Learning To Play Piano For Adults


Learning To Play Piano Via Youtube And Videos

How To Learn Piano As An Adult!

I am always impressed by the quality of information available online. Last night I learnt to play All of Me by John Legend.

I use an iPad with my digital piano and its really easy to go through video tutorials at my own pace. Its the easy access to resources like this that have made learning piano so enjoyable.

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Turn Your Weak Spots Into Strengths By Repetition

There will be moments you get frustrated by a passage or song because you simply dont get it. Dont shrug your shoulders and move on to other things!

A minor difficulty in understanding something will become a major weak spot fast. Practice and practice some more until you can finally see where you got it wrong.

Adults get turned off by the thought of repeating a passage over and over again, but thats the only way to go.

Dont think of it as a chore, but as building a step after another for success.

These 7 tips are going to put you in the right state of mind. Remember, piano lessons, be it for adults or children, take time.

However, were living in an era where you can super speed everything, including learning the piano as an adult! Thats right, leverage the technology!

So heres a cool pro-tip for you:

Adults Can Learn Whenever Wherever And Whatever They Want

Learning piano as an adult means being in charge of your own learning. You can learn at your own pace, choose a method that makes sense to you, and set your own goals.

You may even have a more flexible schedule than a child. But you also need to be self-disciplined. There wont be a parent or teacher to remind you to practice!

Alsoif youre a busy adult , it may be worth looking into online learning.

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Learning Piano As An Adult 9 Tips For Beginners You Need To Know

If youve ever wondered if you can learn piano in your 20s, or if its too late to learn piano at 30 , then this is the article for you.

Ive been playing piano since the age of four. Maybe even earlier.

While I did not always appreciate the lessons when I was a kid, as an adult, Im grateful my parents encouraged me to keep it up.

These days, playing piano is a big part of how I make a living.

Teaching piano is not a big part of my life.

But I casually teach friends and family often in exchange for their services.

Lately, Ive had more and more adult beginners coming to me looking for lessons.

People who have just started jamming with friends, or have come into possession of a piano, and want to know how to play it.

Teaching adult beginners is awesome.

If youre wanting to learn, and are intimidated by the fact that youre an adult who has never played, or not played very much dont be.

You can be a great student, learn quickly, and develop a beautiful hobby that youll have for the rest of your life.

I want to share a few tips for learning piano as an adult dont be intimidated, you’ve got this!

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  • Learning Piano As An Adult Conclusion
  • How To Consistently Get Better A Playing The Piano

    Piano Classes for Adults

    This is a million-dollar question. Ultimately, a lot will depend on your particular body, your brain, willpower, and natural gift with a very substantial emphasis on a good piano teacher. Understanding the physicality of playing the piano and the ability to impart that knowledge to the student is what the piano teachers job is all about. Provided this is taken care of, now lets strategize.

    Set goals.

    Small ones and big ones. For adult beginners with zero experience, it is a good idea to start with a tutorial. There are plenty on Youtube. Whether it is a pop song or a classical piece, choose something you really like, that is easy and will jump-start your learning by mastering it fast. The gratification of the fast-learned music will motivate you to work a little harder and challenge yourself further. If you have a piano teacher discuss with them what kind of music you love to listen to and would like to learn how to play.

    Be specific.

    Dont be too hard on yourself!

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    Beginner Piano Lessons For Adults

    If youve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, now is a perfect time! Heres everything you need to know about beginner piano lessons for adults.

    Learning the piano isnt just for kids! Adults have all the skills they need at their fingertips to become skilled piano players. While kids may have an advantage because they have no fear of failure, adults have life experiences to help them stay the course.

    Skills like time management, problem-solving, organization, and perseverance are essential for practicing and perfecting your musical art. And, as an adult, youve already spent a lifetime building these skills.

    Its never too late to learn a new piano, and weve got a few pointers for you as you start your musical journey. Well share some basics of the pianos layout, proper posture, correct hand position, and note names.

    Your Sheet Music Is Your Friend Embrace It

    Did you hate music classes at school because of the monster called sheet music?

    Well, youre not alone.

    Being able to read sheet music is crucial if you want to master the piano and not just play by memorization. Plus, this is a skill thatll allow you to play ANY music as long as you have the partiture.

    Theres a probability you hate it because you dont understand anything on it and you feel dumb. Take a deep breath and let me tell you how to tackle the issue.

    First, get to know all the elements you can find on a sheet music . The symbols will stop looking like Hieroglyph. Second, understand the indications on the beats and melodies.

