It’s Been So Long Piano Sheet Music


Thoughts On Five Nights At Freddys Song

The Living Tombstone – It’s Been So Long (FNAF2) – Roblox Piano / Virtual Piano
  • myuujisays:

    Enjoy playing FNAF on your keyboard/piano 🙂

  • You Are A Piratesays:

    I dont have all 193 fingers required to play this. ~

  • TheMajesticCowsays:

    Can I make a slowed down version of this?

  • Game Attack With Zacksays:

    *I sped it up to 1.25 because at normal speed it just seemed too slow whencompared to TheLivingTombstones original video*

  • Chica the chickensays:

    Where do you get that app

  • says:

    EPIC SAUCE- Too bad I wont remember any of this to play on my own. ^^

  • Chica the chickensays:

    I littery fell of my moms bed wall i was trying to jump on the bed anddidnt get hurt all that got hurt was my arm

  • Phillip Mongrainsays:

    this is its been so long

  • yoshi6789says:

    i performed this in front of my school so thank you for showing me thismyuuPLUS 🙂

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