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Which Is Better Steinway Or Mason And Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model 50 Upright Piano

In each category, pianists rated Mason & Hamlin significantly higher than Steinway. Despite the fact that their tone quality and overall quality were higher, Masons and Hamlins tone quality and overall quality were both relatively low. However, for Masons touch quality, it was significantly superior.

Only two of the remaining grand pianos built in America are still being made by Steinway and Mason. The American instruments are well known for their booming, full, and well-rounded sound, which is delivered by both instruments. The scales on this model offer a dynamic range that surpasses anything else on the market, and their playability is unparalleled. Many people are unaware that they are related to Richard Gertz, a patriarch. In many ways, the Mason Hamlin piano is superior to the Steinway due to its crown retention system, tunable aliquots, composite action, and extra-heavy duty construction. Outside of the piano world, the name Steinway is extremely popular. It is critical to remember that you must put in the effort to fully appreciate how sound and experience can be both rewarding and challenging.

Over Two Hundred Grand And Upright Pianos Ready To Ship Or Be Restored

The Lindeblad family has provided exceptional customer service and craftsmanship to pianists around the world for over a century. This tradition of service and craftsmanship has been handed down from our ancestors and runs through our veins. Speak with one of our piano experts to receive personalized recommendations from our vast inventory, or browse our pianos below. We specialize in high-end brands like Steinway and carry upright pianos and grand pianos of all sizes, from concert grands to baby grands.

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Mason & Hamlin: A History Of Quality And Craftsmanship

Mason & Hamlin has survived in the twenty-first century thanks to its timeless piano designs. Gary and Kirk Burgett, the companys current owners, are dedicated to preserving the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that have made Mason and Hamlin known throughout the world. Masons was founded in 1854 in Massachusetts as the Mason Hamlin Piano Company. Today, the company still produces pianos using only the finest materials and traditional methods, and it is still in business. Mason & Hamlin is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality piano.

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Wessell Nickel & Gross Action Parts

From its inception, Mason & Hamlin has had a rich history of innovation and an emphasis on longevity in its pianos. Nowhere is this more apparent than the inclusion of the Tension Resonator and Wessell, Nickel & Gross action parts. Beyond including Wessell, Nickel & Gross’ revolutionary composite actions in every piano, Mason & Hamlin also uses their anodized aluminum balance rail pins, key pins, and capstans, ensuring that each piano will perform to their highest potential while requiring the minimum of maintenance.

Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Mason &  Hamlin 50"  Professional Upright Piano

The unique history of the Mason & Hamlin company is a story worth telling. The company has endured decades of changing tastes and culture to emerge as one of Americas last remaining quality piano manufacturers. Henry Mason was a pianist and came from a rich musical background. His family descended from pilgrims who crossed over on the Mayflower. His father, Lowell Mason, was dubbed the father of American church music and was known throughout the world as a composer and hymn publisher.

Emmons Hamlin, on the other hand, was a gifted inventor and mechanic who developed a method of voicing organ reeds to imitate the sound of other musical instruments such as the violin and clarinet. After further developing his discovery, he teamed up with Mason to form their company producing musical instruments, starting with their new instrument known as the organ harmonium.

19th Century Promotional Card

The Mason & Hamlin company was born in 1854, one year after the founding of another American music icon, Steinway & Sons. Their small company benefited from their attention to detail and limited production. They slowly began to build a reputation for quality and high standards. Hamlin and Mason continued to develop their discoveries. Like other piano makers, they competed and won with demonstrations of their products in competitions such as the Paris Exhibition.

The Costliest Piano In The World | Past Company Slogan

Tension Resonator | Model AA

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Expertly Designed Expertly Crafted

Manufactured globally, the Artist Series follows in the footsteps of Mason & Hamlins legendary design and legacy of tradition and innovation. Before leaving the factory, every Artist Series piano is comprehensively tested, inspected, and certified by Mason & Hamlin technicians to ensure the highest standards of quality.

For specifications on the two grand models and two upright models, please visit:

Welcome To Merriam Pianos


Merriam Pianos has been at the heart of the piano industry not just in Toronto, but across the world, for 25 years.

Merriam Pianos has built strong ties to many of Canadas largest and most prestigious universities like McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, Queens University, Humber College, and the University of Ottawa. We also have close and highly respected relationships with our carefully chosen suppliers, like Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Roland, Perzina, and Korg. And perhaps most importantly, were all pianists!

Alan Merriam, founder and president, himself an accomplished pianist with an extensive professional playing background, has carefully surrounded himself with like-minded team members, so when you walk into Merriam Music for your new digital, upright, or baby grand piano, you know youll be talking with a highly experienced piano professional.

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Hard Rock Maple Back And Sides

Material choice is extremely important when constructing a pianos foundation. Richard Gertz specifically chose Hard Rock Maple for the Mason & Hamlin rim, and the Model 50 continues this tradition by using Hard Rock Maple for its back and sides. This material is no stranger to fine instrumentsStradivarius used Hard Rock Maple in the back and sides of his violins for its strong, robust qualities.

