Is It Easier To Learn Guitar Or Piano


What Are The Benefits Of Each Instrument

Easier to Learn Guitar or Piano? Best Beginners Advice

For the piano, the biggest benefit would have to be the fact that music theory is embedded in the teachings. In fact, the piano is the primary instrument used to teach music theory in schools .

Learning the piano, especially in a classical sense, can provide an excellent resource of knowledge to draw upon later. By being equipped in the fundamentals, you could contribute piano to any music genre that calls for it.

One should also keep in mind that many sampler-based music genres do incorporate the piano in great detail. It might not be readily obvious, but anything MIDI-related is usually controlled by a MIDI controller designed like a keyboard.

With that being said, if you aspire to produce beats for hip hop, the piano will serve you well.

What about the guitar? Are the benefits as widespread as the piano?

Compared to the piano, the guitar might be a bit less versatile in how it can be used. However, pedals and limited MIDI-related technology have helped to push the boundaries of the guitars sonic possibilities.

Learning the guitar is an especially great idea if you aspire to be a songwriter. By having a basic foundation, youll be able to create as your heart desires.

The guitar also allows somebody to dip their toes into the music world without having to be too studious. Learning this instrument seems to have a much more casual approach.

What Is Your Purpose For Learning

Do you want to play for accompaniment, singing, or entertainment?

If so, the guitar is the best choice for you. Most songs are based on 4 chords and learning them is as easy as memorizing them.

Do you want to learn in-depth about music theory?

The piano is a great instrument for applying music theory. And if you ever decide to learn other instruments, the knowledge is easily transferred.

Do you want to hold concerts and play in front of people?

Both instruments are great if this is the goal. It may take more extensive lessons and more practice but you will eventually get there.

Learning to play instruments as a job takes more time and effort because you are making a living with what you learned.

Is It Hard To Switch From Acoustic To Electric

Transitioning from acoustic to electric guitar is actually simple. Electric guitars are easier on the fingers, usually smaller, and more comfortable to play with. Also, because both instruments share tunings and mechanics, all your knowledge will easily transfer. You can start playing right away.

Can I practice electric guitar without amp?

There are four ways you can play an electric guitar without an amp. You can play your guitar with any headphones or speakers using a PC or Mac, using an iPhone or iPad, using a micro-amp, or with a multi-effects pedal.

How many hours does it take to master guitar?

More Arbitrary Ratings of Proficiency


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Can I Learn Piano And Guitar At The Same Time

The benefits of learning both piano and guitar are numerous. For one, it accelerates the music learning process. You can see composition as it relates to both instruments when you are learning them simultaneously. … Then, you may pick up the guitar and try to figure out a way to translate a guitar piece to piano.

Learning Guitar And Piano At The Same Time

Looking for an easy guitar to piano converter? This graphic shows the ...

Yes, it is possible.

Unfortunately, theres a but.

But, your time will be divided, or the progress will be slower compared to focusing on one instrument.

If youre up for the challenge, why not?

For people with 9-5 jobs, this isnt an easy challenge.

Better yet:

Learning guitar and piano is more doable than learning 2 different string instruments at the same time.

An example is a guitar and ukulele. When youre memorizing chords and notes for each instrument, itll be insanely confusing.

The D-chord shape in the guitar is a G chord shape in the ukulele.

Heres the thing:

If possible, choose the primary instrument that you will put more hours in. Then, practice the secondary instrument on the side.

It will be more comfortable, and you can spend your time wisely with this plan.

Of course, its still up to you.

Stay on the easy path or go beyond?

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Its All About Preference

For children, the piano is an excellent choice to begin on. It offers more instant gratification for those first few music lessons, it breaks up the music theory, and it still provides a foundation from which they can tackle any instrument later on including guitar.

When deciding on piano vs guitar lessons, it boils down to preference. These are all fairly minor considerations in the scheme of things, especially compared to other instruments. Do you want instant gratification on the piano with all your keys laid out in front of you like a map of music? Or are you willing to work a little harder to memorize the fretboard quickly so you shred on the electric guitar? Both piano and guitar are equally good at providing the essential fundamentals of music that other instruments like drums or voice dont offer. They are both excellent beginner instruments that offer different paths to the same goal to enjoy playing music and perhaps even become a professional musician someday..

Piano Vs Guitar: Portability

Its also worth remembering that you cant throw a piano over your shoulder like a guitar. If you want to be able to take your instrument anywhere, the guitar might be the better choice.

Obviously, you could get a portable keyboard, but you limit the number of keys, therefore changing the experience.

