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Playing With Both Hands

Lesson 1 The Grand Staff | Free Beginner Piano Tutorial – [Year 1] Lesson 1-1

Youve practiced some notes with your left and right hand now its time to put the two of them together! In this second set of lessons, youll follow some simple exercises to get comfortable playing with both hands and try out some new two-handed songs. Youll also discover some new notes and musical symbols to add to your music reading repertoire.

Free Piano Lessons For Kids

Piano lessons for children are very popular. There are so many reasons for children to take up piano. It can boost their mental health and their cognitive development, so its not hard to see why people are looking for kids piano lessons.

Children are prone to taking up a hobby and quickly giving up. Its not unusual at all, but plenty of parents get frustrated at this. Spending a lot of money on a teacher or on other forms of lessons and learning materials, only for a child to give up, is immensely frustrating. Thats one of the reasons why people look for free kids lessons.

So, are there good free piano lessons for kids out there?

Fortunately, there are many tutors on YouTube and elsewhere who focus their lessons at kids trying to offer something a little different. Very young children can even learn songs they love with free tutorials.

Todays children are truly the YouTube generation and if you can get them to branch out from watching funny cat videos and memes to watching educational content like piano lessons, there is every chance they will soak up knowledge really quickly.

If you do plan to take advantage of the free lessons out there, you can see if your child latches on, and eventually, there is always the option of a paid course or even a teacher or tutor to provide more advanced knowledge.

How Do Online Piano Lessons Work

Online piano lessons work in easy-to-navigate ways. If the piano learning app you have chosen seems difficult to navigate, there is something wrong. Piano learning apps are so easy to use that anyone can learn with them.

The most common way online piano lessons work is that students progress through a structured curriculum designed by professional musicians and educators. The lessons can be repeated as many times as you wish and the material is presented clearly and neatly.

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Websites To Learn Jazz Piano Lessons Online

Learn Jazz Piano Lessons Online

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We should all be excited about the opportunity to learn how to play the Jazz piano right from the comfort of our homes or any convenient location. The online lessons to learn Jazz piano techniques are tailored to meet the needs of the students who take the course.

This means that there is practically an adequate learning plan for everyone.The best Jazz piano lessons online feature descriptions that indicate the value of the course and skill level of the people who can take the course.

You will find Jazz piano lessons for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners. There are refresher lessons that can help pianists to improve their skills.

The duration for these courses last for a few hours however, the duration varies depending on the course, and the topics that have been covered. Many of the Jazz piano lessons online feature music theory lessons while others are more practical oriented.

However, it is a great idea to take Jazz piano lessons that feature a combination of music theory and exercises to help the students to apply their skills in a real-life setting. The lessons have been made easy to encourage all the students who start to complete the course.

Still Need Help Deciding

Free Piano Lessons for Beginner #3 http://www.zebrakeys.com/lessons ...

There are so many choices for learning piano on the internet these days. Its very hard to choose.

The good news is that its a great time to be alive when piano lessons are both more accessible and more affordable than private lessons, and in many cases, more effective!

Here are some common questions that we get asked that may help you decide on whether or not you want to try the free lessons and eventually consider upgrading.

What makes our program unique?

Sadly, not every course out there has figured that out yet.

Its not about getting the best professionalized information.

Its not about being taught by a concert pianist, or a celebrity musician.

If you really, I mean really want learn how to play piano, wouldnt you want to be presented with small bits on information that you can learn and apply without the overwhelming confusion of too much info ?

The truth is, I myself find myself getting tired of teachers and courses and even popular piano books that assumed that the student should already know certain concepts, or can handle a lot of information.

You may think that this uniqueness is a given or expected in all courses that is soooo far from the truth. I started offering online piano lessons in 1996, before anyone else! Yes, I was the first! And I found out quite quick that I needed to edit the lessons specifically for the adult learner who is learning without the guidance of a live teacher.

Can I learn piano using free YouTube videos?

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Free Versus Paid Lessons

So now that we have reviewed some of the best free piano lessons online resources, you might be wondering what the difference is between the free versus the paid lessons.

If you were to speak to piano experts, they would argue that the traditional in person one-on-one lessons are the best. There are so many advantages to going the traditional route that you just wont get with online lessons. One of these advantages is that you can get a personalized approach to your learning, which you wont get with most online lessons. That said, not everyone wants to take that direction so when it comes to online lessons, which one is the best?

When we compare the two, paid lessons come out on top for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are more structured than free lessons, which tend to be all over the place. It can be hard to track your progress if you have no idea where you started. Secondly, most paid lessons come with teacher support and you have access to more content.

