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Stay Inspired With Authentic Piano Sound And Expressive Feel

Roland RP500 from Costco

With onboard technology derived from our flagship digital pianos, the Roland RP501R will keep you inspiredwhether youre just starting out or youre an experienced pianist. A sound engine powered by Rolands SuperNATURAL technology delivers the rich, expressive tone youd expect from a premium acoustic grand piano, while a dynamic array of built-in speakers ensures the sound fills the room . As your style develops, the Ivory Feel PHA-4 keyboard responds to the nuances of your touch, while the Progressive Damper Action pedal lets you perform traditional techniques with all the feel of an acoustic pianist. When your piano sounds this good, youll want to play it all the time!

Roland Hp Series Comparison

Next up we have the Roland HP series comparison. Short for Home Piano the HP series basically provides players with a beautiful looking, stylish home piano that acts and sounds like an acoustic model but never needs to be tuned or serviced!


The Roland HP601 Digital Home Piano is designed for experienced players who need a great sounding option that also fits beautifully within the home.

This has been designed with enough features for the pro-level players, but also provides a great learning platform for first time players too. This includes a PHA-50 Keyboard which delivers that authentic grand piano touch with progressive hammer action and escapement that acoustic players will appreciate. You have 319 tones at your disposal as well as over 350 onboard songs to play along with.

You can also store 25 of your favourite sound setups within the unit for recalling in an instant and even completely customise your acoustic piano characteristics via the onboard Piano Designer function for further personalisation.

Travels Light Avoids Costly Maintenance And Allows Practice When It Suits You

Acoustic pianos can be heavy and costly to maintain, and if you want to play at night, you may be bothering other people close by. The Roland RP501R is the solution to all these problems. Weighing just 41 kg/90 lbs., its easily shifted by two adults, while a space-saving cabinet depth of just 432 mm/17 in. wont swamp your home. The advanced digital sound engine will never need tuning either, saving you time and money. And if inspiration strikes at midnight, controllable volume and a headphones option will keep the neighbors happy as you lose yourself in the rich, immersive sound of the Headphones 3D Ambience effect.

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Roland Lx Series Pianos

Next up in our Roland digital piano comparison guide is the LX700 series. The Roland LX Series pianos are the ultimate goal for those who want a quality digital home piano that acts as if its an acoustic. The LX stands for luxury and includes the likes of the LX705, LX706, LX708 and LX17 all of which are at the higher end of the Roland piano series offering the ultimate piano experience in terms of playability, sound and appearance.

The major differences between these digital home pianos are the number of speakers onboard, keybed and tones included.


The Roland LX705 is the most affordable in the LX700 series, but still includes an array of great features you find in the higher end models.

The PHA-50 Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedals offer incredible playability whilst you enjoy Authentic Acoustic Tone thanks to Rolands PureAcoustic Piano Modelling Technology. You have 324 tones to enjoy including two world-class piano models built in European Grand and American Grand.

You also have 4 x 2way speakers on board offering an incredibly immersive experience.

Also available in Polished Ebony, Charcoal Black or Polished White.


The larger size in combination with the 8 speakers allows the sound to resonate more, offering a far more acoustic sound than were used to.

The functioning lid also allows for further sonic sculpting as the sound actually changes when you open it up!

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Roland Rp

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Why Buy From Cosmo

Established in 1968, we’ve been family-operated for over 50 years. We have over 200 employees including 23 repair technicians and 80+ highly qualified teachers, so you can trust that we know our stuff. Read our story.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

In order to use the CDP-S150 with the Chordana Play app, you need to connect your mobile device to the keyboards USB Type-B port, as there is no Bluetooth connectivity. Although most people probably have a USB charge cable lying around, its likely a Type A cable, not a Type B cable, so an extra cable purchase is required. Plus, the cable is an extra thing to carry for that functionality. This sort of design is a bit behind the times, as other keyboards around this price can quickly connect via Bluetooth for a much easier app experience.

The scaled hammer action on the CDP-S150 is a change from what we saw on our previous Casio top pick, the discontinued Privia PX-160. In contrast to the tri-hammer scaled hammer action on the PX-160, the CDP-S150 has only two sensors for each key , which together give it slightly less control and response. So theres a bit less nuance than was available with the Privia line, but beginners likely wouldnt even notice this.

We also wish that the CDP-S150 came with left and right quarter-inch audio outputs so that it would be more useful with external amplifiers. The CDP-S150 has only a single 3.5 mm audio/headphone output, which would then require an adapter or a 3.5 mmto┬╝-inch cable to connect to an amp. And since theres only one output, a splitter would be necessary for both a teacher and a student to use headphones.

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Complete Roland Digital Piano Comparison Table

Heres a summary of the key differences between each piano to help you decide which option might be better for you including a Roland FP series comparison.

