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Four Easy Chords To Learn New Piano Songs Quickly

How to play FALLING – Harry Styles Piano Chords Accompaniment Tutorial

Chords are the building blocks of music: Learn to master them and you’ll be able to learn new songs even faster. Here’s how.

Imagine you could just sit down at the piano and freely play songs without having to practice for years. It sounds unbelievable, but with the help of this guide, you can do it in just a FEW DAYS! Read on to find out how it works.

Who This Course Is For:

  • Professional and amateur pianists and piano students with intermediate to advanced ability and familiarity with the piano keyboard.

Anton is a Conservatory-trained and well-experienced piano and voice teacher. An accomplished pianist and composer/songwriter who has extensive knowledge of music theory and digital music transcription and production, he uses tools like MakeMusic Finale and Logic Pro X. He also dubs in video production and image manipulation, making use of Adobe’s Creative Suite CS6.

He has been Musical Director of several projects and international singing competitions. He has prepared numerous piano students for the bi-annual London-based Trinity College of Music exams, taking them to earn distinction marks time and again.

He believes that all music originates from the human soul, and he intends to tap into the vast musical resources a human being possesses in order to get brain waves transformed into tuneful sound waves.

He also believes in his heart that music can be taught to anyone who desires enough to learn it.

Cant Help Falling In Love Chords

Song is in 3/4.C    Em  Am       F     C    GWise men say only fools rush in    F  G     Am   F         C    G    CBut I can't help falling in love with youC     Em  Am            F  C  GShall I  stay? Would it be a sin   F  G     Am   F          C    G7   CIf I can't help falling in love with youEm            B7     Em           B7Like a river flows, surely to the seaEm             B7         Em7     A7               Dm7   G7Darling, so it goes, some things,     were meant to beC    Em  Am            F     C     GTake my hand, take my whole life, too      F   G    Am   F          C    G7    CCause I can't help falling in love with youEm            B7     Em           B7Like a river flows, surely to the seaEm             B7         Em7     A7               Dm7   G7Darling, so it goes, some things,     were meant to beC    Em  Am            F     C     GTake my hand, take my whole life, too      F   G    Am   F          C    G    AmCause I can't help falling in love with you      F   G    Am   F          C    G7    CCause I can't help falling in love with you

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Tutorial : Bob Marley

If you can play the four basic chords with your left hand, you’re already halfway there. Now it’s time to add the melody with your right hand. In the following video, you can see how to play the world-famous melody from Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” with your right hand while playing the basic chords in the left hand.

The Active Fingers Playing On The Piano Key

How to Play London Bridge Is Falling Down.3

So, as I explained before, as opposed to the whole arm technique we’re going to only move each finger separately when using the active fingers playing on the piano key.

What we’re going to do is position our right hand on the middle C position again and start climbing up to C to G and back.

This time we’ll keep the hand position steady, we’ll make sure the wrist is loose and that our hand isn’t stiff.

We’ll try to move the thumb only, then switch to the second finger and leave the thumb only once the second finger is pressed.We’ll continue that way by making sure we’re loose and that we only move one finger at a time.

Before we’ll drop a finger to a piano key we’ll first raise it up in order to give it extra distance to go through in order to produce a clearer sound.That’s what we call ACTIVE fingers

I hope the video above will make this piano key lesson extra clear for you.

Now that you know the concept behind falling to the piano key you can concentrate on learning how to read piano notes and go further with your piano technique.If you want to become a better piano player you should definitely check out the Rocket Piano Ultimate Learning kit. Rocket Piano providesan amazingly handy and effecive piano course on various issues such as reading piano notes, playing piano by chords, piano technique and more.

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Mastering Melody For Voice & Instrument

Grasping the melodical aspect of this particular song and music in general is is very important. Imagine having your chords down, and playing them beautifully on your instrument. To then have it be butchered by a bad melodically rendition. We will briefly go over what you can do to master melody performance, whether on your instrument or vocals.

In terms of playing beautiful melodies with your instrument, especially ballads like these, timing, tone and feel is everything. The timing part will be improved if you apply the methods above. Tone comes from two elements. 70% is determined by your finger pressure , and amplifier sound. If youre playing on an acoustic guitar, you dont have many options in terms of amplification.