    Once you know what the musical symbols refer to, you can translate them into practice on your piano.

    But here’s a HUGE tip:

    Rather than learning sheet music and theory on its own, where it can be extremely boring and hard, consider learning it as you play.

    This is one of the best features in the piano learning software from Playground Sessions.

    Most of the music theory taught with Playground Sessions is introduced as you practice playing songs. This introduction and progression virtually eliminates any boredom, as youre totally engaged when learning these concepts.

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    Make Active Listening A Part Of Your Practice Routine

    When you talk to professional players, youll often notice how much music history and trivia they know.

    This is because musicians spend a lot of time actively listening to music.

    In fact, a lot of musicians I know have trouble listening to music in the background, because its hard to turn off the active listening part of their brain.

    Work at training your ear to recognize rhythmic patterns, harmonic patterns and melodies.

    Imagine youre at your instrument do you have an idea of how the song is going? Can you tell which chord is the root chord? Does the song change keys? How does the melody work around the chords?

    Work at recognizing these things youll quickly develop a good ear.

    Also work at recognizing intervals in melodies. Where are they jumping up a fifth? Is it mostly diatonic movement or chromatic?

    As you get better at active listening, music just becomes more and more fascinating. How did they get that sound? What is that weird instrument?

    Enjoy music, get obsessed, and savor it.

    Work On Your Problem Areas

    How Adults Can Learn Piano Quickly – 7 tips

    All learners have trouble with fixing weak spots in their playing, including adults.

    If youre getting frustrated by a difficult passage, thats perfectly fine but dont just move on to the next part.

    It doesnt matter that you can play the rest of the song perfectly. Thats not the point! The one spot that you cant play perfectly is the spot that will give you the most growth.

    Heres how I recommend approaching trouble spots:

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    Taking Private Lessons Through A Piano Education Center

    Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a music school or education center. This option resembles Lessons with a Private Instructor in many ways.

    Education centers tend to follow standard curriculums, especially the Suzuki method. They provide you with skilled instructors, offering a personalized learning pace, individual accountability, and answers to your questions, while giving insights into all things piano, including theory, technique, posture and musicality.

    In some cases, these centers may grant you access to a broader array of cutting-edge resources as well as to more performance and group-learning opportunities than an independent, private teacher may be able to provide.

    If you value collaborative, group learning, but still need intensive, individualized instruction, then this option may be for you. But before you sign on, be sure to ask some important questions.

    How does the education center screen its teachers? Are they certified by the MTNA or some other reputable board?

    Not all learning centers are created equal.

    Do they make public resumes, CVs, or bios for their teachers available for prospective parents or students to review beforehand? While some centers screen their teachers very well, others may hire college students with minimal music skills on a part-time basis.

    For an example of what a learning center like this can offer, check out Keys to Success, a reputable music-learning hub in New York City.

    Quality Piano Learning Opportunitues Are So Easy To Access Online

    In the past, adults who wanted to start learning to play the piano often faced insurmountable logistical challenges getting to / scheduling sessions with a traditional piano teacher.

    Now, through Musiah, the worlds first A.I. piano learning app, you can learn piano as an adult in your own home any time of day or night at a fraction of what it would cost to learn to play piano the traditional way.

    While there are many piano learning opportunities online, only Musiah can respond to your playing just like a live piano teacher and support you 24/7, which gives a huge boost to your learning, progress and enjoyment.

    • Completely FREE for 14 Days
    • Work with any MIDI keyboard / digital piano
    • Ideal for adults

    In closing, if you would like to experience just how easy and rewarding it can be to learn piano as an adult, I warmly invite you to take our 14 Day Free Trial.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Are Acoustic Pianos Or Digital Pianos Best For Beginners

    What kind of piano is best for adult beginner piano students? Generally, acoustic pianos are recommended for beginners because they offer a more traditional learning experience.However, a digital piano is also suitable for beginners. It can be a good option if you dont have enough space for an acoustic piano or live in a humid environment. An acoustic piano generally takes up more space and is much heavier than a digital piano, and needs to be tuned at least once a year.Acoustic pianos can also be pretty expensive, but many good-quality digital pianos are also available at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they wont need constant tuning. However, it is essential to find a digital piano that has weighted keys.Your level of experience is also important. Many adults start out with an inexpensive digital piano if they are absolute beginners.

    Is Piano Learning For Adults A Good Idea

    Adult Piano Lessons Oakville

    Even though learning piano as adults might seem like a daunting task, with the proper instruction, it can be a rewarding experience. Contrary to popular belief, acquiring basic playing skills does not require an innate talent or age-related advantage.

