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Learn-To-Play Piano | 25 keys | Melissa & Doug

A critical area. It is an instrument that has to be pitched to the right age group. Under three and they will probably be too young, if only from a practical point of view of their size. Over six and it is going to be too small.

It will depend to a certain extent on the size of the child as well. They are not all the same. One six-year-old could be significantly larger than a similar child of the same age. We would suggest about 4-5 years old will probably be about right.

Ultimate Guide To The Best Toddler Piano: Full Reviews And Buying Guide

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Although you can learn to play the piano at any age, those who start earlier usually have an easier time getting accustomed to the piano keys and how to use them. A piano is an excellent gift for your toddler because it helps develop sensory skills and improve development. In this article, weve reviewed the top pianos and keyboards for toddlers. Well list some of our top choices and help you choose the right one.

How Will Your Child Play Music On Their Piano

Color coded keys have nothing to do with future music study, but numbers and math do. Piano By Number is the largest library of songs expressed in numbers anywhere.

So we suggest you get a toy piano and apply the removable, numbered stickers. Then let your child explore thousands of familiar songs using Piano By Number.

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Reviews Of The Best Toddler Pianos

Encouraging children to play music will help them connect to and engage with their surroundings. Toddler pianos are fun for you and your little one, as you can both bond while your toddler is trying to create their latest music creation. Mozart started playing music at 3 and became a pianist by the age of 7, and your toddler might be next. Check out our top choices.

Melissa & Doug Toy Piano

Melissa &  Doug Learn

Melissa & Doug is a very popular children toy company and it is one of the best in offering great educational learning toys. It is a company who stands behind every product that they make and this piano is no exception. The piano is well made of solid wood construction, with high quality materials. Made to ensure durability, safety, and made to create long hours of fun and playtime as they learn. Help your child discover and learn their musical and talented side, with this great colorful piano. Not only will they enjoy playing this piano, but also this piano would make a beautiful addition to any playroom!

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Melissa & Doug Learn To Play Pianos

The keys are marked for you so it makes it easier to play. The keys are made for smaller hands so that its easier for small children to play. Once your child masters this small piano, they will be able to work themselves up to a regular piano at a very early age with ease.

Children love this piano and it doesnt take them long to learn how to use it. The colored keyboard that is above the piano keys makes it easy for your child to learn how to identify the notes that each key represents on the piano keyboard. Then they can take the next steps in learning how to play tunes by following along with the illustrated music book that is included with this piano. The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano, is not only a toy, but it is also a great way for your to child to learn to play the piano. It a fantastic way to help them get started and on their way to a great musical learning experience!

B Toys Meowsic Toy Piano

This toddler piano will keep your child busy and well-entertained with 20 famous nursery rhymes and 7 Kitty Cat songs. There are 5 different sounds that your child will choose from, and theres a built-in microphone that your child can easily grab to sing while playing the piano.

You can control the volume and activate the record and play feature. It features a kid-friendly design as there are no legs to break.

Your child will be able to play with this toddler piano on the bed, table, or floor. Its also brightly colored to stimulate your childs vision. However, this toddler piano is more expensive than other models and doesnt come with the needed AA batteries.

What We Like

  • Built-in famous nursery rhymes and Kitty Cat songs.
  • 5 different instruments and adjustable volume.
  • Comes with a microphone and a play and record feature.
  • No built-in legs, so they wont break.

What We Dont Like

  • More expensive than other models.

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Melissa And Doug Piano Was Not What I Expected

I bought this piano for my 2-year-old daughter for Christmas this year, and I was sorely disappointed. I had never seen one in real life, but I assumed the quality would be fine since I generally like M& D toys. I was wrong. Straight out of the box it wobbles on the ground, the note guide is just a cheap piece of paper that was mounted sideways, and the sound is really tinny. I guess that’s what you get for an inexpensive toy piano, but I was hoping for more.


Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

Best Toddler Piano? – Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano Review!
  • Buy One Get One 1/2 Off

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  • This classically-styled miniature grand piano from Melissa & Doug features 30 keys and is a perfect introduction to the piano.

