A Time

I used to assign kids the entire paper to fill in the first week, but gradually I’ve come to assign just one note name per week, and stipulate that at home, they are to strike every one of THOSE keys up and down the keyboard every day.

“This week, I want you to write in all the D’s, in pencil, and play every D, etc.”, so that we keep returning to the paper piano keyboard layout week after week.

It’s a BIG DEAL when we’ve gotten through all the white keys, and turn our attention to those mysterious black keys, with the double names…

Here is a student who has placed a little animal on each G# key.

Below are two very different piano keyboards diagrams: the first one has small keys , the second one is larger, with fewer keys.

Both print out nicely on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper, with PLENTY of white space left below for you to write on! Scroll down for the free downloadable PDF links…

What Are Major 7 Piano Chords

Major 7 chords are triads with a 7th note on top. You can build a major 7 chord using this spelling: 1, 3, 5, 7 . They are commonly used in Jazz and give a smooth feel to chords. They are great for adding more colour to your chord progressions.

Major 7 piano chords quick list:

  • C major 7 C, E, G, B
  • C# major 7 C#, E#, G#, B#
  • D major 7 D, F#, A, C#
  • Eb major 7 Eb, G, Bb, D
  • E major 7 E, G#, B, D#
  • F major 7 F, A, C, E
  • F# major 7 F#, A#, C#, F
  • G major 7 G, B, D, F#
  • Ab major 7 Ab, C, Eb, G
  • A major 7 A, C#, E, G#
  • Bb major 7 Bb, D, F, A
  • B major 7 B, D#, F#, A#

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What Are Chords In Music

Chords are a series of notes played together at the same time. Piano chords are named by their root note, and then the notes that come after.

So if we have a C major, it’s because we have a major 3rd, and a 5th. If we call it a C minor, it’s because we have a minor 3rd , and a 5th.

As you deepen your knowledge with chords beyond the basics, you’ll come across extension chords. These will be named with their root note first, quality second, and their extension last.

E.g. Cmin7, Cmaj7

Most common chords are made up of 2 or 3 notes, and these are used in the wide majority of your favourite songs.

The most common chord on the piano is a triad. These are made up of three notes, and you can build them very easily.

Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music For Kids

Amazing Grace – Beginner Piano Lesson (Tutorial) FREE Sheet Music

Sheet music for those just starting to learn the piano. Great for kids as well as kids at heart!

We’ve listed some of our best beginner piano pieces below written specifically for students just starting their piano lesson journey.

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

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What Are Minor Piano Chords

Minor piano chords are the 2nd most common chord in music, and on the piano. They are 3 note triads, that are made up of the chord spelling 1, b3, 5. Minor chords are sad sounding chords, and are very popular in music.

Minor chords on the piano list:

  • C minor C, Eb, G
  • C# minor C#, E, G#
  • D minor D, F, A
  • Eb minor Eb, Gb, Bb
  • E minor E, G, B
  • F minor F, Ab, C
  • F# minor F#, A, C#
  • G minor G, Bb, D
  • Ab minor Ab, Cb, Eb
  • A minor A, C, E
  • Bb minor Bb, Db, F
  • B minor B, D, F#

They Will Remember Dipping Donuts

I frequently have to remind them not to stiff-handedly “splash” the donut into the milk, but gracefully bend the wrist. Over a period of weeks , it starts to become natural!

This final keyboard, below, is very sharp-looking, but I don’t use it much because I try to avoid print jobs that demand lots of heavy black ink! Your own purposes may have a special use for this graphic, though:

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Keyboard recognition is important for all musicians

It’s obvious why piano players need to start learning the names of the keys, but why guitarists and other instrumentalists, and vocalists?

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Tuning To The Piano Keys Makes More Sense

For guitar players, I have found this to be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than merely tuning with an electronic device. The UNDERSTANDING is there.

First the open strings, then the frets…

Next, we learn all the names of the other keys.

Then, we use this online piano keyboard sheet as a reference for saying note names as they play scales fret-by-fret from string to string.

I suggest you print out just one at first to see how you like the size.

The black keys always require a lot of ink, and so these paper keyboards are precious commodities once they are printed out! I don’t pass out new ones.

If a student rips the holes so the keyboard sheet doesn’t stay in their 3-ring binder, then I mend the edge with wide tape folded over, and punch new holes!

A plain paper blank piano keyboard sheet is one of the best all-around tools a music teacher has!

Here are the links to the PDFs!

First, the keyboard with names on all white and black keys:

MusicGardenStudios:This is an absolutely wonderful site!

As a voice and piano teacher looking for enrichment material for beginners, I have found your collections to be comprehensive and purposeful. It is clear that you are a wonderful musician and educator. Thank you!

Joy:I bought your Halloween Songs, wrote teacher accompaniment for some, and performed with 17 of my students in costume at an assisted living facility.

Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces that introduce the minor key in a very simple and interesting way to early elementary students.

How Do You Play A Minor Chord On The Piano

Free Printable Sheet Music For Piano Beginners Popular Songs

To play a minor chord on the piano, do this:

  • Use the minor chord spelling 1, b3, 5.
  • Choose the root note you want your chord to start from .
  • Use the major scale of this root note. E.g. C major scale for C minor chord.
  • Count up 3 notes from the root note, then flatten it.
  • Count up 5 notes from the root note.
  • Play the root, flat 3rd & 5th all together.
  • Use this fingering: 1, 3, 5 thumb, middle, pinky.

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Guitar Players Also Need To Understand The Piano Keyboard

I use “blank” paper keyboards with all my beginner piano, violin, voice and guitar students.

Yes, guitar! I write the names on the appropriate piano keys for the guitar strings – E, A, D, G, B, E – and that is how they learn to tune their instrument. It is much more meaningful than using an electronic tuner.

