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How Much Is My Kimball Piano Worth

How to Find a Serial Number on a Piano

Lets begin by outlining the rough estimate of what a Kimball piano is worth, and then after that, we can work backwards a bit by helping you understand the basis behind the pianos estimated value.

So in todays market, some Kimball baby grand pianos are selling for anywhere between $500 and $3,000. Kimball upright pianos typically sell for between $500 and $1,500 on average. Keep in mind, too, that if a piano has been kept in immaculate condition, or perhaps if the instrument has undergone a piano restoration, the value of the piano can increase significantly.

But, of course, these pries are just an average. For example, a retailer like Vincitore is selling a working upright Kimball piano from 1981 for just under $1,000.

Then again, there are cases where a piano might be in such a great condition, it can sell for more than youd immediately expect. Take A440 Pianos, for instance, who is selling an upright Kimball piano from 1946 for $3,495.00.

And then theres Jim Laabs Music, who is selling a Kimball grand piano for just under $4,000.

And a fourth example is Graves Piano Co., who is selling a beautiful Kimball Petite Grand piano in gorgeous satin oak finish for $4,700.

Is My Old Piano Worth Anything

Although many ancient pianos are useless in the absence of sentimental value, according to Gist, a top-name brand such as a Steinway will keep its value well. Because a piano has hundreds of moving components, it is a time-consuming and specialized business to restore it. It might take up to 70 hours to just clean a piano.

The Different Sound Of Console Pianos

There are usually fewer pianos available in the market, and they are less expensive and have a different action than uprights. The type of upright used in smaller spaces is usually used in the smaller spaces that an upright would not be appropriate in. Some people prefer that they have a distinct sound, which is also valued.

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Piano Serial Number Age

You must have the pianos manufacturers serial number in order to determine its age. An average serial number is between five and nine digits long. It is located on the pin block, either inside of the case or beneath the pin block of the instrument it is sometimes located on the inside of the case as well.

Aeolian CABLE PRE-1950 1885-3000 1909-122000 1920-224000 1931-300000 1890-11000 140000 1921-232000 1932-301000 1895-23000 Between 1911-155000 and 1922-236000. The year 1933, 1930, 1900, and 1900 are all good years. A total of 1923-242000, 1934-303000, and 1923-242000 have been used. 1920-6200, 1931-72200, 1939-73600, and 1905-33000 are all examples. A total of 70000 were paid in 1925-70000, 1933-72500, and 1936-75500. The 1942-75000 edition, which included World War II items like the 75th anniversary edition, was published in 1941-74100, 1915-55000, 1930-72000, 1936-72900, and 1942-75000. 1916-120000, 1917-120000, 1923-170000, 1929-226000, 1912-71000, 1918-130000, 1919-1930.

Are Kimball Baby Grand Pianos Good

How To Determine The Value Of Your Used Piano  Mozart Project

The are many things that people love about the KIMBALL baby grand pianos. The first is that they are relatively affordable, making them a great choice for first time Piano owners. Second, they are very durable, meaning that they will last for many years. Third, they have a very grand and mellow sound, making them perfect for older children or adults who want a more mellow instrument.

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How Old Is My Piano Serial Number

On the pianos cast iron plate. After lifting the lid, look for an outline of the plates top front area. The serial number can be found in the middle or at the top of the page.

The instrument is serial number 1855-980, 1901-41500 1912-56000 1923-70900 1934-80600 1858-2000-43000 1913-57500 1924-72300 1935-87200 1840-3300 1903-44500 1914700 1925-73400 1936-90800 1865-7000. 1904-4000, 1915-1600, 1926- 74500, 1937400, 1870-10000. 1906-48300, 1916-62500, 1927-75500, 1938-98000 1875-14000, 1906-2500, 1929-1930400, 1928-76500, 1939-101000 1880-19000 1907-49600, 1918-64300-77100, 1940-104000 1885-24000 1908-51000 1919 The Pond Numbers for Ivers: 1900-24000 1922-71000 1935-78400 1950-84000 1905-37800 1923-72100 1936-78600 1955-86350 1910-48100 1924-73200 1940-79900 1960-91014 1915-57900 1925-74500 1946-80000 1962-94370 1920-12700, 1930-217000, 1949-431000, 1969,-100442, 1970-121900, 1976-140900, 1982-145300, and so on. A copy of the Chicago Grand print made by the CABLE Company should be returned.

