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Love Me Tender Elvis Presley

10 Super Easy Beginner Pop Songs Anyone Can Play on the Piano

Were going back to 1956 for this ballad by the King of Rock n Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Its one of the few songs that Elvis himself was credited with writing.

The song is an adaptation of an old Civil War song called Aura Lea.

It is one of the most covered songs in popular music history, with over 50 different artists recording their version of it.

Now you can play your version following the simple tutorial and chord sheet.

Havana Camila Cabello Ft Young Thug

Released in 2018 in the album Camila by the artist Camila Cabello, Havana has enjoyed great popularity among young people since its release.

Its very danceable rhythm from Latin pop culture has allowed the song to be widely distributed at parties and nightclubs, contributing to its rapid success.

Young Thug, for his part, is a well-known American rapper. If you would like to know more rap songs to play on piano, you can read our article on this subject.

Havana is a pop song that is relatively easy to play on piano. You can learn it in just a few days.

If you want access the piano sheet music or the midi file of the song Havana, please feel free to .

Easy pop songs to play on piano : learn Havana with La Touche Musicale.

Learn easily the song Havana on piano with La Touche Musicale app.

The Most Important Chord Types For Pop Songs & More

There are two main types of chords that you need to understand in order to learn how to play the piano, and most pop songs have both.

First, we have the major chords happy sounding and bright! Music with upbeat themes or sounds usually incorporates mostly major chords.

Then we have the minor chords the ones that can sound a bit more serious and emotional, or even sad. These are the chords you will hear a lot in ballads, in breakup songs, really across every genre not just pop songs.

Since these two types of chords sound quite different from each other, youll be surprised how easy it is to move back and forth between playing them. In fact, all you have to do is move one finger to the left or right!

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Fallin By Alicia Keys

Could a song come from an artist with the last name keys and not feature some sort of piano? Fallin by Alicia Keys was one of the first songs to come from this artist and is still probably her most loved to this day. Coming through as an R& B soul anthem it took inspiration from the likes of Aretha Franklin to really pack a punch. Alicia first started to play the piano when she was six and began classical piano training when she turned seven. She would practice for hours a day, and you can certainly see this commitment to piano songs in the track.

Pop Songs To Play On The Piano: This Is Me

Easy Songs To Play On Piano Without Chords

Learn to play the chorus from this incredibly fun and catchy hit song from The Greatest Showman. In this easy, step-by-step tutorial, youll learn the chorus melody with your right hand and a simple bass line in the left hand.

Did you know that this song was written on an airplane? The composer and songwriter duo, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, were on a long flight between New York and Los Angeles. They knew they needed a new song for the musical they were working on, and they had to have it ready for recording in just a few days. So, Justin Paul brought a miniature piano keyboard on the plane. He would compose a few lines of music, then email them to Benj Pasek, who was typing out lyrics on his laptop. By the time they landed, the song was almost finished. Think about that the next time you get bored on an airplane! Maybe you could be writing a song instead.

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Piano Pop Songs Everyone Will Love

Are you looking for an easy way to get the party started? Music is an important element of any gathering, and good music brings people together. And playing the piano for family and friends is the perfect way to make the evening truly special.

However, trying to select songs that everyone knows and likes can be a bit of a challenge. The trick is to choose piano songs that most people know well and can sing along to. So, lets take a look at some piano pop songs that everyone will love

Pachelbels Canon In D

This song has gained popularity in modern times due to its adaptation to pop culture. You can often hear this piece being played at weddings, debuts, and other similar events.

Canon in D was originally composed for strings but has been transcribed for piano. The piece features eight chords that repeat in the left hand, while the right hand starts with a simple, pleasing melody and increases in complexity as the piece progresses.

Beginners often find themselves struggling to play with their hands together in a passage. The technique is to remember that the left hand is still based on those first eight notes, and you can play just those individual notes while you are building confidence in playing with both hands together.

Each time the melody begins again in the right hand, compare it to the first time the right hand began playing to see the similarities and differences. This will help make it easier to process the fast passages that appear later in the piece.

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Robbie Williams Shes The One

This song can easily be played by a brand new pianist. It is slow and simple, with lots of space between the different phrases, making it one of the best types of songs for you to learn the basics, and not get confused or flustered.

Tips on playing the song

  • Can be played in the key of C major
  • Played with the time signature of 4/4
  • The bass notes play only at the beginning of each measure
  • There are just nine piano chords used in the whole song

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A Thousand Years Christina Perri

The Most Overplayed Piano Songs ð¹

A Thousand Years is a song by Christina Perri released in 2011 in her album The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1: The Score.

