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Pirates Of The Caribbean Piano Notes For Beginners

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – Up Is Down (Piano Version)

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A3 C4 D4 D4

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Take A Sneak Peek Of Our Lesson

In 2003, the score for Pirates of the Caribbean got put together a bit like a patchwork quilt. The initial composer, Alan Silvestri, had a falling out with the director and left the project. The producers approached Hans Zimmer who was under exclusive contract to another film. However, Zimmer brought Klaus Badelt on board.

Time was so tight only three weeks were available to write the music, so a whole flock of additional composers were brought in to work on the orchestral score and write short, additional music cues.

Patrik Pietschmann Hes A Pirate

Patrik Pietschmann is the last on our list.

His arrangement of Hes a Pirate may not be as virtuosic, but nonetheless the melodies come through beautifully, making this version a delight to listen to as well.

If you feel that this arrangement might be more approachable for you, have a look at the sheet music here:

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Info Hes A Pirate Piano Hans Zimmer

Hes A Pirate Piano

Hes a Pirate is a 2003 track composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer for the 2003 Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It is featured on the soundtrack album of the film and is used at the beginning of the credits for the film.The track has been subject to a number of remix versions collected in an EP titled Pirates Remixed and separate singles released notably by Tiësto in 2006 and by Rebel in 2014. Renditions of the track were also used for the credits of the four Pirates sequels. Souerce Wikipedia

Jarrod Radnich Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Without a doubt, Jarrod Radnich is one of the most entertaining pianists to watch. How about 38 million views for this video? That says it all. It is the first video he uploaded on his channel and it has been extremely popular amongst listeners and pianists alike.

So much so that he organized a worldwide Pirates of the Caribbean competition back in August 2013. The competition was divided into three age groups Group 1 , Group 2 , Group 3 .Definitely a cool project!

Anyways, if youd like learn how to play this timeless arrangement yourself, you can find it here:

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Best Pirates Of The Caribbean Piano Sheet Music

Pirates, adventures, and conquering the world sounds like every boys dream!

Few musical pieces convey this sentiment better than the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

Our three favorite renditions are quite different from eachother. However, if you like the original movie score and the iconic melody from Hes a pirate composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer, then youll for sure enjoy the arrangements weve picked.

Peter Bence Pirates Of The Caribbean

This version by Peter Bence is absolutely amazing too. No matter which of his videos you watch, you really have to acknowledge his amazing piano skills.

His interpretation seems quite energetic and is therefore somewhat different than, for example, the arrangement by Jarrod Radnich. But thats what we love unique and personal interpretations of wonderful music!

If you prefer this version, then go ahead and check out the sheet music here:

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Piano Notes Tutorial

Hans Zimmer is one of the most popular and successful film composers today.He has scored a lot of great movies and has always been able to come up with a catchy and powerful composition regardless of the movie genre. When I first heard this theme, I knew I had to learn how to play it one day because its so amazing. Everything Hans Zimmer does is just magical. Despite its odd time signature, the main theme of Pirates of the Caribbean Hes a Pirate is an easy composition to learn due to its clear melody.

Hal Leonard Pirates Of The Caribbean

HOW TO PLAY – Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

12 lush themes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies arranged so even beginners sound great playing them. Includes: The Black Pearl Davy Jones He’s a Pirate Jack Sparrow The Medallion CallsLearn More


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12 lush themes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies arranged so even beginners sound great playing them. Includes: The Black Pearl Davy Jones He’s a Pirate Jack Sparrow The Medallion Calls Two Hornpipes Up Is Down and more.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Piano Tutorial Notes Keys Sheet Music

Hes a Pirate is a theme played at the beginning of the credits of the Pirates of the Caribbean | The Curse of the Black Pearl film.

The composer of the soundtrack, Klaus Badelt, is known also from Gladiator, The Time Machine,Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia, and many more Hollywood films. Walt Disney Records released the album on July of 2003.

On this page you can find Notes, a Printable PDF with sheet music for free Download and a piano tutorial video.


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