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How to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on piano or keyboard

is a song by Various.Use your computer keyboard to play music sheet on Virtual Piano.This is a Super Easy song which you can also load and play on your mobile or tablet.The recommended time to play this music sheet is 00:14, as verified by Virtual Piano legend,.The song is classified in the genre ofKidson Virtual Piano.You can also find other similar songs usingNursery Rhymes.

Don’t Bother Writing In Bass Staff Notes

I don’t write notation onto their music , but scratch some symbols up above the melody: “G pinch chord” and “G” & “F” with circles and “1” & “2” drawn inside the circles, for fingering.

Changing chords is much harder than playing just one chord, so it will take a little more time to polish. I’ll take over the melody during the lesson at first, so they can focus on the new chord change.

This arrangement adds the chord symbols:

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It Is Foundational For Skill

Of all my piano music for beginning students, Mary Had a Little Lamb is the most necessary and the most versatile. Yes, it is just a nursery rhyme, but there is so much you can do with it!

You will see what I mean if you read to the bottom of this VERY LONG PAGE.

Please scroll down to find the free downloadable PDF links.

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Trying Variations Of The Same Tune

  • 1Shift your hand to play the song in G major. If you want to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” all you have to do is slide your hand up the keyboard until your thumb is resting on the G key .XResearch source
  • While technically have to use black keys to play in G major, they aren’t necessary for the basic melody. As long as you’re playing the basic melody of the song, use the same pattern you used when you played it in C major.
  • 2Use F sharp when playing the song in D major. Move your hand so that your thumb is on the D to play D major. When you play the first 5 notes of the D major scale, you will use F sharp rather than F the black key to the right of F. Play those 5 notes a few times until you’re accustomed to using the black key.XResearch source
  • Since the pattern starts with your middle finger, the first note of the melody is F sharp. From there, you simply follow the same fingering pattern.
  • Writing down the names the notes as you switch keys can help you learn to transpose songs into different keys.
  • 3Try playing the melody in A major. Just as in the other keys, move your thumb to the A key. Your 4 fingers play the rest of the first 5 notes of the A major scale. One of those notes is C sharp, the black key to the right of middle C.XResearch source
  • As with D major, since the pattern starts with your middle finger, the song starts on the black key. Otherwise, the song follows the same fingering pattern as when you played it in C major.
  • Have You Tried Our First Piano Lessons Ebook

    Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Our best-selling eBook the perfect introduction to piano for your little one.

    A xylophone or chime bars are a great way to get started. Sing the song and playing it on the xylophone or chime bars first as it helps the child to grasp where the notes move up and down. If not, go straight to the piano and work through the following steps together to introduce the child to the notes and rhythm first before attempting to play it.

    To print the Mary Had a Little Lamb Easy Piano Music, click here or the image above.

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    Difficulty : The Dissociation Of The Two Hands

    When starting to play the piano, the dissociation of the hands is one of the most difficult exercises. This exercise requires our brain to precisely manage different gestures with both hands, and it is not something it is used to dealing with.

    Thats why weve broken down this tutorial article into three distinct sections: learning the left hand notes, the right hand notes and finally both hands at the same time. This allows a progressive learning of the song.

    S Tips And Techniques

    To make this hand-dissociation exercise a little easier, there are a few techniques and tricks.

    As mentioned in the previous section, you can start by working on the hands separately to get used to the song, its notes and its tempo. Thats what we did in this piano tutorial for the song Mary Had a Little lamb.

    Once you have done this, you can start playing with both hands. We recommend that you start by playing short passages of the song. For instance, you could start with the first 5 seconds. Once you have mastered that passage with both hands, move on to the next 5 seconds. Once you have that second part, go through the first 10 seconds of the song.

    This method promotes gradual learning and avoids going too fast and getting discouraged.

    You will see that after a few days, this technique will pay off and you will learn more and more quickly.

    At La Touche Musicale, we call this technique the learning loop. Noticing the effectiveness of this technique on piano learning, we decided to integrate a feature into our online piano learning app that allows you to loop any part of the track and learn it very quickly.

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    How To Play Mary Had A Little Lamb Easy Piano Music

    1. Sing the song together as you play the notes.

    2. If you have a xylophone let the child play the tune next as you point to the notes in the correct order. The physical movement helps them to grasp how the notes actually step up and down.

    3. Using the printable sheet music, play the following little game together. Ask the child to trace with their finger the path of the notes sliding it either up or down without taking their finger off the paper. As they move it say up-up, down-down accordingly. Warn them to watch out for where the notes hop between lamb and its from E to C. Make it sound vocally fun with exaggerated ups, downs and a huge fuss over the hop!

