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Horseman By Dmitri Kabalvesky

7 Great Piano Pieces Between Beginner and Intermediate

To round out the recommendations of the best piano songs for intermediate players still in the early stages is Horseman by Dmitri Kabalvesky. This song is a level 5, contemporary piece that will expertly prepare the pianist to move to a more medium intermediate level.

The Horsemen piece offers a rich minor harmony and bouncy tune that allows a new pianist to practice balancing the melody, as well as the accompaniment material. This will work to boost a student’s ability to handle multiple accidentals and unconventional sounds, bringing it all together to sound like a complete, beautiful piece.

Beautiful Contemporary Piano Solos

We all know and love the popular classics

But there are tons of phenomenal contemporary pieces that are right up there.

Ive compiled a showcase of 16 beautiful contemporary piano solos by 16 different artists

uplifting, melancholic, blithe, a mix of beautiful piano music.

Id hesitate to label these works further than contemporary. After all, whats in a name?

There is an entire world of music out there that you probably havent seen half of.

Videos are below with sheet music if available, of the following pieces:

  • Melodie by Grieg
  • Rocket to the Moon by Jim Brickman
  • At the Ivy Gate by Brian Crain
  • In Flight by Michael Harrison
  • Comptine dun autre ete by Yann Tiersen
  • Barcarolle by Alkan
  • Far and Away by Philip Wesley
  • China Gates by John Adams
  • River Flows in You by Yiruma
  • Nocturne No 2 by John Field
  • Tango by Albeniz-Godowsky
  • Hope Springs by Roy Todd
  • I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi
  • Back to Life by Allevi

Minuet In G Bmv Ahn 114 By Johann Sebastian Bach

Stepping it up a notch, this intermediate classical piano song is a level 4 and a great introduction to Baroque music. As an entry into the Baroque style, this popular minute is one of the best ways to level up an intermediate player.

What makes the Minuet in G so wonderful for intermediate pianists is the long melodic phrases, as well as the simple accompaniment. This leaves a great chance for newer players to refine their techniques with both staccato and legato.

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How Often Should One Work On His Skills

The answer is every day, but only for a short period. There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning to play the piano. 20 minutes a day is a good starting point. Short practice sessions dont have to take up a lot of time simply schedule them whenever its most convenient for you. We also understand that life doesnt always go according to plan, so its okay if you only get to play five days out of seven in a week.

Should I Buy An Acoustic Piano Or A Keyboard

Free Piano Sheet Music for intermediate and advanced piano players ...

What kind of piano you should have in your home depends on how much space you have and what you want to do with your music. A good digital keyboard is perfect for people who need to be able to take it with them, are on a tight budget, or want to try out different sounds. If youre serious about music, have a lot of space in your house, and like the rich sounds of an acoustic instrument, you should buy one. Acoustics also need to be tuned and taken care of regularly to keep their tone and touch. To know the difference between the two, read our article:

Digital vs Acoustic Piano: Whats the Difference ?

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What Classical Piano Piece Should I Learn First

Working with a piano instructor is the best method to know what classical songs are best to learn on the piano as a beginner. A professional pianist or piano player who teaches will have the best idea of what simple piano pieces will be more manageable or more challenging for you to tackle.

In fact, many of them already have music books to guide beginning pianists. But the finished product of the piece will help motivate and encourage you to learn more.

Taking online piano lessons is an option if you dont have the ability or convenience of working with a teacher near your location, so be sure not to short-change yourself by not working with a piano teacher.

Someone who teaches piano can help you learn the fundamentals of music theory and specifics to the instrument, including key signatures, time signatures, dynamics, and more.

Though there are many piano pieces you can start with as a beginner, the list below outlines some classics that range from more straightforward to more intermediate songs, and you should include them within your piano repertoire.

You dont have to learn them all listen to some of the pieces and see which ones might move you to want to understand them. Then, you can propose them to your piano instructor at your next lesson!

Benefits Of Classical Music

Its no surprise that classical music has many benefits Just look at how its often used in various health contexts, including yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

In fact, music has been shown to have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from anxiety, depression, and ADHD. And the theory that listening to classicalsongs on the pianocan boost intelligence is well-documented.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Londons Institute of Education , researchers found that children who listened to classical music for 20 minutes a day for 10 days scored higher on IQ tests than those who didnt listen to any music at all. While the study involved only 33 children between the ages of 5 and 7, it still provides solid evidence that listening to classical music can positively affect intelligence.

Therefore, for children just learning about classical music and its various elements, its essential to teach them about the different elements of music.

For instance, children should be taught how to listen to the melody and harmony when listening to a piece of music. They should also be taught how to listen for the tempo and dynamics . Finally, they should also be taught about musical form how a piece of music is structured.

