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Superstition By Stevie Wonder

Jason Bourne (2016) Main Theme (Piano sheet & Synthesia)

Genre: Pop

Superstition is the lead single from Stevie Wonders fifteenth studio album. One day in the recording sessions of the album, Jeff Beck came up with the opening drum beat for this song, while Stevie Wonder improvised over it until they produced the first demo that same day. The song reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the soul singles chart in 1973. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Superstition number 74 on the 500 Best Songs of All Time list in 2004.

Be careful with the intro, it starts with both hands playing the main pattern. Spend some time playing the intro, it is the core of the groove of this song and super fun to play especially if you have a clavinet sound on your digital piano. When the melody starts on the left hand, the bass gets simpler so you can focus on the melody. Pay attention to the chords on the right hand.

The Pink Panther Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The theme was written by Henry Mancini for the 1963 film The Pink Panther. Henry Mancini specifically picked Plan Johnson for he famous saxophone solo in the tune. The cartoon character in the opening credits was animated in time to the tune and Mancini mentioned that All the accents in the music were timed to actions on the screen. The theme was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 37th Academy Awards.

Try to play the song with a swing feel instead of playing with a straight rhythm. Swing rhythm is used in most jazz forms. You can think of the swing feel like a pattern of one long note followed by a short note. You should practice your left hand until you forget it while playing both hands. Melody is constructed in Blues Scale. It is a common scale used in jazz songs.

Summertime Sadness Of Lana Del Rey

Genre: Pop

Summertime Sadness was released in 2012 by American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey for her second studio album, Born to Die. Many covers and remixes were made for the song. A remix version of Summertime Sadness by Cedric Gervais became quite successful around the world and as a result, it won a 2014 Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical.

You can learn the lyrics and start singing it with this video even before learning to play it. Even if you cant sing just try to hum while clapping. First, it will help to internalize the rhythm, and second, it is super fun! Then start learning the right-hand melody while singing or humming. Then you can add the left-hand melodies which are relatively easier to memorize. You can play with the dynamics after getting all the notes right. Try to switch between soft and hard when you go to a different section.

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Someone Like You By Adele

Genre: Pop

Someone like You was written by Adele in the aftermath of a break-up of her relationship with a 30-year old guy she thought shed marry. It stayed at the top of the chart in the UK for five weeks. The song also topped the charts in Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, and has become Adeles second number one in the US. The sound is pretty simplistic with piano and vocals.

If you came this far, this song will be a step up. Finally, we see a typical piano accompaniment on the left hand during the chorus. Focus on the evenness of each note you can even try using a metronome to practice the left hand only. If that feels difficult, try to play the first notes of each four-note at first and then add the other notes.

I Want You Back By The Jackson 5

Sheet Music For Taps For Clarinet / Beetlejuice Main Theme Clarinet ...

Genre: Pop

I Want You Back is the first national single by the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson was the lead singer and he was just 11 when it was released by Motown in 1969. It quickly became the first number-one hit for the band and they appeared on television for the first time performing the song. I Want You Back was ranked 121st on Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

This is pretty advanced compared to other songs so you should start slow. You can divide into small bits and practice those bits one by one. You can also split the hands and practice separately. Spend some time on the rhythm because it should be groovy at the end.

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Imagine By John Lennon

Genre: Pop

Imagine was released in 1971 by John Lennon in his album of the same name. The book Grapefruit by Yoko Ono inspired Lennon to write this song. Broadcast Music, Inc. sees Imagine as one of the most-played songs of the 20th century. It was ranked 30th by the recording industry Association of America in its Songs of the Century list. It also belongs to the Grammy Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Start with both hands. After getting used to playing correct notes, you should focus on the rhythm before going to verse. Create a good foundation by spending some time on the intro. If you can sing the melody you can ditch the melody and play the intro during the verse. Try experimenting with the sustain pedal.

All Of Me By John Legend

Genre: Pop

All Of Me is the third single from John Legends 4th studio album Love in the Future . The song is a gentle piano ballad inspired by Chrissy Teigen, his then-fiancée, now wife. It became number two of best-selling songs in the United States and number three of best-selling songs world-wide in 2014. It received positive reviews from music critics. Dutch electronic producer Tiësto released a remix of the song in 2014.

Spend some time with the bass on the left hand first. It is generally two voices together but instead of copying the same shape around, notes are sometimes closer to each other and sometimes far away from each other. This technique is called voicing in music theory. The right hand is the vocal melody as usual. This is another one of those easy piano songs that sound complicated but arent really.

