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Kidkraft Lil Symphony Piano

2-year-old Babies Playing Piano

The KidKraft Lil Symphony piano comes with 25 keys, sturdy wood construction and it doesnt require any assembly.

Many parents found their kids loved this little piano. Some buyers had issues with the keys. But if your product arrives defective, make sure to return it for a working model.

This KidKraft piano could be a decent option.

B Toys Meowsic Toy Piano

Why its great: Its important to find ways to keep your little one busy all while helping their imagination to thrive. The Meowsic Toy Piano is a really fun way for your toddler to experience fun beats, singing and musical exploration. It will keep them entertained with so many buttons to try and 20 different songs to listen to. Your child can create their own musical numbers, sing along with the music into the microphone and interact with many sounds it has to offer. It will help them to be entertained while they grow and explore the world of music.

Keep in mind: This keyboard requires four AA batteries which do come included with the purchase.

Good for: Toddlers 2 years and up.

Is One Type Of Music Best For My Toddler

Let your child listen to whatever he likes, says Pratt. Try out your favorites, or classical music , or spice things up with Brazilian or African tunes. Anything with a good melody will do, although slow songs may work best for bedtime and fast ones for play. In the morning, play classical music so he’ll wake up in a light and upbeat mood.

Older kids may also enjoy a song that has a narrative they can follow, such as “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” or “Miss Mary Mack.” Encourage your toddler or preschooler to move to the music and express his emotions.

When it comes to playing tunes for your kids, think cheerful and simple. You may want to stay away from head-banging rock, grunge music, or rap. Animal studies show that constant exposure to chaotic, discordant music alters the brain’s structure, says Pratt. Even plants seem to abhor this type of music, she argues. Ivy growing on a home where classical music was played all day long flourished better than that on houses where occupants blasted hard rock.

Your musical selections don’t have to be recorded ones, either. Break out into song once in a while. Tongue-twisting tunes, such as “The Name Game” are fun. Learn entire ditties as a family, and sing them on car trips or on gloomy days when you’re stuck at home.

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Play22 Keyboard Playmat Best Fun Piano For Toddlers

Now, if you have ever had a go one of these things, then you will be perfectly aware of how addictive they are. Once youve had a go, thats it. As a childs introduction to music though, there is a problem. The problem is the adults wont let the kid on it. It is, though, great fun for the kids when they finally get to have a go.

Essentially it is a giant mat that is actually an electronic keyboard. It runs off four AA batteries, which are not included. There is a built-in speaker, so it doesnt need to be plugged in. It is made of vinyl and will support weights of up to 250 pounds thats quite a few children all at once!

Choice of instruments

It has 24 keys that are touch-sensitive and can be set up to play any of the eight built-in musical instruments. These include a Piano, Violin and Clarinet, and Trumpet. Also, Guitar, Banjo, Xylophone, and Saxophone. Plenty of options there to keep a child occupied.

It has four operating modes -Play, Record, Playback, and demo. And has an adjustable volume control. It is easy to keep clean just wipe down with a damp cloth. Once used, it just rolls up and can be put away. And when it is laid out, it measures 71 inches and weighs just under three pounds.

The controls are placed on the front and are well labeled and easy for a child to understand and use. It is best used on a hard floor rather than carpet, though it will work on either.

Not as hand-on as some options

Our rating:

  • A lot of fun but not really an instrument.

Best Pianos For Kids Age 5 & Up

Toy Piano for Baby &  Toddler Piano Keyboard Toy for Girls Kids Birthday ...

A Keyboard Thats Easy To Carry From Room To Room

Sized perfectly for younger players, the Shayson Kids Piano Keyboard will provide hours of engaging fun for aspiring musicians. If youve never exposed the kids to piano playing before, this is the perfect beginner step. With 37 full-size keys and 3 octaves, this digital keyboard makes learning to play easy and fun on an instrument thats rightly sized. The keyboard features a sound library of tons of instrument sounds, play-along rhythms in many musical styles, and a record & playback function. Warm up those vocal cords, parents were probably going to be asked to record a few rounds with them. We promise theres no feature that allows for our performances to be uploaded to YouTube.

One Reviewer Says: My son loves his new bday gift! Hes wanted one for quite some time now! Great sound quality for a toy, and perfect size for 8-year-old beginners. User friendly and easy to learn on. Feels very durable even though its very lightweight! Which makes it easy for him to carry along with him to his father’s house.

The Keyboard Thats Equipped With A Headphone Jack

A Keyboard With An Impressive LCD Screen

One Reviewer Says: This is a great keyboard for beginners. I bought it for my 6-year-old son his kindergarten graduation and he is so excited to learn how to play! It has everything you’d expect from a good quality keyboard, plus it has a teaching mode! Even my wife and I fight over playing time now.


