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Many people buy digital pianos for the many benefits they provide over acoustic pianos. They save space, theyre lighter, theyre cheaper and they dont require tuning every few months. However, when you buy a digital piano, it’s necessary to make compromises. You have to settle for the fact that the action is probably not going to be as good, or that you may get less expression out of the instrument.

However, the biggest compromise by far is on the sound. A digital piano just doesnt fill a room like an acoustic piano does. It just doesnt provide that same sense of magic that you get when playing a good upright or a grand piano. And for some, this is a deal breaker its why they hang on to an acoustic, even in situations where a digital may suit them better.

What I will do in this review is pick out whichdigital piano has the best sound. This is not necessarily going to be the piano that I feel has the best tone, as then my personal bias comes into play. What Im looking for is the digital piano that delivers the most authentic sound essentially, the best digital piano that sounds real. Ive picked four models from four major brands that Ive presented down below.

Loaded With Sounds Plus Practice And Performance Features

The RP-701 is loaded with 324 great sounds that run the full gamut of musical instruments. There are onboard effects, too. Practice and performance features include Twin Piano, which effectively lets you split the keyboard into two parts, each with identical note range and its own sustain pedal . Twin Piano is ideal for lessons and duets, but thats not the RP-701s only skill-building feature. The built-in metronome and SMF recorder let you practice with a perfect time reference and also record and listen back to your performances critical for polishing your chops.

This Stage Piano Was Made To Be Played Live

Every aspect of the Roland RD-800 stage piano was designed for live use. The amazing patches and sound sets let you take on even the most demanding gigs with ease. A large color LCD lets you instantly see what sounds you have set. Illuminated knobs and buttons are visible in any lighting situation, so you can always see your settings. The tremolo, amp simulator, effects, and EQ/delay sections have dedicated controls, so you can tweak on the fly.

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Travels Light Avoids Costly Maintenance And Allows Practice When It Suits You

Acoustic pianos can be heavy and costly to maintain, and if you want to play at night, you may be bothering other people close by. The Roland RP501R is the solution to all these problems. Weighing just 41 kg/90 lbs., its easily shifted by two adults, while a space-saving cabinet depth of just 432 mm/17 in. wont swamp your home. The advanced digital sound engine will never need tuning either, saving you time and money. And if inspiration strikes at midnight, controllable volume and a headphones option will keep the neighbors happy as you lose yourself in the rich, immersive sound of the Headphones 3D Ambience effect.

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Best Premium Home Digital Pianos Under $3000

Jual Roland RD
  • Keys Modern acoustic pianos have 88 keys. Most digital pianos and keyboards have 88, 76, 73, or 61 keys. In reality, 73 keys are enough to play most modern pieces.Some advanced pieces require a full set of 88 keys.
  • Fully-Weighted Keys

Yamaha is one of the most recognizable names on the digital keyboard market.

Their vast experience and knowledge in making acoustic pianos give them a big advantage, ensuring that their instruments deliver an impressive, realistic playing experience.

Youll find Yamaha pianos in every price range imaginable. The premium Clavinova line is their answer to the most demanding home-based piano players. The series has been around for several decades and has found thousands of fans throughout the years.

All instruments in the series follow the same concept and differ only in their key action mechanism, sounds, and the total number of features.

Looks-wise, the size of the cabinet is pretty much the only difference. Youll also notice that digital pianos that have a polished finish cost about 15% more than non-polished finishes.

Yamaha CLP-735 in white finish

In July 2020, Yamaha presented their new Clavinova CLP-7xx series, which comes with a number of welcome improvements in both the touch and the sound departments.

In particular, it features samples of the Yamaha CFX 9-foot grand as well as the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand the Rolls Royce of acoustic pianos.

Used in
Apparently the same as used in the CLP-6xx

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Roland Hp Series Comparison

Next up we have the Roland HP series comparison. Short for Home Piano the HP series basically provides players with a beautiful looking, stylish home piano that acts and sounds like an acoustic model but never needs to be tuned or serviced!


The Roland HP601 Digital Home Piano is designed for experienced players who need a great sounding option that also fits beautifully within the home.

This has been designed with enough features for the pro-level players, but also provides a great learning platform for first time players too. This includes a PHA-50 Keyboard which delivers that authentic grand piano touch with progressive hammer action and escapement that acoustic players will appreciate. You have 319 tones at your disposal as well as over 350 onboard songs to play along with.

You can also store 25 of your favourite sound setups within the unit for recalling in an instant and even completely customise your acoustic piano characteristics via the onboard Piano Designer function for further personalisation.

Roland Rp Home Piano Series

The Roland RP home piano series offer incredible playability for players of all levels, but there are some key differences between the RP102 and the RP501R.


The Roland RP102 Digital Piano is the entry level home piano designed for those who want to start their piano playing journey and old hands who want something that they can use to refresh their skills or just enjoy playing at home. With this option you get a complete home piano set up including piano stand, music rest and pedals making it a great option for those who want a complete package.