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Perfect By Ed Sheeran

Genre: Pop

Perfect was released in 2017 as the 4th single from Ed Sheerans third album ÷. With the aid of Will Hicks, Sheeran produced the song himself. He also collaborated with his brother to provide strings orchestration for the song. The song is a romantic ballad written about his wife-to-be Cherry Seaborn, whom he knew from school and then reconnected with when she was working in New York. It became his second Billboard Hot 100 Number One song right after Shape Of You. Sheeran later made a duet version of the song with Beyoncé.

If the left-hand melody on the tutorial feels easy for you, you can try adding a lower octave to it. It will sound more powerful that way. But be careful with the long jump on right hand in the chorus. It jumps an octave higher, try not to lose focus on the bass at the same time. Chords of the chorus are the same as the verse but in a different order. It is a good example of how simple chord progressions can end up in good pop songs.

Comptine Dun Autre T Of Amlie

Friday the 13th Theme – Piano Tutorial

Genre: Soundtrack

The story of the music of the French movie Amélie is quite interesting. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet chanced upon Yann Tiersens accordion- and piano-driven music while traveling with his production assistant, who put on a CD he hadnt heard before. Greatly fascinated, he quickly purchased the entire catalog from Tiersen and ultimately contracted him to write pieces for the film. The soundtrack won the World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Score of the Year in 2001 and César Award for Best Music Written for a Film in 2002.

Weve chosen a slow version but you can increase the speed of the video after practicing it enough. You can start by learning the left hand first. Since it will repeat itself throughout the song its better to get used to it before it gets more complicated. Then you can practice the right hand by dividing it into different sections.

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Hallelujah By Leonard Cohen

Genre: Pop

Hallelujah was written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen and originally released on his album Various Positions . However, it found greater popular acclaim through John Cale and Jeff Buckley. There are more than 300 variations of the song in various languages. The lyrics of the releases are mostly different from the original ones, including those performed during live shows by Leonard Cohen himself.

The tutorial is pretty easy so as the song itself. The left-hand plays fifths and the right-hand plays the vocal parts. Try to play the melody with a swing feels instead of playing straight. Swing rhythm is used in most jazz forms. You can think of the swing feel like a pattern of one long note followed by a short note.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The famous fantasy movie series Pirates of the Caribbean started in 2003 with The Curse of the Black Pearl which grossed $654 million worldwide! The franchise in total has grossed over $4.5 billion worldwide and became the 14th highest-grossing film series of all time! Music was composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer. At the beginning composer Alan Silvestri was hired to write the score but after Silvestri had to leave the project the team asked Zimmer to write the score for The Curse of the Black Pearl. However, Zimmer was busy scoring The Last Samurai so he asked a relatively new composer Klaus Badelt to collaborate.

The most significant and probably important part of this song is its characteristic rhythm. So pay attention to the rhythm pattern before jumping to the notes directly. You can practice by clapping to left-hand or right-hand notes while watching the video. Once you get comfortable with the rhythm go on and learn the notes but without the rhythm of the left hand. Just play long single notes at first for the left hand. When you feel familiar with the correct notes then you can use your experience from the rhythm practice you made.

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Stranger Things Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

American science fiction horror series Stranger Things was premiered in 2016 and since then it has been one of the most-watched series online. The music has its share in the success of the series. It has been listened to by millions since then and used in many events. The extensive use of synthesizers fits the 1980s theme of the show perfectly. The theme was composed by the band Survive formed of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. They were inspired by Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre.

Try to be rhythmically precise with your right hand. You can count or use a metronome to stay in the beat. After you learn the correct notes, you can use the sustain pedal to tie to notes. But be sure to clean the pedal when the left-hand plays a different note. Pay attention to the dynamics of the pianist in the video. Try to mimic when he gets quiet or loud.

Shape Of My Heart By Sting

Krusty Krab Flute Music

Genre: Pop

Shape of My Heart was released by Sting in 1993 as the fifth single from the album Ten Summoners Tales. The song was co-written by guitarist Dominic Miller. It was already famous when it was used for the ending credits of the film Léon, starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. Sting explained that he wanted to tell the story of a card player, a gambler who gambles not to win but to try to figure out something to figure out some kind of mystical logic in luck, or chance some kind of scientific, almost religious law.

