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Used Kawai RX-3 Blak Series Grand Piano for Sale – Living Pianos

Not the result of mere assembly, every element of a Kawai upright piano is crafted with meticulous skill and care. Our artisans begin with the finest materials and create each instrument with a harmonious blend of award-winning technology and old-world craftsmanship. The result embodies the passionate quest for excellence that has characterized three generations of Kawai family leadership.

Kawai Pianos In Austin Texas

Does the tone of a Kawai grand piano captivate you, and as a professional musician or serious student, are you looking to make this sonic upgrade for your home? Or, are you dealing with limited space in your living area or practice room, and realize that a Kawai upright or high-quality digital piano presents the best of both worlds? Explore these and other instruments at our Austin Kawai Piano Showroom. Try out new and used pianos, purchase your model at wholesale, and have it safely and efficiently delivered to your home or school.

The Touch Of A Grand Piano

The action of an acoustic grand piano is composed of black and white keys, graded hammers, and numerous other components working in harmony when each note is pressed. This beautifully-designed mechanism allows pianists to express a wealth of feeling and emotion in their music as they create and respond to the tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard. Translating the piano actions intricate movements to a digital instrument, while retaining these acoustic-like subtleties is a stunning achievement one which has drawn upon over 90 years of experience in crafting the worlds finest pianos.

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Advancing The Art Of The Piano

Ask any discerning teacher or serious musician which brand of upright pianos is the best at providing both exceptional musicality and leading-edge technology for the player. The educated answer will always include Kawai. For over nine decades, Kawai has been at the forefront of technological leadership in the piano world. Our upright pianos have won awards not only for their exceptional tone and unrivaled touch, but also for the way their use of modern technology produces long-lasting consistency of sound and tactile feel that has been unmatched in the piano industry and deeply valued by serious pianists for generations. May you enjoy exploring the impressive range of Kawai upright pianos. And may your search lead you to a Kawai instrument that speaks eloquently to your musical soul.

Kawai Pianos In St Louis Mo

Kawai Piano for sale in UK

We understand the importance of a quality instrument. Kawai has been delivering that for decades, staying abreast of the latest technologies for traditional and digital pianos. WeĆ¢ve been expanding ourselves over the past 90 years, and going beyond Texas, we opened a Kawai showroom in the St. Louis area. Whether for growing as a musician or ensuring students have a quality practice instrument, come by to test new and used Kawai pianos for their playability and sound. Whether you opt for a digital or acoustic piano, or purchase online, in Texas or St. Louis, we offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.

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Used Like New Kawai K

  • Date listed:1 day ago
  • Price:$8,000.00

We bought it brand new at Metroplex piano in Plano but my kids never want to play the piano so it’s been sitting in the room as decoration for years. I can’t find the receipt, but I still have the warranty info. Even though it’s not in used, but we still keep it tune to maintain the value since it’s a good piece of instrument so it’s just like new. The current market price for this piano is around $12,500ish for new one. used one is around $8,500. I’m selling mine for $8K with the fact that it’s hardly been used and it comes with the adjustable piano chair for free which I paid over $100 for it. Note: Please arrange your own pick up/delivery.for reference: here are the links you can check for the current Kawai K-3 price:https://www.metroplexpiano.com/shop/c/p/Kawai-K-300-Ebony-Polish-0143-USED-x48686112.htm

The Worlds Most Advanced Pianos

Every Kawai grand piano is a symbol of our commitment to the art and science of bringing music to life. For more than 90 years, we have remained at the forefront of piano design and manufacture introducing materials, technologies and design elements that have set the benchmark across the industry and around the world.

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Some Facts About The History Of The Kawai Factory And Kawai Pianos

Koichi Kawai founded the factory in 1927 and the first piano of this brand appeared on the market a year later. Interestingly, during the Second World War, the factory was used to produce military supplies, but in 1948 it returned to the production of upright and grand pianos. In 1955 the factory was taken over by Koichi Kawai’s son Shigeru Kawai, who directed the company towards modernisation. Interestingly, there is also a line of upright and grand pianos with this name, but there will certainly be a separate article on this subject. As time went on and Kawai developed programs to train new builders in this field in 1973, Kawai was already able to produce over 5000 pianos per month. Today, Hirotaka Kawai is also the chairman and CEO of a thriving global piano production.

Key Features Of Kawai Pianos

Kawai Semi-Concert Grand Piano for Sale – Living Pianos

Kawai is always known for their innovation in action design, grand piano rim design and the unique over-strung scale design which helps it to stand out among the best.

Of all these innovations, the action design is the most outstanding feature and has made Kawai stand out from its competitors way back in the 1970s and the 1980s. It was this action design that has set it apart from Yamaha pianos. Kawai believe in R& D and has maintained the largest R& D divisions compared to other musical instrument manufacturer in the world. The main manufacturing plant facility in Ryuyo Japan is the only green musical instrument factories in the world with ISO14001 certification. Kawais tagline The Future Of The Piano should not be taken lightly.