Again, you have the PHA-4 standard keyboard which offers beautiful playability and the SuperNATURAL sound engine for perfectly recreated sounds from Rolands impressive catalogue of piano samples. There are actually 15 built-in sounds as well, so you have a wide breadth of tones at your disposal as well as over 200 on board songs to play along to.

An ideal first piano for home that also includes a range of onboard learning features to help you along the way to music superstardom! We believe in you!


The Roland RP501R-CB Home Piano is designed for those experienced players out there who want a hard working and great looking home piano that they can use to play a wide range of genres. You have over 300 sounds including traditional piano styles, electric pianos, strings and more all of which utilising Rolands SuperNATURAL sound engine.

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Troubleshooting If Connection Is Unsuccessful:

1. Perform a Factory Reset on your piano

  • Turn your piano on by pressing the POWER button.
  • Press the AMBIENCE and BRILLIANCE buttons together at the same time to enter the Function menu.
  • Use the button on your piano to scroll until you see the setting #32 called Factory Reset.
  • Press the PLAY/STOP button to select this function.
  • Press the ARROW button to highlight and select Yes, and then press the PLAY/STOP button to confirm the procedure.
  • The screen will show the word Executing. Once that word goes away, turn the power of the piano to the OFF position, and then turn your piano back on again.

2. Restart your iOS or Android device.

  • First, turn the Bluetooth settings on your device to the OFF position.
  • Now restart your device.

3. Make sure you are using a compatible device. You will find a chart listing compatible devices at the bottom of this article.

4. Follow the connection procedure detailed above from the start once again. Take note of the following details:

Premium Home Digital Pianos: Quick Overview

At this point, you probably already know what a console digital piano is and how it differs from the other types of digital pianos. Even so, lets talk about console digital pianos with regards to this particular price range to see what you can expect from these instruments.

For many people, spending this kind of money on an instrument is a big commitment, so you want to make sure youre making the right investment.

The most important and obvious difference compared to the lower-end models is that premium console digital pianos have bigger, fancier cabinets that more closely resemble an acoustic piano.

Many of them have elegant front legs, top lids , multi-speaker sound systems, and other elements that make a digital piano look and feel closer to the real thing.

In most cases, youll also be able to choose from several finish options.

However, the most important things to evaluate are how good they sound and how realistic their touch is.

High-end home digital pianos usually offer the latest, most advanced technologies the manufacturer has at its disposal.

This includes top-of-the-line hammer key actions, which sometimes include wooden keys and acoustic-like seesaw action mechanisms.

The samples are also incredibly detailed and rich with dozens of acoustic nuances, seamlessly simulated and integrated into the sound.

All in all, its safe to say that these instruments will get you the closest to the sound, feel, and look of an actual piano.

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Unbelievable Acoustic Piano Sound And Feel

Maximize your stage performance with the Roland RD-800 stage piano. Created using Roland’s SuperNATURAL piano sounds, the 88-key RD-800 has a wide selection of acoustic piano voicings , so you can find that perfect sound for any gig. The results are nothing short of amazing! A large LCD screen and new LED rotary knobs and buttons let you easily see your settings in any lighting situation. The Roland RD-800 also sports Roland’s famed PHA-4 keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel. Add to that over 1,000 additional tones, and you have everything you need for any gig.

Roland Kiyola Kf Series Digital Piano


The final product in our Roland Digital Piano comparison is the Roland Kiyola KF-10 Digital Piano. These artisan digital pianos are made in Japan, featuring hand crafted solid wood cabinets and are the result of a unique collaboration between Roland and renowned Japanese furniture designer Karimoku.

These pianos are designed to complement any living space and feature minimalist controls to preserve the natural organic design. You have the same acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano modelling found in Rolands flagship LX/HP digital pianos and 6 onboard tones that really come alive thanks to the PHA-50 Keyboard.

There are 30 songs to play along to, Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity options and Piano design functionality which offers a world of customisable tonal qualities.

Finally, the included Karimoku designed ergonomic bench encourages good posture so you can play longer without discomfort or fear of health issues!

Also available in Pure Oak, Walnut or Sheer Black.

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Compact And Affordable Family Piano With Practice

A great piano can be the heart of a family home. But itâs vital to choose a model that suits your lifestyle, budget, and aspirations. The new Roland RP501R is your ideal first pianoâand yet itâs ready to support you as you get more serious. This digital piano offers a wealth of practice-friendly features to suit developing players, with onboard rhythm accompaniment and Bluetooth connectivity to iPad/Android piano apps. Better still, while other entry-level pianos are quickly outgrown, the Roland RP501R satisfies discerning players with its dynamic keyboard feel and authentic, responsive sounds. Combining premium features as well as a compact-yet-robust cabinet, the Roland RP501R is ready to join your family.