    4. Explain that there are four beats in a bar or measure and count 4 beats in together before you start each time. Help the child to place their fingers over the correct notes. Talk them through each phrase of the song line by line pointing to the notes as they try to play them. Depending on the age of the child they may need varying levels of help and attempts to manage this.

    5. Once the child has mastered playing the tune on their own, there is a simple teachers accompaniment which sounds lovely when played as a little duet. This gives a lot of pleasure to fledgling pianists!

    Transpose / Free Music Notes

    Mary Had a Little Lamb – Super Easy Piano Tutorial

    Michael Buble ‘It’s a Wonderful Day’freethe viewertranspositionscoresprior to making your online purchaseOriginal, 1 Semitione, 2 Semitnoes, 3 Semitones, -1 Semitone, -2 Semitones, -3 Semitonesprintsave as PDF.Quick Fact About Us

    We provide most popular sheets at affordable prices. You will also find various tutorials and covers of the songs for faster and easier learning.VAT Free zone & No Shipping Costs!

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    The Notes Of The Left Hand

    Once you have found the note C, which is the first note to be played with the left hand, you will have to play the following notes on your keyboard one after the other:

    C G C G G D C G C G G D C C G C G G D C G C G C G G D C.

    This succession of notes corresponds to the whole melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb played with the left hand on the piano.

    As for the right hand, play the notes in a loop to learn it very quickly.

    The left hand is important because it will accompany the melody of the song .

    Piano Notes For Mary Had A Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme Western Notation

    ED C D EE E~Mary had a little lamb,

    DD D EG G~

    ED C D EE EEMary had a little lamb_WhoseOrED C D EE EC

    D D E D Cfleece was white as snow.

    Only Notes for Rhyme:ED C D EE EDD D EG GED C D EE E ED D E D C

    E ED C D EE E~And every_where that Mary went,

    DD D EG G~

    ED C D EE EEEvery_where that Mary went_The

    D D E D Clamb was sure to go.

    E ED C D E E E~He followed her to school one day,

    D D D E G G~School one day, school one day,

    E ED C D E E EEHe followed her to school one day_Which

    D DE D C

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    Adding In The V7 Chord

    The next change we make is adding a little G7 chord that I call a “pinch” chord.

    It is just a 2-note inversion of the G7 chord.

    The LH stays in its C chord position, but presses G & F together with the 1 & 2 fingers. This doesn’t happen until students are very solid with the I chord, C.

    See measure 3:

    Lesson : Mary Had A Little Lamb In C F & G

    Mary Had a Little Lamb Sheet music for Voice (other) (Solo)

    Because Mary Had A Little Lamb is a simple tune, it is a good firstpiece to learn and memorize. Learn it in all three keys to get startedon learning the notes on the piano and your piano finger numbers.

    Instructions for learning a piece on the piano:

    -play each line with right hand until it is easy and/or memorized.

    -play each line with left hand until it is easy and/or memorized.

    -play each line with both hands until it is easy and/or memorized.

    -stringthe lines together until you can play the whole piece. Keep it slowuntil you are comfortable and familiar with it. Then, start playing itfaster, working up to an appropriate tempo for that piece.

    -Regardless of tempo, relax your arms & shoulders and keep it smooth and flowing.

    For a more complete understanding of how to build your piano-playing foundation, read

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    The Notes Of The Right Hand

    Once you press the first E note of the song, you have your first cue.

    We can then start playing all the following notes of Mary Had a Little Lamb with the right hand. Press each of these notes one after the other:

    E D C D E E E D D E G G E D C D E E E D E D E D C E D C D E E E D D E G G E D C D E E E E D D E D C.

    This sequence of notes corresponds to the whole right hand of the song played on the piano.

    You will see that by playing the notes quickly enough one after the other, you will recognize the famous melody very quickly.

    Sometimes You Just Have To Give Them What’s Good For Them

    Though you would think children might turn up their noses at a nursery-rhyme song, only the occasional teenager looks mortified…

    I always preface the piece with “Now I’m going to give you a world-famous song I give to all my students, even ‘grown-ups.'”

    And the pleasure of mastering a recognizable tune is such that they all end up enjoying it – they are enjoying experiencing the skill of their fingers producing a real melody.

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    Where To Start

    Before discussing all the notes to play with the right hand on the piano, we will first identify the first note of to press.

    The first note of the right hand in this famous nursery rhyme is the E, which is located near the middle of the piano keyboard, to the right of the group of two black keys:

    E is the first note of the right hand in the song Mary Had a Little Lamb on piano.

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