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Bach (arr. Myra Hess) ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ P. Barton, FEURICH piano

“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” was written by a German composer Johann Sebastien Bach from the baroque era. It is one of the most popular pieces by Bach. It is the last movement from the cantata, Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben , BWV 147. To learn more about “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” please visit our page, “Explore Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”

Tips For Playing Level 2 Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring:

This arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” is at a very easy level . J. S. Bach wrote this piece in the key of G major. However, this arrangement is written in the key of C major to accommodate Level 2 players. There are fingering numbers on all the notes on the music score. After you download it, please refer to the hand-position tutorial page to find the hand positions. The left-hand stays in one position for the entire song. The right-hand shifts a few times only one step higher and lower. You’ll be playing the melody line and the harmonic notes at the same time with both hands.

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Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring

  • 24 December 2021

As previous posts have suggested, the range of interpretative possibilities in a single work can make the concept of one ideal performance quite limiting, as great musicians can reveal different facets of favourite masterpieces. As we approach Christmas, it seemed appropriate to compare different performances and transcriptions of a most beloved piece of music with connotations of this season: Bachs glorious Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring.

Dame Myra Hess made the most famous piano transcription of the work and the piece has since become associated with her. She was a national heroine, beloved in her native Britain for having arranged daily lunchtime concerts during World War II to boost the publics morale. A marvellous story that demonstrates the degree to which she had endeared herself to the general population tells of a soldier whistling the tune in a train. His cabin-mate asked him, Do you like Bach?No, replied the solider. But youre whistling a Bach composition.Thats not Bach thats Myra Hess!

Hess recorded the work three times, the final occasion being in 1958, when she was 68 years old and in the twilight of her career. She plays with a gorgeous singing sonority and fluid legato phrasing, with some gentle pauses at transition points that bring more charm and depth to her reading.

May your holiday season be as warm and beautiful as the music and performances in this collection. Heres to more sublime music and inspired pianism in 2022!

Js Bach: Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Jesu, Joy of Man

ATTENTION : This download consists of a high-quality, non-printable PDF for iPads, tablets, and computers. A hardcopy print version of this book can be ordered from two places: or SUBITO MUSIC ONLINE STORE.

ABOUT THIS BOOK:Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring presents a rich, romantic-style concert arrangement of Bachs famous chorale setting from Cantata No. 147. The most well-known piano version, by Myra Hess, is a literal transcription from the cantata, which not only presents several awkward and difficult technical challenges, but can easily sound dry and technical on the modern piano. Halls arrangement is refreshingly different and original and less difficult to play than Hess version, making it more accessible to pianists and listeners. Hall transcribes Jesu to the lush, romantic key of D-flat major, which results in a deeper sound and is easier to play and has more idiomatic fingerings due to the use of all five black keys. Halls arrangement is ideal for the teaching studio and concert hall for all grades from the intermediate through concert level.

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