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Our Rates: Piano Tuition For Children In London

Our Junior Lesson Program is specifically intended for children aged 6-10, and the rate is £140 per month. This package includes 30 minute weekly lessons, and there are 32 lessons in a calendar year the tuition is spread evenly across all 12 months of the year. Once a young student ages out of the Junior plan, they can continue as students in the Standard lesson plan.

Acoustic String Pianos Vs Percussive Tone Pianos Vs Electronic Toy Keyboards

Traditional stand-up acoustic pianos have always utilized tightened strings that are struck with miniature hammers attached to the keys. This is how the piano creates sound, and all those strings are the reason that the piano needs to be tuned often in order to keep sounding good.

While kid-size acoustic pianos do exist, it is likely unnecessary to spend the extra cash for the real thing when simpler pianos exist for a fraction of the cost. Seeing as how you are shopping for a toddler, you probably dont want to spend more money than you should. After all, they are going to continue to grow and change and they are likely to quickly outgrow whatever you give them.

The best pianos and keyboards for toddlers are the ones utilize clever workarounds to traditional piano construction methods to make them lighter, cheaper, safer, and more enjoyable for the younger children.

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What Size Keyboard Should My Child Have

This is an important question. You can buy a full 88 size keyboard for your kid if they are 8 and older and are serious about music.

Dont spend too much money before you know how serious they are about music. Having a keyboard as your kids first instrument is a good thing because when they graduate to a digital piano, they will start to develop more finger dexterity.

The keyboard obviously wont have weighted keys, but dont focus on this too much unless your kid is close to becoming a teenager.

Have you ever heard of the melodica? This is a great instrument for kids and you might find it really interesting. Read more at the link above.

This is an important question. You can buy a full 88 size keyboard for your kid if they are 8 and older and are serious about music.

Dont spend too much money before you know how serious they are about music. Having a keyboard as your kids first instrument is a good thing because when they graduate to a digital piano, they will start to develop more finger dexterity.

The keyboard obviously wont have weighted keys, but dont focus on this too much unless your kid is close to becoming a teenager.

Have you ever heard of the melodica? This is a great instrument for kids and you might find it really interesting. Read more at the link above.

Our Top Picks For The Best Toddler Piano Of 2022

2 years old kid piano lesson

The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano is a must-have piano for kids because it helps aspiring young musicians of all ages learn how to play the piano. Your little one will be a music aficionado in no time. Thats because this toy piano is the only learn-to-play piano that comes with an illustrated songbook.

Solid Wood Construction

This brightly-painted upright piano is built with high-quality solid wood materials to keep your child safe and ensure its durability.

25 Keys

This pint-sized piano features 25 keys and two full octaves, so your toddler can feel like theyre playing a real piano. Your child will be fascinated with the sound quality of the beautiful notes and sounds theyll be producing with the touch of each key on this piano.


Your child doesnt have to know how to read words to use the songbook that comes with this piano. The illustrated songbook is color-coded, allowing your child to learn to play nine of their favorite tunes while developing their hand-eye coordination.


Parents say this Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano is a great, sturdy instrument thats perfect for babies and toddlers and one of the best for its price point.

Realistic Baby Grand Piano

This is the most pragmatic baby grand piano with its realistic keys and overall look. This one offers all of the features of a real piano, just scaled down. This makes it perfect for children and their smaller hands.

Promotes Correct Finger Position

30 Keys

Trusted Name


24 Keys

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Number Of Keys & Octaves

When it comes to toy pianos, there is a general rule that the lower the recommended age requirement, the less keys that it is going to have. This is because the number of keys becomes less and less relevant the younger the child is.

From about 8 months to 18 months, your childs interest in any toy, much less a more complicated musical instrument, is going to be based on what kind of immediate stimulus that it provides. This is why noisemakers and activity boards have become so popular for babies and toddlers. They provide direct-feedback playtime in which one action products an immediate response or reaction.

As your child gets older, they may develop a keen interest in the piano. The more advanced they become, the more advantageous it is to have more keys. This is because the amount of keys will determine how many octaves are available to play in. Seeing as how babies and toddlers will likely not be crafting complex melodies, as few as 8 keys is totally appropriate for younger kids.

Best Pianos For Toddlers

This child-size baby grand piano is perfect for our classiest of little ones. The GoPlus Classical Kids Piano is designed for small hands , but also sized large enough to work for children up to age 7. Styled with 30 keys , this beautifully designed baby grand will evoke a feeling of love for music long term. We all know how tempting it is for kids to stick their hands inside everything, but dont worry, the focus is on safety and design. The hardwood bench and piano include rounded corners and the lid is made with safety hinges. Aside from providing safe entertainment, this makes a beautiful gift as it comes with a music stand and a bench . Its also available in bright pink as well, for those who want their piano to be as loud when it’s off as when it is on.

