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Home Sweet Home

You know Im a dreamerBut my hearts of goldI had to run away highSo I wouldnt come home lowJust when things went rightIt doesnt mean they were always wrongJust take this song, and youll never feelLeft all alone

Take me to your heartFeel me in your bonesJust one more nightAnd Im comin off thisLong & winding road

Im on my wayIm on my wayHome sweet homeIm on my wayIm on my wayHome sweet homeYou know that Ive seenToo many romantic dreamsUp in lights, fallin offThe silver screen

My hearts like an open bookFor the whole world to readSometimes nothing

It Was Really John Cena Playing Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home On Piano In Peacemaker

John Cena really played Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home on the piano during the latest episode of Peacemaker. A lot of fans were surprised by the musical talent on display during this part of the story. Peacemaker had one of its most brutal outings yet and this offered a nice coda to rest the story on before things got hectic next week. However, WWE fans might already be aware that Cena is a man of many talents. Eagle-eyed fans will remember that James Gunn would often post clips of the star playing the piano during the production of Peacemaker. All that practice truly paid off in the latest episode. The HBO Max show has truly shined when it comes to the soundtrack. Check out what Gunn wrote on Twitter down below.

For those of you asking, yes, that was really playing the piano version of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” in the latest episode of #Peacemaker. It has been added to the Peacemaker Official Playlist, or you can listen to it directly here:

James Gunn had the chance to speak to Cena ahead of Peacemaker’s premiere. The WWE star talked about taking a different approach to the character when contrasted to a lot of traditional efforts in superhero movies.

If you ask Gunn, there’s still so much more to cover with Peacemaker. So, if there’s an opportunity for another season, he’d love to take it.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Let us know down in the comments!

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