Shop a full range of Roland digital pianos over at PMT online today or call in to your dedicated Roland Planet PMT store to try out a full range for yourself !

Roland Rp Home Piano Series

Roland RP500 review P1 What I like

The Roland RP home piano series offer incredible playability for players of all levels, but there are some key differences between the RP102 and the RP501R.


The Roland RP102 Digital Piano is the entry level home piano designed for those who want to start their piano playing journey and old hands who want something that they can use to refresh their skills or just enjoy playing at home. With this option you get a complete home piano set up including piano stand, music rest and pedals making it a great option for those who want a complete package.

Again, you have the PHA-4 standard keyboard which offers beautiful playability and the SuperNATURAL sound engine for perfectly recreated sounds from Rolands impressive catalogue of piano samples. There are actually 15 built-in sounds as well, so you have a wide breadth of tones at your disposal as well as over 200 on board songs to play along to.

An ideal first piano for home that also includes a range of onboard learning features to help you along the way to music superstardom! We believe in you!


The Roland RP501R-CB Home Piano is designed for those experienced players out there who want a hard working and great looking home piano that they can use to play a wide range of genres. You have over 300 sounds including traditional piano styles, electric pianos, strings and more all of which utilising Rolands SuperNATURAL sound engine.

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Compact And Affordable Family Piano With Practice

A great piano can be the heart of a family home. But its vital to choose a model that suits your lifestyle, budget, and aspirations. The new Roland RP501R is your ideal first pianoand yet its ready to support you as you get more serious. This digital piano offers a wealth of practice-friendly features to suit developing players, with onboard rhythm accompaniment and Bluetooth® connectivity to iPad/Android piano apps. Better still, while other entry-level pianos are quickly outgrown, the Roland RP501R satisfies discerning players with its dynamic keyboard feel and authentic, responsive sounds. Combining premium features, a competitive price, and a compact-yet-robust cabinet, the Roland RP501R is ready to join your family.

Space-saving cabinet with a choice of Contemporary Black, Contemporary Rosewood, or White finish

The Benefits Of A Roland Digital Piano

Roland digital pianos are known to be manufactured with a high degree of class and professionalism, and most every product made by them can be depended upon to be reliable, expertly constructed, and successfully productive. It is rare to hear of instances where customers were unsatisfied with the product they received from Roland, and this is due to the countless amounts of time and effort put in by members of the company from its inception in Osaka, Japan in 1972 till today.

The company was initially founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi and has come to deal not only in musical instruments but also in Audio/Video, General Electronics, and other computer related products. The company is officially traded on the stock exchange and has a number of factories in countries such as Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and the USA.

Roland digital keyboardsand pianos make up some of the better products that can be found on the market, and this is due to the great effort by the developers and engineers to enhance technologies concerning graded hammer action keybeds, proprietary wave sampling technologies, tone selections, MIDI and connection capabilities, and many other areas.

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Sound Better And Learn Faster With 305 Tones 72 Backing Styles And Educational Features

Traditional pianos offer just one tone, which can be frustrating when youre still finding your voice. While the RP501R captures the authentic sound of a traditional acoustic piano, it also offers over 300 additional sounds to help you get creative. Practice sessions are even more appealing when you factor in the onboard Rhythm feature, which lets you play along with your choice of 72 ensemble backing styles as the band follow your changes. Plus, Bluetooth MIDI and USB connectivity to your tablet or smartphone gives access to a world of great piano apps such as Rolands Piano Partner 2, which displays internal songs as sheet music and gets your notation reading up to speed.

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Roland RP
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Roland RP-500 Digital Piano Bundle
Product Description: For more information about this product or warranty issues, please call 323-890-3740 Monday-Friday 11:30am-8:00pm .
Model Number:
Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity to iOS & Android Apps
88 Key Weighted Progressive Hammer Action
SuperNatural Grand Piano Sound & Touch
Includes Stand & Pedalboard, Bench and Headphones
On-board Metronome and USB Recording

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Roland Kiyola Kf Series Digital Piano


The final product in our Roland Digital Piano comparison is the Roland Kiyola KF-10 Digital Piano. These artisan digital pianos are made in Japan, featuring hand crafted solid wood cabinets and are the result of a unique collaboration between Roland and renowned Japanese furniture designer Karimoku.

These pianos are designed to complement any living space and feature minimalist controls to preserve the natural organic design. You have the same acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano modelling found in Rolands flagship LX/HP digital pianos and 6 onboard tones that really come alive thanks to the PHA-50 Keyboard.

There are 30 songs to play along to, Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity options and Piano design functionality which offers a world of customisable tonal qualities.

Finally, the included Karimoku designed ergonomic bench encourages good posture so you can play longer without discomfort or fear of health issues!

Also available in Pure Oak, Walnut or Sheer Black.