The Bluebook Of Pianos: An Invaluable Handbook For Anyone Who Owns Or Plans To Buy A Piano

In the Bluebook of Pianos, anyone who owns or intends to buy a piano can learn how to play the instrument. The book goes over the differences between upright and grand pianos in an illustrated manner, and it offers a solid recommendation for purchasing a new or used piano. The book covers topics such as sound and tuning, piano care and maintenance, and how to find the best piano for you. Choosing the best piano for your needs necessitates a number of contacts. The internet is one of the best ways to accomplish this, in particular Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. In addition, information about the Bluebook of Pianos is available on its website. If you require assistance with the process, Alamo Music can assist you. When you need to know the value of a piano, our experts can help you figure it out.

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Manufacturers And Brands That Retain The Most Value And Are Most Re

  • Steinway & Sons pianos less than 40 years old
  • Yamaha and Kawai pianos less than 15 years old
  • Steinway Designed Boston and Essex Pianos less than 15-20 years old
  • Samick pianos less than 15 years old
  • Pearl River pianos less than 10 years old
  • Higher-end European Manufacturers less than 20 years old, such as Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Bechstein, to name a few.

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Piano Serial Number Check

Where to Find a Piano Serial Number? In Just a few steps!

There is no definitive answer as to where to find a piano serial number check. However, a few possible places to look include the manufacturers website, a local piano store, or a piano tuner. The serial number can be used to date a piano, so it is important to have it handy when shopping for a new or used piano.

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What Factors Determine A Pianos Value

There are several factors that determine the value of a piano. These factors include the brand of the piano, its age and condition, and the design style of the instrument.

The pianos age and condition are incredibly important factors in determining value. Despite the somewhat popular belief, a decades-old piano is not necessarily worth a lot of money. In fact, most pianos over forty years old are not appraised at high values. Among the reasons why is the materials used to make the instrument and how those materials have held up in the varying conditions in which they have lived over the decades.

The pianos brand is another key factor in assessing the instruments value. Big name brands like Steinway & Sons have the most name recognition in todays market, and therefore can go for a higher price than other brands. Kimball pianos, while popular in their day, were of mid-level quality in comparison to brands such as Steinway & Sons. As a result, they will not fetch as high of a price as an instrument made by a brand such as Steinway.

European Made Pianos And Grey Market Yamaha

While on the subject 0f European-Made pianos, it is important to understand the effects of ambient climate on a piano. Seasonal and daily changes in temperature and humidity will have dramatic effects on a piano. Many of the more expensive European brands utilize native European lumber and are designed for the European climate, which tends to be more mild by comparison to much of North America, particularly when compared to the Northeast United States. This is why antique European furniture often experiences rapid deterioration when moved to the more hostile New England environment.

Also of note, many Asian-built pianos are also less resistant to seasonal climate variations of North America. The construction process of a budget-conscious piano values cost and speed of construction over high quality materials/woods and curing time of woods. As a result many Asian built pianos deteriorate rapidly in the North American climate. In fact, Yamaha notes on their website that it builds pianos not suitable for the US Market.

Experience has suggested many of the used Yamaha pianos being brought to North America today are pianos that were manufactured for the Japanese marketalso known as the grey market pianos. Based on Yamaha experience with pianos not seasoned for the US market, we strongly discourage the purchase.

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Where Are Piano Serial Numbers

Check the soundboard for a serial number on a Grand Piano next to the lid on the left side that has been printed. The number can be found frequently here, as can Bsendorfer and Chappell. The serial number of several grand models is typically found below the pianos logo.

Pianos Manufactured In New York And Hamburg, Germany.

The serial number on STEINWAY PIANOS can be found on the inside of the piano lid, on the left-hand side, when you look at the piano from the front, as shown in the image to the right. It is manufactured in New York and Hamburg, Germany. Number of Year of ManufacturingSerial Number A STEINWAY PIANOS serial number is stamped inside the piano lid, on the left-hand side, as you look at it from the front, as shown in the image above. This serial number has the year of manufacture as its serial number.

How Old Is My Kimball

Need To Sell My Kimball Console Piano And Cannot Find Serial Number In ...

The age of your Kimball piano can be determined by locating the serial number. The serial number can be located in a variety of places, such as the back edge of the keybed. Finding your pianos serial number may require the use of a flashlight as you search around on the instrument.

Once you have located the number, you can look it up on Bluebook of Pianos. While it is not possible to determine the pianos age down to the month, Bluebook of Pianos can help you narrow it down to the year it was manufactured.

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How Can I Tell If My Piano Is An Antique

An heirloom instrument is typically classified as an antique if it was made before the Great Depression hit in 1930 . At the age of 25, a classic car is considered a classic, whereas an antique car is considered an antique. Antique furniture is frequently required to be at least 100 years old in order to qualify for this classification.