    Product Features:

    • Thirty keys produce a wide range of notes
    • Illustrated songbook provides practice songs
    • Color-coded key chart
    • Includes: piano, bench, illustrated songbook & color-coded key chart
    • 20″H x 26″W x 21″D
    • Ages 4 years & up

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    This Is The Perfect First Piano

    My husband’s parents bought this as a Christmas present for my son when he was only 2. It was perfect for him! Every time Daddy started practicing on “the big piano” , my son would go find his piano and put it right by his daddy’s they would bang on their own and sing together for almost an hour . Eventually the mini-piano earned a permanent place right by Daddy’s keyboard and it became an almost daily tradition. I love that we can instill a love of music in our young ones in such an adorably memorable way. The quality was great. The paint stayed on pretty well for how much wear and tear it got and I loved the glossy primary color scheme it had going on. The only problem I had was the sound of it. It was almost like a xylophone instead of a piano sound. It was harsh and high-pitched. I would have preferred just a smaller version of a piano as the packaging indicates, not a disguised xylophone, but I haven’t really seen that in a children’s toy before. So, I would still turn to this for my first choice if I ever had another need for a mini piano in my little family.


    Vtech Record & Learn Kidistudio

    This bright orange toddler piano will definitely attract your childs attention. It allows your kid to record, and play their musical creations. It comes with a microphone and an interesting voice changer that your little one will find extremely interesting.

    It features 40 different songs that teach your little one about multiple music genres, in addition to a variety of sounds. Whether your child chooses to play the drum or any other instrument, this toddler piano will keep them entertained for hours. It also features a scratch disc that your little one can play with to add the DJ effect.

    The karaoke feature will teach your child about rhythm and tempo, and following the lights will help them learn the melodies. Due to all the functions that run simultaneously, the batteries dont last for long. Moreover, the microphone isnt as sturdy as the rest of the piano.

    What We Like

    • Karaoke and melody learning modes.
    • Built-in microphone and voice changer.
    • Scratch disc to add the DJ effect.

    What We Dont Like

    • The batteries dont last for long.
    • The mic isnt as sturdy as the rest of the piano.


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    Countless Ways To Play

    From classic wooden toys to realistic pretend play sets, Melissa & Doug products spark imagination and wonder through screen-free, open-ended play! We make well-crafted toys that are developed with care to be passed down from generation to generation or shared family to family. When kids pretend with Melissa & Doug, anything is possible!

    Blue Piano

    Kids will love being musicians while practicing with this blue upright piano, featuring 25 keys and two full octaves.

    Musical Fun

    The littlest musicians will enjoy exploring concepts of high and low notes and loud and soft. More experienced “maestros” can follow the color-coded songbook to learn nine child-friendly favorites!

    Fun Features

    This solid wood, upright piano is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety, and includes an easy-to-play, illustrated songbook with English lyrics.

    With more than three decades of experience, weâre a brand you can trust. Our safe and durable toys inspire imaginative play and are designed to stand the test of time and be passed down through generations.

    We care about sustainability and use wood whenever we can because itâs renewable and durable. To ensure the world has healthy forests AND high-quality wooden toys, weâve committed to planting 10 million trees by 2030.

    100% Screen-Free No screens, no apps, just good wholesome toys for hours of kid-powered fun! Each one of our products is designed to engage children in the joy of imaginative, hands-on play.

    Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

    Melissa &  Doug Learn

    Teach your child a little about magic as this piano magically creates music when you press the colored keys. The keys are flush, so theres no risk that your little one will accidentally remove them when they get too enthusiastic while playing.

    This is an excellent gift for a child who is interested in learning music because it comes with 3 song sheets that feature 6 songs. Once a song starts playing, your child will learn which key to press. The combination of colors and sounds will help enhance your babys mental development.

    If youre looking for a durable toddler piano, this will be the right one for you because its made of wood. Its also easy to wipe and clean. You can easily adjust the volume, but this piano lacks some of the advanced features that you can find on other models.

    What We Like

    What We Dont Like

    • It lacks the versatility of other toddler pianos.

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    Cute Classic But Not As Durable As It Should Be

    I really love Melissa and Doug toys. They are a great update on classic feeling toys. They are always in bold colors and are really engaging to children.Their musical toys are fun and make great sounds. I love that they are wooden and they have a feeling of longevity to them. We own lots of they puzzles, magnetic toys etc. When I first saw this piano I was so excited as it reminded me of one I had as a child. My son was really excited to play with it. However it wasn’t very long after we bought it that two of the keys stuck and stopped working. Not only that there doesn’t really seem to be a way to open it and fix it. I expect more from Melissa and Doug, whose toys are usually top quality. Plus, this is one of their more expensive toys. I will continue to buy their stuff, like wooden puzzles etc. but I would skip this one. While sound is great, it just doesn’t hold up to even mild play from children.


