How To Play Silent Night On Piano


The Notes Of The Left Hand

How To Play Silent Night – Easy Piano Tutorial

Did you find the first C note? Great! Now lets move on to all the other notes in the left hand.

To play them, you must press the following notes in succession:

C C B A G G C F F C F F C B A G G C C G D C.

If you play all these notes in a row on the keyboard, you will have the whole left hand of Silent Night on the piano, accompanying the right hand and giving depth to the melody of the song.

Silent Night on piano: the notes of the left hand.

More Than A Christmas Song

But Silent Night is more than just a Christmas song its uplifting and magical melody became a song of hope and faith for all the worlds peoples to connect to across many cultures and religions.

The height of Silent Nights spiritual healing qualities was demonstrated in 1914 during the Christmas truce, where German and British soldiers on the front line of Flanders laid down their weapons and sang the song together.

Silent Night has become an icon of the power of music to connect us to our humanity and overcome all the different forms of conflict and hatred which divide and destroy us.

Not to mention that its such a rocking tune. Everybody has wanted to cover it in every possible genre and language. Check out this prog-rock version in Polish, this death metal adaptation, and this mesmerizing acapella rendition, just to name a few!

Silent Nights And Musical Days

There is no better way to have a quiet, restful night of sleep than to have a joyful day of music and song. Find time every day to spend at the piano, whether it be learning worldwide classics like Silent Night, practicing your music theory, or even writing your own music. You never know what kind of musical magic could make its way out of your fingers. And even if youre only playing other peoples creations, music is medicine for the soul it will send you soundly to sleep when the stars come out. Sweet dreams.

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A Brief History Of Silent Night

Let us set the scene for you an Alpine town, Mariapfarr, in the Australian countryside, 1816. The town was in a state of disaster after twelve years of the Napoleanic wars and a year without summer caused by a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. There was political and social unrest, bitter cold, famine, and disease. With nowhere else to turn, a young Austrian priest, Joseph Mohr, writes a six-verse poem, hoping to restore the towns faith in Gods unconditional love and benevolence.

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Practice Phrase By Phrase

Silent Night Sheet Music: EASY Piano Solos &  Duets, Free!
  • Repeat each phrase several times, making sure that each one is correct and that the child can play it with ease before attempting the next. Encourage them to look ahead to prepare for the end of each phrase. So that the notes continue to flow smoothly, and there are no hesitations or gaps.
  • If they find this challenging, it is better to only attempt one line at a time over several lessons and to take plenty of time to learn it.
  • Point out where the R.H has to step up as the tune rises and falls. Mark in pencil over the notes in the music to make it clear . First time is with the R.H 5 on the word All in bar 5, later in bar 17 with 3 on Sleep and on the last phrase where it needs to move back down again to the original position.
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    Difficulty : The Dissociation Of The Two Hands

    Dissociating movements that are performed simultaneously is never easy. The brain is not used to this type of exercise.

    It is the same when you start playing the piano. If you are a beginner, you will certainly find it difficult to play the notes with both hands at the same time.

    But dont panic! This problem is very common and can be solved with hard work.

    There are also a number of techniques and tricks that can help you gain this mastery more quickly. This is what we are going to talk about right now.

    S Tips And Techniques

    To learn how to dissociate your hands when you play the piano, there are techniques and tricks.

    For example, you can, as we have chosen to do in this tutorial on Silent Night, start by playing the notes of the right hand and then those of the left hand. Your brain will then already have a theoretical basis to build on when you play both hands simultaneously.

    Once youve done this exercise and are starting to play both hands, we recommend that you work in short sequences. Cut the song or exercise you are learning into several parts of a few seconds each. Practice the first part on a loop. Once youve mastered it, move on to the second. Once you have mastered it, play both parts in a row.

    This technique allows your brain to assimilate the information more quickly. If you go too fast and play the first 30 seconds of a song in one go, you may take much longer and get discouraged.

    Note: At La Touche Musicale, we call this technique the learning loop. Noticing the effectiveness of this technique on piano learning, we decided to integrate a feature into our online piano learning app that allows you to loop any part of the song and learn it very quickly.

    You can also work on your scales. Scales are exercises that work on both hand dissociation and your dexterity. In addition to the songs that you learn at the piano, we advise you to practice scales which will be very useful in your piano practice.

    Silent Night on the piano: the notes of both hands.

