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LOVE OF MY LIFE – QUEEN | Piano Cover Sheet Music

Love of My Life is from the 4th studio album by Queen, A Night at the Opera. The album, A Night at the Opera was released on 21 November 1975. It was the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. The style of songs on the album are varied, ranging from ballads and rock to vaudeville and back into the prog rock styles. A Night at the Opera gave Queen their first number 1 album and topped the UK Albums Charts for four non-consecutive weeks. One of the reasons for the success of the album is the bands most successful single in the UK, Bohemian Rhapsody. Other hit songs on the album include Youre My Best Friend, Love of My Life and Im in Love with my Car which although not a commercial hit, was a hit with fans.

The song was written for Freddie Mercurys girlfriend at the time, Mary Austin. Mary became Freddies life long friend and this song remains one of his most covered songs. Bands like Extreme, Scorpions and Elaine Paige have covered Love of my Life.

Love of My Life was such a concert favourite that Mercury frequently stopped singing and allowed the audience to take over. It was especially well received during concerts in South America, and the band released the song as a single there. When Queen and Paul Rodgers performed the song he sang almost none of the words and let the audience sing it all, continuing the tradition.

Love of my Life featured heavily in the 2018 Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury.

How To Play Piano By Chords


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Words And Music By Freddie Mercury

Love of My Life Piano Chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald

This piano chords transcripiton of the Love of My Life chords, is an augmented version of the song. Love of My Life is from the A Night at the Opera album which I enjoy playing, these piano chords are more a hybrid of the piano version on the album and the live guitar version. If you listen to my recorded samples included at the bottom of the Love of My Life chords, you should be able to follow the piano chords and the layout of this version.

 EbBb/DEbsus4BbBb F/AGmF


C                      AmLove of my life you've hurt me       Dm                  G7You've broken my heart and now you leave meC          F/C  C         FLove of my life can't you see         Dm            AmBring it back bring it back      Bb       FDon't take it away from me  Bb   F/A  Am    Gm7Because you don't knowGm7    C7        FWhat it means to me
Between Verse : Bb   F/A  C7   F    Bb   F/A    GF/AG/B G7
C                     AmLove of my life don't leave me       Dm                G7You've taken my love you now desert meC          F/C  C         FLove of my life can't you see         Dm            AmBring it back bring it back      Bb       FDon't take it away from me  Bb    F/A Am    Gm7Because you don't knowGm7     C7       FWhat it means to me
Between Verse : C7/Bb  F/AC7/BbF/A    F   Bb/G   Bb
Bb    F/A    Cm    Bb    F/A    Gm   F   
Eb  Bb   Ebsus2   Bb

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Love Of My Life Queen Piano Tutorial

Love of my life is a beautiful pop ballad I used in order to explainhow to form beautiful arpeggios on the piano.

The chords are quite easy accept you have to watch the 3/4 barthere in the middle and keep counting all the time.In this piano tutorial I especially focused on keeping the correct piano fingerings toshow you how you can pass smoothly from one chord to the other.

Click here if you haven’t signed toPiano Playground, our free E-zineyet. Make sure you do that in order to get the user-nameand password codes for the free piano tab I provide here under.

Since my point at sharing this piano tutorial was to teach my you, my students, how to play arpeggios and to imitatethe way a guitar plays ballads on piano, I chose and easy scale, the C major scale.This scale has no sharps and flats at so I bet this will make things easier for you.

What we’re going to do with the right hand in this tutorial is take a chord, break to its three voices, play the upper voice and thenplay the chord from the lower voice to the upper voice.

Sometimes we hold the upper voice taking it to the next eighth note which create a voicethat is sustained from the previous chord to the next one.Since many of these notes are common to both chords the functionality of the note changes and creates a very nice rhythmic and harmonicelement at once.

National Identity And Symbols

Love Of My Life Partitura Piano Facil Queen  Partituras Top

Today, Wales is widely regarded as a modern which contributes to Wales’ national identity. Welsh artists are also regularly invited to .

The is an important symbol of national identity and pride in Wales and is said to personify the fearlessness of the Welsh nation. The dragon is first referenced in literature as a symbol of the people in the . is interrupted whilst attempting to build a fort at Dinas Emrys. He is told by Ambrosius to dig up two dragons beneath the castle. He discovers a red dragon representing the and a white dragon representing Anglo-Saxons. Ambrosius prophecies that the Celtic Britons will reclaim the island and push the Anglo-Saxons back to the sea. As an emblem, the red dragon of Wales has been used since the reign of , from around 655AD and is present on the national , which became an official flag in 1959.

The and the are both symbols of Wales. The origins of the leek can be traced to the 16th century, while the daffodil became popular in the 19th century, encouraged by . This is attributed to confusion between the Welsh for leek, cenhinen, and that for daffodil, cenhinen Bedr or St. Peter’s leek. A report in 1916 gave preference to the leek, which has appeared on British pound coins.

“” is the National Anthem of Wales, and is played at events such as football or rugby matches involving the Wales national team as well as the opening of the Senedd and other official occasions.

British symbols

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Lyrics Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life

Love of my life, youve hurt meYouve broken my heartAnd now you leave meLove of my life, cant you see?Bring it back, bring it backDont take it away from meBecause you dont knowWhat it means to meLove of my life, dont leave meYouve taken my loveLove of my life, cant you see?Bring it back, bring it backDont take it away from meBecause you dont knowWhat it means to meYou will rememberWhen this is blown overAnd everythings all by the wayWhen I grow olderI will be there at your sideTo remind you how I still love youI still love youPlease, bring it back home to meBecause you dont knowWhat it means to meLove of my life

Geography And Natural History

Wales is a generally mountainous on the western side of central southern . It is about 170 miles north to south. The oft-quoted ” is about 20,779 km2 . Wales is bordered by England to the east and by sea in all other directions: the to the north and west, and the to the southwest and the to the south. Wales has about 1,680 miles of coastline , including the mainland, Anglesey and Holyhead. lie off the Welsh mainland the largest being , in the north-west.

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