Make sure you let your notes las long enough. Dont cut them off too short, and if you do, time it properly. Otherwise itll feel like a weird mess up. If you have a good tone on your amplifier, itll make up for some finger pressure issues, but in general, you want to focus much more on your finger pressure and timing. Use amplification to literally amplify your skill and feel.

How To Get Better A Rhythm/feel While Playing Cant Help Falling In Love Chords

Once you have your chords placement down, the next thing you need to get a grasp on is timing, feel and rhythm. The big question is, how do you get really good at using rhythm and feel to convey the emotion of this song. Songs like Cant Help Falling In Love and ballads in general will shine a big spotlight on rhythm and feel. If you dont have it, or its off, due to the nature of the ballad as a song, itll become very obvious.

A few recommendations:

  • Always practice with a metronome
  • Practice at the regular speed, slow and much faster. Similar to speeding up a song on YouTube
  • Play the part without the backing track, then play it with the song.

This is a really great habit to get into since itll improve your inner metronome. With that being said, this will take time and cant be sped up. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get in an authentic habit using the metronome while practicing. After a while, youll notice you playing way more in time as if youre playing with a metronome. Thats the ultimate goal for every musician to achieve.

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Preparation: Memorizing Four Basic Piano Chords

Most pop songs are based on a simple standard chord progression of four piano chords. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll show you the standard chord progression in the key of C major. You can also transfer them later on to other keys and bring more variation into your playing.

The chord progression consists of four basic chords:

In the following tutorial, you’ll see how you can play these four piano chords with your left hand. Take 15-20 minutes to memorize the chords until you can play them effortlessly. The chord symbols in the sheets will help you commit them to memory. Before moving on to the next step, make sure you can play the chords with your left hand without having to look at the keys.

Practice the four basic chords in your left hand with this tutorial until you can play them “blindly”

About The Key Of D Major

How to Play “Falling” by Harry Styles | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

I Cant Help Falling In Love is written in the key of D Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 2nd most popular key among Major keys and the 2nd most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs. The three most important chords, built off the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees are all major chords .See the D Major Cheat Sheet for popular chords, chord progressions, downloadable midi files and more!

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Why Memorizing Chords Is So Important

Memorizing chords, whether they are triads or 7th chords is very very important. Yes, you have diminished chords, augmented chords etc, but for every musician, whether you are an amateur or a professional, we recommend you memorize your chords. At least the basic triads and their 7th chord counterparts.

It is the equivalent of literally learning a new language. When you dive into learning a new language, you wont be able to express yourself until you actually have enough vocabulary and grammar under your belt to properly express yourself and have conversation. Otherwise you might have to constantly refer to a dictionary, and the quality of your conversation would go down the drain rapidly. The same can be said for memorizing your chords for musical pieces.

Imagine youre wanting to play a song, but instead of having to read the lyrics and chords, you have to stop at every chord and look up what it means and how it should be played. That would be a very terrible experience as a musician to go through, but even more of an unpleasant experience for audience members to listen to.

Bottom line, memorize your chords, at a rapid pace. Practice transitioning between them, whether you do this on guitar or piano, and youll have laid foundation work nicely for your future musicianship.

How To Practice Memorizing And Playing Chords


Learning how to master, memorize and play harmony is so very important. Harmony and chords will be used interchangeably since they in a way mean the same thing. In the case of the Cant Help Falling in Love Chords, we have to go back to the basics before we just whip out some chords that maybe we dont master yet.

In general, we need to start with the basics first. Which entails practicing all 12 major and 12 minor triads. Whether this is on piano or guitar. Piano will allow us simply play the theoretical version of each chord. If its a guitar youre using, you need to use a different voicing since guitar is approached very differently when it comes to harmony.

In the case of guitar, youre most often dealing with shapes. Simply playing a bar chord and shifting it around will allow you to play all 12 chords. In the case of piano, you need to make sure you memorize the proper combination between triad notes and black and white keys. You can use the following chord chart to memorize your basic triad chords for piano.

7th Chords

In the case of 7th chords, depending on whether youre playing guitar on piano, were essentially in the same realm as with the triads. 7th chords entail minor 7th, major 7th and dominant chords. 7Th chords will be able to be played on guitar using very basic chord shapes. Simply moving them around will allow you to play all 12 chords of each chord quality .