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    Learn To Play Silent Night On Piano And The History Of Silent Night

    Silent Night endures as a popular and beautiful song to play on piano. It is a holiday carol commonly performed on Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas and a holy day in the Christian religious tradition. With practice, you can play this beautiful song with an arrangement that is right for you! In this article, youll learn the history of Silent Night, find links to piano tutorials, and downloads of Silent Night sheet music for your level.

    The power of Silent Nights music lies in its history and musics ability to connect people around the world. The carol is even on the UNESCO list of treasured items of Intangible Cultural Heritage! The words to Silent Night have been translated into over 300 languages, showing the ways that music can overcome difficulties in communication. Silent Night is also deeply connected to peace. During World War I, in the Christmas Truce in Flanders, young German and English soldiers laid down their weapons and sang Silent Night together from their separate trenches.

    Are you ready to start learning to play Silent Night? Try this video tutorial for the easiest version of Silent Night!

    Ready for a challenge? Download your sheet music below and scroll down to the Easy or Intermediate piano tutorials!

    How To Play Silent Night On The Piano

    How to play SILENT NIGHT – Christmas Piano Tutorial | Piano Lesson

    In 1859, John Freeman Young published the English version of the song, which is also the one that is most frequently sung today. Apart from the translation, there is also a slight change from the original melody composed by Franz Gruber. Grubers version was more to a sprightly, dance-like tune in 6/8 time, unlike the meditative lullaby version that is commonly sung today. AuthorJoseph Franz Mohr was born in Salzberg on December 11, 1792. He was ordained as a priest in 1815. After which, he was sent to a pilgrim church in the remote Alpine village of Mariapfarr. During his time there in 1816, he wrote a six-stanza poem that was to become one of the worlds most popular Christmas carol. Joseph only moved to Oberndorf in 1817 for two years, when Franz Gruber agreed to compose songs in churches in the Salzburg Diocese and when folk singers from the Ziller Valley decided to take the song on tours around Europe.

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    Silent Night Piano Notes: Tutorial & Sheet Music

    Want to learn to play Silent Night on the piano? You have come to the right place!

    Silent Night is one of the most famous Christmas carols in the world. Of Germanic origin, it was first sung on the occasion of Christmas in 1818 in Austria. Written by the priest Jospeh Mohr and composed by the musician Franz Xaver Gruber, it gradually gained notoriety to become one of the musical emblems of Christmas.

    Since 2011, Silent Night has even been included in UNESCOs World Heritage List.

    This is why many beginners want to learn it on the piano. Its notoriety as well as the ease with which it can be played makes it one of the favorite songs for beginning pianists.

    In this article, we suggest you learn how to play Silent Night on the piano. We will first see the notes to play with the right hand, those to play with the left hand, as well as tutorial videos showing you the notes to play with both hands.

    At the end of this article, you will be able to play the whole song on the piano.

    You can also find the free piano sheet music of Silent Night at the end of this tutorial.

    Bonus: you can also learn to play this song at your own pace on our piano learning application La Touche Musicale.

    Bonus : you can also learn to play this song at your own pace on our interactive piano learning app La Touche Musicale.

    Is This An Easy Song For Beginners

    Silent Night is a classic song for beginners to learn. Its melody is diatonic, meaning that all the notes are strictly within a key. For example, if you play Silent Night in C major on the piano, you only have to use the white keys. If youre just starting to learn about chords, Silent Night is fun and accessible because you can play the whole song with just three chords.

    Want to learn to play Silent Night on the piano?

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    Learn Silent Night On The Piano

    Intermediate Music· Learn Piano· Learn Piano Online· Love Piano· Piano Basics· Piano For Adults· Piano With Megan· Practice Tips· Video

    Tis the season for Christmas music and today I have a beautiful Christmas song to share with you. Ill get you set up with everything you need to play Silent Night on the piano.

    You do need some basic piano skills to play this song, so if youre just getting started at the piano, see this post called Your First Piano Lesson.

    This version of Silent Night by Will Baily isnt too difficult to play and it has a beautiful backing track that makes the music come to life.

    You could definitely play this music without the backing track, but I highly recommend playing along with the music. Not only is it beautiful and fun to play with, but it will also help you to play with correct timing and musical expressions.

    Heres how to get started:

    • Enter your email address here to get the free sheet music and audio files sent to your inbox.
    • Watch the videos below to learn how to practice.

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    Easy Silent Night Piano Sheet Music

    Silent Night

    Silent Night is one of the most iconic Christmas songs in history. This article teaches you its origins and how to play it on piano.