Is It Safe To Buy Roland Rp 500 Digital Piano Bundle Leather Bound On Desertcart

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Roland RP 500 Digital Piano Bundle Leather Bound from desertcart, which is a 100% legitimate site operating in 164 countries. Since 2014, desertcart has been delivering a wide range of products to customers and fulfilling their desires. You will find several positive reviews by desertcart customers on portals like Trustpilot, etc. The website uses an HTTPS system to safeguard all customers and protect financial details and transactions done online. The company uses the latest upgraded technologies and software systems to ensure a fair and safe shopping experience for all customers. Your details are highly secure and guarded by the company using encryption and other latest softwares and technologies.

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To make matters a bit confusing, Roland produces a new mainstream version of the RP500 called the RP701 and is new for 2022.The Bluetooth connectivity on the RP500 does not do audio streaming which is actually what most people want when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, so you cannot run iTunes or or song libraries through the RP500 using Bluetooth.One the the things inherent with the RP models has been the way it is tuned using the “stretch tuning” method. This is the way many acoustic pianos are tuned with tuning the higher strings somewhat sharp and the lower strings somewhat flat which is supposed to even out the resonances and frequencies associated with over 200 strings in a regular piano.The result of playing these different notes in different chords can make the piano sound of of tune…or sharp, and that is something I have heard many times on this piano and it personally distracts me from playing.It is important to note the Roland RP500 plastic key action is somewhat firm when pressing down the keys as compared to other key actions from regular acoustic pianos as well as major brand digital pianos including Kawai and Casio.Roland MP-200, Roland RCP-800 Reviewverall the Roland RP500 at $1699 regular Costco price is overall a nice piano in my opinion, but with the exceptions that I mentioned.

Is Roland Rp 500 Digital Piano Bundle Leather Bound Available And Ready For Delivery In In Oman

Roland RP-501 Digital Piano Demo & Review | Merriam Pianos

desertcart ships the Roland RP 500 Digital Piano Bundle Leather Bound to and more cities in Oman. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Roland RP 500 Digital Piano Bundle Leather Bound speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

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Roland Stage Piano Series

When you need access to a wide range of sounds, effects and presets for your live show, the Roland Stage series is perfect. Here’s a look at the differences between the Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano and Roland RD-88 Stage Piano.


The Roland RD-2000 stage piano features two independent sound engines for sonic clarity and dynamic response. The first engine s a dedicated acoustic piano sound engine with full polyphony. The second is a SuperNATURAL-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony specifically designed for electric pianos. You have a PHA-50 keyboard which features hybrid wood and moulded construction for a realistic feel and response.

You also have an array of vintage effects built-in, including the BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D and many more. This is a great performance machine for studio and session musicians as it also includes 1100 non-piano sounds such as organs, strings, brass, classic synths and more.


The Roland RD-88 Stage Piano is another 88 key stage piano designed for performing musicians. However, this is a far more streamlined version designed to lightweight and compact for quick set up and pack down. This stage piano features an ivory feel piano-touch keyboard for increased playability and realistic response.

You have three sound generators built-in including the SuperNATURAL piano engine, ZEN-Core and SuperNATURAL Electric Piano engine, providing a world of sounds.

How We Picked And Tested

A digital piano should be as similar to an acoustic piano in feel and sound as possible. If youre learning piano technique and piano music on a digital instrument, you should be able to transition easily to an acoustic piano. Although each digital pianos sound and feel are our primary concerns, we also carefully consider each models extra features, which can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners.

Our bare-minimum requirements for a budget digital piano are that it has 88 keys and internal speakers to facilitate practicing without needing to attach an amplifier. Beyond that, some amount of weighted key action and an accurate piano sound are the primary deciding factors for our picks. An included stand and sustain pedal are nice but not requirements, as third-party options are readily available and inexpensive.

I then set off to a few Los Angeles music stores to get my hands on some keys, talk to the store employeeswho work around these instruments every dayand whittle down the list. After contacting manufacturers to request samples and to get suggestions on pianos that might better fit our guidelines, we narrowed the list down to seven keyboards.

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Who Should Buy A Budget Digital Piano

These digital keyboards are perfect for any student, of any age, who is interested in learning how to play piano. They are inexpensive , they have built-in speakers so an extra amplifier isnt necessary, and they include multiple piano sounds. These keyboards are relatively lightall our picks weigh under 30 poundsso its possible for one person to carry the piano when necessary.

The value of these keyboards doesnt stop at the beginner level. Professional pianists may find them useful for bringing to gigs or for connecting to a computer for recording. Theyre also useful for practicing with headphones so that you dont bother cohabitants.

The price of digital pianos can extend to many thousands of dollars, which buys you better sounds, an even more realistic feel, improved speakers, better build quality, andwith a digital consolea solid and attractive piece of furniture. The more expensive options can definitely be a better representation of an acoustic piano , but they are far from necessary for a beginner and better suited as an upgrade many years down the line.

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