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Lean On Me Chords Bill Withers V9

How to play LEAN ON ME – Bill Withers Piano Tutorial Chords Accompaniment
 this song is rather difficult to play the real chords, as it is meant for piano, these are the chords i use when playing it on piano. when i play it on guitar its easiest to play barred chords or even power chords sound good. C C Dm Em F Some  times in our lives F Em Dm C we all  have pain C Dm Em Em Dm We all have   sorrow C C Dm Em F But if we are wise F Em Dm C C Dm Em G7 C   We know that theres al-ways to-mor-rowChorus            C C Dm Em F     Lean on me,  when youre not strong     F Em Dm C And Ill be your friend C Dm Em Em Dm  Ill help you carry on C C Dm Em F For it wont be long      F Em Dm C Til Im gonna need C Dm Em G7 C Somebody to lean onVerse 2 Please swallow your prideIf I have things you need to borrow              For no one can fillthose of your needsThat you dont let showVerse 3 If there is a loadyou have to bearThat you cant carryIm right up the roadIll share your loadIf you just call meBridge C G C So just call on me brother, when you need a hand C G C We all need somebody to lean on C G C I just might have a problem that youd understand C G C We all need somebody to lean on

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Lean On Me Bill Withers Guitar Chords

In this free guitar lesson, I show you how to play the chords to Lean On Me by Bill Withers. I focus on the songs introduction. You play the same chord voicings played by the pianos on the recording. This requires a bit of fancy finger work that is best suited for guitar players who are beyond the beginning stage.

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Here Are The Lean On Me Piano Chords

Learn to play Lean On Me on piano

In this post you can learn the Lean On Me piano part. On the page you can find the Lean On Me piano chords. Listen to the song, practise the chords as shown in the sheet music or chord chart and then put it all together and play Lean On Me on your own piano and sing along.

If you want to know more about how to play piano with chords read this post: Playing piano chords with both hands. This post will teach you how to get the most out of using both hands when playing piano chords for any song.

Bill Withers released the song Lean On Me in 1972. The song became his only #1 hit, and has since gone on to become an evergreen. The song is popular with new piano students as it uses simple chords, yet requires a bit of dexterity to learn. In this article we show you how to play the song on the piano.

Listen to the song here:

Take A Sneak Peek Of Our Lesson

Lean On Me Chords

Bill Withers was born and raised in West Virginia. His hits include Aint No Sunshine, Just the two of us and Grandmas Hands. He won three Grammy Awards out of 9 nominations. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and died in 2020.

The song, although it can be described as musically simplistic, is moving and honest. The words give hope and support in times of trouble.

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Chords For Lean On Me

The chord progressions, like I mentioned above, is in the key of ‘C’ and startson the root chord of that key…C!

NOTE: All of these chords are played in the first inversion, which justmeans that instead of the usual triad, you put the root note of the triad onthe top instead of on the bottom of the chord. In the case of C, you wouldnormally play the notes C, E and G. You play it in first inversion by playingit with the E as the root note instead of C.

The chords you will need to know for this song are shown as right hand pianodiagrams and notation below. The left hand is simply the natural root of thechord

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About This Music Sheet

Lean on Me is a song by Bill Withers.Use your computer keyboard to play Lean on Me music sheet on Virtual Piano.This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well.The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:19, as verified by Virtual Piano legend,.The song Lean on Me is classified in the genre ofUSAon Virtual Piano.You can also find other similar songs usingSoul.

Songs Of Unity Courage & Hope

How to Play “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers | HDpiano Piano Tutorial

Series: Super Easy Songbook

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781705105450

Its super easy! This series features accessible arrangements for piano, with simple right-hand melody, letter names inside each note, basic left-hand chord diagrams, and no page turns. The arrangements also include lyrics.

This edition includes the title song by Bill Withers and 21 more: Better Days Count on Me Ebony and Ivory Fight Song Rise Up Stand by Me Underdog With a Little Help from My Friends You Will Be Found and more. ©2020, 48 pages


  • Were All In This Together
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
  • You Will Be Found

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Lean On Me Chord Chart By Bill Withers

Welcome to my Lean On Me guitar chord chart. What a great song, Lean On Me by Bill Withers uses a pretty simple song structure. There is a cool bass line that goes along with this song, but we are going to keep it simple. This song uses only 3 chords, C, F and G. If you cant do barre chords yet, I would recommend the simple Fmaj7 chord, which looks exactly like a C chord except you move the 2nd and 3rd fingers down one string each. To keep things simple you can treat each chord as 4 beats unless marked as in the case of | G C | which means each chords has 2 beats. In the real song, the second chord changes on the up strum of the 4th beat as shown belowC F C1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1If you find this difficult, that is OK. Just treat each chord as one full measure.Strum: or

If there is a load you have to bear G C F That you cant carry Im right up the road C |G C -| Ill share your load If you just call me

BRIDGE:So just call on me brother, when you need a hand C |G C -| We all need somebody to lean on C C C I just might have a problem that youd understand C |G C -| We all need somebody to lean on

This file is the authors own work and represents his interpretation of this song. Its intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.