    You know youve written a hit when your song was translated into 300 languages and performed in almost every genre imaginable. Silent Night is a Christmas song that has swept the earth with its haunting melody and spiritual sentiments. The song carries the perfect balance of depth and simplicity, making it easy for musicians and non-musicians to connect to and enjoy.

    In this article, we let you in on the incredible story of its journey from a small town in the Austrian countryside to becoming a worldwide wonder. We also give you some easy-to-read sheet music with our tips on playing the song on the piano.

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    How To Play Silent Night On An Organ

    This tutorial will go over some basics of playing the classical Christmas carol Silent Night on a traditional organ. Colin OMalley from the Cunningham Organ Group gives an overview of the main parts of the organ, such as:

  • The Divisions Swell, Great, Positiv/Choir, and Pedals
  • The Stops and their assignments to the divisions
  • The Couplers which allow you to move and combine sounds between the divisions
  • The Expression Pedals for controlling volume
  • The Combination Action Pistons which allow you to program various stop/sound combinations at the touch of a button
  • Colin also explores the most effective stop combinations to create the best sounds for Silent Night with an understanding of how the various stop numbers affect the pitch and quality of each sound.

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    The Notes Of The Right Hand

    Once you have found the first note, you must now play all the following notes with your right hand in order to reproduce the melody of the song. Press each of the following notes one after the other:

    G A G E G A G E D D B C C G A A C B A G A G E A A C B A G A G E D D F D B C E C G E G F.

    We advise you to play this series of notes in a loop in order to learn it as quickly as possible.

    Now lets move on to the left hand.

    Silent Night on piano: the notes of the right hand.

    Dont Forget To Add Dynamics

    Silent Night | Easy Christmas Piano Tutorial (With Notes)

    Finally, dont forget to add expressive elements to your performance! Find places to play softer, play louder, or to gradually go from one dynamic to another.

    And have fun with this Its a simple, classic song, but Silent Night has tons of opportunities to be creative!

    Happy holidays!

    Lisa Witthas been teaching piano for 19 years and in that time has helped hundreds of students learn to play the songs they love. Lisa received classical piano training through the Royal Conservatory of Music, but she has since embraced popular music and playing by ear in order to accompany herself and others.

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    How To Practice The Piano Quietly

    Practice makes perfect. Many of us have probably heard that a time or two while growing up. Maybe weve even used the saying on our own children or someone else who was struggling to stay focused on perfecting a craft, musical instrument or hobby.

    Finding the time for piano practice can often be the biggest obstacle for beginning pianists, especially for adult-aged students who likely work or attend school during daytime hours and possibly have demands on their time at night. Shift workers who desire to learn have significant challenges with finding piano practice time.

    There is no right or wrong time to schedule personal piano practice. It just needs to fit into the students schedule in a way that doesnt disrupt the household or the neighbors. So, if the best time is evening or even the middle of the night, what can you do?

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    Choose Your Level And Download Silent Night Sheet Music Below

    The original key of Silent Night on piano is in D Major in a 6/8 time signature. Our Silent Night piano sheet music for Prep Level and Level 1 is in F major and in the ¾ time signature. This calmer setting is common today in some churches and translations of the song, as the 6/8 version is a bit brisker. For Intermediate students, we have an arrangement of Silent Night in 6/8, like Franz Xaver Grubers original composition. You can select your level and download your sheet music at the buttons below!

    As part of its 6/8 time signature, Silent Night uses a rhythmic and melodic figure called a siciliana. A siciliana is a dotted, lilting rhythm that goes up and down, like gentle waves. The dotted rhythm in measure one is an example of a siciliana rhythm.

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    Piano Options That Allow Silent Practicing

    The first option is the easiest. Simply depress the middle pedal, which is sometimes called the practice pedal. When the practice pedal is engaged, a piece of felt is placed between the hammer and the strings and the sound is muted by about half.

    The second possibility is to rent or purchase a silent piano, which is an acoustic piano specially designed to be played silently. The middle pedal or practice pedal is engaged in such a way by a bar that the sound is prohibited from being produced. The unit is plugged into a wall outlet and after plugging in headphones as well, the pianist can hear what is being played. Its possible to modify a regular acoustic piano with an aftermarket silencing device as well.

    A third option is to invest in a digital piano. Most digital pianos are equipped with a headphone jack enabling the student to plug a set of headphones into the instrument. This is a perfect feature for being able to practice the piano at any time of day without disturbing anyones peace and quiet.

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