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Arabesque Op 18 In C Major By Robert Schumann

The Arabesque Op. 18 in C Major contains the exact rhythmic timing used repeatedly, so this is a great piece for pianists to work on counting and rhythms. This piece is based solely on appoggiaturas, with the right hand controlling the melody and pacing.

In the prelude, the song has the primary form of ABACA, but in the B section of the song, there is a key change to E Minor, back to B Major, and then back to the E minor melody. Finally, the C section is done in A Minor and repeats its pattern. The syncopated pattern makes this piece more complex for learning on the piano.

The Giant Book Of Music

Classic Pieces for Intermediate Piano Players

Lets start with Schirmers Library of Classical Music. This is a book that is widely known and respected as a very effective teaching aid. There are several books in this series for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. We are looking just at the intermediate level.

A Classical Leaning

In this book are 269 pieces across over 380 pages that are composed by some of the worlds greatest composers. So, it is a book with a very pronounced classical leaning. It is one of the best-sellers worldwide for intermediate piano students and, in many publications, carries a 5-star rating.

A Variety of Classical Music

The range of Classical music is wide and includes most of the finest. Particular attention is given to works by Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Schumann. Whilst the music included would be considered Classical, they dont all come from the Classical period.

It provides not only just practice but an accurate study of each of the pieces. And as the styles included are so wide-ranging, there is bound to be plenty of music that will appeal to everyone.

Ability Level

One of the good things about this book is that they have included a range of pieces graded by ability. They fall right on what you might describe as the upper and lower boundaries of the intermediate level.

But also, for those who might be nearing moving on to more challenging pieces, there are some more advanced intermediate pieces to study.

Technical Benefits

What Do I Think?

Our rating:

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Prelude In C Major By Johann Sebastian Bach

Another mid-level intermediate piano music option is the Prelude in C Major by Bach. This is an incredibly well-known piece that new pianists may be familiar with, helping to guide them through their foray into playing this classical song.

This song helps level up an intermediate player due to the flowing chords. With this, a mid-level intermediate pianist is pushed to practice executing a clear, even tone. Additionally, the music features dynamic changes, tensions, and releases that are subtle and require a bit of practice to master – perfect for this level of pianist.

Some Of Our Most Popular Intermediate Piano Songs

In Classical genres, there’s more than just Clair de Lune. You can find intermediate versions of music from Baroque pieces like Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D, Beethoven’s Classical masterpiece ‘Moonlight Sonata’ or Romantic music like Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’.

We have Film and TV music like the Monty Norman theme from James Bond and the Pink Panther by Henry Mancini. If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, we also have Joe Hisaishi’s stunning music for films like ‘Spirited Away’ or ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’.

You can find timeless Jazz and Blues standards like ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ by Fats Waller or Duke Ellington’s ‘Sophisticated Lady’, or a range of legendary Rock and Pop from Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Are the Champions’ to the Beatles”Yesterday’ and ‘Let it Be’.

If you want more of a guilty pleasure, there are intermediate versions of ‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight’ by Elton John plus a range of ABBA like ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘The Winner Takes it All’. If youre a Modern Pop fan, then we keep up to date with arrangements of recent hits from artists like Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi.

Do you need some help progressing beyond beginner pieces to intermediate level? Check out our piano guide for step-by-step guides on proper technique, how to practice for faster results, staying motivated and so much more!

Start learning piano today

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Of The Most Beautiful Piano Pieces Of All Time

If you are learning how to play the piano, you are probably interested in playing some beautiful pieces that your family members and friends will love. Of course, you will turn to classical piano, as that will not only challenge your technical abilities but also give you access to some beautiful repertoire that other genres simply cannot match.

With this in mind, what are the most beautiful piano pieces of all time? Take a look at our list below, and see if you are ready to tackle any of these pieces.

Wild Ride Op 68 No 8 By Robert Schumann

Beethoven: Selected Piano Pieces for Early Intermediate to Intermediate ...

Another level 3 intermediate classical piano option is Wild Ride. This romantic piece offers a gorgeous spin on the typical classical piano piece to expand a pianist’s repertoire.

This is wonderful for expanding intermediate skill sets due to the chordal accompaniment to the melodic line. Additionally, the melody shifts from the left hand to the B section, allowing the student to further test their skills. With carefully articulated staccato notes, this piece will push intermediate players beyond what theyve tried in the past, while still being a doable feat.

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John Thompsons Piano Course For Intermediate Players

From a teaching resource aimed at the younger students, lets go to something for the, shall we say, more mature student. And Im referring to age, not mindset.