Lastly, most free lessons lack certain key aspects in their teaching. On Youtube, for example, the focus of most videos is on how to play specific songs. There are no musical concepts attached to the lessons. This is not a good approach if you are looking to play professionally.

Video Piano Lessons The Best Way To Learn

When someone says free piano lessons you might think of YouTube or other free video websites. Its true that the vast majority of free content can be found uploaded to YouTube, and there are hundreds of potential tutors out there for you on YouTube.

Its true that video lessons open up lots of possibilities as you can see and hear what a teacher is doing. If you dont plan to learn to read music, video is almost essential. Video lessons can also introduce you to many new and interesting ideas and approaches, as demonstrated in the video below, turning aspects of learning into a game for kids.

Video piano lessons are definitely not the only option for people who want to get started with playing the piano. This wealth of video lessons is undeniably a great resource. However, a lot of people still like to learn using other methods. These include:

  • eBooks. You probably wont find physical books for free very often, but there are plenty of piano eBooks out there that can help you with the basics. If you are the sort of person who learns better by reading and looking at diagrams then this can be a very helpful way to approach playing the piano. You can combine this with videos, of course.
  • Piano blogs. There are loads of blogs and tutorials out there on the internet. As you get more advanced then there is a good chance to follow other bloggers to pick up new techniques and opinions. Blogs are a fantastic free source of information.

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Websites To Learn Classical Piano Lesson Online Reviews

1) Artistworks – Classical Piano Lessons Online with Christie Peery

The online classical piano lessons on artistworks are simple yet effective. After registering for the course, students are given access to hundreds of learning materials online.

The lessons are in the video format with options to exchange videos for professional feedback. Students can record their training sessions and upload for a professional review from the instructor. These videos are also available for other students to watch and learn.

The online lessons are structured for beginners, intermediate and the advanced classes. There are also music theory classes aimed at teaching students how to read music. The online premium classes offer monthly broadcasts from the teacher and other VIP bonus materials.

The online classical piano lessons on artistworks are organized by Christie Peery Scousen. She is a professional pianist and teacher who won her first international competition at the age of thirteen-years-old.

Skousen has had many experiences as a soloist with international symphony orchestras. With her help, many students on the website have been able to achieve their dreams of becoming pianists. The reviews on the site are remarkable they reveal a targeted and practical approach to learning how the classical piano is played.

2) Udemy

3) Lynda.com

4) Fiverr

5) Liberty Park Music

6) HOFFMAN – Learn Piano Online

24) Pianu

The Online Piano And Violin Tutor

7 Days To Learning Piano (Beginner Lesson)

Alison Sparrows guide of 40 lessons for piano beginners can take any student to an intermediate level. Her method is focused on teaching students how to learn music on their own and eventually be able to teach themselves any pieces they would like to play.

She also has mini-tutorials on how to play certain pop songs for those looking to bypass the fundamentals and foundations and play songs they know well. Alison also has recently started uploading videos to help with practicing strategies teaching students what they should practice and when.

Her full course requires a payment, but the videos of tutorials and lessons are on YouTube for free at her channel.

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Tips For Successful Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons are a great choice for many students. Of course, there are some helpful tips you can use to make the most of your interactive piano lessons right from the start.

  • EquipmentHaving the proper equipment set up from the get-go is a great way to ensure your success. This means having a piano, whether digital or acoustic, all your necessary cables, and some good headphones or speakers.
  • Check your placementSetting up a comfortable and organized place to practice is a perfect strategy to help ensure your success with online piano lessons.
  • Check your internet connectionOf course, having a stable internet is invaluable for online piano lessons. Nothing is worse than playing piano and being interrupted by buffering!
  • Practice and take notesEven though you can repeat courses as often as you want as you learn to play, taking notes can be a helpful step on your piano journey.

Skillshares Online Piano Lessons

Starting a beginner piano lesson means learning how to play by ear, understanding the chords, composing your music, and being equally comfortable hitting keys with both hands.

Skillshare offers self-paced video classes that are available by subscription. Students need to subscribe to the Skillshare Premium plan to explore the whole catalog of different courses with unlimited access. But to help you determine whether this service is right for you risk-free, they offer a 7-day free trial.