Try to count 1,2,3,4 during the intro to embrace the groove of the song. Spend some time on the intro before going into verse. That intro is really beautiful so try to play it rightfully without rushing. Then you can go on to verse and practice left and right hands separately. Dont go to the chorus without cleaning the verse first.

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The Scientist By Coldplay

Genre: Pop

Coldplay released The Scientist in 2002 in their second album. It is a beautiful piano ballad with melancholic lyrics. Chris Martin wrote The Scientist after listening to George Harrisons All Things Must Pass. It reached number 10 in the UK Charts and the music video won three MTV Music Video Awards.

The first part starts with chords on the right and bass on the left hand. Then the left hand takes over the chords and the right hand plays the melody. This kind of arrangement is especially good if you have a bass player to play with you. Try to be fluent in chord changes. Also, pay attention to the rhythm during the intro.

What About Us By Pnk

Genre: Pop

What About Us is a song released for her seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma , by the American singer-songwriter Pink. It is an upbeat EDM song with influences from four on the floor, club, and electronic music. The songs synthesizer-heavy production utilizes pounding drums, glistening keyboards, and a pulsing dance beat.

Focus on the rhythm and dont rush. You can learn the bass part first while singing and then you can practice the right hand. The form is quite easy to follow and repetitive. After you get familiar with the notes you can pay attention to dynamics. Try to play the chorus forte. Forte means you hit the keys with higher velocity to get a higher volume and a harder sound.

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Believer By Imagine Dragons

Genre: Pop

Believer was released in 2017 as the lead single from the bands third studio album, Evolve. The song spent more than a year in Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four and being one of the best-selling songs in the USA in 2017. It was also featured in the trailer of Murder on the Orient Express.

You can practice the right hand individually first to clean the possible mistakes. Be careful with the rhythm at the intro. Also, the rhythm of the right-hand melody before the chorus can be confusing but you can simplify it if you need to. During the chorus left hand gives the groove so try to be precise in the rhythmic feeling of that part.

Jazz Piano And Vintage

FRIDAY THE 13th | THEME SONG – EASY Piano Tutorial

Jazz piano was the pop music of its era and a genre of music that brought people together to listen, dance, and celebrate. It’s often considered a classy and sophisticated choice, especially for background music, drinks receptions and the wedding breakfast.

Jazz has seen a revival with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones and Paloma Faith putting a contemporary spin on the style and bringing it back to the forefront. As such, wedding pianists often blend the style or put a jazz spin on modern pop songs.

In a similar vein, the stellar success of Peaky Blinders and bands like Post Modern Jukebox has fuelled a resurgence in the sound of vintage 1920s piano jazz. Again, the fusion of pop music into this genre brings a talking point and a retro sound to a modern wedding.

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Does The Office Have Background Music

Do you love The Office? The following are the TV shows most popular songs in chronological order. No one is happy with R.E.M.

The Benefits Of Office Music And Where To Find The Set Of The Office

Office music has been around for quite some time and has a number of advantages. It can be used to create a calm environment, motivate people, or provide them with energy when they need it the most. Experts have discovered that music can improve a persons mood, boost workplace positivity, and even boost productivity. What does it take to produce an Office commercial in Scranton? The answer, in my opinion, is somewhat ambiguous. The show was filmed in Chandler Valley Centre Studios in Panorama City, California, rather than in Panorama City itself, as the cast claims. It is true that some shots were taken on-site in Scranton for the shows introductory theme, and that the majority of the show was shot here. If you live in the Panorama City area and want to see the set of the show, make an appointment at Chandler Valley Centre Studios.

Interstellar Main Theme By Hans Zimmer

Genre: Soundtrack

In 2014 Interstellar hit the scenes and still considered one of the best movies by Christopher Nolan. The music was composed by Hans Zimmer. Did you know that Nolan decided not to give a script or any plot details to Zimmer to write the music for the film, but only provided the composer a single page explaining the story of a father leaving his child for work? It was via this connection that the early stages of the Interstellar soundtrack were produced by Zimmer. Zimmer and Nolan later agreed that the primary instrument for the score would be a 1926 four-manual Harrison & Harrison organ.

Your left hand should be accurate like a clock so spend some time on the rhythm. You can practice with a metronome if you want. You can divide the song into four parts and practice each separately. In each part, there is a repeating E note. In Part C and Part D, your right-hand takes the lead to play this repeating note. You can think of it as a separate instrument.

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