Piano Songs In C Major


The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody

J.S. Bach – Prelude in C Major

This song was certainly the biggest hit of The Righteous Brothers, if youre looking for piano chords for popular songs this certainly fits the bill. The song became even more famous when used in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze.

Tips on playing the song

Weve made this as simple as possible in our piano learning app. While some of the versions of this use arpeggiated chords, weve gone with straight chords to start with. This is one of the most straightforward chord sequences, but it is also one of the most famous. Learning it will allow you to play many more songs, too.

Practicing Chord Progressions In D Major

Just like you did with the C major key, you can begin practicing chord progressions after you grasp each chord individually. The more challenging chords in this key will be the chords that contain the new black keys. Pay particular attention to D, A, B minor, and F# minor when you practice.

To begin learning chord progressions, start again by switching between two chords in the key. You can start with the D major chord and practice alternating to A major and back again.

Facts About Bad Romance

  • “Bad Romance” is one of the most popular songs in C major, written and produced by Nadir Khayat, known as RedOne.
  • The song describes Lady Gaga’s appreciation of individuals with no romantic capabilities.
  • “Bad Romance” is one of the pop songs in C major that talk about lonely and vengeful relationships.
  • The Lady Gaga song won the Best Short Form Music Video and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in the Grammy Awards.
  • The song topped multiple weekly and year-end charts worldwide, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • “Bad Romance” peaked at #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in the early 2000s.

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What Are Major Scales Piano

Major scales are typically linked with uplifting and optimistic music. This pattern of semitones and tones is used to construct a major scale. Tonic Tone Tone Semitone Tone Tone Tone Semitone or whole tone, whole tone, halftone, whole tone, whole tone, whole tone, halftone.

Count up two piano keys, either white or black, to get a complete tone. Simply slide up one key to count a half-tone . As a result, the distance between C and D is a full tone, but the distance between E and F is a semitone.

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The C Scale On The Music Staff

Songs In C Major For The Piano

What we have in this image is the C Major Scale in both the treble and bass clefs.

Notice in this example that there are 4 notes in each measure and that they are all quarter notes. We are counting 4 quarter note beats in each measure, and each quarter note gets one beat/count.

One thing you will notice as you start to play the C Major Scale on your piano is that you will be playing all white keys because the notes are all natural. Notice in the Key Signature area right next to the Time Signature that there are no sharps or flats notated. This is because there are none, and every note is natural. The C Major Scale is the only Major scale where you wont have any sharps or flats in the Key Signature.

Now, lets see what those numbers are over each note and how they will help us play this scale easily.

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If Youre Happy And You Know It

This is one of the most fun keyboard songs for beginners. The tune gives your little musician the chance to clap and dance while playing. The only tricky part of this song is the inclusion of B flat.

This note is the small black key located directly between the A and B keys. If you are using a toy piano or xylophone, you may not have this key and can leave it out.

If youre happy and you know it, clap your handsC C F F F F F F E F GIf youre happy and you know it, clap your handsC C G G G G G G F G AIf youre happy and you know itA A Bb Bb Bb Bb D DThen your face will surely show itBb Bb A A A G F FIf youre happy and you know it, clap your handsA A G G G F E E D E F

Heres another helpful tutorial:

Simple Kidssongs For Beginner Piano Players

Hi, thankyou for visiting and welcome to our kids songs piano page.

Are youpresently taking piano lessons? Do you have a child who has just started takingpiano lessons? Are you considering taking piano lessons?

Well, thispage should be of great help to you.

On thispage you will have access to sheet music for seven simple piano melodies thatyou can learn to play on the piano or keyboard.

Childrenare always fascinated by the piano and their interest in playing a song on itis very high. That is why these melodies are chosen for this piano tutorial.The melodies that are used on this page are simple songs that most if not allchildren love to sing. Therefore, children will have an easier task of learningto play them on the piano or any other keyboard instrument.

Even thoughthe first part of the heading of this page says Simple Kids Songs, this doesnot mean that only children can use them.

As a matter of fact, teenagers andadults who are at the early stage of learning to play the piano will find thesetutorials to be very effective.

In myclassroom, all adults learning to play the piano must learn to play thesesimple melodies and learn to play them in different keys. Keep in mind that youare not only learning to play melodies here, but you are also learning to findthe piano keys during the process.