I feel the electronic tuner should come LATER, after they understand how the piano keyboard relates to the strings and frets of the guitar.

For Beginners: Free Piano Sheet Music

One of the most exciting musical instruments to play is the piano. This classic masterpiece is a wonderful addition to your home, like an ever-present companion with 88 keys to create beautiful music. But while the idea of playing the piano is exciting, the thought of spending hours learning music notes can be challenging for beginners.

The first thing to do is never entertain the defeating thoughts that can dampen your enthusiasm and desire to learn. Be ready to explore the possibilities and satisfaction of having a new skill. Dont worry about the resources because there is a wide selection of free piano sheet music for beginners that are downloadable from several websites.

But first, lets get familiar with the music notes that you will be reading from the piano sheets.

Related: Free sheet music for kids may interested you too.

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Common Piano Chords Cheat Sheet

A standard size Piano, it has 88 notes. In those 88 notes, we have 8 octaves C-B. With 12 notes in-between, and over 351 unique scales on the Piano. You can make lots of different types of chords on the piano. Some are used a lot more frequently than others though.

So here is a list with the most common piano chords:

  • C major C, E, G.
  • C minor C, Eb, G.
  • D major D, F#, A
  • D minor D, F, A
  • E major E, G#, B
  • E minor E, G, B
  • F major F, A, C
  • F minor F, Ab, C
  • G major G, B, D
  • G minor G, Bb, D
  • A major A, C#, E
  • A minor A, C, E

Here’s our major and minor piano chord chart. And, you can the free version over on our.

You can alsopurchase a full-size printed posterfor you music room, studio, or just to liven up your room!

What Are Sharps & Flats On The Piano

Beginners Blues Piano 1- easy introduction, Now With Sheet Music!

Sharps and flats on the piano are just a semi-tone difference between the current note you are playing. We have a total of 7 sharps and 7 flats in each octave. These repeat across different octaves at high or lower pitches.

The sharps on the piano are made up of: C#, D#, E#, F#, G#, A#, & B#

The flats on the piano are made up of: Cb, Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, Bb

You will have probably come across 5 of those sharps and flats. But there are 2 that you might have seen as a natural’ note on the piano. These are E# & B#, or Fb & Cb. These notes are just F, and C. They are called sharp or flat, depending on the key you are in.

If you are in C# major, it makes more sense when reading sheet music.

If we take a look at the C# major chord it also makes more sense in sheet music. Chords take up all the lines or the spaces. If you were to have an E, instead of an E#, it would look funny.

If you are a music producer, this is much less important to follow. But, if you are a live musician or come from an instrument background, then this is really important to grasp.

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How Do You Play A Major 6 Chord

To play an major 6th chord on the piano, do this:

  • Use the major chord spelling 1, 3, 5, 6.
  • Choose the root note you want your chord to start from .
  • Use the major scale of this root note. E.g. C major scale for C diminished chord.
  • Count up 3 notes from the root note.
  • Count up 5 notes from the root note.
  • Count 6 notes up from the root.
  • Play the root, flat 3rd, 5th, & 6th all together.
  • Use this fingering: 1, 2, 3, 4 from the thumb on right hand.

What Happens When Students Start To Master Chord Patterns Beautiful Music I Call This Level After Year Two

Free easy piano sheet music for your students who are past level one.

Now students start using moving chords in the left hand, requiring more hand coordination.

Also, the range of notes is greater than in The First Year and After Year One.

Some, like Harp Ballad, are more appropriate in Year 3 or 4, but for older students, such as students who start as beginners in their teen years, they may reach this level very quickly, with a strong understanding of chords.


America the Beautiful

Happy Birthday – several arrangements, from very easy to very full-sounding

Harp Ballad – a beautiful piece that will spur your student to new skills!

Hava Nagilah – well-known Hebrew folk song

House of the Rising Sun – with exciting left hand chords

How Doth the Little Crocodile -a creepy-sounding song with lyrics from Alice in Wonderland

Hungarian Dance – Brahms’ #5, a duet version

In the Hall of the Mountain King – a one-page arrangement of the main theme

In the Mood – the famous Big Band song, still popular!

Irish Washerwoman – this is NEW! Pretty and full of energy.

Irish Wedding – This is the most advanced arrangement of this popular piece that even my beginners play

Kookaburra – A good arrangement for classroom singing.

Lake Pirates – modeled after The Hobbit Soundtrack, Hobbit 3!

Largo, from the New World Symphony – A famous and beautiful theme.

Lavender’s Blue – the “Cinderella song lyrics”!

Louie Louie – a set of chords used as an exercise, that sounds like real music.

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How Do You Play A Minor 7 Chord

To play a major 7 chord on the piano, do this:

  • Use the minor 7 chord spelling: 1, b3, 5, b7
  • Choose the root note you want your chord to start from .
  • Use the major scale of this root note. E.g. C major scale for Cmaj7 chord.
  • Count up 3 notes from the root note, then flatten it.
  • Count up 5 notes from the root note.
  • Count up 7 notes from the root, then flatten it.
  • Play the root, flat 3rd, 5th, & flat 7th all together.
  • Use this fingering: 1, 2, 3, 5 from the thumb on right hand.

So How Do You Choose Instructional Materials For Them

Jingle Bells Sheet Music for Beginner Piano Students

So how do you choose beginner piano music? Well, all kids love to play what is familiar to them.

You will have to stretch them, expanding their tastes, but you must still satisfy their desire to play what sounds like music to them or risk losing them as students.

Never will I forget an account by the late John Holt in his book, Never Too Late: My Musical Life Story, about meeting another adult cello student.

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