It was composed to be part of the soundtrack of the hit movie Twilight and is now frequently played by pianists. You can find other similar songs by exploring our article dedicated to the best piano songs from the Twilight movies.

This pop song is easy to play on piano. Beginners and advanced players alike can learn it without difficulty.

If you want access the piano sheet music or the midi file of the song A Thousand Years, please feel free to .

Easy pop songs on piano for beginners: learn A Thousand Years with La Touche Musicale.

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Piano By Numbers Pop Songs

Theres something so satisfying about playing a pop song on the piano by numbers. You know exactly which notes to play, and when to play them, and the result is always pleasing to the ear. Its the perfect way to impress your friends and family with your musical skills, without having to put in too much effort!

The 10 Best Piano Songs to Play With Numbers: La Touche Musicale is an introduction to the method, as well as a list of songs to play with numbers. Each songs notes will be learned independently by you, using only the right and left hand notes. With each hand, we will use a note number to identify a note. The Ode to Joy is regarded as one of the most famous classical works in the world. It is the European anthem and was written by Ludwig Van Beethoven in 1824. The song is simple to play on the piano. Note numbers for each hand can be found below.

The notes listed below can be identified by the numbers on your piano keyboard. Happy birthday is a song traditionally sung to commemorate a deceased persons birthday. Mary Had a Little Lamb is an English nursery rhyme that is based on a Scottish nursery rhyme. Mary Had a Little Lamb is a simple song for children to learn on the piano. To reproduce the notes on each hand, use the numbers listed below. You can learn the song by following our Mary Had A Little Lamb piano notes tutorial. This song has an unknown origin, having first appeared in 1744 and being performed the following year.

How To Save A Life The Fray

How to Save a Life is a pop piano song released in 2005. Extracted from the eponymous album, it was written and performed by the band The Fray.

The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

The piano melody of How to Save a Life is very beautiful and stands out from all the others by the nostalgia and sadness it emanates.

If you want access the piano sheet music or the midi file of the song How to Save a Life, please feel free to .

Easy piano pop songs: learn How to Save a Life with La Touche Musicale.

Learn easily the song How to Save a Life on piano with La Touche Musicale app.

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Pop Songs To Play On The Piano: Cant Stop The Feeling

Learn Justin Timberlakes awesome song from the movie Trolls. Once you feel comfortable with the Prep Level version, you can move onto our Level 1 or Level 2 tutorial.

For this song, Justin Timberlake wanted to write an energetic pop disco hit that would be the perfect finish for Trolls. The movie itself takes a lot of inspiration from the pop culture of the 1970s, so Cant Stop the Feeling is a good fit. His recording won all sorts of awards and was the best-selling song in the United States the year it was released.

Why Should You Learn To Play Modern Songs

Piano Pdf: Learn To Play Piano Beginner Sheet Music

Songs are a part of piano practice sessions. When you take traditional piano lessons, as a beginner, you will likely meet two types of song: children songs, like or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and classical pieces from prolific composers like Mozart, Bach, Chopin.

Have you ever wanted to change that?

Instead of walking down the traditional path with these songs, why not take a chance and learn modern piano lessons, which allows you to choose any song from any genre you want to practice?

Here are two reasons why you should consider switching from classic and children songs to modern songs.

  • The inspiration motivates you to practice.

There is no hate between you and children songs or classical stuff, sure, but think about it, are you willing to practice them for a week, or even a month at a time? It can take a few months to years before being able to move on to pieces you enjoy. There is a chance you might find practice like daily chores, and thats not okay. Learning piano should be fun, not boring or tiring.

People are inspired and more productive when doing what they love or when there are parts of the job they are interested in. Skipping children songs and classics to learn modern piano songs allows you to find inspiration in practicing music and achieve your goal faster. Admit it: One of the reasons you started learning piano is because you want to play your favorite songs, right?

  • Not everyone enjoys children songs or classics.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Rondo Alla Turca

Rondo Alla Turca is, again, one of those ubiquitous songs we hear around but do not exactly know its title. Theres no need to dwell on the composer as everybody knows the name Mozart and recognizes him as one of the greatest composers and pianists in all of music history.

Rondo Alla Turca or Rondo in the Turkish style has beautifully combined certain elements in the third movement of Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331. This piece is ideal if youre looking for a song thats fast, energetic, playful, and rhythmic.