Mason And Hamlin Baby Grand Piano

MASON & HAMLIN upright piano

Mason and Hamlin is a brand of piano that is known for its quality craftsmanship. The company has been in business for over 150 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of grand pianos. The Mason and Hamlin baby grand piano is a beautiful instrument that is perfect for any music lover. It has a rich, full sound that is sure to please any listener. The piano is also built to last, with a solid construction that will withstand years of use. If you are looking for a high-quality, beautiful piano, the Mason and Hamlin baby grand is the perfect choice.

A Mason and Hamlin ebonized baby grand piano, Model AA, serial number 33071, was discovered in 1925 and is marked DR Patent 119995 / F Patent. E. / Pat is the other way around. The Mason and Hamlin Patent Tension Resonator Grand AA/X 33071 PAT was released in 1900. A Duplex Scale Capo dAstro Bar. Six feet is approximately 39 1/2 inches long. Bonhams specialist department was the place where the piano was auctioned if youd like to consign the piano, please contact the specialist department. On the first $25,000, the hammer price can be increased to a maximum of $1,000,000. The shipping will be booked once payment has been received. Please see our list of alternative third-party shippers in New York and Los Angeles who may be able to assist you if your purchase is time sensitive.

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Who Makes Mason And Hamlin Pianos

Mason and Hamlin pianos are made by the Mason and Hamlin Piano Company, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1854 by Henry Mason and Jonas Hamlin.

Masons grand pianos have enormous power, brilliant tonal characteristics, and excellent clarity. In 1996, two brothers acquired Haverhill Piano Manufacturing, Inc., a piano manufacturer in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Gary and Kirkett Burgett discovered the history of a well-known piano company and took immediate action to restore it. As a result, the new owners introduced cutting-edge techniques to design the worlds finest handcrafted pianos. The story of the Mason family began in 1854 when two idealists in New York City set out to create the worlds finest musical instrument. In their dedication to creating the finest instrument possible, Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin used only the best materials and innovative techniques. If you prefer, we have a digital catalog that will assist you in choosing the ideal Mason Hamlin.

Perhaps You Are Wondering How Much Do Mason & Hamlin Pianos Cost

These instruments, due to the traditional production methods and the highest quality of materials, are held primarily by professional musicians and institutions. A new Mason & Hamlin piano price is between $60,000 and even $150,000 . It is difficult to determine a Mason & Hamlin piano cost after renovation – it depends on the condition and date of manufacture.

However, we will pay less than $30,000 for a new upright piano of this brand.

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How Old Is My Mason And Hamlin Piano

Mason and Hamlin pianos are some of the oldest and most well-known pianos in the world. They have been around since 1854, when the company was founded by Henry Mason and Lowell Hamlin. These pianos are known for their quality and craftsmanship, and they are still made by hand in the United States. Mason and Hamlin pianos are considered to be one of the best pianos in the world, and they are often used by professional musicians.

Mason And Hamlin Piano For Sale

Mason &  Hamlin Model 50 Upright Piano

If you are in the market for a mason and hamlin piano, you may be able to find one for sale online or at a local music store. These pianos are known for their quality craftsmanship and beautiful sound, and they can be a great addition to any home. Prices will vary depending on the model and condition of the piano, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

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Does Mason And Hamlin Still Make Pianos

Mason and Hamlin have proudly continued their century-old tradition of producing the worlds finest pianos with only the finest materials and traditional techniques.

Steinway became the first to establish the company in 1854, a year after Mason & Hamlin. Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin both came from different backgrounds, which made their new company more successful. The Boston, Massachusetts-based company grew quickly thanks to the attention to detail that individual employees brought to the business when it was small and reliant on capital. Piano popularity has resulted in a shift away from the production of organs, which were once a mainstay of the piano. In the early 1900s, Mason, Hamlin, and others used screw stringers. Tension stirring is one of his most well-known inventions. One of Sergei Rachmaninoffs favorite instruments was a piano.

Mason And Hamlin Piano Values

There is no one definitive answer to this question as mason and hamlin piano values can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the age, condition and provenance of the instrument. However, as a general rule of thumb, mason and hamlin pianos are typically considered to be amongst the finest and most desirable of all antique pianos, with prices for well-preserved examples often fetching tens of thousands of dollars at auction.

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About Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Mason & Hamlin started manufacturing pianos in Boston, MA, around 1883. Their first pianos were made using the screw-stringer method of holding string tension, but that method was later discontinued. Richard Gerz designed completely new scales for all Mason & Hamlin pianos when he joined the company in 1895. Although the company has changed hands several times in the years since, all Mason & Hamlin pianos have been American-made in factories located in MA, NY, CT, and PA.

Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand

Mason & Hamlin Model 50 Upright Piano for Sale at Classic Pianos Portland

Grand Piano | Size: 5’8″ | ID: 542


From its inception in 1854 to present day, Mason & Hamlin has been a trusted name for teachers and musicians everywhere. When they began the manufacturing of grand pianos at the beginning of the 20th century, Mason & Hamlin took lessons learned over a lifetime of piano building and focused them into the new product. This dedication to…

From its inception in 1854 to present day, Mason & Hamlin has been a trusted name for teachers and musicians everywhere. When they began the manufacturing of grand pianos at the beginning of the 20th century, Mason & Hamlin took lessons learned over a lifetime of piano building and focused them into the new product. This dedication to quality has kept the company on the front line of piano technology. As a result, this piano boasts phenomenal construction and sonic consistency, cementing its place as a superior choice for the discerning ear.

To keep this piano in top notch condition, this piano was recently refinished and restored. During its restoration, this Mason & Hamlin Model A received a new pin block, strings, felts, and a stunning new satin ebony finish. This piano looks and sounds so good, youd think it was brand new! Take advantage of our friendly Mid-West prices and bring this Mason & Hamlin home today!

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Rim Cut To Soundboard

Since the soundboard is such an integral part of the piano, we cut the rim of our pianos to fit the precise shape of the soundboard. This ensures that the soundboard is able to move freely and prevents any binding strains from occurring, which causes deterioration of both the tone, as well as the life of the soundboard.

Years Of Kim’s Piano Family

Our business is your most trusted name in Southern California pianos.

Family owned and operated since 1991, Kims Piano stores have been earning the trust of professional artists, piano teachers, Hollywood celebrities and piano students ever since. Over the years, we have cultivated three showrooms with a specialization in 8 hand-crafted brands and over 200 pianos available to suit all abilities and price ranges from beginners to professional pianists.

We offer three Kims Piano locations in Southern California. Along with our established stores in Tustin and the City of Industry, we now offer our newest location our flagship store in Stanton. This beautiful showroom has the honor of being one of the largest piano showrooms in Southern California. With its high ceilings and wooden floors, the Stanton store has been custom built from top to bottom, allowing the sounds of our beautiful grand and upright pianos to be heard at their fullest potential.

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Used Mason & Hamlin Piano Regency Console

This rare, historical Mason & Hamlin piano is one of the first consoles the Boston builder created with timeless regency-style legs, dark mahogany finish, and original ivory keys, it will be a beautiful focal piece in any home.

This Model E is from the companys golden era before changes at the factory. Many piano experts believe they built their best pianos during the time they were a division of Aeolian-American and the pianos were built in East Rochester, New York. Older and newer pianos were built in Massachusetts. Most visitors tell us it plays much better than a new Mason & Hamlin upright or Mason & Hamlin grand piano!

This vintage piano is in original condition and has been throughly inspected by our factory trained piano technicians. The case has original patina, making it a great option for traditional or antique decor.

The cabinet could be refinished to restore its original luster or custom finished to match any interior design space.

With a clearer and richer tone than the Mason & Hamlin Model 50 piano, this instrument is at once a great piano and a piece of history.

Founded in 1854 as a maker of melodeons, Mason & Hamlin pianos began being built 1883. While they never achieve the notoriety or quality of Steinway & Sons pianos, they were known as an innovator during the time that the modern piano was being developed.


Theodore Steinway: The Man Behind The Steinway Sound

1983 Mason &  Hamlin Grand Piano model A

Theodore Steinway was in charge of the company as a result of his technical prowess. Having high-level pianists select your piano over others was regarded as highly prestigious and influential. As a result, the Steinway Artists program was founded on the companys concert instruments. It also contributed to their popularity due to Steinways reputation for quality and craftsmanship. In most cases, their instruments are more expensive than their competitors, but in some cases, this is due to superior build quality and sound quality.

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Mason And Hamlin Pianos

Mason and Hamlin, with its many models, provide pianists with a rich list of pianos to choose from.

If you are looking for a piano that’s worth taking pride in, the Mason and Hamlin AA Grand Piano is the right choice for you.

True to the essence of being a product of one of the world’s oldest and most respected piano manufacturing companies, Mason and Hamlin pianos are known for the rich and velvety sound made possible by the precise action and quality materials that characterize this top quality brand.

Here are some of the best piano models Mason and Hamlin is known for.

Types and Makes

Model 50 The Model 50 is Mason and Hamlin’s signature professional upright. It is a handmade vertical piano and is known for its durability, rich tone and power compared to other pianos. This is the only upright model Mason and Hamlin manufactures to date.

Model A If you a looking for a piano under 6 feet, Mason and Hamlin’s Model A is perhaps the best choice in fact it is considered the world’s best grand piano for this purpose.

Model AA The Model AA is one of the most exceptional and artistic of all the Mason and Hamlin piano models. It possesses old-world craftsmanship, time-honored Mason and Hamlin features, and a sleek design, making it one of the most popular models on the market today.

Model B If you want a ‘small piano’ and are looking to enjoy the same quality sound that big Mason and Hamlin models feature, then this piano is perfect for you.

Company History


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