    In fact, even those who have never played before can learn how to make beautiful music given enough practice. So if youre thinking of picking up this lifelong skill, here are some tips on why learning to play piano as an adult is a very good idea.

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    Dont Compare Yourself With Kids

    Too often we demotivate ourselves by doing comparisons. You have to remember that your main goal here is to learn something new. Dont compare yourself to others, especially children, since they learn faster certain aspects.

    It is true that adults are less likely to become grand piano players, however, they have the advantage of previously acquired skills and intellectual abilities, that combined with consistent practice, may lead them in becoming advanced piano players.

    If you want to learn piano as an adult, the only person you should compare yourself with is you, the you from yesterday, or from a week, or month ago. Every person is gifted in doing a certain thing, but the real beauty of life emerges when we work towards achieving something that we werent good at from the beginning, and this is what separates us from the rest.

    So, no matter what you do, it doesnt matter what level you are compared to someone else, what is important is that you are doing something you are unfamiliar with, you are learning, and you want more from yourself as an adult. Learn piano for your own satisfaction!

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    Embrace Your Mistakes & Have Fun

    Every professional was once a beginner.

    Music is beautiful and fun. Its a universal language, and speaking it is a joy and privilege.

    When you make a mistake, its important to embrace your mistake and learn from it. Do not get discouraged. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are beautiful.

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    You Can Play Many Different Musical Styles

    While all instruments are great in their own way, piano opens up many possibilities in plenty of different musical styles. Learning piano as an adult is probably the best way to go if you’re into music but don’t know where to start. Anything from classical, over blues, and up to heavy metal, you’ll be able to cover whatever genre you like.

    Super Speed Your Practice With Piano Learning Software

    The 3 Keys to Learning Piano as an Adult

    You may have the most awesome teacher in the world.

    Or you may be flying solo.

    Whatever the case is, an online piano lesson with interactive software is the quickest way to help you progress.

    Because lets face it, your teacher wont be there whenever youre practicing. Especially as an adult with responsibilities, there will be days where you can only practice in the middle of the night.

    This is where online lessons through learning software come into the picture.

    Piano learning software has so many benefits, including:

    • It only requires a small investment
    • You can be independent
    • It offers a structured curriculum
    • You can fix your own pace
    • You can always go back to previous lessons to master the skill completely

    So the question is not whether these are useful for adults. The real question is which one is the best?

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    You Already Understand More About Music Than You Realize

    Even if you’ve never played an instrument in your life, as an adult, because you have spent your whole life listening to music, when youre learning to play a piano song, you can relate it to the music you already know. This knowledge can help you understand many aspects of music theory relatively easily.

    Adults can understand the basic structures of music and how theyre inherent in various songs they listen to or know. By contrast, kids are almost like empty vessels with no experience to go on and consequently no frame of reference to which they can relate the knowledge they learn.

    Learning To Play The Piano As An Adult: Is This Even Possible

    You cant teach an old dog new tricks? This old saying has been long proven wrong. In our article, we illustrate how adults can also learn the piano in a way thats successful and fun.

    After all: Your brain is a muscle, which you can train throughout your life. The activity patterns in the brain already change after a short period of time, and connections are made in certain parts of the brain after a first training unit.

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    Your First Six Months At The Piano

    If you are new to the piano, well lay a strong musical foundation during your first half year of lessons. You will learn the notes, learn the keys, and get comfortable with your posture and hand position at the keyboard. You will also be able to play some simple music with both hands, and youll learn a few scales as well. If you are very dedicated, you may end the first six months able to sight read simple music.

    What Are The Best Online Piano Lessons Out There

    Piano Lessons for Adults

    For me, the answer is clear:

    Playground Sessions.

    I referenced them a few times above.

    Ive tried many online piano lessons before, and I found these lessons to be the most comprehensive.

    They offer so many great features, including Piano Bootcamps, an interactive dashboard, and easy-to-follow videos.

    Ive written a complete review on Playground Sessions here.

    For more information, you can visit their official website: PlaygroundSessions.com

    Granted, there are other great online piano lessons for adults out there. Choosing one that will suit you best could potentially give you a headache.

    So Ive created a list of all the best online piano lesson websites. Go ahead and check out my comparison chart here.

    Bottom Line

    People who say that learning to play piano as an adult is an impossible thing:

    Youre wrong.

    Adults CAN still learn a musical instrument. And they should.

    But be prepared to put in some effort.

    Hard work will always pay off and this is not just a cliché.

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