How To Play Thousand Years On Piano


How Long Does It Take To Master Piano

How to play A THOUSAND YEARS – Christina Perri Piano Chords Tutorial

If you want to be a professional classical performer, youre looking at a minimum of 10 to 15 years of concentrated study with a master teacher, and hours of practice every day. Most people who want to play for their own enjoyment can get great results within three to five years of study and practice.

Quick Tips For Learning A Thousand Years

The piano chords above may look foreign, especially if youve just begun your piano journey. But if you watch the tutorial above, youll see that these chords use many of the same notes.

As you learn the song, its a good idea to follow one of the best pieces of advice almost any experienced pianist will give you: practice with your right hand and left hand separately! Once youre comfortable playing both the left hand part and the right hand part, you can work on putting the two parts together.

How To Play Piano By Chords


“Your entire site is simply fantastic. I really loved it. Now I am learning the basics of piano by myself, with your really great help.Thank you very much!”

Jaime C. from Brazil

“I only started to play about six weeks ago but the last hour of watching your videos about chord progressions has been something of a revelation. You’re brilliant!!!!”

Stephen Roberts from U.S.A

“I’m a beginning keyboard player and your video’s are an excellent guide. You’re absolute not in a hurry, and take time to explain.I’m sure I’ll follow all your lessons to get the hang of playing the piano/keyboard!”

Wouter E. from the Netherlands

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How To Play A Thousand Years On Piano Easy

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri – Easy Piano Tutorial for Beginners.

Learn how to play your first song on piano: Beginners can learn this song in a couple of days. You will play with both hands but the left hand is easy because the hand position stays almost the same.

I started learning piano a few months ago. Before I could play a piano song, I looked for easy songs to play on piano. Most of them are too difficult for beginners, and when they are not, they sound like “kids songs”.

It’s why I share my own tutorials of easy piano songs I practiced. I think it can help beginners because the tutorials are easy but they sound really good on piano.

It is the secret for a successful learning: staying motivated because you can play easy piano songs quickly.

You can find more details and piano tutorials on my website:

Easy Piano Chords For A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years Christina Perri Piano Tutorial

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The song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri may have come out several years ago, but its still an enduring favorite. And if youre new to piano, you might be relieved to hear that the song isnt too terribly difficult to play, either. Lets take a look at the easy piano chords for A Thousand Years.

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Is Piano Hard To Learn

It takes hours sometimes to perfect the most subtle details, but in the end its really all worth it. If youre wondering if piano is hard to learn then the short answer is maybe. It kind of all depends on what youre trying to achieve, your work ethic, the kind of training you have and overall ambition.

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