Red Head Piano Bar Chicago


The Redhead Piano Bar

Lisa McClowry “Roses For No Reason”

The Redhead is Chicago’s Premier Piano Bar. Located on bustling Ontario Street, it is the perfect nightspot

for fantastic upbeat music, lively conversation and meeting people. The upscale Redhead attracts clientele from the suburbs to Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast to Wrigleyville, as well as conventioneers and visitors to Chicago. Surround yourself in an exciting yet comfortable setting and take a walk down memory lane. The walls, lined with sheet music and famous movie stars of yesteryear, give you the feeling The Redhead has been here for fifty years. The ambiance creates an atmosphere of congeniality and warmth, reminiscent of Chicago true elegant nightlife.

A swinging crowd of veteran nightclubbers hovers around the piano in the front, occasionally singing along

to “Sweet Caroline,” a Jerry Lee Lewis medley, or Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds”. “All of our entertainers can play just about anything they are true performers,” says manager Wendy Barr. Along with the SRO piano-side crowd, the next best seats are around the rectangular bar that dominates the dimly lit room, or the intimate tables for two. The rear of the bar contains many tables where groups who are more

interested in conversation than a sing-along can sit. Owner Art Bryan’s Redhead is reminiscent of a simpler

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