One Reviewer Says: The day this came in, last week, my husband and I couldn’t even wait to open it. We tore the box open, put this together a few minutes, and my daughter went to town on this adorable piano. The piano and bench made of real wood and the top opens just like a real piano. I have noticed that when the top is open, the sound is a lot louder. The piano is a bell sound but it’s so freaking cute! We have posted so many pictures and videos on Facebook of our daughter playing this piano and so many people have how awesome it is

The Perfect Piano For Little Learners

The Little Piano Thats Built Just Like The Real Thing

A Keyboard Thats Great For Beginners

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Kids Classic Wooden 30 Key Miniature Mini Baby Grand Piano Toy W/ Bench And Sheet Music Rack

The realistic construction and feel of the Classic Wooden Miniature Baby Grand Piano from Best Choice Products is one of the classiest and most authentic toy instruments that we have ever seen. Toddlers as young as 1 year old can enjoy the real-time feedback play of a musical instrument by striking any one of the 30 glossy keys. With a full 2 & ½ octaves, there is enough musical variation to keep any kid interested.

This is one toy that strangely enough you arent going to mind having out. In fact, the classical style of this mini grand piano and three-color availability makes it a very chic centerpiece for any playroom.

While the sound of the keys is a bit more tinny that what you would get from a real piano, the tones themselves are spot on upon delivery, and since there are no electronics involved, you can count on this baby producing quality sound for a long time to come.

Some assembly is required, but once you get it put together its actually quite sturdy.

What we love: An elegant / classic look and feel

What we dont: Sounds more like a Xylophone than a piano

Do You Offer Piano Classes For Kids

Amy& Benton Toddler Piano Toy Keyboard Pink for Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 ...

At this time, the London Piano Centre offers private piano lessons for children. We think this method is the most effective way to teach, and we believe that young children grow the fastest in a one-to-one lesson setting. That said, we are supportive of parents who wish to enroll their child in a group class as a supplement to their private lessons.

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Songs For 2 5 Year Olds

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This old favourite is actually fantastic for teaching so many contrasts, and the kids love it! High, low and middle, Loud, medium and soft, Large, medium sized and tiny all in a way that they instantly accept and understand.I use this song in my Bears Lesson Planfor more ideas centred around the Bears theme

Miss Polly Had A Dolly

This song can just be sung with the traditional actions, but I always use it for some role play where the kids take it in turns to be either Miss Polly or the Doctor and act out the story with the help of a few props. I use this song in my Dollies and Babies Lesson Plan for some more topic related ideas.

Jinruche Kids Piano 37 Keys Multi

Conveniently, the JINRUCHE kids piano comes in Blue, Purple and White. It is made of non-toxic environmental protection plastic and features a smooth-edge design. It can be powered by three AA batteries.

The keyboard comes with eight sounds, eight rhythms, six demos and four percussion sounds. You also get a music songbook as part of the bundle.

Reviews say this keyboard is portable and offers decent sound quality. There isnt much by way of constructive negative reviews.

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Heres How Ive Determined The Best Toddler Piano

When it comes to buying a piano for kids, you want the best. I want the best for you. So, I looked at and did research on a bunch of toddler pianos myself. I took the time to read their reviews. I also considered whether or not these pianos would help with the musical development of your kids. And, last but not least, I factored in the experience of other parents and customers.

Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music For Kids

2-Year-Old Baby’s Piano Lesson. 1. Mulberry Bush.

Sheet music for those just starting to learn the piano. Great for kids as well as kids at heart!

We’ve listed some of our best beginner piano pieces below written specifically for students just starting their piano lesson journey.

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

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Casio Sa76 Best Toddler Keyboard

The Casio SA76 is affordable and it also gives you better sounds than some of cheaper kids keyboards listed above. The reason why this is cheaper is that it only has 44 keys and theyre smaller keys. Having mini keys is good for a toddler because their fingers are much smaller than kids are.

This comes with 5 drum pads that make noise when you hit them. The noises are different drum sounds such as the snare, kick drum, tom, and hi-hat. There are pictures above the drum pads to help your child decipher which sound theyre playing.

The LCD screen on this keyboard is nice because it is big and easy to read. This keyboard has 100 different sounds to pick from and the speakers are surprisingly loud. There is 8-note polyphony on this keyboard meaning your child can hit 8 notes at once and hear them all.

The Casio Sa76 is powered by batteries, but it can also be powered by a power adapter you would purchase on the side. You need 6 AA batteries for this keyboard so I would recommend buying a big pack of batteries to save money in the long run.

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