  • Free lessons available? Yes.
  • Free trial? Yes, 7-day free trial.
  • Lowest-priced plan: $99.99/year or $8.25/month.
  • Highest-priced plan: $15/month.
  • Power feature: Extra resources available

The instructor for Skillshares online piano lessons is Mark de Heide, a musician who is passionate about teaching piano. The course has benefited over 23,000 students with over 90 reviews. Marks PNG Piano is one of the largest channels offering free piano lessons on YouTube. His first piano lesson reached a million views, and this number continues to grow.

The beginner and intermediate video lessons teach you about keys, chords, scales, octaves, progressions, and left-hand playing patterns. You also learn combining hands, composing and structuring songs, playing by ear, and time signatures. You can also check out his course 24+ Hours of Piano Lessons, Homework & Tests for advanced piano training.

Target Audience



Piano lessons can be long and heavy on concepts, especially music theory.

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Free Piano Apps Do They Exist

Another popular way of learning how to play the piano is to try and take advantage of apps. There are loads of piano apps on the market, which combine sheet music and video lessons with other informational content. Are they free?

A quick search for free piano app will bring you plenty of results, and the apps themselves can be downloaded for free. However, there is almost always some sort of a catch. The vast majority of the free content is trying to make you pay for something in the future.

Many of the free apps restrict your use to a few lessons or songs, and they try and get you to pay for a monthly membership or even pay to unlock specific features. It may well be worth doing this, but it doesnt fit the remit of a free set of piano lessons.

It can be really frustrating downloading apps and starting to learn before being locked out or asked to pay for content hidden behind a paywall.

There are some apps that can be helpful. For instance, free apps that allow you to use your phone as a keyboard while you are out on the go, and practice your favorite songs.

A totally free app for learning piano is certainly a great idea, but were yet to find one that doesnt have some paid features or require a paid membership. Be cautious when taking the app approach.

Top 10 Classical Piano Pieces For Beginners By Udemy

Printable Piano Lesson Book

Udemy is a wonderful online platform that offers several free piano lessons. Dan Hegelund, who is an expert musician, composer, producer, and vocal coach, teaches this specific course. He has played all over the world and has a number of compositions available for purchase online.

He designed this course to cater to the students who have an interest in classical music. It is a superb choice for beginners because you get to learn the proper techniques. It also includes a beginner level lesson on how to read and understand the chords, scales, clefs and notes.

The course is taught for a total of 12 weeks and requires 4-5 hours a week. As stated before, the foundational lessons begin with information about notes and other piano basics. After this you will move on to learn classical compositions like Minuet in C, Allegro and many others.

The teaching style comprises video lessons, several resources you can download for practice, a Q& A, some discussions and a certificate upon completion.

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Why Choose Pianovideolessons

Ive spent years teaching piano to students of all ages. This time has helped me refine a process tailor-made for adult students who want to learn piano quickly and painlessly.

If you choose Piano Video Lessons, this is what youll get:

  • A time-tested system with rigorously arranged lessons so that every second you spend practicing matters.
  • FREE lessons created by a professional teacher.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface. You dont have to be a tech wiz to learn piano online. All you need is an account super easy to create!
  • The opportunity to learn at your own pace. Whether you want to go through one or ten lessons per week is entirely up to you!
  • Gain the confidence to play piano for your friends and family.
  • Speed up your learning with my e-books and sheets!

Need extra attention? You can always join our online group piano classes interact with peers and your teacher for faster, better learning.

Is Piano Hard To Learn

As a former piano student, I would say yes and no. Yes because, honestly, it requires a lot of practice and dedication, especially when you go to higher levels. Training your fingers takes time and a good teacher. Luckily, no because if you fall in love with the instrument, you would automatically want to challenge your limits and improve. Everything depends on how well you pick up the instrument. Patience and practice are everything. And its true for any musical instrument.

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Introduction To The Piano

This introductory set of piano lessons will guide you through all the basics of playing piano. Along the way, youll learn how to play with proper technique, how to read sheet music, and how to play notes with the right and left hands.

You dont need any prior piano knowledge to get started with these lessons. Theyre also a great way to brush up your knowledge if you havent played piano in a long time.

Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners By Udemy

Lesson 4: Finger Gym Exercises – Free Beginner Piano Lessons – Year 1, Lesson 1-4

If you are a complete novice, then this is an excellent program. It is perfect for absolute beginners and it covers topics such as notes, chords, reading sheet music and keys.

The course is taught by Mantius Cazaubon who has over 20 years of experience. There have been thousands of students who have learned how to play the piano using this course. He is a talented musician that will help you learn the basics. You will also learn about white and black keys, sharps and flats, half steps, whole steps and keyboard layout.

You get access to downloadable resources, class discussions, projects and a certificate of completion after you finish.

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