This is a piano course for intermediate players created with the older student at the forefront of their thinking. The study contained in this book is therefore going to be much different than the last choice.

Same Destination But Sometimes a Different Journey

The goal of both junior and adult students is basically the same. To be as good as you can be. But sometimes, the journey to that goal can have different routes. The last book suggested a more modern route. This is very much a traditional road.

Compiled for Adults

These books for intermediate students have been compiled for adults. They contain a mix of some of the great classical piano pieces. But they also have some well-known standard folk and traditional songs.

It encourages the student to be thoughtful and artistic in how they approach the songs and music. Interpreting the music in a very traditional way.

An Audio Track

Theres an audio track that goes with the paperback, which can be downloaded or just streamed. It is accessed through Hal Leonards system called MyLibrary and has some interesting features you can utilize. These are some of them:

  • Slow down the audio without changing the key to help with practice.
  • Change keys if you wish.
  • Pan left or right.
  • Set loop points for a continuous playing of one section.

What Do I Think?

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Claire De Lune By Claude Debussy

Claire De Lune is a haunting classical piece meaning moonlight for intermediate players. The song is usually played slowly and very softly, or in musical terms, as pianissimo. The beginning theme has been adapted as a more simple piano piece for beginner players to start before tackling the original, entire piece as an intermediate player.

This piece is also great for teaching piano habits so that you dont go too heavy on the keys and stay fluid to play the irregular harmonies. You may have to start it at a slower pace before working up to the correct tempo.

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Minuet In G Woo 10 No 2

Probably the easiest piece on this list, this popular Minuet is a great introduction to Beethovens piano music. Find the right tempo, and youre halfway there. And heres a little bit of theory: The WoO stands for Werke ohne Opuszahl and was given to a works that were not originally published with an opus number, or survived only as fragments.

What To Master Before Playing At An Intermediate Level

I Highly Recommend These Intermediate Piano Pieces

Learning how to play classical pieces on the piano can be tricky. It can be daunting for a beginner to hear pieces like La Campanella by Liszt, which may seem out of reach at first.

These intermediate classical piano pieces were written by some of the greatest composers of all time, and theyve been selected as works that will assist your understanding of the pianos complexity.

It may seem challenging at first, but a great way to improve your piano playing ability is by learning to play some of the classics. It will introduce you to the different parts and keys of the piano, and can be an exciting ride, so long as you don’t go too hard on yourself.

Before you jump in and try playing these pieces, you should already be familiar with these basic elements:

These simple piano pieces will help you perfect your technique.

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Minuet In G Bwv Anh 114 By Johann Sebastian Bach

The complexity and beauty of baroque music is an adventure for any pianist. Minuet in G is oe of the most popular early intermediate piano pieces, meaning its a good choice if youre just now leveling up.

This piece lets you build stamina and dexterity through playing long melodic phrases. Its also ideal for those looking to refine technique, as it includes both staccato and legato passages. Its in the relatively straightforward key of G major, which should be familiar to most intermediate pianists.

This video lets you hear the piece while also showing you the sheet music. If you arent familiar with Minuet in G by name, youll almost certainly recognize the tune as soon as it starts!

Oddly enough, though most people believe Minuet in G was written by Bach, it was actually originally written for harpsichord by Christian Petzold.

Best Digital Pianos For Intermediate Players 2022

If you are thinking of buying a piano to upgrade your skill level, heres a comprehensive review that lists the 10 bestdigital pianos for intermediate pianists. Some of the basic aspects that one must bear in mind when purchasing a digital piano include its length, size, number of keys, and variety of sounds, brands, portability, and weight. These reviews are based on the exclusive features, functions, popularity, and value for your money. This way, you can conveniently choose a model that benefits your skill level and other preferences.

Lets take a look at the top-rated Digital Pianos For Intermediate Level Pianists.

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Moonlight Sonata By Ludwig Van Beethoven

Another one of the more famous songs composed by Beethoven is the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. It is also an excellent one to learn as a beginner and one that many people will recognize when they hear it.

Beethoven is one of the most influential and inspiring classical composers, so learning to play Beethoven like a pro helps solidify your reputation as a genuine pianist. Learning this hauntingly beautiful piece touches many people, which is why it is so widely popular, and a great piece to know.

Beethoven wrote 32 piano sonatas, and some have become practically necessary for pianists to learn when playing. The Moonlight Sonata is a straightforward song in the key of C-sharp minor, which allows it to be a more manageable piece to play.

The beginning is arpeggiated and seems improvised, making this first movement the most admired. This song will also help introduce the use of the sustain pedal on the piano if you have not yet worked with the pedals since you need to use it throughout the song.

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