  • Rolandâs acclaimed digital technology in an attractive and affordable piano
  • Supernatural Piano delivers the authentic tone of an acoustic grand piano
  • Extensive onboard song library to boost practice and learning
  • Extensive onboard song library including scale-learning songs

Roland Stage Piano Series

Roland RP

When you need access to a wide range of sounds, effects and presets for your live show, the Roland Stage series is perfect. Hereâs a look at the differences between the Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano and Roland RD-88 Stage Piano.


The Roland RD-2000 stage piano features two independent sound engines for sonic clarity and dynamic response. The first engine s a dedicated acoustic piano sound engine with full polyphony. The second is a SuperNATURAL-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony specifically designed for electric pianos. You have a PHA-50 keyboard which features hybrid wood and moulded construction for a realistic feel and response.

You also have an array of vintage effects built-in, including the BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D and many more. This is a great performance machine for studio and session musicians as it also includes 1100 non-piano sounds such as organs, strings, brass, classic synths and more.


The Roland RD-88 Stage Piano is another 88 key stage piano designed for performing musicians. However, this is a far more streamlined version designed to lightweight and compact for quick set up and pack down. This stage piano features an ivory feel piano-touch keyboard for increased playability and realistic response.

You have three sound generators built-in including the SuperNATURAL piano engine, ZEN-Core and SuperNATURAL Electric Piano engine, providing a world of sounds.

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Roland Digital Pianos Review

Roland Digital Pianos | REVIEW | 13 models | 2022

Roland Digital Pianos | under $1000 to $10,000 | REVIEW | 13 models for 2022 | LOWER PRICES ON NEW DIGITAL PIANOS! Roland has been designing & producing 88 piano weighted key action digital pianos for many decades. Roland is a Japanese company that has been well known for their impressive digital piano technology for home digital pianos, portable digital pianos, and also for professional stage digital pianos used on stage, in recording studios, and for other related purposes.

In this review I am concentrating on the Roland furniture cabinet 88-key piano piano weighted key action digital pianos and also 88-key portable digital pianos with optional furniture cabinet type stands & triple pedal units all of which can serve a purpose depending on your musical needs and budget.

Roland has approx 13 different models of these 88 key home and portable digital pianos right now which are all current models. The latest releases that occurred a few years ago include the new HP & LX series of home furniture cabinet upright style digital pianos called the HP702, HP704, LX705, LX706, and LX708.

Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano

Roland HP704

Roland RP-701

Roland FP-90X Portable

Kawai ES920

Lower price than Amazon or Internet

How To Connect Your Hp

There are 2 types of Bluetooth connection your new HP-702, HP-704, LX-705 , LX-706 or LX-708 can make to your iOS or Android device.

The first is Bluetooth audio. This enables you to play music from your smart device wirelessly through the pianos speakers.

The other is Bluetooth MIDI which allows your piano to communicate with smart devices and apps such as Rolands Piano Everyday and Piano Designer

The first connection that needs to be made is Bluetooth audio. This needs to be done in order to then pair with Bluetooth MIDI .

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Supernatural Acoustic Piano Experience

Coupled with the expressive touch of the RP-701s PHA-4 Standard keyboard, Rolands renowned SuperNATURAL piano modeling engine delivers supremely authentic acoustic grand piano sound. At Sweetwater, weve found that the SuperNATURAL sound engine gives you an intimate and customizable connection with your keyboard. Each note can be shaped to respond to your touch and dynamics with the tone and harmonic accuracy you desire. Rolands PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides a playing experience that is perfect for beginners while satisfying even the most seasoned pianists.

Learn Faster With The Roland Piano App

The Roland Piano App extends your familys productivity and enjoyment with the RP107. It provides remote control of sound selection, metronome settings, recording, and more. In addition, there are many inspiring lesson features to encourage progress, such as an activity log with goals, flash card games, rhythm exercises, and a One Week Master program for learning different piano pieces. The app also includes scores for the RP107s onboard song library, plus the ability to add even more via Roland Cloud.

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See Special Discount Price Offer Below

To make matters a bit confusing, Roland produces a new mainstream version of the RP500 called the RP701 and is new for 2022.The Bluetooth connectivity on the RP500 does not do audio streaming which is actually what most people want when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, so you cannot run iTunes or or song libraries through the RP500 using Bluetooth.One the the things inherent with the RP models has been the way it is tuned using the “stretch tuning” method. This is the way many acoustic pianos are tuned with tuning the higher strings somewhat sharp and the lower strings somewhat flat which is supposed to even out the resonances and frequencies associated with over 200 strings in a regular piano.The result of playing these different notes in different chords can make the piano sound of of tune…or sharp, and that is something I have heard many times on this piano and it personally distracts me from playing.It is important to note the Roland RP500 plastic key action is somewhat firm when pressing down the keys as compared to other key actions from regular acoustic pianos as well as major brand digital pianos including Kawai and Casio.Roland MP-200, Roland RCP-800 Reviewverall the Roland RP500 at $1699 regular Costco price is overall a nice piano in my opinion, but with the exceptions that I mentioned.

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