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Getting The Basics Down

Some parents are hesitant to teach their children basic music skills because they dont know where to begin. The good news is that you dont need to be a professional player to teach your child easy keyboard songs like the ones below. In fact, you dont need any musical experience to get started you can even learn alongside your child!

First off, youll need to learn the location of the notes on the piano. Start by finding C its the white key directly to the left of the group of two black keys. Using only the white keys, the notes continue in alphabetical order up to G, and then they restart at A.

You can label the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B with stickers to make it easier for your child. Most easy piano song notes will all fall on the white keys, so theres no need to worry about labeling sharps and flats just yet. Once youve found where these seven notes are, you and your kids can start learning basic kids piano songs!

When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars

Sarah Chase – âJ.S. Bach: Prelude No. 1 in C Major (Piano)â? (Music Video)

When I Was Your Man is a song written by the American pop artist Bruno Mars.

It was released in 2013 in the album Unorthodox Jukebox.

Upon its release, the song was a hit and reached 4,000,000 sales in the United States alone.

It is a nostalgic yet dynamic track, which is very appealing to todays piano players.

You can also read our selection of the best piano pop songs if you are interested in this genre.

When I Was Your Man is a piano song with chords that are fairly easy to play.

We will now learn how to play them.

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The 15 Best Easy Piano Songs For Kids To Learn

Are your kids or young students learning piano? Want to find some easy songs for them to learn? When they first start learning, its vital that they enjoy what theyre playing. We all know scales and arpeggios are important but lets be honest, theyre pretty boring. Learning fun, but easy pieces can help them develop the basic skills and techniques but without feeling like practice.

In this post, weve put together a list of 15 of the best easy piano songs for kids to learn to help them improve and get their journey with the piano started. Lets jump in.

Tutorial : Bob Marley

If you can play the four basic chords with your left hand, you’re already halfway there. Now it’s time to add the melody with your right hand. In the following video, you can see how to play the world-famous melody from Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” with your right hand while playing the basic chords in the left hand.

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Preparation: Memorizing Four Basic Piano Chords

Most pop songs are based on a simple standard chord progression of four piano chords. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll show you the standard chord progression in the key of C major. You can also transfer them later on to other keys and bring more variation into your playing.

The chord progression consists of four basic chords:

In the following tutorial, you’ll see how you can play these four piano chords with your left hand. Take 15-20 minutes to memorize the chords until you can play them effortlessly. The chord symbols in the sheets will help you commit them to memory. Before moving on to the next step, make sure you can play the chords with your left hand without having to look at the keys.

Practice the four basic chords in your left hand with this tutorial until you can play them “blindly”

Why Learn Piano Scales

Silent Night (Christmas) FAke Sheet in C Major

Scales are just one of those things. You need to learn them. But they can be boring to practice. So why learn them anyway? If youre going to put the time in, you might as know why they are so helpful.

First, scales build finger dexterity. You may not be able to tell now, but scales will help you in the future when you go to learn harder songs. Because youve done scales, your hands and fingers will be more prepared.

Second, they will you get a much better feel for the piano overall. The piano is not just 88 keys lined up in a row. No. It is a language of different keyskeys with 1 sharp, keys with 5 sharps, keys with flatsand the list goes on!

Learning your scales will help you also learn the keys practically, rather than just having head knowledge from doing a written music theory book.

So, are you ready to get started with your first scale?

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Hello By Lionel Richie

Hello by Lionel Richie is an iconic song that has been loved by millions of people all over the world. Released in 1983, this pop ballad is still one of the best-loved songs of the century and has racked up 3 Grammy nominations.

Hello by Lionel Richie

The smooth, haunting tones of the piano version of this song make it truly unforgettable. And if you are a fan of romantic ballads, this is definitely a must-play.

With its simple left-hand chord accompaniment combined with the beautiful melody played by the right-hand, Hello is perfect for beginner pianists looking for an easy but engaging piece to master. So why not give it a try today? Whether you are learning for fun or studying classical music, Hello will surely become one of your favorites in no time.

The Entertainer Scott Joplin

And finally, we come to Scott Joplin, a composer, and pianist born in the 1800s in Texas and was known as the king of ragtime. Ragtime is a genre of music that was very popular during Joplins time that used syncopated rhythm which mimics a two-step marching rhythm.