Titanium David Guetta Feat Sia

Although David Guetta gets top billing on this one, the phenomenal Australian songbird, Sia, steals the show.

Another option on our list of easy popular songs to play on piano, Titanium, is an anthem peppered with production effects that keep it compelling and moving along.

Both hands work throughout, but the left-hand position stays the same for the verse, only moving during the chorus. The sustain pedal can be depressed at the beginning.

As you become more comfortable, you can release and depress the pedal just before a new series of notes.

The song is written in C minor, and the quick Allegro tempo carries throughout.

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Giacomo Puccini: Nessun Dorma

Massive goose-bump-alert! Millions of hearts melted when Luciano Pavarotti gloriously culminated his rendition of Turandots Calaf with a cry of victory. We offer you two versions of this hauntingly beautiful piece of music: At levels 41 and 65, you, too, can start your free trial right now to victoriously conquer one of the most popular opera pieces of all times!

Your Song By Elton John

How to Play Piano – Learn Pop Songs on the Piano in 5 Minutes

Its been over fifty years since Elton Johns masterpiece came into the world. Even so, Your Song still sounds fresh, and still manages to connect with music-lovers with a directness that is rarely matched in music. From the moment those opening arpeggios sound, you know youre listening to something special.

Like the majority of Elton Johns songs, Your Song was co-written with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Released at the beginning of Johns career in 1970, it was one of his breakthrough hits. Its a love song, pure and simple, whose words are so thoughtful that they almost apologise for being forward.

And of course its marked by Johns skilful piano-playing, which articulates the songs chords in arpeggios that puts the piece among the more difficult ones to play on this list. This classic numbers also been covered many times, by names as big as Rod Stewart, Ellie Goulding and Lady Gaga.

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Choosing Good Songs To Sing And Play On The Piano Or Keyboard

Some songs are especially suited to accompaniment on the piano. So if you play, its good to know which these are. Its an instrument which can help your voice stand out, provides the perfect melody backing and is ideal if you need background music.

Playing any kind of instrument can make you a better singer, but keys and guitar are the top choices for singers. One of the things it enables you to improve on is your ability to sing harmonies and understand how to build them from scratch.

Getting Started With A Pop Piano Song

Once you have a song and its chords pulled up , take some time and practice slowly going through the song.

Dont panic each time you see a chord change. Just find the chord the same way you did before: Put your first finger on the note that chord is named after and count upward using the major or minor formula to determine placement for your other two fingers.

After youve gone through and gotten a hang of the chord changes, you can begin to play along with the rhythm just like I showed in the video. Obviously, youll need some practice, but theres no time like the present to get started!

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I Just Called To Say I Love You Stevie Wonder

I Just Called to Say I Love You is a soul and pop song written by the famous singer and pianist Stevie Wonder in 1984, in his album The Woman in Red.

The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and won awards such as Academy Award for Best Music and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

I Just Called to Say I Love You is a romantic and haunting piano pop song. The musical genius of the famous pianist makes it one of the most popular songs among piano players. This song is as well known in the world of soul and pop music as Für Elise is in the world of classical piano music songs.

If you want access the piano sheet music or the midi file of the song I Just Called to Say I Love You, please feel free to .

Piano sheet music with letters pop songs: learn I Just Called to Say I Love You with La Touche Musicale.

Learn easily the song I Just Called to Say I Love You on piano with La Touche Musicale app.

How To Play Pop Songs On The Piano: Free Lessons

How To Play Easy Song On Piano For Beginners ~ Learn Piano for Beginner

How to Play ANY Pop Song on the Piano

This lesson shows you how to tackle any pop song. All you need are three things: 1. Chords 2. Chord charts, and 3. Playing by ear.

4 Easy Piano Songs That Are Perfect for Beginners

Play Your First Piano Song In 7 Minutes

Play Hundreds of Songs With Just Four Chords

4 More Songs That Are Perfect For Beginners

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Cant Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley

Elviss most famous love song, Cant Help Falling in Love is featured in the 1961 movie Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis himself.

Written by George Weiss, it is based on the song, Plaisir DAmour, written in 1784 by Jean-Paul Egide-Martini.

The left-hand chords complement the right-hand melody using inversions. For more information on chord inversions on the piano check out our article here.

The rhythmic left hand is embellished with the right-hand melody and the Arpeggios are in groups of six notes.

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