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    Lean On Me Piano Letters

    Lean On Me Piano Letters In this free guitar lesson, Ill show you how to play the chords to Lean On Me by Bill Withers. I focus on the songs introduction. You play the same chord voicings that are played by the pianos on the recording. This requires some fancy finger work that is best suited for guitar players who are beyond the beginner stage.

    Lean On Me Key is in the key of C and uses notes and chords from the C scale. Consider the harmonized major scale I teach in my book and video course, Fretboard Theory.

    Lean On Me For Easy Piano


    Anne Ku arranges Bill WithersLean On Me for easy piano, playable to the official video on Youtube.

    Bill WithersLean On Me is another request from a student an artist. There are many Youtube Tutorials on how to play the parallel chords that follow a partial C major pentascale. I checked several versions online before rewriting it for easy piano.

    Again, this is another piece you can easily play with the official video on Youtube, as long as your piano is tuned. Presumably, all electric pianos are well-tuned for this exercise.

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    Lean On Me Piano Sheet Music

    This popular song by Bill Withers has proved its place in history since it was released in 1972 and has been covered by many performers. It earned a place as number 1 with Billboards Hot 100 as well as the Soul Singles charts. Also. this is a great song to start with if youre a beginner. The lessons are divided into 5 parts so you can go step by step.

    Midi File: Scared To Live

    Since Lean On Me Key is performed on piano, the chord voicings are slightly different than what you would normally play on guitar. This requires you to stack notes a little differently.

    I start with a regular open position C chord. Instead of climbing the strings with a pick, I use my fingers instead. The thumb plucks string 5. The index, middle and ring fingers pluck strings 4, 3 and 2. I pluck all the strings in a bunch to sound the notes together like a piano player.

    The next chord is Dm/F. It is based on an open position Dm, but with the chords minor 3rd, F in the bass position. I pick this chord with just my finger. No thumb required.

    Then simply slide your fingers up two frets to play an Em/G chord. From here you continue to climb the scale and land on F, which I play with a typical F chord fingering. When I get to this F chord, the fingers of my picking hand move over a string. My thumb plays the root F on string 4, and my fingers play strings 3, 2, and 1.

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    Lean On Me Sheet Music For Piano

    Moving on, at this point in the original recording, you hear an electric piano play an F6 to an F. After this, the lead piano returns to F in first position and plays the opening chords backwards. After the piano returns to C, you hear the electric piano play another fill using the chords F/C and C.

    Then climb up the scale from C to Em, then go to the V chord, G. The G is played first as G6, then as G9. G6 contains the same notes as Em/G. The only difference is the addition of the low G on string 6. For this chord shape, the thumb of my picking hand moves over to string 6, but my other fingers stay put. G9 contains the same notes as Dm/F, also with a low G. You can also play these chords by milling the low G with your thumb.

    The first half of the intro leads into the second half with filler. The second half of the intro is mostly the same, but with a few changes. The first difference in this second half is that you dont play an electric piano fill. The next difference is in bar 7. You play a C/G instead of an Em/G.

    Finally, the G chord at the end is simply played as a G7. The G7 chord is followed by a few notes that take you back to C.

    Lean On Me Bill Withers Guitar Chords

    The rhythm used to play these chord changes is quite simple. It is mainly based on eighth notes. But it is syncopated, so pay attention when playing on and off beats.

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    Lean On Me Chord Progression

    The progression is simple all you do is move your hands up the keyboard keepingthe same shape. If you can hear the song in your head and play along with theselyrics it will help you to get the tune in your mind.

    The progression starts on C and follows this pattern:


    The second time it goes


    and then repeats from there throughout the song except when the music stops andit’s just singing and clapping. You can notice this in the YouTube Video.

    Now that you can play Lean on Me like nobody’s business, it’s on to bigger andbetter things. Read my piano course reviews and really take the next step in becoming the awesome pianoplayer you were meant to be!

    Can Piano Marvel Help Me Learn To Play Lean On Me

    Piano Marvel has developed specific tools and techniques to help you learn to play LEAN ON ME on the piano. In fact, we have created custom learning paths for thousands of popular piano songs! Most of the songs you will find in Piano Marvel are analyzed by a music teaching specialist to provide the most logical learning path for individuals of any skill level.

    Hundreds of helpful video tutorials are at your fingertips showing specific instruction on individual songs in Piano Marvel.You can create a free account to explore all of the ways Piano Marvel will help you to learn to play piano faster.

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