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K800 53 Professional Upright

$25,395 | MAP* Price: $21,795

The 53 K-800 is the epitome of upright piano craftsmanship. Its elegant form and exceptional tone will fulfill the needs of any professional teaching studio or intimate performance setting.

Finish Options: Polished Ebony

Get more detailed information from Kawai then come right back for the best price!

The Millennium Action Of Kawai Pianos

Wood which is used to make the action at best is just a compromise. As it is used since the piano was first invented, people used to think it is the most suitable material for it. In fact wood is used because it is economical, easy to manufacture and handle. It is light, strong, cheap and easy to mill, carved and put together easily makes it the material of choice. The downside is that wood when subjected to temperature and humidity, will expand or contract and this plays havoc to the regulation and the mechanical action of the pianos. The touch and action will not be constant and will vary with season.

Many manufacturers tried to solve this problem by using synthetic materials. Steinway tried to use Teflon for its bushings but did not forsee the problem it brought. The Teflon bushing loosened and cause lots of clicks and noises when the piano was played. It was a failed attempt. It was put into commercial use which insufficient field testing. In the meantime Kawai was doing their research in developing a composite action. But the problem brought on by Steinway in implementing a new material got the music industry wary of any new innovations.

After decades of research and field use, it has been proven that composite action is known for its durability and endurance.

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Are Kawai Instruments Good

The answer to this question can only be found by experiencing these instruments, so if you are seriously considering buying, make an appointment to see the piano preferably in a shop offering new and used instruments. The seller will certainly make several instruments available for you to try them out and make the best decision. There you can also find instruments in different states and price ranges, which will help you decide for example for a new Kawai K200 for just over 5,000 or a used Kawai GL10 piano. Often if you already own a used Kawai instrument that you would like to exchange for another one, this is where you can find information about e.g. billed purchases or the value of your Kawai instrument. If you would like to know the serial number of your Kawai, this is also the best opportunity, as the seller will certainly be able to easily find this information in your instrument, and will assess its real value. Sometimes you can find a Kawai piano that you want to buy even from a private person and wonder if the price is appropriate to the condition of the instrument, then we also recommend that you consult an official Kawai dealer, who will help you avoid disappointment and perhaps offer you a more proven instrument in better condition, a bit more expensive but more solid and well-kept.

Waived Interest Through January 3 2023

Kawai Digital Piano for sale in UK

Now through January 3, 2023 take advantage of waived interest on new Kawai acoustic, digital, and hybrid pianos. Our Make Everyday a Holiday sales event is the perfect opportunity to get the piano for which you have always dreamed. Just in time for the holidays or a great start to a new year, waived interest financing is available exclusively at participating USA Kawai dealers.

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History Of The Kawai Pianos

Kawai first began making pianos in 1927 after establishing a company. The company founder and first president Kioch Kawai had been building pianos way before establishing a company.

At first he had a collaboration with Yamaha to help in their design and engineering to produce their first piano and to start their piano division. Yamaha has been the driving force in Kawai company before it became a public company.

Following the company going public, the share holders decided that Kawai should strike out on its own and to produce better pianos than Yamaha. This rivalry has been known ever since. Yamaha and Kawai competing to become the leading exported of quality Japanese pianos from the 1960s till today. Now they are both huge exporters of quality Japanese pianos.

Today as they celebrate their 92 birthday, Kawai has become the most financially stable music companies in the modern world. They have concentrated in maintaining producing quality pianos as their main concern.

*like New* Kawai Cn27

I’m selling our digital piano –a Kawai CN27. We bought this brand new a couple of years ago for around $2,000. Our kids haven’t really used it much. We thought they would get into musical instruments, starting with a piano, but instead they’re into cello among other instruments. The condition is li …

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Do You Want To Buy A Used Piano

While looking for a piano for yourself, your child or students you will come across many used pianos for sale, various offers more or less attractive to you as a buyer. New instruments are flawless, so we’ve decided to advise you on what to look out for to have a very cool piano at home used in good condition. A piano is… Read more

The Scale Design And Its Construction Of Kawai Pianos

USED Kawai Grand Piano for Sale: 2003 GM-10 | M. Steinert & Sons

Kawai offers a wide range of features and quality throughout it range of pianos. Customers can have a choice to suit their budget and competence. Other competitors may not have such a comprehensive standard in their range of pianos. Here at Kawai you know you are getting the best value for your money.

  • Nearly all models upright or grand use maple-capped bridges to give you the best sound transfer from string to soundboard
  • All bridges are vertically laminated in top of the range upright and grand pianos
  • only aged and super grade sitka spruce is used
  • All models sports a maple framework for stablity
  • All bass strings are of pure copper for super warm bass sound
  • Very tight tolerance > 0.005 for locator pin construction
  • Nickel plated Tuning pins for all models for rust free years
  • Transferable 5 Years FULL Warranty for peace of mind
  • The fastest repetition speed in all models thanks to the composite action by Kawai


Sunwave Music established since 1979.