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Is Piano The Hardest Instrument

The piano is an easy instrument for beginners to learn, but it is a very challenging instrument to master. … Playing a note is not complicated, so it is easy to be a mediocre piano player. The piano is one of the most difficult instruments to master, although it is one of the easiest for beginners to learn.

Focus On Enjoying Learning A New Musical Instrument

Guitar OR Piano – Is one EASIER?

One of the main reasons kids stop doing something is because its too hard or isnt fun.

Its incredibly important to remember that although we all want our children to be the best at everything, they are still just children, and enjoyment is a huge part of the learning process.

Sure, plenty of adults have the same approach its just more obvious with children because they are less reasonable when it comes to doing things they dont feel like doing.

The number one reason most people will stop doing something is that it doesnt bring them enjoyment. Kids need to laugh, have fun and be entertained when they are learning theyre also pretty smart and can tell when something is pretend fun and not actually engaging.

The biggest advice music teachers can give to parents who would like their children to learn an instrument is to remember that the most important thing, especially in the early stages, is that they need to enjoy it.

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Can You Really Learn Two Musical Instruments At The Same Time

Yes, it is possible to learn two musical instruments at the same time. However, this requires a lot of effort, dedication, and time.

One of the reasons why most music students learn one instrument at a time is because it allows them to focus solely on one thing at a time. While not all of us are the same, it is usually easier to learn one instrument at a time.

It is generally believed that attempting to learn multiple instruments simultaneously can lead to decreased focus and mastery of any individual instrument. However, there are some notable musicians that are exceptional multi-instrumentalists.

From Prince to Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Curtis Mayfield. All these exceptional musicians know how to play several instruments.

Difficulty And Ease Of Use

Both guitar and piano will take years to master, but you can become competent enough to enjoy playing both instruments relatively quickly. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that the piano offers more instant gratification. This is because piano benefits from superior ease of use at the beginner level.

What do we mean by this? Well, for one, a piano will play a clear note every time you press a key, so even breaking things down to the most basic level, this is an extremely easy way to be able to make the right sounds. Moreover, you do not need to tune your piano each time you play it. Plus, the keys on a piano are arranged in a simple, repetitive pattern, making it much easier to familiarise yourself with which key corresponds to which note.

With that being said, the guitar is still a perfectly accessible instrument and although it is comparatively harder to get started with, the difficulty balances out more as you progress with the two instruments. Once you are comfortable playing basic chords on a guitar, you can start playing along with songs. Whereas with the piano, you will need to learn how to get your left hand and right hand playing different sets of keys.

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Guitar And Piano Note Range

The range of a guitar is smaller than that of a piano, typically spanning just under four octaves compared to the pianos seven-and-a-bit octaves.

The strings of a guitar are tuned to the following pitches, from low to high: E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4.

The lowest note of a guitar in standard tuning is E2 the highest note a guitar can play is B5 on a typical classical guitar C6 on a standard acoustic guitar and D6 on a standard, Stratocaster-style electric guitar.

The lowest note of a typical, 88-note piano keyboard is A0 the highest C8.

What Songs Are Typically Learned On Guitar

Easy and Popular Piano Sheet Music!

The guitar has a bit of a different personality within the context of music. These instruments seem to be, perhaps, a bit more popular, and thus a little more widely used.

Because of that, the songs that you learn on guitar are likely to be a bit more modern. The exception here is if you choose to specifically study classical music.

Unless you have a certain musical disposition, youre probably more likely to study your favorite bands at the time. This is usually the path that beginner guitarists take.

Eventually, theyll start to expand their horizons beyond a specific few bands. Quite often, classic rock songs tend to be next in line, if only to learn techniques.

After the guitarist progresses, theyll usually start to specialize in a specific genre. Again, the sky is really the limit here although there are probably more genres with piano than the guitar.

If youre drawn to guitar, its usually for its role contextually within the music you listen to. Thus, youll likely follow the path of integrating skills and utilizing the instrument in a similar manner.

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Which One To Choose Piano Or Guitar As A Beginner

With the rise of Google, Youtube, and other apps and sources, learning a new instrument has never been easier. There are dozens of ways to learn, whether teaching yourself, finding an instructor, or taking an online course.

In addition, with websites such as eBay or Craigslist, it is incredibly easy to find used instruments for cheap or sometimes even free. Obtaining these instruments used to be a difficult task but now can be done with just the click of a button and a few dollars.