The Age Of A Piano: How To Determine The Age Of A Piano Before You Buy

When a piano is more than 100 years old, it is commonly regarded as old. Because the piano industry grew in popularity in the 1800s and early 1900s, the majority of pianos made before that date are more than a hundred years old. A piano that has been in the hands of a family for more than 100 years is not uncommon for its strings, soundboards, and other parts to rot or deteriorate. In these cases, repairing a piano can be difficult or impossible. If youre looking for a new piano, you should ask the seller how old it is. This information is usually included in the sellers description. Furthermore, you can find a stamp or label on the piano that indicates its age. Before making a purchase, you should consider the age of the piano. Many used pianos are more than 100 years old, and if they are in poor condition, repairing or restoring them can be difficult.

Are Console Pianos Good

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people may find that console pianos are a great option because they are typically more affordable than grand pianos and still offer a good quality sound. Others may prefer grand pianos because they offer a more powerful sound and a more traditional look. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of piano is right for them.

What is console piano? Console pianos are large upright pianos, but they differ from grand pianos in that the hammer on strings is set vertically rather than horizontally. The size of upright pianos and their design contribute to their overall sound, but they can still produce a rich and powerful sound. An upright piano is a smaller version of the console piano. Normal action occurs in this instrument, as the top of the keys and hammers are held upright rather than dropped. The console piano, as opposed to a grand piano, has a less responsive sound due to the strings striking, and it lacks the tonal quality and dynamic sound of a grand piano. It is not a traditional upright piano, but rather a console version that is upright and vertical in shape. The console is approximately 40 to 44 inches tall, which is the primary difference between this console and a piano. A large upright piano can reach heights of 44 to 47 inches and has a pitch of 1275 to 1375 feet.

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Is A 100 Year Old Piano Worth Anything

Older pianos, like antique books, are not worth a lot of money just because of their age. Antique pianos, on the other hand, are pianos that are at least a hundred years old. In reality, depending on the brand and condition of the instrument, these antique instruments may be worth very nothing at all.

Baldwin Piano Serial Number List

Piano Buyer: How to Find the Serial Number of Your Piano

The Baldwin Piano Company was founded in 1862 by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin. In 1867, they started using serial numbers to identify their pianos. The following is a list of Baldwin piano serial numbers that can help you identify the age of your piano: 1862-1867: 1-500 2010-2015: 56000-58000 2015-2020: 58000-60000

Baldwin piano plays have been around for over a century and continue to be a musical legacy. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin founded the company in 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company also made pianos under the names Acrosonic, Chickering, Ellington, Franke, and Manualo. There was no production of Baldwin piano at the Trumann factory, Arkansas factory, until December 2008, when the company closed it down. Baldwin moved all piano manufacturing to China in 2008. The serial number chart below will assist you in determining the age of your Baldwin piano. The year that has begun is marked by a serial number.

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Is Schiller A Good Piano

Schiller pianos are now among the best upright and grand pianos on the market, and the company prided itself on saying that when you buy one, youll be able to play it for a lifetime. They are intended to be passed down from generation to generation, and this is true for both grand pianos and upright pianos.

The Importance Of Serial Numbers On Pianos

A pianos serial numbers are critical in identifying it. These numbers can be used to determine the age, make, and value of a piano. When looking for a specific piano, serial numbers can also be useful. Many pianos have no serial numbers, but they will have a number ranging from 4, 5, or 6 in order to identify the age of the instrument. This number, as well as the manufacturer, can sometimes be used to determine the age of a piano. There is a chance that Fischer pianos can be worth $500-1,000, but the pianos value can rise to $20,000 after it has been restored. The serial number can be found on either the right or left side of the cast iron plate, or on the center.

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Finding The Age Of Your Yamaha Piano

The serial number on YAMAHA GRAND PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate located inside the piano as illustrated in the grand piano picture.

The serial number on YAMAHA VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano picture. The serial number can be seen by opening the toplid of the piano and looking inside.

The First Place You Should Look

Hi, I Have A Henry Herbert Upright Grand Piano Made By Mason And Risch ...

Serial numbers are 4-7 digits and occasionally include a letter or two. Don’t confuse it with the model number, which almost always starts with a letter. You may also spot a few three or four digit numbers inside your piano. This aren’t the serial number they’re manufacturing codes from when your instrument was assembled.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, open up any piano and look at the cast iron plate. You may not have noticed it before, but the serial number may be blindingly obvious. The most common location is in the V-shaped space between the tenor and bass string sections of tuning pins. In a grand piano, the V-shape will be inverted because of the direction of the strings.

The makers of this sample spinet didn’t go for subtlety.

Didn’t see it there? Don’t worry, the next most common spot for the serial number is just to the right. Look at the area of the plate near the treble section. It may be printed in bold ink or engraved, either straight onto the iron or a plaque.

Major brands like Steinway, Kawai, Kimball, and Yamaha tend to mark their pianos in these spots, but not always.

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