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The Whole Arm Technique

This Piano technique is based on three main actions that occur when we press a piano key. .2. We fix our hand on the key: Otherwise we have no control on the tone pressed. Our hand should not be stressed though. Sometimes I imagine as ifI’m slowly drowning to the key.3. Then we lift our finger – If we leave our finger too early it creates pauses between the notes which bother the musical idea. If you leave it too late,you can’t play fast enough.

The key on falling to a piano key is to be loose – No stress involved

Remember that gravity is working on our side, so there’s no use pushing the key. It’s enough to fall to it.

It’s important to realize that once you pressed a key you can’t do anything in order to control its sound.You basically have to loosen you wrist and let it go.

People often think that the hardest thing in life is letting go.We’re great in working long hours but some of us find it so hard to simply do nothing.

We’re always busy with doing something. Thinking about something. Going somewhere.This is where music helps you to learn to simply rest. Do nothing, be in the NOW.

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Cant Help Falling In Love Chords Explained

Often times when musicians and singers cover ballad songs like these, they wont do an exact rendition. Obviously the harmony is there, the melody and lyrics are there, along with the pulsing rhythm. However, the voicing and/or arpeggio might not be there. Theres also not an immediate need for it since the initial three elements is enough to carry the song and make it unique.

All chords are basic major and minor chords. In the chorus however youll find a dominant 7th chord, which is just a tried with a flattened 7th.

Transpose / Free Music Notes

Michael Buble Its a Wonderful Dayfreethe viewertranspositionscoresprior to making your online purchaseOriginal, 1 Semitione, 2 Semitnoes, 3 Semitones, -1 Semitone, -2 Semitones, -3 Semitonesprintsave as PDF.Quick Fact About Us

We provide most popular sheets at affordable prices. You will also find various tutorials and covers of the songs for faster and easier learning.VAT Free zone & No Shipping Costs!

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Bottom Line In Regards To The Cant Help Falling In Love Chords

Our goal here was to use this song as an example of what some of the most important things in music are you should think about. From a professional musician point of view, the parts mentioned above are it. The thing you need to perform beautifully. Memorize chords, practice timing and focus on phrasing and tone. When you play ballads, all of these things will be much more in the spotlight than when you play upbeat jazz, latin music or rock. This is why I play more ballads than anything. In an effort to practice my skills as a musician.

If you have any questions about this song, its chords or some of the recommendations that weve mentioned above. Dont hesitate to reach out to us and well be happy to answer any questions you may have. We would really appreciate if youd leave a comment in the comment section below and if you could leave a review in the review section down below.

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Play Falling On The Piano Your Way

Harry Styles – Falling (Piano Tutorial)

The awesome thing I love about pop songs is there is an infinite way to play one song.

You can play Falling on the piano as simply or as complex as you like.

One idea is to play the intro riff under the chorus while singing.

Experiment with chord inversions, add in your own riffs and fills, and really make this song your own.

And if you want to keep it sparse and simple, thats totally okay too. Thats the way Harry does it, after all. Not all music needs to be complex to sound beautiful.

Dont forget to download the free lead sheet, and happy practicing!

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Falling Piano Intro Riff

The riff that makes this song so iconic only contains three notes: G#, F#, and E.

If you find the rhythm challenging, I find that it helps to play along with the recording.

Play the root note of each chord with your left hand while you play the riff. You can play single notes in the bass, but to give it some extra emotional oomph, try octaves if you can reach them.

During the verse and chorus, just play simple chords with the melody. Singers who want to sound close to the original recording can play simple chords as they sing this will work best. If you dont want to sing, play the lead sheet melody with your right hand and chords to accompany it on your left.

Once youve gotten comfortable with the song, experiment with inversions!

Lucky for you, the chord progression doesnt change throughout the intro, verse, and chorus. It only changes when we get to

This Is The Chords Of I Cant Help Falling In Love With You By Elvis Presley On Piano Ukulele Guitar And Keyboard

The progression is very simple and you can play it on guitar, piano, ukulele, flute and keyboard. check the arrangements of the progression below

C G Am C G

C Em Am F C G Wise men say, only fools rush in F G Am F C G C But I cant help falling in love with you C Em Am F C G Shall I stay, would it be a sin? F G Am F C G C If I cant help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea Em B7

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