There are many reasons that people decide to learn a new instrument, and aspiring musicians are increasing in numbers by the day. Some are drawn by the studies that show that learning to play a musical instrument works a different part of the brain and boosts creativity and intelligence. Other people want to be able to play Beethoven sonatas or to join a band.

The first step to becoming a musician is to pick your instrument. This is the tool that will cultivate your growth as a musician, and determine what kind of musician you will become. As a lifelong musician myself, I know how difficult it can be to make the decision and the importance of choosing the right one for you.

Piano and guitar are the two most accessible and versatile options, and therefore probably the most popular among beginner musicians. Both are relatively easy to pick up, and there are countless resources for each of these instruments.


The Art Of Fingerpicking For A Piano

Commonly, amateur learners try to use their wrist and arm instead of their finger to play their piano. Rather, it is easy to use your finger to play piano notes. While you learn the fingerpicking for a keyboard, you should check Piano Lamp position so that the lighting is in perfect place.

  • Move your fingers and knuckles so that they are not positioned too straightforward and flat.
  • Always keep calm and keep your shoulder, fingers, and knuckles flexible.

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Is It Better To Learn Piano Or Guitar

Which is better, piano or guitar, does of course come down to personal preference, goals, and may not indicate which is easier.

If youre aim is to learn an instrument so you can play songs you enjoy, what instruments are used in those songs?

Obviously, if the songs you enjoy primarily use piano, piano is a better choice for you.

If youre aspiring to learn music as a whole, and plan on learning multiple instruments, Piano would be better, as you can more easily visualize music theory on the keyboard, versus the fretboard.

You can even learn guitar and piano at the same time, if that interests you.

You should solidify what your musical goals are: if you want to strum along with folk songs, take up guitar, if you want to learn music as a whole take to the piano.

You might even consider learning both piano and guitar together!

Differences Between Piano And Guitar

Guitar vs. Piano, which is easier? Martin Miller on the Challenges of Improvisation

Aside from whacking strings with hammers instead of playing them with a pick, and aside from obvious portability issues, there is one major difference between guitar and piano. That is the way each instrument is laid out.

On the guitar you have six strings, and anywhere from twenty to twenty-four frets per string. That means you have, potentially, 144 notes on the guitar, compared to 88 on the piano.

But it’s not so simple. A six-string, 24-fret guitar with 144 available notes only covers four octaves, where an 88-key piano covers seven, plus a few more notes.

How could that be?

The way the guitar is set up makes learning the notes a little confusing, in that the exact same note is available at different points on the fretboard. Two notes found in different spots that sound exactly the same are referred to as unisons in relation to each other.

Another way to look at this is that guitar notes repeat themselves in different places on the fretboard. That means there are several different places where you can find the exact same notes, scales, and chords.

The guitar is very much a two-dimensional instrument, requiring you to think across six strings to find the right notes, scales, and chords.

In contrast, the piano keyboard does not repeat itself. Every note is in line, from lowest in pitch on the left to highest on the right. There is only one place on the keyboard where you can find any given note, scale, or chord. Easy peasy.

The inside of a grand piano.

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Can You Learn Piano And Guitar At The Same Time

I hate to put limits on people, especially when it comes to things they are passionate about. Im not going to tell you that you cant learn the guitar and the piano at the same time. If you are dedicated, if you have the time to put in, and if you are sufficiently talented and patient, I dont see why not.

However, I do not believe that is the wisest path. I think you would be doing yourself a favor to choose one as your main instrument, and put the other on the back burner.

Remember, just because you focus on one now doesnt mean you cant shift your attention to the other a few months or years from now. In fact, I think learning multiple instruments can only help you, even if your main focus is on one in particular.

Once you learn guitar it is a quick jump from guitar to bass, if you are so inclined. And, if you choose to learn piano first, you can build a musical foundation you can apply to other instruments.

The world is full of talented multi-instrumentalists, and there is no reason you cant be one of them someday. For example, Tom Scholz performed most of the instruments on Bostons first album that is, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums. That’s pretty amazing. He started out on piano as a kid as well, by the way.

It is easy to feel pressure to make the right decision right now, but remember that music is a long journey, with many twists and turns along the way.

Easiness Of Technique For Beginners

If you wonder if the piano is easier than the guitar, it is more accessible regarding technique. When students are at the beginner level, they find the piano features more straightforward approaches. Both hands are in the same positions, and the notes will sound clear regardless of how strongly you press the key. On the other hand, a guitar stands for more complicated techniques to learn for beginners. For instance, the strings should be pushed close to the fret, or they will buzz otherwise.

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