With more than 30 years in the piano industry, we can help you with your piano needs which includes buying the best used piano that is suitable for you.

We also offer piano transport,tuning,rental,repair and restoration at an affordable price.

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K300 48 Professional Upright

$12.295 | MAP* Price: $10,595

The K-300 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the K-3, which was named MMR Magazines Acoustic Piano of the Year for 4 consecutive years. The K-300 proudly extends this distinguished legacy.

Finish Options: Polished Ebony

Get more detailed information from Kawai then come right back for the best price!

Feel Inspired With Two New Models

The all-new CA701 and CA901 are the latest additions to the powerful and popular Concert Artist Series of Kawai digital pianos. Kawais industry leading keyboard actions offer exceptional touch and our advanced digital technology deliver incredibly authentic tone. With premium audio processing and amplification technologies and a host of player-focused features the CA series introduces a new standard for just how good a digital piano can be.

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Tapered Soundboards Made Of Solid Spruce

The soundboard is the heart of a piano. Its purpose is to transform the vibrations of the pianos strings into a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for K Series soundboards. Each soundboard is strategically tapered to maximize its tone producing capability. Only those that meet or exceed our demanding quality standards are selected for use in our professional upright pianos.

The Sound Of The Piano

Kawai 504T Used Piano for Sale in New Jersey

For the courvoisier he can tell the sound of the Kawai piano by just listening to it. It does not sound Asian and with a warm deep sound together with a subtle attack and lots of overtones makes it distinctively Kawai. It does not sound American either but more towards the sound of a Steinway or a Mason & Hamlin. By the sound you can never tell of its Asian origin. For this very reason Steinway has chosen Kawai to manufacture its Boston pianos. Here are several reasons for the warm and distinct Kawai sound.

  • Having a lower density felt for their hammers
  • Use of slightly thinner, dryer and definitely older spruce for the soundboard
  • Detail in the geometry of the action to give better range and finesse in the lower octave
  • Having a lower tension scale as oppose the the scales used in Samick/ Young Chang or even Yamaha

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New Used Reconditioned Upright And Grand Pianos

The Kawai Piano brand is synonymous with beauty, value and craftsmanship. We carry world-class Kawai pianos right here at Caruso Piano Gallery in New London. Founded in 1927 by Japan’s first piano-maker Koichi Kawai, Kawai Musical Instruments is widely regarded within the piano community as one of the world’s finest production piano builders. Building upon decades of experience and tradition, Kawai’s celebrated technology delivers extraordinary touch and tone that is respected worldwide for its remarkable stability. This is the Kawai difference that you will hear and feel for years to come. Caruso Piano Gallery has some of the world’s finest brands of pianos in its showroom. Helping you find your dream piano is our specialty at Caruso Piano Gallery. Caruso Pianos is well known for its inventory of high quality pianos, expert knowledge of all major piano brands, reliable piano delivery service, and its School Pianos sales program. We buy and sell pianos and offer a full complement of piano services from our New London Connecticut location.

K500 51 Professional Upright

$16,095 | MAP* Price: $13,795

With its taller 51 height and newly-designed scale, the K-500 Professional Upright Piano offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range, and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio environment.

Finish Options: Polished Ebony

Get more detailed information from Kawai then come right back for the best price!

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Piano Moving And Piano Movers In The Bay Area

We provide moving services. We have piano-movers in the Bay Area. Our staff is experienced and professional. We have piano movers based in San Mateo who offer professional piano moving services. Among other services, we have piano tuners in San Mateo and Bay Area.

We are the only authorized Kawai Piano dealer for San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, and Fremont.

Is It Worth Buying A Kawai Upright Or Grand Piano

Kawai Upright Piano for Sale – Living Pianos – Online Piano Store

If you have any experience of playing this brand of instruments, such as playing Kawai pianos at the school or music school you attend or your children attend, it’s certainly easier to decide to buy Kawai. This way you can experience the real quality of Kawai pianos, and judge for yourself whether the quality is satisfactory. If you haven’t played a Kawai piano yet, but are considering buying an instrument of this brand, it’s a good idea to go to a dealer who will let you experience the instrument, as it will make it easier to choose an upright piano or a grand piano that will last a long time with proper care. When you visit a professional dealer who knows the Kawai brand well, you will surely meet a large number of beginner pianos, as well as concert pianos, cabinet pianos, which are the smallest in terms of size through a huge range of larger instruments, to concert pianos such as the Yamaha series with CF and SX symbols at the beginning in the markings. The quality and presence of Kawai upright and grand pianos in various public places such as music schools or concert halls or philharmonies definitely confirm that they can compete with European manufacturers.

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