    Amy& benton Toy Piano For Baby & Toddler

    For an affordable price, the Amy& Benton toddler piano will help enhance your childs eye and ear coordination as they press the keys. Moreover, theres a microphone to encourage your kid to sing and play.

    This toy piano features 24 keys, 8 percussion instruments, 4 musical instruments, and 22 demo songs that your child can listen to and sing with. You can adjust the volume and encourage your child to use the play and record or karaoke modes for more family fun. The piano features 3 legs that you can fold for convenient storage.

    Unlike other models, the Amy& Benton Toy Piano one looks just like a grown-up piano and comes with LED lights and a cable that allows you to connect it to an MP3 player, iPad, or phone. Its portable and easy to assemble, so it can be easily packed for a summer vacation. However, when it comes to sturdiness, this plastic piano might not withstand the enthusiastic bangs of an excited child.

    What We Like

    What We Dont Like

    • The plastic legs might not withstand the banging of an enthusiastic child.

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    If you hop onto Google and type in ‘Christmas gifts for Dad,’ you’ll likely be met with a barrage of ads for personalised beer glasses and novelty socks. But since a father’s favourite catch phrase may as well be ‘Don’t worry love, I already have everything I need’ – it’s just so easy to click ‘Add to cart’ to those socks with the cute little pint glasses on them.While Dad might not need anything, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want anything. The gifts below have been selected to be standalone practical gifts that are on dad’s secret wishlist .


    London England United Kingdom SE5 9NG

    M& d Piano Is For Kids Who Wanna Rock

    Ellie plays music on her Melissa and Doug Grand Piano!

    We got the Melissa & Doug piano for my son for Christmas. He loved playing with it from the time he opened it. it is the perfect height for him to stand and play it . I like the fact that it has 2 full octaves, so i can play left and right hand melodies for him. it came with a little song book with familiar songs. It is also pretty light, so i can pick it up with one hand and put it away. my dislikes are: 1) MIC – although I trust M& D, there is always some doubt with respect to quality/lead/etc.2) shiny paint shows grimy fingerprints waaaay to easily. i would have preferred a matte finish. 3) the letter guide was just taped on to the piano. it was off in just a few minutes. i would have preferred a painted letter guide or better tape.Overall, it was the best kiddie piano on the market. We will see how well it holds up over time.


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    The Toy Piano Buying Guide

    • Check if any tools are needed to assemble the toy piano. Some come fully assembled, while others are a bit more complicated to put together.
    • Watch your little one as he or she experiments with the toy piano. If your child shows an aptitude for music, you may want to introduce them to other instruments or even hire a music teacher to give your child music lessons at home.
    • Some of the easiest songs for children to learn on a toy piano include Mary Had a Little Lamb,Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
    • There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube that can help your child learn how to better play the piano if your child is more of a visual learner.
    • Children can be quite messy, which means youll need to clean the toy piano from time to time. Its important that you never spray a cleaner directly on the piano or you may damage the inner workings of the instrument. Instead, youll want to wet and ring out a rag that has been dipped in soapy dishwater. You could also spray a lint-free cloth with the cleaning product of your choice. Use this to wipe down the piano. Immediately dry the piano off afterward with a clean dry towel.
    • When it comes to toy pianos, youll find there are plenty of models on the market to fit every budget. The Click N Play Keyboard Play Mat Toy Piano is the most affordable. Youll pay the most for pianos that most closely resemble an adults piano.

    Children Can Learn To Play The Piano

    If you have a young child, or if you even know of a young child that seems to have an interest in music, than this is the perfect way to get that child introduced into their world of music. The Learn to Play Piano is recommended for children three years old and older. The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano would be the perfect choice, to get any young child started in the right direction toward a musical education.

    Young musicians will have so much fun exploring the high and low notes on this very colorful and attractive piano. The keyboard has 25 keys, 2 full octaves and it is an ideal way to introduce musical sounds to young children. The Learn to Play Piano comes with an illustrated songbook so your child can learn nine of their favorite nursery songs. It has a color-coded key chart that will help kids learn how to identify the piano keyboard. The chart will help them to learn and play their favorite songs in a very short period of time.

    • 25 Hand Tuned Keys and 2 Full Octaves
    • Brightly Colored, Solid Wood Piano
    • Illustrated Songbook Included

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