The Entertainer is a widely known piece that incorporates various shifts in position and repeating melodies. This is a bit more ambitious piece to learn but the version presented here is meant for intermediate beginners and so is one to work up to.

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C Scale Piano Notes & Fingering

Now we can really get started by looking at the c scale notes on the piano. Below is a diagram that shows which notes are in the C scale. Youll start out on C and work your way all the way up until you get to the next C!

Interestingly, C major is the only scale that uses all white notes. That is usually why it is the first scale you learn.

Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers

Gospel Piano Harmony & Theory in C Major

Red Hot Chili Peppers laments the Californication of society in this trackthe fake and empty qualities that society has taken on. The song makes several pop culture references throughout its lyrics. A 30-minute song by The Cure was a large inspiration for this song. That track, Carnage Visors, was written to be a movie score.

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Easiest Piano Songs For Your Kid To Play

The best toddler piano models are easy to play and you can get your child playing simple melodies in next to no time. At this stage, you dont need special lessons or techniques to start creating music and playing along with your child is a great experience. Start by learning a little about your instrument, but dont force the child to start learning, its important to let them explore. At first, they will just explore the feeling of the keys and start making sounds as they get comfortable. If your child already knows a melody or part of a favorite song you can encourage them to play it repeatedly.

Weve already covered marking the keys with the corresponding letters, but what if your child doesnt know the alphabet yet? Well, this is a great time to learn letters and if your child is younger you can always use colored stickers instead. Simply match the color with the corresponding not on your music sheet and this will still be an effective teaching tool.

Piano Tips For Beginning With C Major Scale

January 16, 2017 by admin

C major scale is termed to be one of the most common key signatures. Most of the western music is based on this scale and is the simplest scale with all the white keys included. This scale as the name says is based on C while its parallel minor is C minor and relative minor is A minor. There are no black keys involved in the formation of C Major scale and thus according to some musicians, playing this scale doesnt really suit natural formation and position of human hands.

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Facts About Time After Time

  • “Time After Time” is a commendable love song in C major nominated for the 1985 Grammy Award for Song of the Year.
  • “Time After Time” was Cyndi Lauper’s first #1 hit in the U.S. Singles Chart.
  • The song became one of the best love songs, as Rolling Stone included the track in their selected lists.
  • The track is one of the most popular songs in C major in 4/4 time with a 130 BPM tempo written by Rob Hyman and Lauper herself.
  • Beginners can create their acoustic version of the song while practicing on a piano.

Pro Tip: Listen To Your Favorite Rock Songs

Quadrille in C Major by Franz Joseph Haydn

Chords are used in almost every song you hear. The opening chord of Let It Be by The Beatles is a C major chord. Listen to some of your favorite songs and see if you can hear the sound of major chords.

How do you play a major chord on the piano?

To play a major chord, begin by choosing a root note, which can be any of the keyboard notes From the root note, count up two whole steps. This note is the third, named for being the third note in the key beginning with the root note. From the third, count up one-and-a-half steps, or three half steps. This note is the fifth.

When you play these three keyboard notes together, you hear a major triad, which has a happy sound. Major keyboard chords are used in almost every rock and pop song.

Common major piano chords include:

  • C major . C E G
  • C# major . C# E# G#
  • D major . D F# A
  • Eb major . Eb G Bb
  • E major . E G# B
  • F major . F A C
  • F# major . F# A# C#
  • G major . G B D
  • Ab major . Ab C Eb
  • A major . A C# E
  • Bb major . Bb D F
  • B major . B D# F#
  • What are intervals called in a major scale?

    The intervals in a major chord are called a major third, the distance from the root note to the third, and a perfect fifth, the distance from the root to the fifth. We counted the steps from the root to the third and the third to the fifth. To find the interval of a perfect fifth above the root note, count three-and-a-half steps, or a total of seven half-steps.

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    The Heart Asks Pleasure First

    • Movie:The Piano
    • Composer:Michael Nyman

    Next, we have this masterpiece from the Oscar-winning movie The Piano. I highly recommend you to watch this movie if you are a piano player. Most of the soundtracks in the movie are for solo piano, which you may enjoy listening to.

    Interesting fact:

    Released the same year as The Schindlers List in 1993, the soundtrack of The Piano was also nominated for the best movie score at BAFTA awards. However, it lost to Schindlers List.

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